accepted1of100 africa bu burma challengeyouwinner cool cool2 cool3 cool4 cool5 cool6 cool7 cool8 d700 d90 fcgdone flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner fourfromburma greenlantern hero herowinner iceboxcool inlelake kanchenjungachallengewinner light matchpointwinner myanmar nikon photography sam samgellman shmedal thepinnaclehof travel travelphotography ultraherowinner uncool uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 winner

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a crowded tank (samthe8th) Tags: fish hongkong tank goldfish sam faces many painted arr mongkok kok crowded mong princeedwardstation d700 flickrchallengewinner kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweekendchallenge f64g34r5win f64g34champ
Fallen Leaf Lake, 10:30pm (samthe8th) Tags: california camp sky usa lake reflection night stars leaf long exposure sam lakes tahoe laketahoe sierra explore fallen stanford nightsky frontpage bu fallenleaf 2010 ssc 1030 opensky stanfordsierracamp sierracamp d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner thechallengefactory nightskystars herowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek55 fcgdone greenlanternoff
Balloons over Bagan (samthe8th) Tags: travel history fairytale balloons landscape pagoda ancient sam burma accepted1of100 hotair balloon dream indigo explore hero temples winner hotairballoon myanmar paya greenlantern magical frontpage enchantment pagan pagodas bagan topaz travelphotography gellman balloonsoverbagan challengeyouwinner matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner tpoty samgellman thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner thepinnacleblog tphofweek35 fourfromburma fcgdone
Train of monks - Inle Lake (samthe8th) Tags: sam burma accepted1of100 indigo monk monks hero myanmar inlelake greenlantern bu gellman nyaungshwe morningalms matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner samgellman thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner monksnake monktrain thepinnacleblog fourfromburma shmedal tphofweek60 fcgdone
Decisions (samthe8th) Tags: cold beer hongkong cool fridge frost pilsen pale beercan refridgerator hero pbr cans uncool sanmiguel brew budweiser thirsty bluegirl topaz decisions cool2 cool5 cool3 bowenroad cool4 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner topazadjust uncool2 uncool3 iceboxcool thepinnaclehof tphofweek15 fcgdone cool6forsomen00b cool7forsomen00b
north korea dancers in motion (samthe8th) Tags: motion green women dancers purple northkorea pyongyang dprk purpleandgreen massgames maydaystadium thepinnaclehof tphofweek120
A Kathmandu Mirror Sale (samthe8th) Tags: nepal mirror cool sam kathmandu uncool cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 d700 uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7
A Walk in the Bells (samthe8th) Tags: reflection bells cool colorado glare sam uncool aspen marroon cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 marroonbells matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengewinner cool7 girlondadsshoulders uncool2 uncool3 iceboxcool thepinnaclehof tphofweek152 mpt210
A dancer in Xi'an (samthe8th) Tags: china dance sam deleted10 xian twirl saved4 matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengewinner thepinnaclehof xiaanxi f64g34r3win tphofweek100 f64g34champ
From the deck of Rick's Cafe (samthe8th) Tags: camp cool sam tahoe sierra explore stanford hero winner serene raft uncool frontpage tranquil fallenleaf ricks ssc fallenleaflake rickscafe stanfordsierracamp cool2 gamewinner cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner cool7 uncool2 iceboxcool herowinner ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek55 ultraherochallenge fcgdone
Inle Lake, 7:00am (samthe8th) Tags: sam burma hero winner myanmar inlelake greenlantern bu matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek46 fcgdone mpt214
morning to market (samthe8th) Tags: morning light wall dawn sam market dusk availablelight burma accepted1of100 indigo myanmar inlelake greenlantern nyaungshwe mynamar nyaung shwe cy2 matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner tpoty thepinnaclehof tphofweek35 fourfromburma shmedal fcgdone f64g28r1win matchpointtournamentwinner
Shwedagon candlelight (samthe8th) Tags: family pagoda candles sam shwedagon yangon burma repetition myanmar candlelight uncool spiritual greenlantern bu rangoon leadinglines shwedagonpaya matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner uncool2 uncool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 thepinnaclehof tphofweek34 fourfromburma shmedal fcgdone t213
Biking to market (samthe8th) Tags: morning sunlight bicycle silhouette early cool market burma biking myanmar inlelake uncool fm nyaungshwe cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 matchpointwinner cool9 d700 flickrchallengewinner cool7 cool8 iceboxcool thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek114
Cow Personalities (samthe8th) Tags: wisconsin cool cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 matchpointwinner cool9 cool7 cool8 iceboxcool unanicool
An Airplane above Fallen Leaf Lake (samthe8th) Tags: longexposure usa lake airplane leaf cool sam tahoe laketahoe fallen lighttrails uncool 2010 ssc southlaketahoe slowshutterspeed fallenleaflake cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 airplanetrails filers cool9 d700 cool7 uncool2 cool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool6 uncool7 iceboxcool uncool5forhocuspocusfocus
A Nepal Portrait (samthe8th) Tags: nepal portrait man trekking sam hike pokhara topaz challengeyouwinner matchpointwinner d700 sikles thepinnaclehof tphofweek97 matchpointtournamentwinner pupconcepts
A herd at the gorge (samthe8th) Tags: sam explore goats hero winner yunnan frontpage herd tigerleapinggorge naxi d90 matchpointwinner flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner thechallengefactory thepinnaclehof tphofweek40 lphiking fcgdone greenlantern2
Bangkok (samthe8th) Tags: contrast thailand cool women sam bangkok burma hero winner myanmar uncool contrasts nfc cool2 cool3 d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner uncool2 uncool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek39 fcgdone greenlantern2
Window Cleaner - Seoul, Korea (samthe8th) Tags: windows cool sam korea seoul hero winner uncool washing washer topaz windowcleaner cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 matchpointwinner flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner cool7 uncool2 cool8 uncool3 uncool4 iceboxcool ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek16 shmedal fcgdone
The 11:00pm Bus (samthe8th) Tags: china road light bus hongkong trafficlight cool nikon sam action albert trails wideangle tokina1224 tokina hong kong upper hero winner lighttrails lankwaifong uncool bankofchina standardcharteredbuilding albertroad gellman d90 cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 cheungkongcenter traillight cy2 challengeyouwinner matchpointwinner nikond90 hongkongbus flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner cool7 thechallengegame challengegamewinner bankofchinahongkong upperalbertroad uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 iceboxcool buslighttrails samgellman windaround thepinnaclehof tphofweek2 f64g14r1win shmedal lplongexposure fcgdone
A sunrise chase (samthe8th) Tags: morocco donthate d700 flickrchallengewinner herowinner ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek151
Senegal Coast From Above (samthe8th) Tags: africa travel photography nikon suzanne senegal tif d800 travelphotography withsuzanne samgellman
Les Collines de Niassam (samthe8th) Tags: africa travel photography nikon suzanne senegal d800 travelphotography withsuzanne samgellman
Cows by the fire: Senegal (samthe8th) Tags: africa travel photography nikon accepted1of100 suzanne senegal d800 travelphotography withsuzanne samgellman
The Cabin Man (samthe8th) Tags: africa travel portrait photography nikon suzanne senegal tif d800 travelphotography withsuzanne samgellman herowinner fadetest
A girl in Palmarin (samthe8th) Tags: africa travel photography nikon village shrek suzanne senegal d800 travelphotography withsuzanne samgellman
Natural History Museum (samthe8th) Tags: cool lond kensington uncool naturalhistorymuseum photostream 4s iphone cool2 cool5 cool3 cool4 matchpointwinner iphonography uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 thepinnaclehof snapseed tphofweek149 mpt218
An Essaouria Portrait (samthe8th) Tags: portrait man coast boat morocco matchpointwinner d700 herowinner ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner esssaouria tphofweek149 mpt220
push-off (samthe8th) Tags: fb philippines coron palawan majika matchpointwinner d700 thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek150 mpt221
snow flakes and women soldiers in dprk (samthe8th) Tags: cool save3 save7 save8 delete save save2 save9 save4 save5 save10 uncool save6 northkorea cool2 savedbydeletemeuncensored cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 uncool2 cool8 iceboxcool thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner thepinnacleblog nkok cool73 matchpointtournamentwinner tphofweek118 mpt204
Swept Away (samthe8th) Tags: cool northkorea unnecessary cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 cool7 cool8 iceboxcool unanicool nkok jaketptall
Tai Chi on the Bund (samthe8th) Tags: cool uncool cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 matchpointwinner d700 cool7 uncool2 cool8 iceboxcool herowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner thepinnacleblog tphofweek119
all looking down, one looking up (samthe8th) Tags: hongkong factory sam arr challenge the d700 thechallengefactory herowinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek101 f64g34champ
a rider in kathmandu (samthe8th) Tags: nepal motion bike wagon sam action works kathmandu pan trailer panning rider works2 matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengewinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek152 mpt216
A boy playing with his goat - Pokhara, Nepal (samthe8th) Tags: nepal light silhouette nikon kiss sam hiking surreal goat goats works anapurna anapurnas d700 flickrchallengewinner herowinner ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek97
Ihi Wedding (samthe8th) Tags: nepal love cool different sam works uncool cool2 cool5 cool6 cool4 newar d700 cool7 uncool2 iceboxcool herowinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek96 firstphotochoosesportraitfromajourneytellwhere ihimarriage eheemarriage belmarriage cppl3 cool8forgoodmeasure pupconcepts
Shooting the shooter in Tokyo (samthe8th) Tags: light 6 japan tokyo dance lemon cool sam shooting roppongi shooter six cool2 shootingtheshooter cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 lemonlight matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengewinner cool7 iceboxcool unanicool thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner d700tokyojapan tphofweek96
Delhi portrait (samthe8th) Tags: cool sam cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 flickrchallengewinner cool7 iceboxcool unanicool thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner thepinnacleblog delhid700india100315 tphofweek94 cool2fordeemac
Yangshuo Impressions (samthe8th) Tags: from dark cool sam yangshuo uncool fug d90 cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 challengeyouwinner matchpointwinner flickrchallengewinner cool7 uncool2 cool8 uncool3 iceboxcool herowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner sidemedalledinanyotherchallengegroup tphofweek90
A young photographer at Yangshuo Impressions (samthe8th) Tags: saved china light girl sam saved5 yangshuo accepted1of100 deleted2 saved2 saved10 yang deleted impressions fug saved3 saved4 guangxi saved6 saved7 saved8 saved9 shuo d90 shootingtheshooter savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou matchpointwinner flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner k2challengewinner yangshuoimpressions tphofweek87 lpentertainment hkpcjuly2011
Yangshuo climber 2 (samthe8th) Tags: china mountain cool sam guilin yangshuo accepted1of100 saved10 yang year2 hiker climber savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgroup shuo d90 cool2 moonmountain cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou challengeyouwinner matchpointwinner flickrchallengewinner cool7 cool8 iceboxcool cccunanimous unanicool thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner k2challengewinner f64g31r1win tphofweek93 everestchallengewinner hkpcjuly2011 mpt200winner
A climber in Yangshuo (samthe8th) Tags: sunset fall sam yangshuo diego fug anythinggoes moonhill d90 flickrchallengewinner herowinner ultraherowinner
A shop in Paro (samthe8th) Tags: cool sam bhutan seven uncool paro day7 fug 1635 cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 d700 cool7 uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 herowinner ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof ultraherochallenge personorpeople tphofweek86
A sunset walk (samthe8th) Tags: africa tanzania nikon sam pair scene ngorongoro crater zebra serengeti zebras topaz 2470 matchpointwinner d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner ultraherowinner thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner storybookwinner tphofweek91 matchpointtournamentwinner mpt210
tai chi on the bund (samthe8th) Tags: morning silhouette prime star shanghai sam explore 20mm frontpage taichi bund f28 starburst d700 flickrchallengewinner thepinnaclehof taichionthebund tphofweek61
Shooting Shanghai - 6:00am (samthe8th) Tags: china camera silhouette cool nikon shanghai sam peaceful calm explore shooting shooter uncool 6am cool2 shootingtheshooter cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 matchpointwinner cool9 d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner cool7 cool8 iceboxcool thepinnaclehof tphofweek59 d700shanghai mpt204
Freedom (samthe8th) Tags: life beach thailand freedom delete2 afternoon sam wind free save3 delete3 save7 save8 delete save save2 swing explore save9 save4 ko kohsamui hero winner samui swift save5 save10 swinging save6 breeze panning kosamui frontpage lifeisgood d90 savedbydeletemeuncensored flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner thechallengefactory thepinnaclehof tphofweek49 fcgdone lpmovement matchpointtournamentwinner mpt216
Inle Lake Reflections (samthe8th) Tags: sunset reflection reed sam dusk burma accepted1of100 indigo saved10 hero winner myanmar inlelake inle greenlantern savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgroup nfc glassywater savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou challengeyouwinner lifeonthewater d700 flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner tpoty reedreflection thepinnaclehof kanchenjungachallengewinner tphofweek37 fourfromburma shmedal fcgdone
The temple in Nyaung Shwe (samthe8th) Tags: sam burma young indigo hero winner myanmar inlelake greenlantern bu nyaungshwe gamewinner matchpointwinner d700 facemakeup flickrchallengegroup flickrchallengewinner thepinnaclehof tphofweek37 fourfromburma shmedal fcgdone pupconcepts mpt220

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39 thepinnaclehof 34 sam 31 flickrchallengewinner 29 d700 25 matchpointwinner 21 cool 20 cool5 cool4 cool3 19 kanchenjungachallengewinner cool2 18 cool6 flickrchallengegroup 17 uncool iceboxcool 16 cool7 15 uncool2 fcgdone 12 herowinner hero 11 uncool3 10 winner cool8 9 nikon burma myanmar 8 uncool4 ultraherowinner samgellman 7 greenlantern explore shmedal d90 accepted1of100 6 fourfromburma travelphotography challengeyouwinner inlelake uncool7 uncool5 africa travel uncool6 frontpage 5 light suzanne matchpointtournamentwinner china nepal indigo topaz thepinnacleblog withsuzanne bu photography senegal d800 unanicool 4 silhouette nyaungshwe thechallengefactory fug hongkong yangshuo cool9 3 tahoe tpoty saved10 f64g34champ shootingtheshooter savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou gellman reflection pupconcepts ssc northkorea works morning portrait panning save2 fallenleaf man tphofweek97 shanghai tphofweek55 leaf mpt204 dusk save6 goats ultraherochallenge market thailand tphofweek152 tphofweek35 nfc saved4 kathmandu save4 dance delete fallen hkpcjuly2011 gamewinner tphofweek149 lighttrails camp lake mpt220 motion save3 tphofweek96 pagoda savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgroup laketahoe tif tphofweek37 morocco shooter fallenleaflake stanfordsierracamp sierra 2010 women arr yang save10 sunset save5 shuo nkok uncool8 mpt216 shooting save9 mpt210 save greenlantern2 savedbydeletemeuncensored save8 cy2 stanford k2challengewinner usa save7 action tphofweek61 yangon many calm shwedagonpaya life colorado tphofweek91 maydaystadium cheungkongcenter tanzania village tphofweek34 t213 swinging wall mirror airplane wind f64g31r1win f64g28r1win saved6 twirl tphofweek60 zebra tphofweek151 saved5 tphofweek46 coast windows personorpeople tphofweek120 sierracamp challenge d700shanghai moonhill marroon bagan different serene dark morningalms day7 dprk xian surreal year2 sky mpt218 tphofweek86 cans tphofweek40 availablelight taichionthebund delete2 roppongi stars spiritual glare afternoon f64g14r1win family pbr f28 california seven fish girlondadsshoulders tphofweek2 marroonbells zebras monk saved7 kosamui balloon cccunanimous bike fm lemonlight tphofweek94 mountain crowded deleted10 balloonsoverbagan southlaketahoe cold rider works2 wagon cool73 budweiser lifeisgood balloons princeedwardstation 20mm six wisconsin purple traillight donthate mynamar rickscafe inle bicycle hiking monktrain hongkongbus nightskystars buslighttrails kok starburst windaround pokhara bus ihimarriage tphofweek119 fb f64g34r5win free factory contrast pagodas enchantment herd challengegamewinner green tphofweek150 tphofweek39 massgames exposure raft crater taichi d700tokyojapan hong tphofweek101 frost bankofchina camera cool8forgoodmeasure mongkok tranquil tphofweek114 tphofweek15 samui refridgerator fridge mpt214 hike 4s goat pyongyang kong everestchallengewinner pagan trekking tigerleapinggorge

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