120 220 35mm autaut behind bench candid cannes colour contaxg2 contaxt3 deepstoat dog film flash france fujipro400h fujiproh400 hat holloway iceland india kodak kodakportra kodakportra400 kodakportra400nc latitude london mediumformat mess moustache nyc park portrait roll street tash thelittledoglaughed tree window yashica124g yashicamat124g yashicat5 zeiss zoo

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This can only end badly (deepstoat) Tags: street london window zeiss 35mm candid sofa stupid idiots folly contaxt3 foolish kodakportra400nc whatweretheythinking ambitious autaut mobformat11decisivemoment mobformat11streetsurreal
He is the walrus (deepstoat) Tags: street white london zeiss 35mm hair candid moustache holloway walrus impressive contaxt3 silverfox tash kodak800
Surely she could train the Dachshund to hold her wallet in its mouth? (deepstoat) Tags: street london zeiss 35mm candid holloway mobformat11streetsurreal
Slightly baffled by this one... (deepstoat) Tags: street london film zeiss 35mm mask purim contaxt3 stamfordhill kodakportra400nc fronttoback
Banking crisis (deepstoat) Tags: street colour london film 35mm behind atm contaxt3 kodakportra400 latecapitalism
A wet Rhea and a wet Reah keeper at loggerheads in the rain (deepstoat) Tags: colour bird london film rain zeiss 35mm zoo contaxt3 rhea kodakportra400 animalhusbandry
Lionel, go and tidy up (deepstoat) Tags: barcelona street urban london mess rubbish contaxt3 messi kodakportra imguessingalotofamericanswillbemystifiedbythetitle
Stuck (deepstoat) Tags: red tree london film 35mm climb stuck branches contaxt3 kenwood fujipro400h autaut bloodyhellhowdidyougetupthere
She's either playing hide and seek or having a nervous breakdown (deepstoat) Tags: park green london film strange 35mm back bush wait holloway contaxt3 kodakportra400nc
Iceland - Gull Beer (deepstoat) Tags: film beer 35mm dead iceland gull reykjavik corpse juxtaposition contaxt3 kodakportra400nc
The mysteries of modern work. (deepstoat) Tags: street france colour film zeiss work 35mm cannes candid curious wicker raffia contaxt3 pliers matting kodakportra
Louis Mendes - New York Street Photographer (deepstoat) Tags: street nyc newyork colour 120 film hat mediumformat icon roll ansco 220 yashicamat124g kodakportra louismendes
Great New York Moustaches, Number 1 (deepstoat) Tags: street nyc portrait colour 120 film mediumformat bald bowtie moustache caterpillar huge roll 220 expiredfilm tash yashicamat124g kodakportra autaut
Busted at the bus stop (x 4) (deepstoat) Tags: street colour bus london film zeiss 35mm yashicat5 busted minime austinpowers onemilliondollars drevil mikemeyers autaut deepstoat streetphotographycandidstreetportrait
Horned Queen of Darkness on the Underground reads spell for making photographers vanish (deepstoat) Tags: people colour film 35mm underground tube horns yashicat5 devil autaut deepstoat
Wendy and balloons 2 (deepstoat) Tags: street uk london film 35mm balloons kodak xa2 wendy olympusxa2 inflated autaut deepstoat
It's in the trees.... (deepstoat) Tags: film zeiss woods egyptian latitude unexpected contaxt3 kodakportra400nc itsalookyouvegottogivehimthat
The flamingo (deepstoat) Tags: california street colour film 35mm muirwoods contaxt3 nonchalant akimbo flexible kodakportra 92degrees
In his Sunday best on a Sunday, Holloway Road (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait london 120 film mediumformat teeth suit roll holloway mamiya7ii kodakportra autaut
Another  victory in the war against snakes in public (deepstoat) Tags: street london zeiss 35mm snake police albino python contaxt3 arrest constrictor kodakportra400 honestofficerhewasonlygivingthatkidacuddle
Gene Simmons (deepstoat) Tags: colour london film tongue zeiss 35mm zoo kiss 28mm giraffe genesimmons contaxg2 kodakportra
A notorious accident black spot (deepstoat) Tags: italy film zeiss 35mm driveby watermelon slice melon contaxt3 distraction herbiehancock
Multiplicity (deepstoat) Tags: street france film zeiss 35mm kodak cannes masks 400 publicity portra contaxt3 johnotway
The dog was called Molly, I think he was called David (deepstoat) Tags: dog 120 film hat wales mediumformat nose roll hooter mamiya7 breacon fujiproh400 autaut
Is it just me or does that bush look like a pineapple faced man? (deepstoat) Tags: london face bush topiary freaky pineapple scream bizarre contaxt3 kodakportra400nc
She's saying 2 but I'm prety sure it was a 3-D spectacular (deepstoat) Tags: zeiss glasses flash crowd kraftwerk latitude contaxt3 upset kodakportra400nc 3dspectacular actuallyitwasmorelikewatching4ageinggermanmenstandingatneonliturinals
A first class pair of military moustaches (deepstoat) Tags: india 120 6x6 tlr film mediumformat army gun kolkata walrus tash yashicamat124g kodakportra400
Twins in Soho (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait colour london zeiss 35mm twins soho snap similar uncanny contaxt3 identical deepstoat
I have absolutely no memory of taking this photo (deepstoat) Tags: film zeiss 35mm mess flash carnage latitude contaxt3 inthewoods kodakportra400nc ahyouth
Berthold Lubetkin (google it if you don't know why) (deepstoat) Tags: shadow white tree london pool painting zoo penguin contaxt3 bertholdlubetkin fujipro400h
Icelandic guard dogs (deepstoat) Tags: reflection film dogs window glass 35mm iceland contaxt3 yap kodakportra400nc siglufjordur thelittledoglaughed
Coincidence or coordination? (deepstoat) Tags: france colour film fashion zeiss 35mm cannes victim wrap leopard brave shawl shocker fabulous contaxt3 deluded kodakportra
Anti-social (deepstoat) Tags: london zeiss 35mm bench habit contaxt3 kodakportra400nc traineenun sunshadeorraincoat
William - Seven Sisters Road (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait irish london 120 hat mediumformat gent dapper kodakportra yashica124g
Peckham Cafe (deepstoat) Tags: shadow london tlr mediumformat cafe kodakportra400vc 220 expiredfilm yashicamat124g filmcolourstreet eggssausageandbeans
Iceland - Whale watching (deepstoat) Tags: film 35mm sushi iceland pod tales walk reykjavik whales contaxt3 kodakportra400nc
Fall Of The Dinosaurs (deepstoat) Tags: charity colour 120 film earthquake taiwan roll deepstoat charityauctionprintjapan
KAPOW! (deepstoat) Tags: london film zeiss 35mm contaxt3 jacknife theyweretherefor12hoursbeforeitgotsorted nevertryandattemptasharprightturnwithaprecariouslyoverloadedpalletthatswhativelearnt suggestionsforthsoundtracktothisaremostwelcome
The last time they were seen alive..... (deepstoat) Tags: street india brick zeiss 35mm glare eaten varanasi shack consumed kodakportra400 contat3
And when disaster struck they weren't even looking in the right direction.... (deepstoat) Tags: street india zeiss 35mm dinosaur attack kolkata trex flyover contaxt3 incongruous urbansprawl sciencecity kodakportra400
Show-offs (deepstoat) Tags: park london zeiss 35mm contaxt3 kodakportra400 dancepractise ahyouthinsufferableattimes
I'm guessing that's Tina (deepstoat) Tags: inspiration colour film 35mm pig mural hay hog contaxt3 oink lifeimitatesart kodakportra400
Height and age restrictions apply. (deepstoat) Tags: film zeiss 35mm fairground contaxt3 carterssteamfair kodakportra400nc thisguy lostyouth hesbannedfrommostfairsaroundthecountry
Nostalgia (deepstoat) Tags: film zeiss 35mm yashicat5 handjob politenotice rescan kodakportra topshelfmaterial hitmewithyourjismstick
After three hours waiting, Mr Biscuits began to suspect his blind date had stood him up. Again. (deepstoat) Tags: park autumn dog colour london film zeiss 35mm bench contaxt3 lurcher fujiproh400 thelittledoglaughed iseemtohavebecomeaphotographerofanimalsrecently
You looking at my bird? (deepstoat) Tags: portrait london 120 mediumformat pub roll pint 80mm eagleowl notsomethingyouseeeveryday kodakportra yashica124g
The Maharaja (deepstoat) Tags: london film window 35mm curtains holloway contaxt3 kodakportra thelittledoglaughed peekingpekingese
Oh I say...... (deepstoat) Tags: street portrait london leather 28mm pipe smoking moustache gloves smoker beret corduroy thelook contaxg2 pipesmoker fujipro400h
The Mysteries Of The Male Changing Room Revealed (deepstoat) Tags: colour sorry pool swimming 35mm kodak candid yashicat5 behind trunks toomuch
You shall not pass (deepstoat) Tags: dog film zeiss 35mm spain view menacing guard contaxt3 shaven kodakportra400 thelittledoglaughed

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35 35mm 32 contaxt3 film 26 london 25 zeiss 20 street 15 colour 12 kodakportra kodakportra400nc 9 kodakportra400 8 autaut 120 mediumformat 6 roll portrait 5 deepstoat holloway candid 4 yashicamat124g thelittledoglaughed yashicat5 3 hat 220 zoo park cannes window france iceland india tash moustache latitude fujipro400h dog kodak bench mess flash reykjavik 28mm tlr kolkata white fujiproh400 nyc tree behind yashica124g contaxg2 expiredfilm pool shadow mobformat11streetsurreal walrus bush austinpowers autumn whales pint lostyouth swimming carnage distraction portra gloves ambitious notsomethingyouseeeveryday wait olympusxa2 arrest rain kraftwerk trex sofa mural smoker urban fashion publicity victim whatweretheythinking gull nevertryandattemptasharprightturnwithaprecariouslyoverloadedpalletthatswhativelearnt melon mamiya7ii inspiration unexpected uncanny irish incongruous guard herbiehancock xa2 glare soho people walk kenwood california climb python curtains bertholdlubetkin latecapitalism carterssteamfair rubbish pipe police yap penguin hitmewithyourjismstick identical suit inflated animalhusbandry thelook dead actuallyitwasmorelikewatching4ageinggermanmenstandingatneonliturinals bald louismendes brick 400 barcelona balloons rescan suggestionsforthsoundtracktothisaremostwelcome giraffe watermelon beret pub pipesmoker topshelfmaterial stuck politenotice breacon wales kodak800 devil matting charity slice foolish similar mamiya7 nonchalant bus eagleowl branches trunks topiary crowd leather minime hooter fabulous green impressive reflection hog face earthquake eaten sunshadeorraincoat dinosaur pliers tales horns filmcolourstreet glass 6x6 thisguy kodakportra400vc habit bloodyhellhowdidyougetupthere woods snap pod 92degrees caterpillar atm siglufjordur cafe folly ahyouthinsufferableattimes pineapple attack hesbannedfrommostfairsaroundthecountry newyork corduroy bizarre red sorry albino messi inthewoods teeth brave egyptian gent beer huge flexible back fronttoback scream hay twins oink eggssausageandbeans ahyouth juxtaposition flyover lurcher mobformat11decisivemoment constrictor work muirwoods shack contat3 traineenun drevil fairground gun deluded army shocker sciencecity varanasi nose bowtie dogs johnotway view lifeimitatesart wrap corpse tube akimbo mask leopard wendy ansco taiwan masks glasses raffia tongue stamfordhill genesimmons idiots busted sushi menacing icon honestofficerhewasonlygivingthatkidacuddle silverfox dapper painting pig charityauctionprintjapan streetphotographycandidstreetportrait mikemeyers bird spain italy wicker jacknife onemilliondollars 3dspectacular theyweretherefor12hoursbeforeitgotsorted underground stupid upset hair toomuch urbansprawl strange uk snake rhea smoking peekingpekingese curious kiss 80mm dancepractise imguessingalotofamericanswillbemystifiedbythetitle itsalookyouvegottogivehimthat handjob shawl consumed shaven iseemtohavebecomeaphotographerofanimalsrecently freaky driveby purim

Pairs: 24 35mm,film 23 35mm,contaxt3 21 contaxt3,film 18 35mm,zeiss 17 contaxt3,london 35mm,london 16 contaxt3,zeiss 14 film,zeiss 35mm,street 13 london,street 12 london,zeiss

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