50mm aliceinwonderland beach blackandwhite bluehour blues bottlecaps california clear cloudy color colors day dusk ferriswheel hollywood hollywoodfleamarket julyabcsoup lightroom losangeles me melroseave musicallychallenged night nikkor50mmf14 nikond50 nikond90 ocean pacific rainbow reflection santamonica santamonicabeach santamonicapier selfportrait shadowplay silhouette southerncalifornia squareformat sunflare sunset thewindows totw vob waves

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 (red.dahlia) Tags: reflection beach sailboat waves littlegirl southerncalifornia santamonicabeach explosionsinthesky vintageprocessing yourhandinmine musicallychallenged
it's all about passion, it's all about perception. (red.dahlia) Tags: selfportrait mask neworleans feathers nola themeoftheweek totw itsallinthedetails mardigrasmask journeyofthefeatherless musicallychallenged bycloudcult
all of the lights. (red.dahlia) Tags: red pool night losangeles couple cityscape thestandard aonbuilding loungechairs kanyewest rooftopbar insilhouette 1232am onewilshirebuilding allofthelights figueroaatwilshirebuildingreflection
i had a dream that i could fly from the highest swing (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles dream squareformat aliceinwonderland necklaces bottlecaps canadadry nikkor50mmf14 teem priscillaahn melrosetradingpost nikond90 musicallychallenged hollywoodfleamarket sparkleup ihadadreamthaticouldflyfromthehighestswing
"standing on the corner of my block hustlin'." (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles hollywood jayz 50mmf14 bigpimpin vineandsunset nikond90 cafewas ivankanescafewas musicallychallenged standingonthecornerofmyblockhustlin dontmentionmynamewithoutaddingmetothephotoyouwhorishcornerwhore greenparkingmeter dontaddyourselftomyphotowithoutplacingyourselfinthedamnphotottooforfuckssaketarahowmanytimesdoihavetosaythis doiget50ofyourcornerprofitsthenilladdmyself
dripping with alchemy. (red.dahlia) Tags: blackandwhite selfportrait me curls naturallight shadowplay yeahyeahyeahs nikkor50mmf14 headswillroll totw nikond90 itsmoreofasquarethenthatlastone thisisasquare nopenotasquareitsaweebitwiderhorizontally
now throw your hands up in the sky. (red.dahlia) Tags: fountain reflections losangeles day skyscrapers wideangle clear pershingsquare goodlife downtownlosangeles kanyewest nikond90 tokina1116mmf28 crackheadsandjunkies f64finals f64g22champ igoformineigottoshinenowthrowyourhandsupinthesky
if i don't let myself be happy now, then when? (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles bubbles hollywood jimmyeatworld blowingbubbles nikkor50mmf14 melroseave nikond90 formethisisheaven grafittimural musicallychallenged ifidontletmyselfbehappynowthenwhen
con te partiro. (red.dahlia) Tags: night lasvegas clear bellagio bluehour fountains citycenter aria blackjack ceasarspalace bellagiolake vob timetosaygoodbye contepartiro nikond90 june2010 iwishthebluehourwasthreehourslong
you should have seen it in color. (red.dahlia) Tags: night losangeles cloudy dusk snapshot clear hollywoodsign griffithobservatory bitchslap incolor jameyjohnson nikond90 musicallychallenged filthyhookers youshouldhaveseenitincolor
i know you're coming in the night like a thief. (red.dahlia) Tags: longexposure night losangeles clear ghosts brandnew jesuschrist 30secondexposure griffithparkobservatory nighttimeskyline nikond90 musicallychallenged iknowyourecominglikeathiefinthenight
"we can live beside the ocean, leave the fire behind." (red.dahlia) Tags: sunset reflection night losangeles clear pacificocean santamonicapier santamonicabeach nikond90 titlepilferedfromsantamonicabyeverclear
the city sunset over me. (red.dahlia) Tags: sunset night losangeles traffic clear bluehour thomyorke westhollywood pjharvey lightroom melroseave themesswerein nikond90 musicallychallenged thecitysunsetoverme
lay down all your thoughts, surrender to the void (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles streetlamps nikond50 lacma thebeatles miraclemile wilshireblvd lightroom losangelescountymuseumofart urbanlight chrisburden musicallychallenged laydownallyourthoughtssurrendertothevoid fu64g5r1w
"oh, a storm is threat'ning." (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean california beach losangeles pacific santamonica explore therollingstones lightroom gimmeshelter musicallychallenged ohastormisthreatning
i am still living with your ghost, lonely and dreaming of the west coast (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean california sunset reflection losangeles pacific santamonica nikond50 ferriswheel bluehour santamonicabeach crescentmoon vob flickr64challenge titlebyeverclear songsantamonica thepieronsantamonicabeach f64g6r3win
Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name. (red.dahlia) Tags: blackandwhite losangeles mural hollywood rollingstones sympathyforthedevil melroseave totw melrosefairfax formusicallychallenged wherethesheppardfaireymuralusedtobe
when i look back now, that summer seemed to last forever. (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean waves blues santamonicabeach sunflare bryanadams summerof69 musicallychallenged
somewhere beyond the sea. (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean reflection silhouette night children waves cloudy oranges southerncalifornia santamonicabeach sunflare somewherebeyondthesea tarahelpedmechoosethepostedonesoifyoudontlikeitblameher kiddingimuchpreferthesquarecroptoo
as dreamers do. (red.dahlia) Tags: birthday 50mm losangeles rainbow bokeh wish fairfax louisarmstrong melroseave whenyouwishuponastar circlecircledotdot asdreamersdo
 (red.dahlia) Tags: colors 50mm losangeles rainbow drpepper necklaces gayrights bottlecaps billmahr hollywoodfleamarket atlaslemonsoda
i go back to black (red.dahlia) Tags: sunset orange yellow losangeles waves silhouettes running venicebeach shadowplay amywinehouse totw nikond90 backtoblack thisisnotsquare igobacktoblack musicallychallenged vicandsardsawesomefestsomethinggroup
"playing my music in the sun." (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles explore processing sundrenched frontpage stevemillerband thejoker sooc theletterp nikond90 musicallychallenged julyabcsoup finishedversion pisforpimpnotprocessing orpisforpsycho playingmymusicinthesun
a pocket is no place for a smile anyway. (red.dahlia) Tags: smile grafitti hollywood squareformat bluestraveler nikkor50mmf14 theletterf nikond90 smilesrock themountainwinsagain musicallychallenged julyabcsoup alleysoffofmelroseave igotclaptontosmileiwin filthyhooker filthyhookersunite
"they will see us waving from such great heights" (red.dahlia) Tags: color losangeles explore postalservice lightroom suchgreatheights musicallychallenged theywillseeuswavingfromsuchgreatheights
I am your neighbour I can see you (red.dahlia) Tags: selfportrait squareformat neighbor thewindows mothermother musicallychallenged iamyourneighbouricanseeyou
tried to endure what i could not forgive. (red.dahlia) Tags: blackandwhite sunlight selfportrait 50mm f14 touch pearljam rearviewmirror squarecrop thewindows totw thefivesenses musicallychallenged
 (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean color night pier losangeles waves clear ferriswheel santamonicapier santamonicabeach
and we'll walk in the sun (red.dahlia) Tags: men silhouette day shadows jester neworleans 1988 streetphotography clear frenchquarter nola sundrenched springsteen bourbonst borntorun acousticversion mangodaquirisandpizzabytheslice orangesandgolds
next stop Vegas, please. (red.dahlia) Tags: music day lasvegas blues wideangle clear flare daytime belagio sunflare tokina1116f28 belagiofountains
something in the dark began to squeeze me (red.dahlia) Tags: bw selfportrait squareformat shadowplay shadowsandlight thewindows danblack musicallychallenged wideopensmile gimmesymphonies
making love out by the lake to our favorite song. (red.dahlia) Tags: longexposure dusk bigbearlake kidrock onthedock nikond90 boulderbay allsummerlong takenat712pm makingloveoutbythelaketoourfavoritesong ivebeenareallycrapcontactlatelyiloveallllllofyouandiweepatthethoughtofhowmuchivemissedpleaseforgiveme yesyouhavebeenashittycontactbutwhatsnew
the photograph on the dashboard, taken years ago... (red.dahlia) Tags: shadow blackandwhite silhouette losangeles jump squareformat santamonicabeach rem sunflare nightswimming inspiredby nikond90 thephotographonthedashboardtakenyearsago fortyonecrush musicallychallenged
you've got me on my knees. (red.dahlia) Tags: explore ericclapton layla frontpage letterb goldbangles blackstilettos shoesbymichaelkors texturecourtesyoflesbrumes julyabcsoup youvegotmeonmyknees thisismysongandiloveit f64g22r4win f64g22champ
city of night. (red.dahlia) Tags: night losangeles twilight cloudy dusk yamashiro hollywoodhills jimmorrison thedoors lawoman nikond90 hollywoodrenaissancehotel cityofnight pagodabar lawomansundayafternoon therearereddahliamuralsalloverlosangelesyoujusthavetoknowwheretolookforthem downtownlaskylineindistance
in the middle of a dream. (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles squareformat cocacola bluehour rainbows westhollywood vob nikond90 nikkor35mmf18 musicallychallenged lyricsintitlefromdumbthings bypaulkelly bokehloves
through the looking glass (red.dahlia) Tags: rabbit losangeles explore frontpage aliceinwonderland nikkor50mmf14 throughthelookingglassandwhatalicefoundthere nikond90 hollywoodfleamarket notvic rabbitsaremorefuntolookatthanvicsaresimplefactofnature
and they want to get up in your head (red.dahlia) Tags: sunlight selfportrait home curls thehighroad vob nikond90 nikkor35mmf18 musicallychallenged brokenbells applesandsisterspresets andtheywanttogetupinyourhead
tall and tan and young and handsome. (red.dahlia) Tags: boy shirtless beach pier losangeles waves southerncalifornia santamonicabeach abs tomjobim hipbones vob tallandtanandyoungandhandsome theboyfromipanema thisversiondiannakrall
sometime around midnight. (red.dahlia) Tags: losangeles lyrics nikond50 hollywood absolut lightroom genghiscohen musicallychallenged byairbornetoxicevent sometmearoundmidnight loadsofvodkaandotheralcoholicgoodness f64g16r1win
5/100: just breathe. (red.dahlia) Tags: selfportrait 50mm losangeles livemusic pearljam nikond50 hollywood highkey alive 5100 mybrother favoritethings lightroom nikkor50mmf14 justbreathe vob hollywoodpalladium musicallychallenged
"i live to let you shine." (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean california reflection pacific dusk santamonica explore boardwalk ferriswheel bluehour southerncalifornia santamonicabeach lightroom gregoryandthehawk boatsandbirds youwererobbed musicallychallenged ilivetoletyoushine fu64challenge
"i dont want you to adore me, dont want you to ignore me." (red.dahlia) Tags: 35mm losangeles rainbow nikond50 muse explore hollywood lightroom nikkor50mmf14 pinkberry vob musclemuseum musicallychallenged
street spirit. (red.dahlia) Tags: me losangeles nikond50 explore radiohead lightroom streetspirit icouldnthelpmyself rainbowumbrella myfavoriteboots ellaellaeheheh musicallychallenged iamsmittenwiththisblackwall fu64g4r2w
"and it was up, up and away." (red.dahlia) Tags: city colors beauty lights losangeles colorful nikond50 explore bluehour parkingmeter lightroom melroseave arcticmonkeys 35mmf18 edhardy fairfaxave mardybum musicallychallenged anditwasupupandaway ithinkimgoingtodoaparkingmeterserieseitheritsthebestideaeverorlamestideaevereitherwilldo
"hold me now. it's hard for me to say i'm sorry. i just want you to stay." (red.dahlia) Tags: chicago explore lightroom part3 forbiddenlove thepotato hardtosayimsorry musicallychallenged dreamyjason brokebacktapper
"lately i've lost my tongue." (red.dahlia) Tags: me today headband lightroom singersongwriter joshuaradin musicallychallenged 1932almanac latelyivelostmytongue ilovemyselfmorethananyoneelseonflickr isthattagmeanttooffendmemasterchickendefilerithappenstobetrue
and we'll become silhouettes. (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean california reflection losangeles pacific dusk santamonica explore ferriswheel santamonicapier santamonicabeach postalservice lightroom greenyellow wewillbecomesilhouettes
the other side of October. (red.dahlia) Tags: ocean california losangeles pacific santamonica santamonicapier santamonicabeach lightroom goodolddays journalentries
God only knows what I'd be without you. (red.dahlia) Tags: blackandwhite selfportrait squareformat shadowplay biglove beachboys petsounds thewindows godonlyknowswhatidbewithoutyou

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