2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 50mm bokeh bokehwhores canon50mmf095 canoneos5dmarkiii canonf095 color corgi digital dof dog epsonrd1s evening f095 f10 f20 flora flower gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2 green hue illuminations inlife japanesemaple kobe leica leicam8 leicam9 leicanoctilux50mmf10 life light m8 m9 noctilux pochiko rd1s thelittledoglaughed utata welshcorgi

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Happy Chinese New Year! (moaan) Tags: leica light dog digital 50mm corgi dof bokeh chinesenewyear f10 illuminated utata noctilux welshcorgi lunarnewyear 2012 m9 goodluckcharm explored pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapan12q1
Form up in line :) (moaan) Tags: leica friends dog digital 50mm corgi dof meetup bokeh f10 utata noctilux welshcorgi groupshot m9 childhoodfriends 2011 pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 ldlportraits gettyimagesjapanq2
offline meeting (moaan) Tags: friends bw monochrome lomolca memory utata groupshot corgis 2011 welshcorgis gettyimagesjapanq2
however often I may try (moaan) Tags: life leica blue sky flower color digital 50mm flora dof bokeh f10 repetition utata m8 bloom flowering noctilux hue 2009 cosmos blooming overandover inbloom orangecosmos uptothesky  cosmossulphureus explored againandagain inlife reiteration leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
on the bench (moaan) Tags: park dog tree green 120 6x6 smile smiling mediumformat bench corgi dof bokeh september squareformat utata welshcorgi 2009 f28 kodakportra160vc planar 80mm carlzeiss hasselblad500cm  underthetree smallpark pochiko carlzeissplanarc80mmf28 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
What would you like Santa Pochiko to bring you? (moaan) Tags: santa christmas xmas dog digital happy 50mm lights corgi holidays dof bokeh illuminations santaclaus happyholidays welshcorgi 2008 f095 christmasilluminations explored canonf095 rd1s pochiko epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed canon50mmf095 bokehballs goldenbokeh bokehwhores holidayclothes iwishyouahappychristmas gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
territory (moaan) Tags: leica bw dog rivalry monochrome 50mm corgi f14 livingroom m3 welshcorgi 2008 summilux beadyeyes croped personalcomputer japanesestyleroom leicam3 pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicasummilux50mmf14ii rivalryoverterritory gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
golden days (moaan) Tags: life leica autumn light sunlight beautiful leaves sunshine yellow 50mm gold maple dof shine bokeh f10 momiji japanesemaple kobe rokko noctilux tinted mapleleaves leicam7 2007 autumnalleaves m7 rvp fujivelvia tinged explored fujirvp inlife leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores thebestyellow gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
bubbling over (moaan) Tags: light lamp night digital 50mm cafe dof bokeh illuminations dream osaka dreamworld 2007 f095 explored canonf095 rd1s epsonrd1s canon50mmf095 bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
catch (moaan) Tags: dog beach 50mm corgi dof bokeh f10 momento noctilux zeissikon moment fluke 2007 rvp fujivelvia explored fujirvp pochiko 30faves30comments300views leicanoctilux50mmf10 acrucialmoment gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
#02 in the gathering dusk (moaan) Tags: leica blue 50mm cafe twilight dof bokeh 2006 f10 kobe rest noctilux leicam7 m7 rvp jasminetea fujivelvia explored fujirvp soymilkpudding endoftheholiday leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Little Window (moaan) Tags: dog dogs window littlewindow wall newworld anotherworld packed canoneos1ds ef135mmf2lusm digital utata 2012 thelittledoglaughed
Horseface (moaan) Tags: wild horse digital super pony utata aomori nationaltreasure 2012  mild 21mm ataka angulon kandachime f34 leicasuperangulon21mmf34   ricohgxr capeshiriya   gxrmounta12 higasidorimura gettyimagesjapan12q1 wildbutmild
A Smile from the North East (My name is Gon.) (moaan) Tags: dog snow digital utata aomori watchdog gon   iphone 2011 yagen explored iphone4 ainudog
Swirling Autumn (moaan) Tags: life leica november autumn sunlight sunshine digital canon 50mm glow dof bokeh japanesemaple kobe utata glowing tinted m9  f095 mountrokko 2011 tinged momji autumnaltints inlife canon50mmf095 leicam9
Whispers of Autumn (moaan) Tags: life leica autumn digital 50mm october glow dof bokeh f10 momiji japanesemaple utata aomori glowing noctilux tinted  m9 2011 tinged yagen explored autumnaltints inlife leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9  tohokudistrict gettyimagesjapanq4
Good Morning (moaan) Tags: dog corgi welshcorgi pochiko morning walk stroll park bench rest smile smiling shade sunlight morningsunlight leica m9 leicam9 noctilux 50mm f10 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokeh dof digital utata 2011 explored gettyimagesjapanq4
All we are smiling :) (moaan) Tags: friends dog digital corgi utata welshcorgi groupshot offlinemeeting 2011 explored gettyimagesjapanq2
spangling (moaan) Tags: life leica november autumn red orange color 50mm glow dof bokeh diary f10 momiji japanesemaple utata glowing mp noctilux hue tinted spangled 2010 fujivelvia100 tinged rvp100 leicamp autumnaltints inlife leicanoctilux50mmf10 diaryofnovember spangledwithred gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
test shot (moaan) Tags: street leica test dog night digital 50mm lights corgi nightlights dof nightshot bokeh f10 kobe midnight utata noctilux welshcorgi 2010 m9 testshot firstshot pochiko leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
man in the October rain (moaan) Tags: leica light man reflection rain bicycle umbrella 50mm october crossing dof bokeh f10 utata noctilux asphalt 2009 zebracrossing leicam7 m7 fujiprovia100f rdpiii explored leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
hope (moaan) Tags: life leica light flower digital 50mm evening twilight flora dof bokeh dusk f10 utata m8 flowering noctilux dailylife tomorrow 2009 everydaylife explored inlife leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 lookingfortomorrow hopeoflight gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
wavy (moaan) Tags: life summer flower color green 120 6x6 mediumformat flora dof purple bokeh july tint neighborhood flowerbed squareformat utata bloom flowering agapanthus hue 2009 f28 rvp100f paleblue blooming vicinity 80mm inbloom hasselblad500cm fujivelvia100f africanlily explored inlife carlzeissplanar extension32e carlzeissplanarc80mmf28 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
new world (moaan) Tags: leica dog puppy 50mm dof counter bokeh shihtzu bookshelf f10 shelf utata  osaka noctilux 2009 leicam7 m7 kodake100g onemonthold explored onthecounter  yasuri thelittledoglaughed leicanoctilux50mmf10  nishitanabe   gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
what are you doing? (moaan) Tags: dog vortex digital pose 50mm dof bokeh utata  osaka swirl gesture 2009 emerge f095 shintzu kisuke explored canonf095 rd1s epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed canon50mmf095  nishitanabe  imjustshooting emeargingfromaswirl gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
starred (moaan) Tags: light dog digital 35mm gold golden corgi dof bokeh voigtlander illuminations utata welshcorgi 2009 nokton f12 rd1s voigtlandernokton35mmf12 pochiko epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed bokehballs goldenbokeh gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
gaudium (moaan) Tags: park pink dog smile digital happy 50mm petals corgi dof bokeh joy happiness neighborhood delight utata sakura feeling welshcorgi 2009 wellbeing f095 vicinity smilingface pinkcarpet fallenpetals rejoicing gratification explored canonf095 rd1s forjoy smallpark playgroundslide pochiko epsonrd1s thelittledoglaughed canon50mmf095 feelingofhappiness indelight senseofwellbeing petalsofcherryblossoms withalookofjoy beamedwithjoy gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
heart of mine (moaan) Tags: life pink flowers light flower color beautiful digital 50mm dof blossom bokeh tint f10 utata bloom  cherryblossom sakura noctilux hue 2009 cherrytree blooming inbloom explored rd1s inlife epsonrd1s leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
sweet scent of spring (moaan) Tags: life leica dog sign digital 50mm march corgi dof bokeh f10 smell m8 noctilux welshcorgi 2009 scent rapeblossoms signofspring inlife pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
whispers of the evening (moaan) Tags: life light flower digital 50mm evening trafficlight flora highway crossing dof bokeh dusk abutilon remembrance 2008 signal taillight atdusk autumun f095 onthecorner earlyautumn eventide abutilonmegapotamicum explored canonf095 timetochange rd1s inlife beforedark epsonrd1s canon50mmf095 tyroleanlamp waitforthesignal bokehwhores shadeofthehighway remainingsummer gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
foliage (moaan) Tags: life leica blue color green 50mm lights evening dof bokeh dusk f10 noctilux 2008 hue leicam7 m7 kodake100g eventide explored inlife bokehlights leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
smoker (moaan) Tags: leica portrait woman digital 50mm cafe dof bokeh candid smoke m8 2008 stabucks throughthewindow f095 explored canonf095 leicam8 canon50mmf095 bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
shine for you (moaan) Tags: leica dog beach smile glitter digital 50mm corgi dof shine bokeh f10 sparkle shore m8 watersedge ripples noctilux welshcorgi 2007 glisten personify smilingface wavelets explored  pochiko leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores ripplingwaves gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
harvest (moaan) Tags: life above leica up digital 50mm restaurant dof bokeh vine f10 trellis crop m8 bunch noctilux grape grapevine ripening 2007 frenchrestaurant explored inlife leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores abunchofgrapes grapevinetrellis goldenvisions gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
hello there! (moaan) Tags: leica portrait dog eye smile smiling digital pose 50mm corgi eyes dof bokeh posed f10 m8 noctilux welshcorgi 2007 explored pochiko thelittledoglaughed leicam8 leicanoctilux50mmf10 cameraeyes bokehwhores gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
reverie (moaan) Tags: plant green digital 50mm evening dof bokeh dusk illumination f10 illuminated illusion noctilux 2007 illumine explored rd1s epsonrd1s 30faves30comments300views leicanoctilux50mmf10 bokehwhores bokehwhoresweek05finalist gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
on the street (moaan) Tags: flower 50mm chinatown dof bokeh kobe flowerpot 2007 jonquil f095 fujiprovia100f chinesefestival canon7 rdpiii explored canonf095 canon50mmf095 bytheroadside 30faves30comments300views expd  gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
obeisance (moaan) Tags: life flower 50mm dof bokeh 2006 dreamy cosmos f095 fujiprovia100f canon7 rdpiii explored canonf095 inlife canon50mmf095 gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
#05 one day in Kobe (moaan) Tags: 35mm cafe 2006 kobe zeissikon kodake100vs lastshot beautifulday thememoryinaugust carlzeissbiogontf20zm unforgettablescene gettyimagesjapanq1 gettyimagesjapanq2
Baby Snow Monkey (moaan) Tags: baby snow digital zeiss monkey dof bokeh 100mm utata bathing nagano ze jigokudani japanesemacaque f20 makroplanar 2013 canoneos5dmarkiii jigokudanisnowmonkeypark zeissmakroplanart2100ze jigokudanispa carlzeissmakroplanart100mmze bathingmonkey
Pretty Leaves (moaan) Tags: november dog color leaves digital zeiss corgi dof bokeh diary 100mm momiji japanesemaple kobe utata rokko welshcorgi ze 2012 fallenleaves  f20 makroplanar colorsofautumn pochiko canoneos5dmarkiii zeissmakroplanart2100ze ldlportraits autumndiary  carlzeissmakroplanart100mmf20ze futatabipark
Final Journey (moaan) Tags: camera leica digital 50mm evening twilight dof bokeh illuminations gear f10 utata aomori noctilux repose 2012  atdusk m9 towada oirase equipments condolence  ef50mmf12lusm leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9 canoneos5dmarkiii
Summer passes and one remembers one's exuberance (moaan) Tags: life leica summer sky flower digital 50mm flora dof bokeh f10 utata flowering noctilux trumpetvine 2012 m9 trumpetcreeper inlife underthesky leicanoctilux50mmf10 leicam9
Northern Flight (moaan) Tags: sea sky cloud lighthouse cold digital dark 50mm fly flying cloudy seagull north flight may utata northern 2012  f12 seamew ef50mmf12lusm  canoneos5dmarkiii capeoma  thetsugarustraits
Yellow Magic (moaan) Tags: life leica color green yellow digital 50mm spring dof bokeh dr summicron utata april mimosa 2012 wattle colorsofspring m9 f20 explored acaciadealbata inlife leicasummicron50mmf20dr leicam9
I Wish I Was Special (moaan) Tags: dog digital 50mm lights corgi nightlights dof bokeh walk illuminations utata emergence welshcorgi stroll 2012 emerge f12 appeal appealing pochiko ef50mmf12lusm canoneos5dmarkiii
Don't Be Afraid (moaan) Tags: boy beach digital kid dof bokeh hide utata sands hiding cinematic 2012 canoneos1ds rf30mmf28isusm
I Can Fly (moaan) Tags: dog fly flying jump jumping corgi memory utata cinematic welshcorgi recollection 2012 canoneos1ds pochiko thelittledoglaughed ef135mmf2lusm digitsl
Looking for the Sun (moaan) Tags: life leica winter sun sunlight digital dead 50mm long dof bokeh dr wither summicron utata alive withered deadflower 2012 m9 f20 stillalive longingforspring inlife leicam9 leicasummicronf20dr
Scent of Spring (moaan) Tags: life leica digital 50mm dof blossom bokeh dr summicron smell utata blossoming february winer ume 2012  chimonanthuspraecox m9 wintersweet  f20 umeblossom sweetsmell inlife leicasummicron50mmf20dr leicam9

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