2014 amateurphotographer balkans bythelake december ellada epirus europe fog giannena giannina grece grecia greece griechenland hellas ilovephotography ioannina ioanninalake ipiccy ipiros lake lakefront lakepamvotida lakeside lovelycity mycity myphotos night nikon nikond3100 pamvotida whereilive winter ήπειροσ γιάννενα ελλάδα ηπόλημου ιωάννινα μώλοσ νύχτα ομίχλη παραλίμνιο χειμώνασ όμορφηπόλη

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* (PattyK.) Tags:
* (PattyK.) Tags: trees fog spring greece grecia griechenland whereilive grece mycity ilovephotography 2016 ioannina giannena lovelycity   universityofioannina   myphotod ipiccy
Spring (PattyK.) Tags: trees spring whereilive mycity ilovephotography ioannina giannena epirus lovelycity      samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: rain umbrella lakeside grecia raindrops griechenland whereilive grece lakefront mycity ioannina giannena grrece  samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: feet photography oil myphotos ilovephotography  samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: lake swan europe february whereilive ilovephotography 2016 ioannina giannena pamvotida  lakepamvotida ioanninalake   samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: winter lake reflections lakeside february whereilive ilovephotography winterlandscape ioannina giannina ilovemycity giannena epirus bythelake ipiros pamvotida         lakepamvotida ioanninalake  samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: winter mist lake bird lakeside greece february griechenland whereilive ilovephotography 2016 ioannina ilovemycity giannena epirus bythelake  ipiros  pamvotida     lakepamvotida ioanninalake   samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: lake water lakeside whereilive lakefront ilovephotography ioannina giannena epirus bythelake ipiros pamvotida      lakepamvotida ioanninalake    samsungj5
* (PattyK.) Tags: winter lake reflection greece balkans griechenland whereilive mycity winterlandscape ioannina giannena epirus ipiros pamvotida lovelycity     lakepamvotida
In the sky (PattyK.) Tags: sky selfportrait reflection me clouds myself mirror greece ilovephotography
Rain (PattyK.) Tags: winter cold rain nightlights raindrops winternight  ioannina giannina giannena epirus  ipiros
After the party (PattyK.) Tags: carnival celebration greece griechenland allstar myfeet 2015 ioannina giannena
Winter (PattyK.) Tags: winter rain lakeside raindrops february whereilive lakefront mycity winterlandscape ioannina giannena        lakepamvotida
The night sky (PattyK.) Tags: trees winter night hellas lookingup greece nightsky whereilive myphotos ilovephotography 2015 ioannina giannena epirus
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: winter silhouette fog backlight night december greece whereilive 2014  ioannina giannena
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: light silhouettes greece ioannina
Shadows (PattyK.) Tags: winter blackandwhite fog night december nightlights shadows silhouettes greece griechenland whereilive ilovephotography  ioannina giannena epirus  coldnight
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: winter fog night europa europe december nightlights shadows silhouettes hellas lakeside greece grecia balkans griechenland whereilive grece mycity 2014 ellada  ioannina giannina giannena epirus bythelake ipiros  lovelycity
Silhouettes (PattyK.) Tags: nightphotography winter mist fog night december silhouettes greece griechenland whereilive mycity  ioannina giannina giannena bythelake
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: winter man silhouette fog lights december nightlights shadows greece grecia griechenland whereilive nigh  ioannina giannena epirus ipiros
Maria (PattyK.) Tags: reflection girl car mirror friend december maria greece griechenland whereilive ilovephotography ioannina giannina  giannena
Silhouette (PattyK.) Tags: winter light silhouette fog night december greece griechenland 2014 ioannina giannina ilovemycity giannena epirus  ipiros
Fog (PattyK.) Tags: trees winter fog night nikon december silhouettes hellas lakeside greece balkans whereilive lakefront mycity ilovephotography ellada  ioannina giannina giannena epirus coldnight bythelake  ipiros  lovelycity        nikond3100
Night (PattyK.) Tags: winter mist fog night lights europe december lakeside greece griechenland whereilive lakefront mycity  ioannina giannina giannena epirus coldnight bythelake ipiros
Sunrise (PattyK.) Tags: morning trees winter sun sunrise greece 2014 ioannina
Hospital (PattyK.) Tags: windows hospital december afternoon hellas greece whereiwork whereilive myphotos ilovephotography 2014 ioannina giannina giannena ilovemywork    ipiccy
Night (PattyK.) Tags: winter fog night nikon couple europe december nightlights lakeside greece grecia griechenland whereilive myphotos lakefront 2012 mycity ilovephotography  foggynight ioannina giannena epirus creepynight bythelake ipiros  lovelycity
Sky (PattyK.) Tags: sky clouds nikon hellas thesky greece grecia myphotos ilovephotography ellada ioannina   nikond3100 ipiccy
Underwater (PattyK.) Tags: sea summer me water swimming myself nikon underwater august greece ilovephotography 2014 amateurphotographer    thesprotia plataria  nikond3100
Silhouettes (PattyK.) Tags: sunset sea summer backlight seaside europe silhouettes july greece grecia griechenland sunsetlight grece ilovephotography  bythesea lefkada 2011 amateurphotographer
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: spider nikon web greece ilovephotography amateurphotographer  plataria  kokkinosvrahos  nikond3100 ipiccy
Winter (PattyK.) Tags: winter snow nikon couple lakeside balkans february whereilive lakefront 2012 ilovephotography winterlandscape ioannina giannina giannena epirus beautifulcity amateurphotographer  ilovewinter bythelake   ipiros girlphotographer lovelycity   imisswinter        lakepamvotida ioanninalake
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: blackandwhite spider nikon web athome ilovephotography ioannina amateurphotographer   nikond3100
* (PattyK.) Tags: selfportrait reflection me car myself mirror nikon onthemove ilovephotography amateurphotographer   nikond3100 ipiccy
* (PattyK.) Tags: summer me pool girl swimming myself hotel nikon underwater greece swimsuit myphotos ilovephotography ioannina giannena inthepool   nikond3100 grandserai
Ioannina (PattyK.) Tags: winter lake reflections landscape europa europe december hellas greece grecia balkans griechenland whereilive europeanunion myphotos grece 2012 mycity ilovephotography winterlandscape ellada ioannina giannina giannena epirus  ipiros pamvotida lovelycity       lakepamvotida ioanninalake
Sky (PattyK.) Tags: sky clouds photography nikon july greece grecia beforethestorm myphotos cloudysky ilovephotography 2014 ioannina giannena amateurphotographer         nikond3100 ipiccy
Love (PattyK.) Tags: baby love nikon myson babyfeet 2014  nikond3100
Untitled (PattyK.) Tags: blackandwhite selfportrait reflection me myself bathroom mirror nikon athome myphotos blackandwhitephotography ilovephotography amateurphotographer girlphotographer nikond3100
* (PattyK.) Tags: butterfly photography moth ilovemyphotos sonyxperia ipiccy
Hijikata-san (PattyK.) Tags: blackandwhite photography nikon manga myphotos hijikata gintama hijikatatoushirou nikond3100 ipiccy
* (PattyK.) Tags: butterfly july squareformat atwork myphotos ilovephotography 2014  pixlr sonyxperiamiro
* (PattyK.) Tags: blackandwhite spider nikon web hellas greece grecia spidersweb griechenland myphotos grece blackandwhitephotography ilovephotography ellada ioannina giannina giannena epirus amateurphotographer   ipiros    nikond3100
Wildlife (PattyK.) Tags: lake water march nikon snake wildlife hellas greece grecia serpent balkans griechenland whereilive myphotos grece watersnake ilovephotography 2014 ellada ioannina giannina giannena epirus amateurphotographer  ipiros inthelake  pamvotida       lakepamvotida ioanninalake   nikond3100 ipiccy
Rain (PattyK.) Tags: window rain june nikon greece raindrops griechenland myphotos ilovephotography summerrain 2014 ioannina amateurphotographer       nikond3100
Winter (PattyK.) Tags: winter lake water europa europe january hellas lakeside greece balkans melancholy griechenland whereilive myphotos grece lakefront ilovephotography 2014 ellada ioannina giannina giannena epirus amateurphotographer  bythelake ipiros pamvotida lovelycity   jannina jannena       lakepamvotida ioanninalake     nikond3100
Sky (PattyK.) Tags: sunset sky clouds photography nikon colours hellas greece myphotos ilovephotography  ioannina amateurphotographer        nikond3100 ipiccy
Pink (PattyK.) Tags: pink march spring nikon europa europe blossom hellas greece grecia cherryblossoms balkans griechenland myphotos grece earlyspring ilovephotography 2014 ellada  ioannina giannina giannena epirus amateurphotographer  ipiros girlphotographer   jannina jannena    nikond3100
* (PattyK.) Tags: street autumn sunset sky photography nikon highway europa europe colours hellas september greece macedonia grecia traveling myphotos grece clous ilovephotography  ellada makedonia amateurphotographer   egnatia sunsetcolours girechenland    egnatiastreet

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