365 3rdgrade 5thgrade abandoned art artsyt birds black chair collage colors detroit elementary elementaryart fall flowers fun green halloween kindergarten layers marker me michigan oilpastel old ontario orange owosso paint painting paintings picnik project red royaloak school silly sky sotts squares tempera tina trees yellow

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kindergarten snowy villages (artsy_T) Tags: houses winter snow collage triangles painting paper village squares drawing cutting kindergarten rectangles
franks. (artsy_T) Tags: green art halloween monster collage squares frankenstein elementary rectangles elementaryart
"who's" awesome? (artsy_T) Tags: art book pages drawings owl marker recycle owls repurposed elementaryart
be. (artsy_T) Tags: old red abandoned yellow chair decay turquoise detroit busted picnik
it's october 1st. know what that means? (artsy_T) Tags: orange silly art fall halloween collage painting circle october funny drawing mixedmedia pumpkins cutting kindergarten artproject tempera artroom elementaryart colormixing facialfeatures redyelloworange jacolanterns
365 315 "I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love." --Linus (artsy_T) Tags: old silly reflection me vintage colorful antique funky christmastree retro ornaments bulbs tina 365 picnik artsyt thisisthefirsttimeiveputupatreewithallofthemtogether itslikeagrandopeningorsomething
365 138 SOTTS.   "do you like my socks?   sweetie?"       *(in a whispering voice)* (artsy_T) Tags: red baby white me bravo dress marilynmonroe tina 365 everything coolest stripeysocks hothothot supershot abigfave anawesomeshot superbmasterpiece artsyt flickrdiamond sotts sisterhoodofthetravelingsocks ysplix llts ohandpretendimwhispering likemarilyndid itseemssexierthatway ahahahhaa ohyahmyearringsarepapercircles itapedthemtomyears marilynmonroecopycat andahugethankstochicagokristiwhofixedthebottomofthispic wheretheblacksheetwasntlongenough shejustrocks loveyourkristi hystericsoverload marylint {{{happybirthdaymrpresident}}} andimwearinglipstick ithascomeinhandyforthis365thing whowouldaguessed 365socks
stompin' grounds (artsy_T) Tags: home field wheat country owosso
Dia De Los Muertos (artsy_T) Tags: color dayofthedead skulls bright 5thgrade symmetry marker diadelosmuertos elementaryart
fiber weaving... (artsy_T) Tags: art paint fabric scraps weaving elementary fibers tempera oilpastel 4thgrade specialeducation elementaryart
after and before... (artsy_T) Tags: blue red sky ontario canada clouds barn rural fence country september ridgetown  lindayouwouldhavedied sosomanybarns thisroutewasscreamingyourname
 (artsy_T) Tags: summer sky ford yellow michigan sunflowers magical dearborn justtoclarify butnotthisone addedthistomysetofsunflowers andmostwereshotovertheyearsinsaline andafewoftheothers
another thing we've been working on... (artsy_T) Tags: school art kids project grant letters alphabet collaboration elementary literacy travelingmural
 (artsy_T) Tags: abandoned sarah detroit piano explore frontpage urbex sarahsadandbeautiful
expressive portraits. (artsy_T) Tags: abstract color art colors portraits faces paintings 5thgrade line marker expressive sharpie emotions elementary picnik feelings temperacakes basicproportions
more Day of the Dead skulls (artsy_T) Tags: flowers collage dayofthedead skulls silk 3rdgrade elementaryart cutpaperglittertempera
365 74 The only Zen you find on tops of mountains is the Zen you bring there (artsy_T) Tags: me spiral necklace happiness journey zen tina 365 maori koru artsyt zenwisdom
back to school. again. (artsy_T) Tags: school light ontario canada bus rust junkyard rockwood mcleans
 (artsy_T) Tags: flowers art bright paintings watercolors elementary okeeffe 3rdgrade georgiaokeeffe
see how much fun you can have with the tutu?? (artsy_T) Tags: field frame tina tutu artsyt travelingtutu fieldoflfowers
(ANOTHER OLDIE FROM THE ARCHIVES) (artsy_T) Tags: vegas lasvegas nevada motel arrow boneyard signmuseum theboneyard
42 (artsy_T) Tags: blue school green abandoned empty chalkboard cuzihaveafeelingitsgoingtobeanotherawesomesummer yesanothershotthateverybodyhas andnowihaveittoo andirarelycountdownthedaysleftinaschoolyear butfelttheneedtodoitjustnow
12/100. the frame. on a break from quite possibly the craziest day of the year. (artsy_T) Tags: black green halloween project spider purple witch stripes tights frame now picnik 100possibilities todaytotallykickedmybutt everyyearithinkhalloweenpartydaycantbethatbad andthenitswose everystinkintime anyonehavesomeextrastrengthtylenol
my mini van goghs... (artsy_T) Tags: art background paintings grade 2nd sunflowers impressionism vangogh foreground tempera oilpastel dimensional elementaryart sunflowersinavase andweexplorewhyartisabletoexpressemotion andthatitsoktodothatwart andthatpeoplewhoreallydontunderstandart orvangogh alwayssayvangoghisnthetheonewhocutoffhisear andyesitellthekidsthetruthabouthislife andtheyreallyenjoythat wehavealoooongtalkaboutdepressionandmentalillnes andhowitsperceivedtoday versusthen andwhypeopledothingsthatdontmakesensesometimes andtheygetit eventhoughweknowthatthereismuuuuchmoretoknowabouthim thatismuchmoreimportant
365 338. year 2. i do own some black and white chucks too. (artsy_T) Tags: me tina year2 365 chucks picnik purplewall converseallstars idoubtit butnotquite fgr buticouldntresist sothereyougo artsyt andimissher peachyorangeychucks sunflowerfromrhonda shecomesbacktonight soiaddedsomesymbolismformissingher andidigthatitsallcomplementarytothepurpledurplewall cuzyellowandpurpletogether arealmostasgoodasblueandorangetogether yesthisisforfgr doesanyoneknowmethere chucksandigowayback ihavewaytoomanypairsnottobustthemoutonspecialoccassionallikethis nowbacktogettingstuffdoneroundthehouse happychucksday
365 365!!!! raspberry beret (artsy_T) Tags: me outdoor target tina 365 muah itsover icantbelieveit holycow raspberryberet imdone atthesametime andimsohappy soanyway heywaitaminute artsyt imfindone andentireyear andsosad 365hasbeenahugepartofmylife anditsgonnabesoweirdtonotdoitanymore itsthefirstdaythatihaventtakenapicofmyselfinayear anditsveryverystrange ihopethisshot doesnotdisappoint itsnotgoodatall butitsallihadtoworkwith sinceitwasacrazydayyesterday whichislikealmostalltheother364daysivehad imfantasticallyfinallydone exceptthatistillneedtoproofread andaddsomemorelinks fiercelinkingabilitiesrockthehouse thankstomattforsendingmethecheatsheetofhowtodoalink andthankstodyxieforteachingmethatalongtimeago butilostyourcheatsheet ohandfeelfreetopointoutmyspellingerrorsandtypos cuzistillhavetofixem beforeigetthisprintedinabook yupbook blurbbabyhereicome noonehascommentedonmyfiercelinkingabilities hathatshilariousscout
@ michigan central station (artsy_T) Tags: socks michigan detroit abandonded michigancentralstation rrw abigfave revolutionofrealwomen sotts sisterhoodofthetravelingsocks sottsfieldtrip artsyfartsyfeet
365 92 "upside down" (artsy_T) Tags: me jack upsidedown johnson tina 365 92 thisisharderthanitlooks whostosay artsyt ohjeezyoushouldseetheouttakes idontknowwhenthelasttimeiwasupsidedownonmonkeybars icantdoeverything icantry andasirollalongibegintofind thingsarentalwaysjustwhattheyseem iwannaturnthewholethingupsidedown anditmightnothappenagain althoughitwasfun thebacksofmykneeswerekilling isthatnormal itwasmucheasierwheniwas8 thatsalliremember 365jack
i just love these. (artsy_T) Tags: art birds collage fun elementary
365 152 "trading spaces has nothin' on me!" (artsy_T) Tags: me tina 365 artsyt tradingspaceshasnothinonme
fall trees. (artsy_T) Tags: autumn trees red orange black art fall colors yellow warm elementary 3rdgrade elementaryart
 (artsy_T) Tags: reflection abandoned mirror peeling paint apartment indiana gary selfie andmylungsstillhurt butnotallduetotheurbex probablymostlyjustnormalallergies andihave662morepicsfromthistrip notsurehowmanyillpost
100/100. the bowl lives on. (artsy_T) Tags: project patrick yay jewelry bowl sharing pendant helping foodbank crickets gleaners butitsallgood southeasternmichigan 100possibilities sosogladtohavefinishedtheproject ahugeweighthasbeenlifted andanewoneapplied andnowimreadytoshipthemout itjustfeelssoexciting andpleasedontgetmadatme becauseidontknowhowtodohyperlinks itreallydoesntmatterinthegrandschemeofthingsright cuzyoucanstillclickonthelinksiveprovided itjustdoesntlookascute andsometimesimnotaboutcute helpingtofeedthehungry nomorecrickets
kindergarten irises (artsy_T) Tags: iris green nature yellow natural symmetry fold kindergarten smear crayon picnik folding tempera blending blots overlapping
vroom. (RECYCLING OLD PHOTOS PEOPLE...THIS IS FROM A LOOOONG TIME AGO WHEN I USED TO FLICKR A LOT!) (artsy_T) Tags: man walking purple michigan flames walker elderly royaloak noirleather editedbyflooz themastereditor
 (artsy_T) Tags: blackandwhite woman mommy mother pregnancy pregnant belly maternity
remembering (artsy_T) Tags: trees red barn michigan silo picnik owosso mybrotherandidrovearoundthecountryside whereweusedtorunandplayandrideourbikes itwasaneriefeeling wehad80acres offarmland andgrewupworkinghard nowthatland ismostlydividedup andtheoldtrees havefallendown andthatoldfarmhouse isallfixedup sonotthesameasitusedtobe
a collage of collages. (artsy_T) Tags: art collage paint whatever layers kidart recycling oilpastels elementary constructionpaper tempera overdone
i had to take the tutu to my ballet class. and what do you know? degas was there painting us!! crazy. (artsy_T) Tags: painting tina degas ballerinas flooz artsyt travelingtutu floozisthebestintheland ijustlovethischick shetakesonthemostcrazyassignments andcomesupwmasterpieces floozrocksmyballetslippers ohstopittinayoureagreatmodelsoofcoursetheportraitsrock
365 193 "artsy virgin" (artsy_T) Tags: holiday me madonna tina 365 yikes likeavirgin andimtired artsyt detroitmusiciantribute aaaandidrewonmyeyebrowswablackpencil tomakeemseemmoremadonnaish itlooksmorelikeadragqueenthananything butitslate andthisisasgoodasitsgonnaget thefingirdlewassquishingmyfat ihadntwornitsincemywedding andapparentlyivepackedonquiteafewpounds anddoyoulikemyglove itsreallyathighhighhose oronehoe whateveryoucallasingleone 365detroitmusic
green day! (artsy_T) Tags: green theband greenday ithink aswell ijustloveit greenismyfavoritecolor thedaynottheband alldaylongiwassayingthattomystudents idolovegreenday idontreallyhaveonefav butusuallyilovetodoartwgreen therearesoooooomanytintsandshadesofgreen anditsnaturetome andilovethattoo soheresmygreencollage forrainbowweek willputtheindivpicsupsoon
looking up (artsy_T) Tags: pink green lookingup makingplans xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox march182007 flowersformyfriends gottakeepmychinup thanksflickrbuddies bestofpink
thank you trees. (artsy_T) Tags: thanksgiving trees thankyou marker elementaryart
kindergarten goofy pumpkins (artsy_T) Tags: orange pumpkins kindergarten elementaryart jacolanterns
just good. (artsy_T) Tags: abandoned hospital scary bed chair paint detroit freaky dirty busted lead nasty stinky moldy asbestos urbex ewewew musty happybdaychris psthegoodfoodwasnoteatenhere itwassomeplaceelse ithinktherewassomefowltoeattherethough
stranger #87: Ted. (artsy_T) Tags: ted stranger barbershop barber royaloak 100strangers
blinded me with science. (artsy_T) Tags: school abandoned diptych lab detroit science highschool picnik beaker aprons
inspired by noggin. (artsy_T) Tags: silly art goofy collage paper fun buttons patterns glue designs layers kindergarten ladybugs kidart picnik oilpastel scrapbookpaper elementartyart noggininspired
the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs (artsy_T) Tags: wallpaper birds collage hope newspaper words acrylic cut mixedmedia dream believe create wish inspire picnik tempera 4thgrade layered paintedpaper inspiredbynoggin
"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels."  ~Faith Whittlesey (artsy_T) Tags: silver shoes tap picnik royaloak tapshoes baldwintheater thebaldwin120907

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12 art 11 picnik 10 elementaryart artsyt tina 8 me elementary 365 collage 6 tempera green abandoned 5 kindergarten red detroit 4 yellow school paint michigan marker 3 trees orange silly project royaloak 3rdgrade halloween oilpastel paintings painting birds sky ontario jacolanterns canada barn purple color 100possibilities paper rectangles abigfave urbex kidart bright symmetry skulls frame reflection country field fun old chair colors flowers owosso black fall squares 5thgrade sotts layers dayofthedead mixedmedia sisterhoodofthetravelingsocks travelingtutu drawing cutting 4thgrade busted sunflowers pumpkins blue oilpastels rust maori detroitmusiciantribute baby blurbbabyhereicome southeasternmichigan alphabet madonna autumn beforeigetthisprintedinabook anditsgonnabesoweirdtonotdoitanymore idontknowwhenthelasttimeiwasupsidedownonmonkeybars light icantry village itwassomeplaceelse ijustlovethischick sarahsadandbeautiful happychucksday likemarilyndid elderly mirror itjustfeelssoexciting witch whowouldaguessed probablymostlyjustnormalallergies nomorecrickets صورسيكس imdone winter itsthefirstdaythatihaventtakenapicofmyselfinayear background man lab inspire thisisharderthanitlooks loveyourkristi aaaandidrewonmyeyebrowswablackpencil signmuseum thisroutewasscreamingyourname andafewoftheothers ridgetown artproject 365detroitmusic crayon sonotthesameasitusedtobe ohjeezyoushouldseetheouttakes sosogladtohavefinishedtheproject butitsallgood explore andthatoldfarmhouse believe purplewall vegas andmostwereshotovertheyearsinsaline addedthistomysetofsunflowers thankstomattforsendingmethecheatsheetofhowtodoalink indiana atthesametime stripes year2 2nd sunflowersinavase mommy anditsveryverystrange diadelosmuertos diptych nature walker floozrocksmyballetslippers doesnotdisappoint peeling ballerinas warm bulbs itreallydoesntmatterinthegrandschemeofthingsright havefallendown andimsohappy andthatitsoktodothatwart recycling ewewew wheat andcomesupwmasterpieces 365jack willputtheindivpicsupsoon necklace andimissher dress yupbook owls drawings newspaper ohandpretendimwhispering vintage chucksandigowayback silver icantbelieveit now 들판 andthenitswose wallpaper maternity iris butnotquite thanksgiving andaddsomemorelinks ohyahmyearringsarepapercircles orvangogh butusuallyilovetodoartwgreen versusthen shecomesbacktonight bravo everyyearithinkhalloweenpartydaycantbethatbad retro whichislikealmostalltheother364daysivehad gary travelingmural inspiredbynoggin themastereditor mybrotherandidrovearoundthecountryside doesanyoneknowmethere likeavirgin cuzyellowandpurpletogether andnowihaveittoo iwannaturnthewholethingupsidedown outdoor dirty spider greenday expressive tutu whostosay thingsarentalwaysjustwhattheyseem barbershop stranger muah rockwood thatismuchmoreimportant dimensional converseallstars lasvegas ornaments andtheygetit sarah alldaylongiwassayingthattomystudents feelings sinceitwasacrazydayyesterday andthisisasgoodasitsgonnaget imfindone marilynmonroe yay tap exceptthatistillneedtoproofread shetakesonthemostcrazyassignments fold jack marilynmonroecopycat circle summer isallfixedup andasirollalongibegintofind paintedpaper portraits althoughitwasfun pink zenwisdom bus cut science hathatshilariousscout beaker thatsalliremember letters butfelttheneedtodoitjustnow scary temperacakes andhowitsperceivedtoday itseemssexierthatway tradingspaceshasnothinonme sosomanybarns itsnotgoodatall line layered overlapping thebacksofmykneeswerekilling overdone fabric idolovegreenday sottsfieldtrip notsurehowmanyillpost hystericsoverload degas andimwearinglipstick rural ithinktherewassomefowltoeattherethough home ladybugs itwasmucheasierwheniwas8 itlooksmorelikeadragqueenthananything flames todaytotallykickedmybutt selfie {{{happybirthdaymrpresident}}} redyelloworange fibers blending whateveryoucallasingleone constructionpaper bed tights chucks itjustdoesntlookascute colormixing houses soheresmygreencollage white whereweusedtorunandplayandrideourbikes heywaitaminute nevada idoubtit andtheyreallyenjoythat musty andweexplorewhyartisabletoexpressemotion everything mcleans superbmasterpiece vangogh nowbacktogettingstuffdoneroundthehouse impressionism andanewoneapplied

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