1755mmlens astronomy astrophotography backgroundpaper delete delete10 delete2 delete3 delete4 delete5 delete6 delete7 delete8 delete9 deleteme deleteme10 deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme5 deleteme6 deleteme7 deleteme8 deleteme9 dog family fav10 fav20 fav30 fav40 fav50 fav60 iso100 night save save2 save3 save4 save5 saveme saveme2 stars strobist studio whitebackground

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Studio Shot for "Kaitlyn On White, 16 Months" (blakophoto) Tags: white umbrella studio fav50 fav20 whitebackground fav30 softbox manfrotto alienbees sb26 fav10 tileboard 430ex fav100 sb28 pocketwizards fav40 fav60 fav110 b800 strobist fav90 largesoftbox fav150 fav80 fav70 shootthroughumbrella backgroundpaper fav120 fav140 fav130
Yeah dude, I rock! (blakophoto) Tags: deleteme5 deleteme8 portrait selfportrait deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 deleteme7 goofy studio saveme4 saveme5 saveme saveme2 saveme3 deleteme10 whitebackground blake fav10 strobist
Kaitlyn On White, 16 Months (blakophoto) Tags: studio fav20 whitebackground kaitlyn fav10 strobist backgroundpaper 5dmarkii whitebackgroundpaper 5dmk2
Bah Humbug - A Strobist Christmas (blakophoto) Tags: christmas family deleteme5 deleteme8 portrait selfportrait deleteme deleteme2 tree deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 deleteme7 saveme deleteme10 timmy blake bahhumbug strobist
Nevermind (blakophoto) Tags: deleteme5 deleteme8 abstract deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 art deleteme7 saveme4 waves saveme5 saveme6 saveme savedbythedeletemegroup fav50 saveme2 saveme3 saveme7 camden fav20 saveme10 explore saveme8 saveme9 fav30 fav10 adventureaquarium fav100 fav40 fav60 fav110 fav90 fav80 fav70 fav120 fav140 fav130
White Background: Setup (blakophoto) Tags: studio fav50 fav20 explore whitebackground setup fav30 alienbees fav10 fav40 fav60 b800 strobist ab800 fav70
Dew Droplet Refraction (blakophoto) Tags: macro water grass iso100 drop 100mm dew refraction droplet f8 fav10 100mmmacrolens 13ev
DMU (blakophoto) Tags: abstract broken glass delete9 delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 save7 save8 delete4 save save2 fav20 explore save9 save4 save5 save10 delete1 save6 savedbythedeletemeuncensoredgroup fav10
G#m7 (blakophoto) Tags: music delete10 delete9 keys delete5 delete2 hands child delete6 delete7 piano delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save fav10 abigfave
Star Trails (blakophoto) Tags: deleteme5 deleteme8 deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 deleteme7 night stars deleteme10 trails fav20 astrophotography astronomy fav30 fav10
Any Resemblance To a Gang Sign Was Completely Unintentional (blakophoto) Tags: family selfportrait blake alienbees sekonic pocketwizard honl b800 strobist sekonicl358 backgroundpaper l358
Dew Drop Lens (blakophoto) Tags: macro water grass lens iso200 fav50 drop fav20 100mm dew fav30 naturesfinest f13 blueribbonwinner fav10 fav100 fav200 100mmmacrolens supershot fav40 fav60 fav110 fav90 fav150 fav170 fav80 13ev fav70 fav120 aplusphoto megashot macromarvels fav140 fav160 fav180 fav190 fav130 fav210 topqualityimage overtheshot waterdropsmacros
Bah Humbug - Lighting Setup (blakophoto) Tags: christmas tree bahhumbug strobist
Presence Known (blakophoto) Tags: boy bw halloween pennsylvania parade explore mohawk quakertown cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 cool1 cool7 uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 iceboxcool quakertownhalloweenparade uncoolforcathy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1 (blakophoto) Tags: portrait dog studio lucy whitebackground highkey cavalierkingcharlesspaniel dogportrait strobist
Metroid (blakophoto) Tags: aquarium jellyfish metroid adventureaquarium
Strobist (blakophoto) Tags: iso100 letters magnets 55mm refrigerator f20 strobist 1755mmlens
Apple Orchard Setup (blakophoto) Tags: family iso100 stacy apples f56 kaitlyn 18mm lightingsetup strobist 1755mmlens
Cat & Dog (blakophoto) Tags: dog cat 50mm 50mmlens
Parasphere (blakophoto) Tags: ocean delete10 delete9 delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 science delete delete4 save save2 nasa save4 sphere save5 parachute blueribbonwinner scienceonasphere nasawallopsvisitorcenter
Overhead (blakophoto) Tags: delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 balloon save3 delete8 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save2 save9 save4 hotairballoon save5 save10 save6 stockphotography savedbydeletemeuncensored perkasiepennsylvania
Strobist Setup: Strobist Sandals Photo Shoot (blakophoto) Tags: sandals setup f5 sketchers cto lightsphere 17mm iso160 gridspot strobist 1755mmlens
Jupiter, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto (blakophoto) Tags: europa science stack io astrophotography planet astronomy moons jupiter callisto ganymede imagestack
Acres of Twisted Metal (blakophoto) Tags: metal delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save2 save9 save4 boardwalk rollercoaster save5 save10 save6 savedbythedeletemeuncensoredgroup seaislecitynj
Winni the Pooch - 1 (blakophoto) Tags: dog pets 35mm iso100 f28 winni 1755mmlens abigfave
Any moment now (blakophoto) Tags: deleteme5 deleteme8 deleteme building deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme9 deleteme7 delete10 night delete9 delete5 delete2 trafficlight saveme saveme2 deleteme10 delete6 delete7 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 explore phoenixville
Waning Crescent (blakophoto) Tags: sky moon night luna crescent astrophotography waning fav10 imagestacking
Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) - 67 Image Stack: f/2.8, ISO3200, 2 seconds, 100mm (blakophoto) Tags: night stars astrophotography astronomy comet lulin imagestacking Astrometrydotnet:status=solved c2007n3lulin Astrometrydotnet:version=10392 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20090265477893
There Are Four Lights (blakophoto) Tags: deleteme5 light deleteme8 snow deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 deleteme7 night saveme saveme2 deleteme10 anyonerecognizethemoviequote
Kaitlyn Desktop Wallpaper (blakophoto) Tags: family wallpaper white background kaitlyn desktopwallpaper sekonic strobist backgroundpaper l358 whitebackgroundpaper
Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) (blakophoto) Tags: stars explore astrophotography astronomy comet lulin Astrometrydotnet:status=solved c2007n3lulin Astrometrydotnet:version=10392 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20090289042917
Sunrise from Haleakala, Maui (blakophoto) Tags: sunrise volcano hawaii maui haleakala
Dog. (blakophoto) Tags: dog stockphotography
Shawn (blakophoto) Tags: portrait corporate headshot shawn strobist
Tree at Night (blakophoto) Tags: tree night iso100 flashlight f4 17mm strobist 1755mmlens
S.S. Heart of Gold (blakophoto) Tags: glass delete10 museum delete9 delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save ceiling dome pleasetouchmuseumphiladelphiapa
No Stairway (blakophoto) Tags: building wall delete10 stairs delete9 delete5 delete2 rust delete6 delete7 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save
Cicada emerging from shell (blakophoto) Tags: bug cicada insect wings explore strobist
Check the Diagonal (blakophoto) Tags: abstract lines delete10 delete9 delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 stripes save3 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save save2 diagonal xray iphone iphonephoto
Snow Angel (blakophoto) Tags: winter snow snowangel uncool kaitlyn uncool2 uncool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7
On Mondays, I Never Go To Work (blakophoto) Tags: man statue museum washingtondc cool uncool nationalmuseumofnaturalhistory uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 constantvigil
I ain't got no magical powers and mystical trips (blakophoto) Tags: delete10 delete9 delete5 delete2 pond delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save save2 frog save4 save5 peddlersvillage deletedbydeletemeuncensored peddlersvillagescarecrowfestival
Ashlyn (blakophoto) Tags: hat studio child boots ashlyn strobist
Dromedary (blakophoto) Tags: delete10 museum delete9 skeleton delete5 delete2 washingtondc delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save save2 camel save4 nationalmuseumofnaturalhistory dromedarycamel smithsoniannationalmuseumofnaturalhistory
It's full of... stars.... (blakophoto) Tags: deleteme5 deleteme8 sky deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 deleteme7 night clouds stars saveme saveme2 saveme3 deleteme10 explore
Sky Walk (blakophoto) Tags: orlando flickr florida astronaut nasa kennedyspacecenter
International Space Station (ISS) - Into Earth's Shadow (blakophoto) Tags: sky night stars space satellite astronomy iss internationalspacestation Astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:version=11264 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20090508297887
The Nail That Sticks Up Gets Hammered Down (blakophoto) Tags: fish delete10 delete9 delete5 aquarium delete2 florida delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 delete delete4 save save2 save4 save5 seaworldorlando deletedbydeletemeuncensored
Green (blakophoto) Tags: green animals zoo snake philadelphiazoo
Ferris Wheel Sunset (blakophoto) Tags: carnival sunset orange silhouette ride ferriswheel

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