1116 1750 50135 52weeksfordogs 535 bay bayarea bokeh california city cls cute d300s d700 dog dusk embarcadero flash fox japan japanese landscape night nikkor nikon park portrait project puppy sanfrancisco sb800 sb900 sf shiba shibainu shibaken street strobist suki tamron tokina urban vc wireless 柴犬

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Fun in the Rain (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city dog reflection cute rain project puppy japanese funny bokeh suki shibainu missionbay 2010 shibaken  52weeks 24mmf14 d700
Morning Glow - 28/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco lighting portrait dog cute project puppy japanese nikon embarcadero wireless week28 nikkor suki shibainu 70300mm vr afs cls pier7 70300 shibaken  strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Goodbye, Kyoto (kaoni701) Tags: street travel people urban festival japan night landscape nikon kyoto cityscape dusk  1750 handheld cherryblossom  sakura gion bluehour lantern tamron vc hanami   gp1 d300s
Faster Than Light (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco california city bridge blue urban motion blur car skyline night landscape nikon treasureisland suspension action dusk interior wide tokina baybridge bayarea eastbay zoomzoom 80 span coit longshutter mazda3 nimitz uwa lightpaint 1116 d300s
Forest Creature - 9/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco park portrait dog cute nature forest puppy lost nikon tokina suki shibainu sterngrove sloat lr3 shibaken  sb800 1116 ezy strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
52 Weeks of Suki: 1/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco sunset red sky dog cute beach night puppy japanese nikon dusk flash 1750 wireless nikkor suki shibainu shiba tamron speedlight vc strobe cls lr3 hotshoe shibaken  sb800 creativelighting offcamera strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs lightroom3beta
Suki's Portrait Session (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco park red portrait pet cute animal japan puppy japanese nikon wolf fox breed suki shibainu pure noevalley shibaken  sukichan d300s
Nocturnal (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco california ca street blue green tower night skyscraper dark pier lowlight nikon long pyramid dusk hill northbeach embarcadero shutter bayarea transamerica financial telegraph d90
Golden Gate (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco california longexposure bridge motion blur architecture night dark landscape golden bay dusk marin structure goldengate coittower shutter bayarea headlands transamerica longshutter
Painted Ladies (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco california park city longexposure blue sky usa house skyline architecture night square lights evening dusk painted victorian transamerica alamo longshutter paintedladies
Go Orange! - 43/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf portrait orange night project japanese lights nikon cityscape dusk cityhall giants nikkor shibainu vr civiccenter shibaken  sb800 strobist d700 sb900 52weeksfordogs 70200vrii
Fox Trot (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city dog motion blur project puppy japanese nikon action running wireless pan 365 nikkor suki shibainu panning 52 potrerohill cls 70300 shibaken  offcamera strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Little Passenger - 31/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco portrait dog cute train project puppy japanese nikon flash tracks rail telephoto embarcadero wireless fishermanswharf suki streetcar shibainu cinematic trolly 39 peir cls 70300 week31 shibaken  lrv sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs jonathanfleming
By the Tracks - 27/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco street portrait dog night puppy japanese nikon downtown bokeh hill tracks tokina embarcadero cablecar wireless suki shibainu financial californiastreet cls 535 atx week27 shibaken  sb800 snoot strobist 50135 sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Basking - 25/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco portrait dog sun japan project japanese nikon tokina flare suki shibainu shiba 52 missionbay shibaken  sb800 week25 1116 strobist sb900 1116mm d300s 52weeksfordogs
Night Life - 23/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city portrait urban dog cute night japanese restaurant nikon dof bokeh flash iso tokina financialdistrict frenchquarter nightlife diffusion suki shibainu cls beldenplace week23 shibaken  1116 strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Look Closely (kaoni701) Tags: ocean sanfrancisco sunset portrait sky dog silly water smile project puppy japanese bay nikon funny marin tokina goldengatebridge laugh smirk suki shibainu shiba f28 535 shibaken  50135 d300s
Happy Face - 17/52 (kaoni701) Tags: park street portrait dog pet cute dogs smile japan 35mm project puppy photography japanese nikon san francisco action walk fox nikkor 18 suki shibainu shiba inu shibaken  52weeks d300s 52weeksfordogs
Her Eyes (kaoni701) Tags: portrait dog dogs 35mm pose puppy japanese eyes nikon dof bokeh naturallight fox nikkor f18 suki shibainu shiba afs dx inu lr3 catchlight shibaken  d300s
Spring - 15/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco park portrait dog sun cute 35mm project puppy fur japanese nikon ray dof bokeh fox goldengate flare nikkor f18 suki shibainu shiba afs dx inu shibaken  d300s 52weeksfordogs
Journey to the Temple (kaoni701) Tags: street travel people beautiful japan landscape temple japanese pagoda nikon tokina   gion nihon 535 atx yasaka  50135   d300s
A New Friend - 13/52 (kaoni701) Tags: travel dog cute japan puppy toy stuffed nikon kyoto tokina   wireless nikkor suki shibainu shiba cls 535 atx inu  shibaken  50135 sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Little Lady - 8/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city portrait urban dog church fashion night scarf project puppy japanese nikon wolf bokeh dusk tokina fox suki weeks sanfrancsico shibainu noevalley nihon 52 cto shibaken  trigrip puppty 50135 sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Heroic - 7/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco sunset red portrait sky dog pet sun color cute beach night puppy sand nikon wolf waves dusk flash tokina fox oceanbeach suki shibainu shiba speedlight cutest cls dogphotography 16x9 lr3 uwa shibaken  sb800 1116 strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Yeah, She's Fast - 4/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco speed puppy jump play action air fast tokina agility sonicboom suki dogpark shibainu shiba dogrun lr3  hangtime nx2 50135 d300s atx535prodx 52weeksfordogs
The City is Her Domain 2/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city portrait urban dog cute art night puppy japanese graffiti nikon grafitti flash wide tokina wireless 28 suki shibainu shiba speedlight softbox strobe cls lr3 uwa hotshoe shibaken  creativelighting offcamera 1116 ezy strobist d300s 52weeksfordogs
80 West (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco california ca city bridge urban skyline night landscape oakland pier lowlight nikon treasureisland 101 freeway baybridge embarcadero bayarea 1750 ferrybuilding transamerica 80 tamron vc lighttrail d300s
Dream up a Storm (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco bridge autumn storm beach rain japan night clouds marina lights bay gg sand nikon baker traffic dusk marin goldengate bayarea 1750 bluehour tamron bakerbeach vc dusky presidio tropicalstorm d300s
A Summer without Flickr (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco street columbus night square nikon downtown pyramid dusk broadway trails jackson tokina northbeach lighttrails 28 transamerica converging 1116 d300s tokina1116mmf28
The Palace (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco california city usa reflection water night marina golden bay nikon gate long exposure arch dusk fine arts palace shutter palaceoffinearts d90
Suki's First Walk (kaoni701) Tags: dog cute animal puppy mammal japanese nikon d70 walk ken kawaii doggy leash suki shibainu shiba dx
Fog City II (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco fog night landscape dusk goldengatebridge sausalito marinheadlands batteryspencer ggb
Fog City (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco longexposure night marina landscape fuji dusk goldengatebridge goldengate nd fujifilm fortpoint ggb x100
Downtown (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco portrait fuji bokeh baybridge embarcadero fujifilm sync suki shibainu southbeach lastolite 11000  x100 sc29 strobist highspeedsync sb900 ezybox
Taking a Break (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco street sunset portrait dog sunlight cute art valencia wall japanese prime nikon bokeh suki shibainu shiba 85  85mmf14 d700
F-Market (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco street city urban tower car night nikon downtown market dusk 14 rail castro baybridge embarcadero ferrybuilding bluehour ferryplaza lrv 24mmf14 d700
Loyalty - 51/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf portrait cute smile grass project puppy japanese nikon san francisco fluffy suki shibainu missionbay shibaken  24mmf14 week52 d700 onemoretogo 52weeksfordogs
Falling Leaves - 44/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city autumn red portrait orange dog cute fall leaves project puppy japanese nikon embarcadero nikkor suki shibainu shiba 70200 inu shibaken  vrii strobist d700 sb900 52weeksfordogs
The Happy Dog - 39/52 (kaoni701) Tags: cls strobe wireless portrait suki strobist sb900 70300 nikon d300s sanfrancisco missionbay attpark king shiba shibainu shibaken dog city park japanese puppy  face smile sooc 52weeksfordogs rim light
Sidewalkin' - 35/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco city portrait dog puppy japanese nikon flash tokina financialdistrict wireless shibainu cinematic f28 cls 535 shibaken  strobist 50135 sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs kaoni701 jonathanfleming
Suki's Room - 32/52 (kaoni701) Tags: blue portrait dog house cute home project puppy japanese nikon room flash tokina wireless shibainu tiffany week32 cls shibaken  sb800 1116 strobist sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs kaoni701 jonathanfleming
Jungle - 30/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco red portrait streetart cute face project puppy japanese graffiti nikon action running tokina fox suki shibainu financial 535 atx shibaken  week30 50135 d300s 52weeksfordogs jonathanfleming
Simply Suki - 26/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco sunset portrait dog face project japanese nikon tokina sherwoodforest suki shibainu shiba mtdavidson 535 shibaken  sb800 strobist 50135 sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
At the Bridge - 24/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco portrait night gg nikon pacific fort dusk marin tokina goldengatebridge wireless bluehour suki shibainu shiba presidio cls crissyfield uwa ggb week24 shibaken  sb800 1116 strobist difussion sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
In the Distance (kaoni701) Tags: sf sanfrancisco california birthday longexposure bridge sunset night landscape bay gg sand nikon pacific suspension dusk marin goldengate 1750 tamron sausalito bakerbeach vc presidio hdr blending photomatix 73rd tonemapped 4exposure d300s
Sunday Afternoons - 19/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco street city portrait urban dog cute project puppy bay nikon bokeh flash sunday baybridge embarcadero ferrybuilding suki shibainu tamron vc vr peir cls shibaken  sb800 offcamera strobist 1750mm sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs
Bamboo Canopy (kaoni701) Tags: park travel nature japan forest landscape temple nikon kyoto wideangle bamboo tokina   nihon 1116 d300s
Tunnels (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco city urban distortion station train underground landscape photography nikon bart platform wideangle tunnel fisheye financialdistrict muni embarcadero bayarea 105 lightrail nikkor dx uwa lrv d300s
Street Dog - 16/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco street portrait project puppy photography japanese nikon dof bokeh tokina fox embarcadero ferrybuilding wireless ferryplaza marketstreet suki shibainu shiba cinematic akita cls 535 inu 1652 lastolite shibaken  strobist 50135 sb900 d300s 52weeksfordogs autofphispeedsync
Touch the Sky - 14/52 (kaoni701) Tags: sanfrancisco city portrait dog mountain cute skyline night puppy landscape japanese market dusk peak fox 1750 wireless doggy bluehour redrock suki shibainu shiba tamron vc regal week14 coronaheights cls shibaken  ezy strobist sb900 52weeksfordogs

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