action adobelightroom beach bga bgt blue bm bolligerandmabillard busch buschgardens buschgardensafrica buschgardenstampa bushgardens clouds coaster crossprocess d60 darkride disney disneyworld divemachine drop entrance everest florida kumba landscape magickingdom nikond60 orlando orlandoflorida picnik ride rollercoaster seaworld seaworldorlando sheikra sunset tampa tampaflorida themepark upsidedown waltdisneyworld water waterride

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Journey into Atlantis (kevkev44) Tags: orlando ride seaworld mack coaster themepark waterride journeytoatlantis seaworldorlando watercoaster nikond60
woooo-hooooo! (kevkev44) Tags: tampa ride florida action roller rollercoaster coaster themepark buschgardens buschgardenstampa kumba nikond60 buschgardensafrica
Goin' down... straight down (kevkev44) Tags: tampa ride florida action roller rollercoaster coaster themepark buschgardens busch buschgardenstampa sheikra tampaflorida bushgardens nikond60 buschgardensafrica sheikraride
out of control (kevkev44) Tags: colors tampa ride florida action statefair noiseninja lightroom floridastatefair tampaflorida fairride kmg nikond60 nothdr upsidedownride photoshoplightroom swingingride kmgfireball kmgfreakout
corkscrew! (kevkev44) Tags: tampa ride upsidedown action rollercoaster coaster corkscrew themepark buschgardens buschgardenstampa ruleofthirds tampaflorida kumba popularphotography buschgardensafrica kumbarollercoaster bolligerandmallibard
Kraken (kevkev44) Tags: blue orlando ride upsidedown florida bm rollercoaster seaworld vignetting coaster floorless frontrow kraken orlandoflorida anheuserbusch seaworldorlando sturn adobelightroom nikond60 actionmode floorlesscoaster bolligerandmallibard krakenrollercoaster sitdowncoaster
at the ends of the earth (kevkev44) Tags: sunset beach water night sunrise stpetersburg tampa landscape pier adobephotoshop florida thanksgivingbreak clearwater stpetebeach tampaflorida redingtonshores redingtonbeach adobelightroom nikond60 adobephotoshopcs4 yeahthisisclicheashell
best of both worlds: rollercoasters, and sunsets (kevkev44) Tags: sunset gardens clouds landscape steel bm rollercoaster coaster buschgardens busch buschgardenstampa bga sheikra bgt buschgardensafrica bolligerandmabillard divecoaster divemachine
going down? (kevkev44) Tags: bm rollercoaster coaster picnik buschgardens busch buschgardenstampa sheikra alignements adobelightroom lighroom buschgardensafrica divemachine bolligermallibard
Montu! (kevkev44) Tags: tampa upsidedown loop action bm rollercoaster coaster themepark buschgardens invertedcoaster buschgardenstampa montu steelcoaster buschgardensafrica bolligerandmabillard
speeding thru the himalayas mountains (kevkev44) Tags: blur orlando slow ride florida action pov fast disney mount rollercoaster 1855mm coaster everest animalkingdom vekoma eticket slowshutterspeed expeditioneverest d60 onride nikond60 1855mmlens
MAAAANTAAAA! (kevkev44) Tags: water orlando bm rollercoaster seaworld coaster manta fastshutter seaworldorlando nikond60 flyingcoaster mantarollercoaster
florida. (kevkev44) Tags: beach tampa december florida crossprocess palmtree 70 clearwater degrees clearwaterflorida tampaflorida redingtonbeach nikond60 photoshoplightroom lightroompreset
another spin on TTA @ night (kevkev44) Tags: orlando ride florida disney peoplemover disneyworld waltdisneyworld magickingdom attraction tta orlandoflorida tommorrowland tommorrowlandtransitauthority
Stich's Great Mistak--err, Escape (kevkev44) Tags: longexposure scary ride stitch disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld magickingdom alienencounter lowlighting darkride lilostitch stitchsgreatescape nikond60
Ring of Fire (kevkev44) Tags: ride upsidedown action picnik larson ringoffire floridastatefair fairrides fairride nikond60 upsidedownride larsoninc larsonrides
head over heels (kevkev44) Tags: blue red sky tampa action pov down rollercoaster coaster frontrow upside buschgardens busch sheikra bushgardens onride nikond60 buschgardensafrica sheikrarollercoaster buschgradenstampa
Beach Bokeh (kevkev44) Tags: beach tampa florida bokeh depthoffield 1855mm picnik lightroom redingtonbeach nikond60
stairway to heaven (kevkev44) Tags: ride rollercoaster coaster buschgardens buschgardenstampa sheikra bushgardens coater buschgardensafrica lifthill
there's a great big beautiful tommorrow (kevkev44) Tags: road orlando florida disney mickey disneyworld mickeymouse powerline interstate waltdisneyworld i4 orlandoflorida interstate4 transmissionline celebrationfl disneygeek theresagreatbigbeautifultommorrow mickeyshaped
the lazy river (kevkev44) Tags: water landscape lagoon disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld typhoon floatie waterpark waterride typhoonlagoon lazyriver misstilly
Incredible Hulk! (kevkev44) Tags: orlando scary ride upsidedown florida bm rollercoaster universal hulk universalstudios coaster incrediblehulk islandsofadventure duelingdragons orlandoflorida darkride
where dreams come true (kevkev44) Tags: road wet true rain sign orlando post florida crossprocess central entrance disney mickey special disneyworld dreams come minnie orangecounty waltdisneyworld relfection picnik postrain 429 centralflorida tollroad westernway westernexpressway
Sheikra! (kevkev44) Tags: tampa ride bm rollercoaster coaster buschgardens buschgardenstampa bga sheikra tampaflorida bushgardens kumba bgt buschgardensafrica divemachine
going DOWN! (kevkev44) Tags: park rock orlando crossprocessed asia ride florida steel drop disney explore disneyworld rails rollercoaster wdw waltdisneyworld coaster everest themepark picnik animalkingdom vekoma lightroom expeditioneverest orlandoflorida 80ft nikond60 topazadjust
Splash Mountain at Night (kevkev44) Tags: longexposure night landscape orlando disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld themepark splashmountain waterride nikond60
 (kevkev44) Tags: sunset landscape disney peoplemover disneyworld waltdisneyworld magickingdom tta cinderellacastle disneycastle nikond60 tommorrowland topazadjust ohyeahthankstopazadjustforthehelpineditingthisphotowoohoo
Incredible Hulk (kevkev44) Tags: islands orlando ride florida resort adventure rides rollercoaster universal hulk coaster themepark buschgardens tpc incrediblehulk amusementparks islandsofadventure duelingdragons orlandoflorida universalorlando hulkride tpcu3 tpcu3l3 tpcul5 tpcul5l2
Spaceship Earth (kevkev44) Tags: sunset clouds ball orlando epcot ride florida icon disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld epcotcenter golfball spaceshipearth darkride sse epcotball disneyicon
Expedition Everest (kevkev44) Tags: world expedition animal orlando ride florida kingdom disney adventure disneyworld roller rides rollercoaster wdw waltdisneyworld walt coaster everest themepark mgmstudios vekoma eticket rollercoasters disneys orlandoflorida disneychallengegroup
Splash Finale (kevkev44) Tags: water fun rollercoaster buschgardens buschgardenstampa themeparks sheikra ruleofthirds annoyingtourgroups tourgroups watercannon braziliantourgroups sprayedwater
fun = upside down, really fast (kevkev44) Tags: macro tampa ride florida action rollercoaster 70300mm coaster themepark buschgardens buschgardenstampa montu nikond60 buschgardensafrica monturollercoaster
everybody's got a laughing place (kevkev44) Tags: mountain water high orlando log nikon slow ride florida lol magic fast kingdom down drop disney disneyworld splash waltdisneyworld heights kissimmee magickingdom windermere splashmountain logride goingdown shutterspeed slowshutterspeed waterride d60 nikond60 flashmountain itwasliterally52degreesoutbrrrrrrrrrrrr
“We need only travel enough to give our intellects an airing.” (kevkev44) Tags: trip sunset sky window clouds airplane flying high airport wings aircraft cockpit delta pacificocean airline boeing guam 747 767 747400 longride 30000feet 30000 deltaairlines inthesky maybetoomuchprocessingugh
SeaWorld Sunday (kevkev44) Tags: sunset lighthouse orlando nikon entrance crossprocessing amusementpark seaworld themeparks d60 orlandoflorida ticketmachines seaworldorlando photoshoplightroom photoshopcs4 buschentertainment ahhthenoiseiskillingmenoiseninjacouldnteventakeitout
 (kevkev44) Tags: tampa ride upsidedown florida bm rollercoaster coaster themepark buschgardens buschgardenstampa montu tampaflorida immelman buschgardensafrica bolligerandmabillard monturollercoaster
to ride off into the sunset (kevkev44) Tags: sunset silhouette tampa florida rollercoaster coaster buschgardens skyride buschgardenstampa gwazi templeterrace woodenrollercoaster gcigreatcoastersinternational
early morning magic (kevkev44) Tags: morning landscape florida disney disneyworld amusementpark waltdisneyworld magickingdom themeparks cinderellacastle thecastleduh
Splash Mountain! (kevkev44) Tags: landscape orlando florida disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld magickingdom splashmountain logride logflume waterride darkride nikond60 flawsinthisitsabitnoisyintheskyiknowanditsabittooclusteredtherestoomuchstuffinthisphotoahhitriedthough
disney teacups (kevkev44) Tags: orlando ride florida disney disneyworld teacups waltdisneyworld themepark magickingdom flatride nikond60 spinningride spinningcups disneyteacups cupsride
marblez (kevkev44) Tags: door colors dof ride bokeh depthoffield disneyworld rollercoaster marbles marble mgm coaster mgmstudios rocknrollercoaster hollywoodstudios disneyshollywoodstudios
Manta (kevkev44) Tags: ride bm rollercoaster seaworld coaster manta mantaray seaworldorlando flyingcoaster newcoaster bolligermallibard
Brooklyn - New York City (kevkev44) Tags: street nyc newyorkcity summer vacation people june bigapple brookyln differentraces
twilight riding (kevkev44) Tags: sunset silhouette tampa landscape ride florida rollercoaster coaster themepark buschgardens skyride buschgardenstampa tampaflorida nikond60 buschgardensafrica
summer (kevkev44) Tags: sunset beach clouds tampa landscape sand florida crossprocessing boardwalk picnik tampaflorida redingtonbeachflorida
Space Mountain (kevkev44) Tags: disneyworld wdw waltdisneyworld magickingdom spacemountain indoorrollercoaster disneycoaster disneyphotochallenge
day 003/365 (kevkev44) Tags: blue sky tree silhouette clouds tampa landscape florida crossprocess d60 nikond60 imbehindadayalreadynoooo
Well I guess there's no turning back, huh? (kevkev44) Tags: sign scary ride entrance drop bm rollercoaster coaster straightdown buschgardens buschgardenstampa bga sheikra 90degrees firstdrop bgt stanleyville dropride buschgardensafrica divemachine
BIG T RAILDROAD! (: (kevkev44) Tags: ride disney disneyworld rollercoaster waltdisneyworld coaster themepark magickingdom frontierland fastpass bigthundermountainrailroad yeahigotgutstootakemydslronadisneycoasteryeahnowwhatfightme justkiddingofcoursewhyamisuchinahappymood
my amusement park geeky moment (kevkev44) Tags: macro paper map pass disney disneyworld annual waltdisneyworld guides geeky nerdy fastpass parkmap d60 nikond60 disneyannualpass wholebunchofcraphaha thisisabitembarrasinglolimightputthisunderprivateforfriendsonly themeparkmap andthisisntevenallofmycrapthatihaveha

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