archaeology architecture artefact artifact autumn berlin colorfulworld concrete crepuscolosunsetssunrisesnights fernsehturm geotagged googleearth guessedberlin gwbgmfdk gwbgmittelberg headlines liquidambarstyraciflua macro map mapleleaf marzahn newspaper objettrouvé pattern quapanhinkelstone rheine rings rippling salzbergen silhouette spider stoneage sun sunlight texture thewall thieberg tool tree trees vienna wall waves wien wuhletal

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restored quadriga atop Brandenburg Gate pale-verdigris gateway build-up (horses'-herma) in gloomy night (quapan) Tags: sculpture berlin monument geotagged gloomy verdigris ironcross banner brandenburggate landmark wreath corona gateway trophy triumphalarch archway standard venue brandenburgertor quadriga thewall buildup urbanlandscape wahrzeichen restauration friedrichwilhelm thoroughfare prussianeagle eiserneskreuz geo:dir=276 geo:lat=52516265 geo:lon=13377757 quapanhinkelstone
black square sun hypeReally eclipsed through layers of social housing blocks (quapan) Tags: urban berlin sol facade geotagged concrete effects soleil eclipse apartments style halo plattenbau virtualreality hr blackout hybrid blacksun sole sonne iconic  blackhole faade redshift hdri hyperreal matahari housingestate heavenandhell gne futurist falsecolor schwarzesonne dopplereffect bton sunscape socialhousing marzahn  easternbloc  blacksquare sozialerwohnungsbau hyperworld housingblocks  blockout falschfarben hdrextremes schwarzesquadrat sundisc  hyperborean    victoryoverthesun  quapanhinkelstone
MISSILE STONEWARE:  Thor's thunder~bolt~serpent ingot; Freya's ; Odin's ferry~boat dart.  MAGIC..TOOL:  hafted saxon knife (seax) & saw; hilted hammer & harpoon.  SACREDADAMANTINELIGHTNINGSHUTTLE (quapan) Tags: archaeology hammer boat saw magic knife vessel trinity scales weapon shuttle bolt sacred missile harpoon blade serpent dagger chisel artifact discovery dart tool cutter lightningbolt versatile relics wedge saxon artefact stoneage neolithic stoneware thunderbolt vitreous hilt pestle objettrouv adamant ingot mjolnir stonetool polytheism flakescar seax adamantine objectofvirtu quapanhinkelstone
labyrinthine circuit board lines (quapan) Tags: macro architecture geotagged spider miniature diy ic patterns roundabout led resin motherboard thumbnail pcb scrap circuit labyrinth mazy multilayer scrapmetal minotaur surfacemount magnification miniaturization superseded printedcircuitboard labyrinthine bugspider underneaththesurface solderjoints perforation geo:lat=52525525 geo:lon=13567093 bananaffair lovefortech quapanhinkelstone
tribune Chvez & monarch of Spain indict each other of default . . . . . . . . .      media coverage    (quapan) Tags: chile latinamerica spain media venezuela president monarch conference coverage monarchy chavez simnbolvar televisidecatalunya neoliberalismo josmaraaznar iberoamerican fidelcastroruz cumbreiberoamericana hugochvezfras porqunotecallas causeclbre donjuancarlosdeborbn quapanhinkelstone
red poppy still life standing out against an industrial landscape (quapan) Tags: flowers red stilllife plants leaves effects daylight stillleben industrialrevolution pylon seeds buds rosella industriallandscape pavot falsecolor marzahn klatschmohn redpoppy papaverrhoeas adormidera  gelincik solarisation supershot  guessedberlin falschfarben kornvallmo herbaceousplant mitxoleta  gwbeole  gwbgpeole  quapanhinkelstone
Alpha-Bison BEROLINA    graniteartefact (quapan) Tags: geotagged buffalo head mortar granite alpha harness bison artifact tool paleolithic artefact stoneage prehistory draught pestle yoke  buffle marzahn objettrouv granit handaxe europeanbison stonetool wisent   berolina bisonbonasus bfalo bifacial  flakescars     quapanhinkelstone
 maple leaf  in sunder by razor blade  Berlin, October 3rd 2007 (quapan) Tags: hoja broken wall geotagged leaf october cut parts mapleleaf halves veins split thewall razorblade dislocation avus divisive mauerfall disintegrated colorfulworld hojilla insunder quapanhinkelstone
dawn of the sun reflections ashore an idyllic pond (quapan) Tags: sunlight reflection sunrise landscape dawn mirror pond scenery alba calm aurora serene idyll sonnenaufgang tranquil goldenhour morningdew arcadian ashore aube morningfog 40a morgendmmerung frhnebel wuhle guessedberlin 156a top20tranquil 179a 137a gwbhenry crepuscolosunsetssunrisesnights 167a wuhleteich 381a quapanhinkelstone
look downstairs into stairwell whirl (quapan) Tags: vortex look architecture spiral spin structure stairwell stairway staircase recursion gradient bendover downstairs 61 drosteeffect treppenhaus whirl miseenabyme banisters slink ixzz0p7yconqi quapanhinkelstone
Huenenborg & Stonehenge  earth centers with south-eastern epicenters (quapan) Tags: archaeology megalithic geotagged replica stonehenge googleearth beaker sites stoneage prehistory rheine archaeoastronomy kriegerdenkmal thieberg hnenborg earthcenter huenenborg centralmounds quapanhinkelstone
global.whale.shark Groer.Tiergarten.Berlin  jasper.sand.stone (quapan) Tags: park geotagged whaleshark monolith ballena findling piedra kueka globalstone grosertiergarten berlinerstonehenge geo:lon=1337338 geo:lat=5251323 quapanhinkelstone
shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate (quapan) Tags: sun moon geotagged shiny earth mandala fullmoon litter mooning fringed layers osmosis gaia rippling pentacle bleached heliotrope earthbound eastgate mystory sweetgum herbstlaub phenomena moongate liquidambarstyraciflua tarry veined junemoon sedimentation feuillemorte senescence colorfulworld blackhalo starleaf beingstranded chthonia chthonotrope berlinuptown geo:lat=52543184 geo:lon=13544347 quapanhinkelstone
October leaf drenched (quapan) Tags: autumn wet circle puddle mud rainy mapleleaf squaredcircle drainage regenwetter soakingwet drabble ahornblatt drabs octoberleaf quapanhinkelstone
rain drops in PUDDLE blurrily mirrors blue sky, brown tree-branches and red-white ringroad-palais in Vienna. (quapan) Tags: vienna wien street tree rain puddle shower flooding waves circles branches blurred rings rainy mapleleaf raindrops mirrored ripples reflexion rippling rainfall regen interference precipitation regentropfen rainshower guessedvienna blurrily quapanhinkelstone
Crash-Screen over Salzbergen - Artifact accidentally stylizes air-raid    virtual reenactment, oogle Earth (quapan) Tags: river dresden screenshot crash computerart artifact googleearth ems glitch reenactment b24 guernica artefact airraid salzbergen crashot rashot crashshot quapanhinkelstone
dazzled maniac Jim Morrison drowns out the haunting whimper of a coyote dying on the road by his dreadful death-scream into the abyssal sun ... HWY 01:23:47 (quapan) Tags: coyote sun 1969 tin hipster totem can hwy generations fordmustang beatnik shaman stunt howl maniac dazzled geisterfahrer cardriver jamesdouglasmorrison ghostdriver bokehlicious driverpic mhou deathscream deathbycarcrash  anamericanpastoral quapanhinkelstone
football player pin-up ||.LARGER.THAN.LIFE.|| covers.the.Berlin.wall (quapan) Tags: wall football soccer player cover fernsehturm pinup uefa ftbol curiosidades calcio  footballer largerthanlife futbolista fusball streetsoccer  jugador calciatore guessedberlin footballeur  em2008 fusballer gwbgmfdk  fusballspieler  strasenfusball gwbgmittelberg quapanhinkelstone
100 meters [_running track with four lanes_] (quapan) Tags: stadium lane 100 stadion sprint meters tartan lanes trackandfield runningtrack 100meterdash laufbahn guesswhereberlin runningtracks quapanhinkelstone
fractal pattern (quapan) Tags: texture pattern mud soil fractals dendrite quapanhinkelstone
Twilight Berlin-Silhouette: One Hour after Sunset. (quapan) Tags: berlin silhouette twilight dusk fernsehturm tvtower crepuscular crepuscolo guessedberlin gwbherreichhorn crepuscolosunsetssunrisesnights quapanhinkelstone
alte Landkarte (1842) mit Bauernhofsnamen am Thieberg bei Rheine (quapan) Tags: map 19thcentury bauernhof frontiers westfalen rheine bentlage landkarte grenzen 1842 neuenkirchen terraincognita bauernschaft salzbergen landstrase waldhgel thieberg landersumerfeld sutrum landersum wadelheim dutum knigreichhannover antekoje weiserfleck quapanhinkelstone
Utya - killing spree's sequence of events inscribed onto the island (quapan) Tags: norway island map googleearth tv2 tyrifjorden sequenceofevents utya utoeya andersbehringbreivik bolskjevika quapanhinkelstone
cracked pattern of erosion (quapan) Tags: net weather concrete branch pattern erosion network cracked beton quapanhinkelstone
pedicured feet & manicured hands:  Scarlett Johansson 'LOST in TRANSLATION' smelling japanese teen spirit squatting on window parapet of Tokyo skyscraper (quapan) Tags: feet window skyscraper movie tokyo hands spirit squat teen lostintranslation manicure pedicure scarlettjohansson parapet quapanhinkelstone
Diogenes illuminating Jean-Paul Marat escaping from his underground-asylum {_Engraving @ Louis Villeneuve in the year I {1793})_} (quapan) Tags: underground etching republic illumination icon engraving frenchrevolution asylum sanctuary aquatint diogenes escapee comeout asile sansculotte diogne kerberus ageofenlightenment geo:lat=4883335742885171 geo:lon=2332605509557587 jeanpaulmarat antiplatonic sicledeslumires citoyensansculotte vitamimpenderevero louisvilleneuve fictitiousdialogue quapanhinkelstone
birds - tendrils - hearts - flowers {curtain pattern} (quapan) Tags: birds hearts pattern curtain tendril ornament paisley arabesque fllowers quapanhinkelstone
AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G ... photographic objective ... (quapan) Tags: macro lens objective lamelle photographicobjective diaphragmblades quapanhinkelstone
flight-induced fever (40C) made bats immune to Ebola-viruses, while training the Ebola-viruses to be immune to non-flying-mammals (37 C) like us {illustration} (quapan) Tags: animals illustration flight medicine virus bats disease humans fever infection fieber immunity ebola epidemic pandemic flughund zoonotic
squandering uroents - 'Geld mit der Schippe zum Fenster rauswerfen' (Redensart) (quapan) Tags: money coins euro cent waste geld inflation  schippe  squander redensart quapanhinkelstone
 YP - OI   burning (quapan) Tags: usa america germany deutschland europe puertorico euro eu greece dollar crisis troika debt  krise akropolis billions  milliarden creditor europolis grexit quapanhinkelstone
german dailies about Muammar Gaddafi - behind newspaper box bars (23rd February 2011) (quapan) Tags: newspaper egypt daily headlines gypten zeitung newspaperbox behindbars libia libyen schlagzeilen 1ba gadhafi berlinermorgenpost dertagesspiegel muammargaddafi 23februar2011 quapanhinkelstone e2809ettipe2809cneindanke21transatlantischepartnerschaftgehtandersttipe2809ettipe2809cneindanke21transatlantischepartnerschaftgehtanderswahlprogramm
Aristotle obscured & debunked head of the hellenistic Gironde (quapan) Tags: democracy head solarized aristotle tyranny deathby politeia aristoteles philosoph debunk lagironde cleisthenes allerweltsgrieche quapanhinkelstone
les canards voleront toujours plus haut que les fusils. - Cartoon by Charlie Hebdo. (quapan) Tags: cartoon lamour lahaine charliehebdo lesfusils jesuischarlie
Twin-Explosion in southeastern Kobane on 8th October 2014 (quapan) Tags: explosion southeast carbomb airstrike smoketrails kobane
train approaching roaringly seven minutes late (17 Dec 2010 | 14:19) (quapan) Tags: winter snow berlin train metro platform railway db late suburb arrival approach biesdorf icicles roaring snowscape s5 versptung quapanhinkelstone
   ! {_make your choice !_}:  Agitations-Plakat fr das DPR-Unabhngigkeits-Referendum am 11. Mai 2014 in Donetsk (quapan) Tags: ukraine civilwar referendum independance coldwar donetsk wahlplakat agitation kalterkrieg separatists hybriderkrieg geopoliticalfaultline
sunlight breaking through leaf of liquidambar styraciflua (quapan) Tags: autumn sky sun sunlight leaf thumbnail breakthrough liquidambarstyraciflua fillinflash quapanhinkelstone
Quetzal-Chick looking out from a hollow jungle tree (quapan) Tags: tree bird chick jungle quetzal resplendentquetzal nearthreatened
below the freezing point the fluid water became solid to generate an abstract texture on the pond surface (quapan) Tags: abstract detail macro texture ice water lines pattern surface formation physics solid extraterrestre extraterrestriallife freezeover statesofmatter 0c vieextraterrestre aggregatzustand vidaextraterrestre auserirdischesleben quapanhinkelstone
Hofburg imperial.court.castle ... Heldenplatz heroes'.square ... Heldentor heroes'.gateway  VIENNA's IMPERIAL RESIDENCE was once the epicentre of European Inter-Monarchists (quapan) Tags: vienna wien silhouette sepia court geotagged austria streetlight courtyard censorship gateway imperial heroes archway residence equestrian espionage sights bastei enlightened alliance hofburg monarchism heldenplatz forensic restauration burgtor intrigues monarchies heldentor mariatherersia therestoration quapanhinkelstone
Brumaire-Leaves beneath a fuzzy-misty beech-wood on the formerly grounds of Semnonia (9th November 2011) (quapan) Tags: wood morning november autumn trees mist fall leaves fog forest geotagged laub beech wuhletal brumaire semnonia quapanhinkelstone
intersection of power-lines on east-block-style pylons (quapan) Tags: lines crossing pylon powerlines wires intersection crossroad strommast berlandleitung combatzone ahrensfelderberge hellersdorferweg eichnerchaussee quapanhinkelstone
stealthy spider preyed on midge upon daisy (quapan) Tags: macro green spider arachnid crab camouflage daisy clutch spinne prey pollen araa nibble mimic mimicry huntsman araigne ragno midge stealthy  virescens wuhletal micrommata micromata huschspinne beastofprey  riesenkrabbenspinne micromatabilin quapanhinkelstone
tritons by putti pouring forth fountains (quapan) Tags: fish fountain springbrunnen eros octopus neptunbrunnen cupid nets poseidon neptune fontana pouring centaurs tentacles merman putto putti tritonfountain tritons reinholdbegas guessedberlin tritoni gwbgmfdk kentauren begasbrunnen forkenbecken gwbgmittelberg quapanhinkelstone
Marx neu entdecken (quapan) Tags: karlmarx marxism daskapital quapanhinkelstone
trio in between streetcars [2001] (quapan) Tags: vienna poverty wien 2001 signs shadows snapshot streetphotography tram streetlife mcdonalds bums trio streetcar tramway sandler inbetween 1159 schnappschuss cutin guessedvienna catachresis katachrese   quapanhinkelstone
Nafpaktos' StringAxe  - Deucalion's Titanic? (quapan) Tags: ocean noah trees sky mountain archaeology monument nature stone landscape geotagged fun chopper mediterranean ship hand balcony arc hellas enigma greece mysterious axe imagination homo 1997 ax titan titanic artifact remains myths artefact neolithic tomahawk gilgamesh sapiens peloponnese orangetrees nafpaktos emerged cataclysm deucalion neanderthalensis stringax quapanhinkelstone
wave fronts triggered by falling raindrops interfering on pond surface (quapan) Tags: rain waves rings rippling interference pondsurface quapanhinkelstone
german dailies on kiosk-stand  27th August 2008 (quapan) Tags: west sunglasses georgia stand newspaper russia newspapers daily ephemera headlines kiosk press nato sonnenbrillen dietageszeitung neuesdeutschland thedarkknight zeitungsstnder ossetien mrkischeallgemeine schsischezeitung jungewelt quapanhinkelstone

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