a2 animal anthidiumpunctatum arachnid asilidae attelabidae bee beetle bombyliidae canon270ex canon5dmkii canon760d canonmpe65 cerambycidae chrysididae chrysomelidae coleoptera collembola cryptocephalus cuckoowasp curculionidae damselfly diptera dragonflies dragonfly fujifilms5pro hymenoptera insect kenkopro3002x lepidoptera macro micronikkor105mmf4 naturallight nikonpb6bellows nrm portfolio sb400 sigma18035 sonynex7 spider tripod vu vu2 wasp zerenestacker

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Cuckoo Wasp on Sedum (johnhallmen) Tags: blue macro colors insect wasp portfolio sedum vu a2 abdomen hymenoptera micronikkor105mmf4 apocrita raynoxdcr250 cuckoowasp chrysididae sb400 fujifilms5pro
Studio stacking: Lighting examples (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle coleoptera nikonpb6bellows canon5dmkii ceruchuschrysomelinus zerenestacker schneiderkreuznachapocomponon604
Globular Springtail (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect springtail fusca collembola micronikkor105mmf4 sb400 fujifilms5pro allacma raynoxmsn202
Spiked shieldbug and prey (johnhallmen) Tags: insect macro hemiptera pentatomidae shieldbug leafbeetle chrysomelidae zerenestacker canon760d sigma18035
Sand Weevil (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle weevil coleoptera curculionidae canonmpe65 zerenestacker sonynex7 meikemk300
Ladybug on fern (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle ladybird ladybug coleoptera canonmpe65 cocinellaseptempunctata canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Queen of Spain Fritillary (johnhallmen) Tags: macro butterfly insect naturallight lepidoptera nymphalidae issorialathonia canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Sleeping heads down (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight bee hymenoptera canonmpe65 canon5dmkii anthidiumpunctatum zerenestacker
Coming soon... (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle ladybird ladybug childrensbook coleoptera canon5dmkii canon270ex nikone2extensiontube nikonk1extensiontube
Atylotus  (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight horsefly diptera tabanidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii atylotus zerenestacker
Cryptocephalus sericeus (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle naturallight coleoptera chrysomelidae cryptocephalussericeus canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Bee fly, head-on view (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight diptera bombyliidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Hazel leaf roller  lateral stack (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight coleoptera leafrollingweevil hazelleafroller attelabidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Minute Fall Beetles (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight portfolio coleoptera chrysomelidae cryptocephalus canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Slender Tachinid on Trifolium (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight diptera tachinidae cylindromyia trifoliumarvense canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Striped Slender Robber (johnhallmen) Tags: insect naturallight robberfly diptera asilidae leptogastercylindrica canonmpe65 vu2 zerenestacker metabonesadapter sonynex7
Bee Lollipop (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight hymenoptera nikonpb6bellows vu2 canon5dmkii anthidiumpunctatum zerenestacker carlzeissluminar63mmf45
Viburnum Leaf Beetles (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight nrm viburnum coleoptera chrysomelidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii pyrrhalta zerenestacker
The Tanner (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect nrm land coleoptera cerambycidae longhornedbeetle nikkor28mmf28 canon5dmkii tokinaatxpro100mmf28 canon270ex nikone2extensiontube
Hoverfly series + some neat gear (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect gear portfolio hoverfly land syrphidae canon5dmkii canon270ex schneiderkreuznachcomponon35mmf4 schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4 olympus65116telescopicet
Female Sphaerophoria (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect tripod naturallight portfolio nrm hoverfly syrphidae diptera nikonpb6bellows canon5dmkii zerenestacker schneiderkreuznachapocomponon90mmf45hm
The Glob (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect m42 a2 springtail stacker collembola canon5dmkii schneiderkreuznachcomponon28mmf4 cplnovoflex bellowscanon 270exzerene
Behind bars (johnhallmen) Tags: macro nature animal insect dragonflies dragonfly tripod naturallight insects a1 portfolio makro damselfly vu cr insecte insectes libellule odonata libellules mlu odonate sigma150mmf28 odonates heliconfocus fujifilms5pro
Sleeping Jewel (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect tripod portfolio vu a2 hymenoptera micronikkor105mmf4 chrysididae sb400 fujifilms5pro raynoxmsn202
Grabbing the Sun (johnhallmen) Tags: macro nature animal insect dragonflies dragonfly insects portfolio makro damselfly insecte insectes libellule odonata naturesfinest libellules odonate odonates pn11extensiontube sb400 specinsect fujifilms5pro nikkorgn45mmf28
Tiny and Translucent (johnhallmen) Tags: macro mushroom fungus portfolio vu a2 naturesfinest raynoxdcr250 pn11extensiontube anawesomeshot sb400 fujifilms5pro nikkorgn45mmf28
Odd little weevil (johnhallmen) Tags: insect macro coleoptera curculionidae tapeinotus zerenestacker canon760d canonmpe65 canon270ex
Dinner has landed... (johnhallmen) Tags: arachnida spider hymenoptera thomisidae melittidae bee canon760d canon270ex cctv
Camouflage! (johnhallmen) Tags: insect macro coleoptera cerambycidae longhornedbeetle canon760d canon10028 zerenestacker macromonday
Bad reception? (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera longhornbeetle cerambycidae phytoecia sigma18035 zerenestacker sonynex7
Robber and noctuid eggs (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect noctuidae diptera asilidae nikonpb6bellows canon5dmkii zerenestacker apocomponon9045
Four-spotted Orb Weaver II (johnhallmen) Tags: spider arachnid naturallight orbweaver araneidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker {vision}:{outdoor}=0925
Transformation imminent (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight lepidoptera canonmpe65 vu2 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Hopper on Birch (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect homoptera idiocerus nikonpb6bellows canon5dmkii apocomponon60mmf4
Hazel leaf roller (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera leafrollingweevil attelabidae canonmpe65 canon270ex canon5dkmii
Cuddly Bees (johnhallmen) Tags: naturallight bee hymenoptera macropis canonmpe65 melittidae canon5dmkii macropiseuropaea zerenestacker
Bee Wasp (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect wasp naturallight hymenoptera canonmpe65 gasteruptiidae canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Bee Fly (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight diptera bombyliidae zerenestacker sonynex7 olympustelescopicautotube schneiderkreuznachapocompononhm60mmf4
Fox moth caterpillar (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect moth naturallight lepidotpera zerenestacker sonynex7 olympustelescopicautotube olympuszuikomacro80mmf4
Buff Tip Caterpillar (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect naturallight lepidoptera noctuidae canon5dmkii zerenestacker olympus80mmf4 olympustelescopicextensiontube
Stacked flies (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect nrm diptera sciomyzidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii canon270ex zerenestacker
Some thoughts on MP-E 65mm (johnhallmen) Tags: test misc review comparison elnikkor mpe65mm nikonsb24 canon7d zerenestacker leitzmilar40mmf45 leitzfocotar250mmf28 leitzsummar12cmf45 sumray50mmf19
8-spotted Jewel II (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera buprestidae kenkopro3002x canon5dmkii sigma18035 zerenestacker
Metellina  (johnhallmen) Tags: spider arachnid kenkopro3002x metidae metellina sigma18035 zerenestacker sonynex7
Female Fallbeetle on Thrift (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect coleoptera chrysomelidae cryptocephalus canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Silver Stiletto (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect diptera kenkopro3002x therevidae canon5dmkii sigma18035 zerenestacker
Sleeping on Bedstraw (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect wasp hymenoptera cuckoowasp canonmpe65 zerenestacker sonynex7
Evolution: Let there be light (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect beetle coleoptera lampyridae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
April Reminiscence II (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect fly diptera anthomyiidae canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker
Fairy Moth (johnhallmen) Tags: macro insect moth lepidoptera fairymoth canonmpe65 canon5dmkii zerenestacker

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