2015 aglaisio arachnida bee beetle berries bird butterfly canon100mmf28lismacro canonmpe65mm canonmt24ex chrysomelid chrysomelidae closeup coccinellidae coleoptera collembola concavediffuser diptera feeding fly greenlacewing hogweed hoverfly hymenoptera insect ladybird lepidoptera longhornbeetle lycaenidae macro macrolife moth mpe65mm nature neuroptera panasoniclx7 pollinator raftspider spider syrphid syrphidae tamronsp150600mmf563 whixallmoss yongnuoyn14ex

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Female - Deer Fly (Chrysops viduatus) (steb1) Tags: macro insect fly horsefly diptera 2015 tabanidae deerfly whixallmoss chrysopsviduatus tabinid
In the domain of the Raft Spider (steb1) Tags: spider arachnid arachnida peatbog 2015 raftspider pisauridae inhabitat wideanglemacro whixallmoss dolomedesfimbriatus wideanglecloseup panasoniclx7
Azure Damselfly Portrait (steb1) Tags: macro insect damselfly canonmpe65mm odonata 2015 azuredamselfly coenagrionpuella brownmoss concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Green Dock Beetles mating (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle canonmpe65mm coleoptera chrysomelidae 2015 chrysomelid greendockbeetle gastrophysviridula concavediffuser greenfieldsnaturereserve yongnuoyn14ex
The Last of the Wheatears (steb1) Tags: bird wheatear 2015 oenantheoenanthe northernwheatear passerine whixallmoss tamronsp150600mmf563
What it's all about (steb1) Tags: macro nature insect beetle coleoptera hogweed coccinellidae ovipositing egglaying twospotladybird adaliapunctata
Green-veined White Portrait (steb1) Tags: macro nature butterfly insect lepidoptera pierisnapi macroextreme macrolife macrolifeelite
Rabbit (steb1) Tags: rabbit mammal 2015 lagomorpha europeanrabbit oryctolaguscuniculus preesheathcommon tamronsp150600mmf563
Short-eared Owl (steb1) Tags: bird owl bif shortearedowl asioflammeus whixallmoss tamronsp150600mmf563
Marsh Flies Mating (steb1) Tags: macro nature insect flies mating diptera sciomyzidae
Digger Wasp? (steb1) Tags: macro insect wasp canonmpe65mm hymenoptera 2015 whixallmoss concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Raft Spider with egg sac (steb1) Tags: spider arachnid eggsac arachnida 2015 raftspider pisauridae whixallmoss dolomedesfimbriatus canon100mmf28lismacro
Common Malachite Beetle (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle invertebrate canonmpe65mm coleoptera 2015 malachiusbipustulatus commonmalachitebeetle concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Longhorn Beetle Portrait (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle coleoptera longhornbeetle cerambycidae goldenbloomedgreylonghorn agapanthiavillosoviridescens concavediffuser
Green Dock Beetle (Gastriophysa viridula)) (steb1) Tags: dock beetle coleoptera chrysomelidae rumexobtusifolius gastrophysaviridula
Feeding Brimstone Butterfly (steb1) Tags: butterfly insect lepidoptera 2015 pollinator brimstonebutterfly gonepteryxrhamni whixallmoss canon100mmf28lismacro
Spotted Eye Drone in a Flower (steb1) Tags: macro insect fly hoverfly syrphidae diptera 2015 pollinator eristalinussepulchralis eristalinus whixallmoss spottedeyedrone canon100mmf28lismacro
Mid-Winter Butterfly! (steb1) Tags: butterfly insect lepidoptera peacockbutterfly whixallmoss winterbutterfly weirdwinter aglaisio
Ruby-tailed Wasp (steb1) Tags: macro insect wasp canonmpe65mm hymenoptera 2015 cuckoowasp whixallmoss rubytailedwasp concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Backlit Male Orange Tip Butterfly (steb1) Tags: orange macro butterfly insect lepidoptera tip anthocharis cardamines
Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar (steb1) Tags: macro insect moth lepidoptera caterpillar sphingidae 2015 elephanthawkmoth whixallmoss deilephilaelpenor elephanthawkmothcaterpillar canon100mmf28lismacro
Tiger in the Jungle (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle coleoptera 2015 cicindelacampestris greentigerbeetle whixallmoss canon100mmf28lismacro concavediffuser
Drone Fly (Hoverfly) on a Knapweed Flower (steb1) Tags: macro insect fly hoverfly canonmpe65mm syrphidae diptera 2015 dronefly pollinator syrphid whixallmoss eristalistenax concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Resting Green Hairstreak (steb1) Tags: macro butterfly insect lepidoptera bilberry 2015 lycaenidae greenhairstreak callophrysrubi whixallmoss canon100mmf28lismacro concavediffuser
Globular Springtail, sideview (steb1) Tags: macro insect springtail canonmpe65mm collembola globularspringtail canonmt24ex dicyrtominaornata concavediffuser
Feeding Hoverfly (steb1) Tags: macro insect fly hoverfly syrphidae diptera syrphid mpe65mm concavediffuser
Green Lacewing Portrait 2 (steb1) Tags: macro nature closeup insect neuroptera greenlacewing chrysopidae chrysopaperla
Hoverfly Close-up (steb1) Tags: macro closeup insect dandelion hoverfly
Thick-legged Flower Beetle (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle canonmpe65mm coleoptera 2015 oedemeranobilis oedemeridae whixallmoss thickleggedflowerbeetle concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Springtail on moss (steb1) Tags: macro insect springtail canonmpe65mm collembola canonmt24ex dicyrtominaornata concavediffuser
Hoverfly Portrait (steb1) Tags: macro insect fly hoverfly syrphidae diptera pollinator syrphid mpe65mm concavediffuser
Longhorn portrait, a different perspective (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle coleoptera longhornbeetle cerambycidae mpe65mm goldenbloomedgreylonghorn agapanthiavillosoviridescens
Feeding Goldfinch (steb1) Tags: bird berries feeding goldfinch cardueliscarduelis sorbus
7-Spot Ladybird (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle ladybird coleoptera coccinellidae mpe65mm lefthandbracetechnique 7sportladybird
Harlequin Ladybird - front view (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle ladybird canonmpe65mm coleoptera coccinellidae 2015 harlequinladybird whixallmoss concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Wide Admiral (steb1) Tags: butterfly insect redadmiral lepidoptera vanessaatalanta wideanglemacro wideanglecloseup panasoniclx7
Hummingbird Hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) (steb1) Tags: macro insect moth lepidoptera hawkmoth hummingbirdhawkmoth macroglossumstellatarum
7-spot Ladybird - Going Nowhere (steb1) Tags: macro insect spring beetle ladybird coleoptera septempunctata coccinella 7spot
Green Shieldbug nymph (steb1) Tags: macro bug insect canonmpe65mm shieldbug truebug 2015 hemiptera pentatomidae palomenaprasina greenshieldbug whixallmoss concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Green Lacewing Portrait (steb1) Tags: macro nature closeup insect neuroptera greenlacewing chrysopidae chrysopaperla macrolife
Immaculate! (steb1) Tags: macro butterfly insect lepidoptera peacockbutterfly 2015 nymphalidae whixallmoss canon100mmf28lismacro aglaisio
Donacia vulgaris - a pair (steb1) Tags: macro insect beetle canonmpe65mm coleoptera leafbeetle chrysomelidae 2015 whixallmoss donaciavulgaris chrysomelid concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex
Bohemian Waxwing (steb1) Tags: bird berries feeding waxwing bombycillagarrulus bohemianwaxwing sorbus
Male Silver-studded Blue (steb1) Tags: macro butterfly insect lepidoptera 2015 lycaenidae plebejusargus silverstuddedblue canon100mmf28lismacro preesheathcommon
Another View (steb1) Tags: macro nature insect beetle ladybird coleoptera twospottedladybird
Common Carder Bee (steb1) Tags: macro insect bee bumblebee hymenoptera pollinator mpe65mm bombuspascuorum commoncarderbee aculeate concavediffuser
Feeding Honeybee (steb1) Tags: macro insect feeding bee honeybee hogweed hymenoptera apismellifera mpe65mm aculeate
Red Ant Aphid Farming (steb1) Tags: macro nature insect redant hymenoptera aphidfarming myrmica
Marsh Tit (steb1) Tags: bird marshtit paridae poecilepalustris tamronsp150600mmf563
Conopid Fly Grooming (steb1) Tags: macro insect fly canonmpe65mm diptera 2015 conopidfly sicusferrugineus conopidae thickheadedfly whixallmoss concavediffuser yongnuoyn14ex

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