2009 20f 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha adorable amazing backyard beautiful chien cute dog ears expression eyes face fun funny ghost gorgeous gray grey happy hond hound hund inu kawaii love mukha omoshiroi perra perro portrait seen silly square sweet texture thelittledoglaughed uncropped vorstehhund waimarana weim weimaraner

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dog beachscape (saikiishiki) Tags: ocean sea portrait dog sun seaweed cute love beach dogs water girl beautiful swim de fun eyes sand florida good gorgeous scene weimaraner ft sparkly soto dogbeach intelligent omoshiroi weim mukha ftdesoto thelittledoglaughed actionbyapplesandsistersthanks
giraffe tongue (saikiishiki) Tags: dog silly cute texture love girl goofy tongue weird crazy funny bokeh explore weimaraner giraffe nutty seen  omoshiroi weim mukha
fun girl (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog silly cute love face goofy tongue square fun nose eyes friend funny head expression adorable best explore weimaraner kawaii tilt seen 2009  omoshiroi weim mukha 3552 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs masterpiecesofphotography mybokehtextureyaay 52weeksofmukha thelittledoglaughedcontestwinner
weimaraner party !! (saikiishiki) Tags: friends party portrait dog lake cute love dogs smile up tongue fence garden square fun happy backyard funny super trampoline best explore weimaraner kawaii seen meet weimaraners omoshiroi weim mukha 20f weims happybirthdaychanhirip
c e l e b r a t e (saikiishiki) Tags: park winter dog lake silly tree cute love smile smart tongue forest square fun happy fly orlando amazing jump eyes woods friend play florida joy adorable ears run best explore weimaraner jungle fallen kawaii dogpark fleet seen celebrate 2009 baldwin wiggle omoshiroi weim mukha peeples 652 20f thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
. c o l d (saikiishiki) Tags: santa christmas xmas blue winter red portrait dog chien holiday snow cold cute art texture love hat thanks by dark puppy season grey interestingness eyes warm heart artistic fuzzy sweet expression ghost gray hound adorable hond patient perro explore hund weimaraner kawaii expressive flakes seen tolerant perra inu omoshiroi weim cooperative wintery mukha vorstehhund 20f thelittledoglaughed jaiel waimarana
art is tick knewd (saikiishiki) Tags: dog chien cute art love beautiful smile by pose happy grey cozy interestingness amazing chair perfect you sweet sleep slumber ghost gray dream hound adorable hond x perro explore textures thank hund weimaraner kawaii form michel seen perra inu groundfloor artisticnude omoshiroi weim mukha bellyup vorstehhund 20f thelittledoglaughed waimarana waimarana~ banbila
f u n n y . b u n n y (saikiishiki) Tags: dog chien playing silly cute texture love face thanks ball square fun happy grey for hilarious jump eyes backyard funny expression ghost gray hound adorable ears hond perro hund again weimaraner kawaii confused hmmm perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha yaay vorstehhund 20f mywinners thelittledoglaughed platinumphoto jaiel waimarana
play. with me. (saikiishiki) Tags: ocean camera blue portrait favorite dog chien reflection cute love film beach dogs ball puppy square geotagged toy grey la interesting eyes sand waiting flickr play florida expression ghost gray overcast hond scan fave perro hund weimaraner 500v50f le memory kawaii expressive 5bestdogs fav miss unicorn weimaraners flagler disposable  perra inu omoshiroi weim blueribbonwinner squidoo vorstehhund cotcmostinteresting 20f cotcmostfavorited weims thelittledoglaughed artlibre rolyn diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond artlibres photostosmileabout platinumheartaward offleashdogbeach dogfriendlybeach waimarana rubyphotographer saikiishiki dragondaggerphoto
sweet sleep (saikiishiki) Tags: dog cute love face happy cozy sweet sleep dream adorable content gravity weimaraner kawaii futon relaxed sweetness uncropped 2010 comfy omoshiroi weim mukha 2952 52weeksfordogs 52weeksformukha
shine (saikiishiki) Tags: shadow dog cute love wet rain stars star eyes shiny gorgeous adorable trampoline explore weimaraner rainy kawaii frontpage uncropped 2010 omoshiroi weim mukha 2652 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
dark angel (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog black cute texture love halloween angel pose fur wings fuzzy sweet weimaraner peek 2009 omoshiroi weim mukha 4352 geathers thelittledoglaughed texturebyplayingwithbrushesthankyou 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
c o m e d i e n n e (saikiishiki) Tags: trees portrait sky dog chien lake playing silly cute love face grass leaves goofy clouds yard fun happy grey interestingness hilarious jump jumping eyes funny play expression clown ghost gray hound adorable hond x trying perro explore hund weimaraner catching kawaii toss comedian expressive entertainer seen uncropped thescream perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha comedienne vorstehhund 20f thelittledoglaughed waimarana
e s s e n c e (saikiishiki) Tags: red portrait orange dog chien silly cute love dawg beautiful face up goofy scarf pumpkin grey amazing eyes backyard funny little bokeh expression gorgeous ghost gray hound adorable hond trampoline perro riding hund weimaraner lucky soul kawaii stunning thankful hood bestfriend dressed sarong  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha favoritegirl vorstehhund 20f favoriteshot littl thelittledoglaughed impressedbeauty platinumheartawards waimarana
"hiii" (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien silly cute love happy grey interestingness backyard funny bokeh ghost gray hound hond trampoline x perro explore hund weimaraner kawaii seen  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha vorstehhund 20f plor waimarana saikiishiki
homE (saikiishiki) Tags: life christmas xmas dog love home girl beautiful lights still friend best weimaraner homey weim mukha centerpieces homy thelittledoglaughed
happy holidays! (saikiishiki) Tags: santa christmas xmas red wild portrait dog holiday cute love girl beautiful look hat animal thanks pose season print fur eyes furry friend fuzzy action sweet good best spots weimaraner leopard cheetah uncropped fury woah weim mukha thelittledoglaughed
sofa queen (saikiishiki) Tags: dog hot love beautiful out amazing long sweet head gorgeous queen couch weimaraner elegant stretched tilt velvety omoshiroi weim mukha chocolately thelittledoglaughed
stargazing (saikiishiki) Tags: boy shadow sky sun cute love clouds square relax lomo backyard sam sweet weimaraner hoody kawaii rest loves chill carry hold kuda kitsune omoshiroi weim mukha coldish thelittledoglaughed gitsune actionbywoahthanks mukhasdad
a thousand words (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog love sidekick face look neck nose poser eyes friend sweet head adorable ears best weimaraner stare tilt uncropped 2009 omoshiroi weim mukha 4952 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
cirque du weimaraner (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog cute art love toy turtle circus posing explore weimaraner talent kawaii expressive form stool seen 2009 balancing act talented multitasking  omoshiroi weim mukha 20f 3452 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs texturebylesbrumes~~thanksagain 52weeksofmukha
perfect match (saikiishiki) Tags: new portrait dog love beautiful face pose eyes hands soft sweet expression adorable ears sheets explore weimaraner 169 seen uncropped 2009 sincere omoshiroi weim mukha 2652 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs texturesbylesbrumesandpinksherbetphotography~~thanks 52weeksofmukha wolfintheparlorbookcover
a new throne for the lady of the lake (saikiishiki) Tags: new portrait dog lake cute love water square fun backyard funny sitting lily princess sweet posing explore weimaraner sit seen 2009 innertube throne pads omoshiroi weim mukha 20f 2152 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
s u n s h i n e (saikiishiki) Tags: blue light portrait sky dog sun art texture love girl sunshine clouds contrast spiral eyes backyard perfect shadows heart sweet expression adorable angles ears weimaraner swirl uncropped 2009 32 soe ratio omoshiroi weim mukha 952 yaay 20f thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs texturebyasjathanks 52weeksofmukha
 m u k h a  (saikiishiki) Tags: new portrait dog baby playing cute love puppy toys happy hands sweet adorable content explore weimaraner kawaii relaxed seen uncropped 2009 claws talons omoshiroi squeaky weim mukha 852 20f thelittledoglaughed impressedbeauty waimarana 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
 (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien love beautiful up sunglasses thanks square grey eyes backyard gorgeous ghost gray hound hond perro hund weimaraner expressive dressed sophisticated sarong intelligent  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha fakepolaroid vorstehhund 20f oldschooldigital texturebynatdiastok waimarana
comedian (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien funnyface silly cute love smile face cheese grey cozy hilarious interesting eyes chair funny expression teeth ghost gray hound hond perro hund weimaraner kawaii comedian goof entertaining  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha makesmelaugh bestgirl vorstehhund 20f thelittledoglaughed waimarana waimarana~ saikiishiki
bedouin (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien cute love silver snuggle grey la cozy interesting eyes warm ghost gray hound hond perro hund weimaraner 500v50f le blanket afghan cuddly kawaii 5bestdogs soe bedouin  perra inu omoshiroi weim greyghost mukha vorstehhund cotcmostinteresting 20f weimie thelittledoglaughed superbmasterpiece betterthangood top20gray waimarana waimarana~ saikiishiki
watching squirrels (saikiishiki) Tags: dog reflection love glass nose looking watching profile weimaraner blinds touching weim mukha thelittledoglaughed
puppy power  (saikiishiki) Tags: baby cute love film feet puppy square amazing still eyes hands friend perfect power arms sweet picture adorable ears calm best zen tiny short kawaii mystical paws sweetness photoofaphoto powerful intelligent tyke  wrists mukha entity mesmerize puppyness thelittledoglaughed originallytakenwithasahipentaxk1000 actionbywhoa~thanks
~ torpedo ! (saikiishiki) Tags: ocean sea dog sun playing silly love beach water face swim square de fun amazing funny play hand florida fort adorable ears super run weimaraner freeze ft torpedo determined splash blast soto dogbeach lunge omoshiroi splashing weim mukha ftdesoto thelittledoglaughed actionbynellynerothankyou
mukha in the sky! (saikiishiki) Tags: sky dog playing love clouds square fun fly flying high jump backyard play walk air weimaraner hang frizbee omoshiroi weim mukha texturebyjlsthanks silhouette~y
love (saikiishiki) Tags: dog cute love girl beautiful smile face true happy backyard friend perfect sweet head explore listening weimaraner soul kawaii universe tilt bestfriend seen uncropped 2009 sweetest  omoshiroi weim mukha 3352 thelittledoglaughed sweetestgirlintheuniverse 52weeksfordogs texturebylesbrumes~~thankyou 52weeksofmukha
'have you found where the frog is hiding yet? (saikiishiki) Tags: friends portrait plants dog game cute love real evening eyes backyard looking sweet expression innocent adorable ears frog foliage explore hide weimaraner jungle kawaii seek forehead seen uncropped wrinkles 2009 polite sincere questioning omoshiroi weim asking mukha 20f 2352 thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
c e n t e r p i e c e s (saikiishiki) Tags: life light portrait dog flower cute love pose giant table amazing still globe sweet gorgeous weimaraner lovely weim mukha scadoxus 20f multiflorus uncropped1st4th6thphotos bloodpowderfpufffireballtorchlily paintbrushfootballafricanbloodlily
c e n t e r p i e c e s (saikiishiki) Tags: life pink light portrait dog flower cute love window pose giant table amazing still globe sweet gorgeous personality explore weimaraner huge lovely elegant seen 2009 fireball bloodlily omoshiroi weim mukha 20f 2252 scadoxusmultiflorus footballlily thelittledoglaughed powderpufflily africanbloodlily 52weeksfordogs dogality 52weeksofmukha
i luv yoOoOou ! (saikiishiki) Tags: dog cute texture love true amazing dock backyard call you sweet gorgeous adorable explore weimaraner sing soul kawaii seen 2009 pawprint howl weim mukha 1752 20f 52weeksfordogs texturebypinksherbetphotographythanks 52weeksofmukha
r a b b i t ~ d o g (saikiishiki) Tags: trees portrait sky dog rabbit bunny love grass sunshine easter happy spring backyard sweet ears weimaraner kawaii uncropped 2009 omoshiroi weim mukha 20f 1452 thelittledoglaughed waimaranaa 52weeksfordogs texturesbyborealnzandajsa~thanks 52weeksofmukha
p i e c e s (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait abstract love snuggle soft pieces adorable velvet explore weimaraner kawaii cuddle bundle seen uncropped 2009 compact abstrakt velvety omoshiroi 552 weim mukha 20f thelittledoglaughed 52weeksfordogs 52weeksofmukha
dark cherry choco~latte (saikiishiki) Tags: pink portrait brown cute texture love pose dark square cherry interestingness eyes soft chocolate gorgeous velvet explore weimaraner kawaii expressive ribbon satin latte seen silky omoshiroi weim mukha daisuki 20f mywinners thelittledoglaughed anawesomeshot waimarana
 (saikiishiki) Tags: santa christmas new xmas red portrait dog chien white cute love up hat season polaroid happy grey lights eyes holidays warm fuzzy expression year ghost gray hound fake hond perro hund weimaraner kawaii perra inu lighten omoshiroi weim mukha squidoo vorstehhund thelittledoglaughed platinumphoto waimarana texturebyleschickthanks waimaranaa polaroidbybonifacethanks
s w e e t  (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien cute love face grey amazing backyard friend heart sweet head expression ghost gray hound adorable hond best perro hund weimaraner kawaii tilt loveable  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha compassionate vorstehhund 20f platinumphoto platinumheartaward platinumheartawards goldstaraward waimarana sweetestgirlintheuniverse
 (saikiishiki) Tags: sleeping portrait cute love beauty thanks chair sweet sleep gorgeous dream adorable cutie weimaraner sweetie omoshiroi weim mukha fakepolaroid squidoo 20f thelittledoglaughed endlessdeep
 (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien cute texture love toy grey eyes sweet ghost gray hound posing hond frog perro hund weimaraner kawaii  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha kaeru vorstehhund 20f thelittledoglaughed waimarana thanksmichelbanabila
m u k h a . z e b r a (saikiishiki) Tags: light portrait dog chien sun white black love sunshine dark grey cozy warm shadows sweet stripes ghost gray hound hond highlights perro hund weimaraner zebra blinds lounging  perra inu omoshiroi weim mukha vorstehhund 20f thelittledoglaughed platinumheartaward platinumheartawards waimarana
p e e k r (saikiishiki) Tags: door light portrait dog chien silly cute eye love beautiful dark square grey warm soft sweet ghost gray hound hond perro hund weimaraner kawaii peek curious bestfriend peeking spying  perra inu omoshiroi onblack weim mukha vorstehhund 20f bej thelittledoglaughed waimarana masterpiecesoflightdark
. ludwig & leopold playing stick tug~of~war . painting (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait pet playing silly cute art love painting fun funny play sweet weimaraner anji ludwig weimaraners omoshiroi leopold squidoo weims thelittledoglaughed tillemans anjitillemans weimaranerpainting weimaranerpaintingcom weimaranerart
. : h o o d l u m : . (saikiishiki) Tags: blue portrait bw dog chien white black texture love film dawg darkroom dark print grey poser asahi pentax k1000 room mushroomhead ghost gray hound hond papernegative perro hund weimaraner hoody kawaii dust retouch pictureofapicture bwphoto ghostdog  perra metapicture inu omoshiroi tissuepaper weim greyghost hoodlum bwfilm squidoo vorstehhund hiphopstyle 20f blueweimaraner thelittledoglaughed rolyn oneofmyfavoritephotos diamondclassphotographer flickrdiamond diamondclassphotographe weimaranerart waimarana weimaranerartist weimaranerphotography weimaranerphotographer saikiishiki
surprise (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien cute love toy grey play sweet ghost gray hound hond patient perro hund weimaraner le kawaii surprise lovely bestfriend polite lovebug  perra inu slowshutterspeed omoshiroi weim mukha wannaplay vorstehhund 20f weimie thelittledoglaughed gundogsfundogspotd waimarana saikiishiki mukhatidbit
mukh mukh (saikiishiki) Tags: portrait dog chien love beautiful square grey eyes backyard ghost gray hound hond trampoline perro hund weimaraner kawaii 5bestdogs  perra inu omoshiroi weim greyghost mukha vorstehhund 20f weimie thelittledoglaughed waimarana saikiishiki petsaroundtheworld

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