18135 300mmf4 50mmf18 abstract alcedoatthis bird birding black blue bokeh brown closeup cold colors d300s flight flower fly green halo himalayas india insect karnataka kerala landscape light macro morning mysore nikkor nikon nilgiris nutmegmannikin orange sandeepsomasekharan sandy sandyclix silhouette spicefinch sunset tiny water wildlife yellow

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Scaly breasted munia (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: brown green bird nature nikon bokeh wildlife sandy aves nikkor avian birdlife d300 300mmf4 scalybreastedmunia nutmegmannikin smallbird spicefinch sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Great hornbill... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: bird nikon birding flight kerala takeoff hornbill 300mmf4 greathornbill largebird d300s sandyclix
Uncle... So rahe ho? (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: bird rodent nikon squirrel funny humorous wildlife sandy owl curious nikkor inquisitive 300mmf4 spottedowlet deepwithin d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Bangles... to start the year... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: abstract water gold drops nikon sandy rings ripples nikkor karnataka mysore bangles 300mmf4 d300s sandeepsomasekharan dwcffabstract sandyclix
The Virtuous... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: light black macro green yellow closeup insect golden purple sandy halo damselfly sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
The riot of colors... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: india mountains water colors rock stone waterfall rainbow nikon spray nikkor himalayas vibgyor dispersion d300s sandyclix
Jewelscape (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: bird nikon sandy birding kingfisher perch minimalism nikkor common eurasian alcedoatthis 300mmf4 smallblue d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
The Stare... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: eyecontact glare nocturnal sandy raptor owl stare birdsofprey eurasianeagleowl bubobubobengalensis sandeepsomasekharan indianrockeagleowl sandyclix
Light weight! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sandyclix
Peace on earth... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: pink black blackbackground leaf sandy banyantree 300mmf4 pipal sacredfig ficusreligiosa d300s sandeepsomasekharan aalila sandyclix
Right out of the middle earth? (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: india mist cold green nature misty forest landscape woods hills rivers mysterious streams chill moutains himalayas 300mmf4 uttarakhand d300s sandyclix
A paradise called ooty... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sunset lake mountains water colors clouds landscape evening nikon peace sandy serenity nikkor tamilnadu ooty placid avalanche nilgiris 18135 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Small blue jewel (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: india bird birds blackbackground nikon sandy birding kerala nikkor ornithology birdwatching avian commonkingfisher alcedoatthis birdphotography smallbluekingfisher d300s sandeepsomasekharan eurasiankingfisher sandyclix
Bless you (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: morning orange sunrise landscape golden nikon hour 1024 d300s
grey plover (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: winter grey sandy kerala plover migrant wader sandeepsomasekharan purakkad
Landing gear... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: india spread fly wings nikon sandy birding flight land nikkor karnataka mysore kaveri waterbirds hover ranganathittu rivertern sternaaurantia 300mmf4 cauvery mandya cauveri sternidae d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Tough work... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: building yellow spread wings construction nest action swinging care build nestbuilding weaverbird bayaweaver ploceusphillippinus hangingnest helmetstage sandyclix
Loneliness... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: bird silhouette nikon solitude alone cloudy sandy dramatic lonely nikkor drama hoopoe 300mmf4 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
The expectant mother... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: blue abstract nikon smoke sandy curves sb600 mother shapes pregnant nikkor carrying wisps expectant 50mmf18 darkbackground offcameraflash d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Green vine snake... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: green yellow nikon rainforest reptile wildlife halo 300mm nikkor agumbe greenvinesnake d300s sandyclix
Emerald lake, ooty. (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: blue sunset lake landscape island nikon dam sandy hills nikkor ooty goldenhour emeraldlake nilgiris catchment 18135 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Common jezebel on lantana (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: flower green colors butterfly garden nikon colorful bokeh sandy nikkor lantana 300mmf4 deliaseucharis d300s sandeepsomasekharan perididae sandyclix
red wattled lapwing (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags:
Purple sunbird (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sandyclix
Magnification... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: light india flower macro reflection drops bokeh sandy kerala dew d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
The crescent of grace... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: bird nikon c sandy flight arc bank grace crescent raptor swift nikkor wingspan 300mmf4 montaguesharrier d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Eye to eye (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: india bird sandy birding kerala thiruvananthapuram vellayani sandeepsomasekharan
Blue capped rock thrush... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: blue orange bird colors nikon nikkor 300mmf4 bluecappedrockthrush d300s sandyclix
Light curves... ;) (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: light abstract black kitchen closeup nikon sandy curves smooth textures onion nikkor tabletop metering 50mmf18 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Happy mother's day! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: bird death spider trapped nikon feeding sandy mother eaten 300mm catch prey nikkor karnataka caught mysore upupaepops predation commonhoopoe d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
The mighty Chaukhamba (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: snow cold frozen sandy glacier mighty himalayas towering snowmountain 7000feet sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Toss (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: blue india bird sandy birding kerala bee kollam tailed eater 300mmf4 14xtc d300s sandeepsomasekharan
Crab plover (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: india beach sandy kerala waterbirds migrant wader 300mmf4 crabplover d300s sandeepsomasekharan purakkad
Gotcha! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sandyclix
Into the sunset... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sunset bird silhouette duck sandy flight sandeep end spotbilledduck spotbill sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Romance (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags:
Explode! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: lighthouse beach water colors sunrise dawn waves skies
Winter moonshine... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: blue sunset sky cold tree silhouette night clouds nikon darkness dusk sandy nikkor 18135 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Backyard painting (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags:
Ant-e-theses... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: red orange black macro green closeup insect nikon little sandy sandeep tiny nikkor 300mmf4 weaverant oecophyllasmaragdina d300s sandyclix
Tea and newspaper.... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: morning newspaper tea 50mmf18 normallens breakfasttable 50mmprime sunlightnikonnikord80sandysandeepsomasekharanmysore sandyclix
Aww, bugger off! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: california house bird finch
This is mine. MINE! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sandyclix
Dry leaves and a ripe fruit (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: sandyclix
Scaly breasted munia... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: brown green bird nikon sandy nikkor 300mmf4 nutmegmannikin lonchurapunctulata smallbird spicefinch d300s sandeepsomasekharan birdonperch scalybreatedmunia sandyclix
Some fly... (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: blue red macro green insect fly nikon colorful bokeh sandy nikkor onastick unidentified 300mmf4 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Sacred Lotus (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: pink india flower rose petals lotus bokeh sandy sacred 300mmf4 nationalflower nelumbo nucifera d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Blue and gold. (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags: life morning macro insect gold nikon champagne sandy joy halo blessing tiny nikkor damselfly shining 300mmf4 d300s sandeepsomasekharan sandyclix
Calvin was right! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags:
Alive! (Sandeep Somasekharan) Tags:

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38 sandyclix 30 sandy 29 sandeepsomasekharan d300s 24 nikon 22 nikkor 19 300mmf4 14 bird 9 india 8 green 7 kerala 6 birding blue 5 colors macro bokeh 4 flight water black sunset landscape insect 3 orange light silhouette himalayas 50mmf18 mysore wildlife flower closeup cold yellow halo karnataka 18135 morning abstract spicefinch mountains waterbirds curves blackbackground red owl hills nature colorful avian damselfly gold fly sandeep nutmegmannikin smallbird ooty golden raptor migrant drops sunrise clouds purakkad pink alcedoatthis tiny nilgiris brown lake 300mm beach spread wader wings mother

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