135 35mm 4x5 9x12 analog analogue bw camera cameraporn canoneos3000v catalonia composer directpapershot festamajor film fireworks folklore homedeveloping kardan kodakhc110 landscape largeformat lensbaby linhof papernegative pictorial pictorialism rangefinder russiancamera russianlens schneider sea selfdeveloped shore sinarp sitges softfocus sovietcamera sovietlens standard stilllife studio symmar viewcamera zenit

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Devilry (O9k) Tags: fireworks devils folklore catalonia sparks sitges festamajor 2014 foc jupiter8 diables dimonis espurnes santbartomeu russianlens sovietlens sonyalpha7 ilce7
Swirling sparks (O9k) Tags: fire eos dragon fireworks bokeh 85mm 15 folklore catalonia 5d swirl 40 sparks sitges swirling mkii helios drac festamajor santatecla petards russianlens sovietlens guspires
Staring at heaven (O9k) Tags: film lensbaby analog cat 35mm kitteh softfocus 135 composer pictorial lightbeam selfdeveloped canoneos3000v pictorialism homedeveloping singleglass rolleiretro80s ldlportraits
Tosvi ortho portrait (O9k) Tags: portrait film analog 35mm vintage kodak analogue lowkey ortho selfdeveloped homedeveloping russianlens olivella sovietlens contaxax helios40 orthochromaticfilm toshikosakurai so443 colorothochromatic
Lo-fi Teide, bad Shanghai GP3 with ghost dots & scratches (O9k) Tags: blackandwhite bw analog landscape lomo lomography lofi peak ilm diana tenerife analogue dianaf teide teneriffa cima selfdeveloped plasticlens cumbre homedeveloping shanghaigp3 nalog
Show the love (O9k) Tags: carnival girls love 120 6x6 film night analog zeiss mediumformat dark women kiss kissing carnaval analogue facepaint mardigras sitges forte kiev88 sonnar russiancamera carlzeissjena pushedfilm silverprint 2013 18028 sovietcamera polywarmtone
Converted Dream Lens on my Leica M6 (O9k) Tags: camera leica film analog canon mediumformat studio 50mm kodak converted linhof 6x9 standard m6 largeformat schneider cameraporn ektar selfdeveloped 095 homedeveloping symmar dreamlens kardan veiwcamera
So elegant (O9k) Tags: analog polaroid sx70 nikon rangefinder instant analogue cameraporn impossiblefilm
A little big toy camera (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio lomo papernegative 4x5 largeformat 9x12 smena8m schneider viewcamera cameraporn russiancamera selfdeveloped homedeveloping symmar sovietcamera sinarp directpapershot
Zenit 412ls with a Japanese Cosinon 50mm 1.4 (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio cosina papernegative 4x5 zenit largeformat 9x12 viewcamera cameraporn russiancamera selfdeveloped homedeveloping russianlens sovietlens sinarp 412ls industar51 directpapershot cosinon50mm14
Others having fun 2 (O9k) Tags: ocean girls sea film beach kids analog children coast sand kodak shore analogue sitges searching motionpicture intermediate russiancamera selfdeveloped zenitet homedeveloping russianlens jupiter11 sovietcamera sovietlens cinemafilm so443
Pinhole ACTION photography is for alphas (O9k) Tags: lensbaby canon eos 5d mkii composer pinholeoptic actionpinhole sparks stiges festamajor 2016 fireworks foc drac dragon folklore catalonia
Strangest of all Zenits: Zenit 16 (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife analog papernegative 4x5 linhof plates zenit analogue standard largeformat 9x12 pictorial schneider viewcamera warmtone cameraporn russiancamera helios44 pictorialism homedeveloping symmar kardan sovietcamera rarecamera agfamcppaper zenit16 slfdeveloped directpapershot
Kitteh highlight (O9k) Tags: bw film analog cat bokeh hc110 rangefinder kitteh analogue sitges gat contaxiia selfdeveloped homedeveloping russianlens sovietlens scratchedfilm espig
Valour (O9k) Tags: backlight children kid fireworks folklore sparks sitges festamajor 2014 jupiter8 russianlens sovietlens mirrorless guspires sonyalpha7 ilce7
Jupiter 8 living on an M6 (O9k) Tags: camera leica analog rangefinder papernegative 4x5 linhof plates analogue standard agfa m6 largeformat 9x12 schneider mcp viewcamera cameraporn jupiter8 homedeveloping symmar russianlens kardan sovietlens slfdeveloped directpapershot
My most hated winter (O9k) Tags: home window backlight analog cat curtain zenit analogue russiancamera selfdeveloped luckyfilm helios44 homedeveloping russianlens sovietcamera sovietlens zenitc zenits thecatwhoturnedonandoff ldlnoir
The man with waxen wings (O9k) Tags: zorki portrait selfportrait man film analog mirror photographer hc110 rangefinder casio analogue 135 wideopen selfdeveloped jupiter8 leicacopy homedeveloping sovietcamera sovietlens rolleiretro80s
Fair Valeria, silver print copy (O9k) Tags: woman film girl beautiful lensbaby analog 35mm ilfordhp5 softfocus 135 forte composer pictorial selfdeveloped canoneos3000v pictorialism homedeveloping silverprint printcopy polywarmtone plasticoptic valerialisalumbreras
Satan's spell (O9k) Tags: flowers tree analog 35mm 50mm fuji blossom bokeh branches almond velvia bloom 17 zenit ttl analogue 135 slides fujichrome e6 russiancamera russianlens zenitarm olivella sovietcamera sovietlens
This is THE infrared camera (O9k) Tags: sinarp largeformat analog film directpapershot papernegative viewcamera 9x12 4x5 selfdeveloped homedeveloping studio cameraporn camera stilllife camedia olympus c2000z c2020z digitalcamera sovietlens russianlens industar51
... .-- . . - /  ... ..- --. .- .-. (O9k) Tags: canoneos3000v analog film 135 35mm softfocus selfdeveloped homedeveloping pictorial pictorialism plasticlens diana110 dianalens softtelephoto diana lomography fjui fujifilm ecn2 3512 crossprocess xpro dune duna mdano teida landscape tenerife teneriffa lascaadas montaablanca
Anaca 13x18 multipost, back of the prodigy (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio back papernegative posterior 4x5 largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped filmholder 13x18 homedeveloping symmar spanishcamera sinarp partetrasera anaca multipost directpapershot
Onfaiar (O9k) Tags: blackandwhite bw girl fire flames fakir a7 sideshow taboo apolo tattoed russianlens sovietlens missymacabre sonyalpha7 ilce7
As the sun touches the ocean (O9k) Tags: ocean sea summer bw woman reflection film beach girl rollei analog 35mm sand waves analogue sitges selfdeveloped retro80s homedeveloping kodakhc110 russianlens jupiter11 sovietlens jupiter11a
This is not how a SLR is made... (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio papernegative 4x5 largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped homedeveloping symmar sinarp directpapershot
Tele with a soul. And matching soulful body (O9k) Tags: camera analog papernegative 180 4x5 linhof plates 28 analogue pentacon standard largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn sonnar selfdeveloped mtl5 homedeveloping symmar kardan agfamcp directpapershot preaktica
A wasted summer (O9k) Tags: trees film lensbaby analog 35mm palms landscape pinhole softfocus hp5 135 sitges ilford zoneplate composer pictorial selfdeveloped canoneos3000v pictorialism homedeveloping baddeveloping
Soviet glory? (O9k) Tags: blackandwhite bw slr analog f45 analogue arsenal largeformat cameraporn russiancamera selfdeveloped homedeveloping 210mm russianlens sovietcamera sovietlens mir1 sinarp ukrainiancamera industar51 kiev15
Found landscape, Caldetes, 1950 (O9k) Tags: ocean old sea beach analog vintage landscape boats coast rocks fishermen antique ships catalonia shore analogue 1950 forte foundfilm caldetes sxx silverprint polywarmtone caldesdestrac modenrcopy
Holy booze (O9k) Tags: stilllife analog tokyo fuji minolta barrels 28mm hc110 rangefinder sake 100 analogue acros cle selfdeveloped rokkor fujipan homedeveloping mejitemple
Fearless (O9k) Tags: bw film festival analog 35mm fireworks folklore ilfordhp5 analogue canona1 sitges selfdeveloped diables homedeveloping kodakhc110 coets cosinon55mm14
Domiplan glow (O9k) Tags: sea bw film beach kids analog 35mm children landscape xpro sand soft waves glow fuji crossprocess shore fujifilm analogue triplet sitges praktica selfdeveloped domiplan eterna mtl5 homedeveloping kodakhc110 motionpicturefilm
Weirdo (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio prism papernegative 4x5 pentacon praktica largeformat 9x12 viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped homedeveloping russianlens rtl1000 sovietlens sinarp industar51 directpapershot
Daze of fire, silver print copy (O9k) Tags: film festival lensbaby analog 35mm fireworks lofi catalonia softfocus 135 sitges composer pictorial socket sprocket festamajor foc selfdeveloped diables dimonis petards llucifer canoneos3000v pictorialism homedeveloping silverprint printcopy fortepolywarmtone ceptrot plasticoptic
The 13x18 everyday camera (O9k) Tags: bw film analog 35mm studio lomo lca lomography analogue bellows largeformatcamera cameraporn russiancamera selfdeveloped homedeveloping kodakhc110 russianlens minitar1 pecoplaubel
Nice, nice, nice (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio papernegative 4x5 kyocera largeformat 9x12 planar schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped contaxg1 homedeveloping symmar sinarp 45mm2 tlaflash directpapershot
Alas, no filter thread (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio rangefinder papernegative 4x5 bellows folder largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn russiancamera selfdeveloped superikonta moskva5 homedeveloping symmar moscow5 sovietcamera sinarp directpapershot
The very last of the Zenits (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio lomography papernegative 4x5 zenit largeformat km 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped homedeveloping symmar sinarp directpapershot kmplus
M39 macro rig. Classic and classy (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife macro film analog studio papernegative 4x5 zenit bellows largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped classiccamera belomo m39 homedeveloping symmar zenitc sinarp helios40 directpapershot
The Soviet Leica (O9k) Tags: camera analog rangefinder papernegative 4x5 linhof plates analogue standard fed largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped industar10 homedeveloping symmar kardan sovietcamera agfamcp ukrainiancamera fedlens directpapershot
Worst about having been happy is you always remember (O9k) Tags: ocean sea film lensbaby analog 35mm landscape coast cliffs shore softfocus 135 sitges composer pictorial camideronda selfdeveloped efke25 canoneos3000v pictorialism homedeveloping playadelmuerto lescoves singleglass caladelhomemort
Burning love turned to be just fireworks (O9k) Tags: festival dragon fireworks sony folklore catalonia catalunya sitges drac festamajor 2014 foc alpha7 industar61 santbartomeu russianlens sovietlens mirrorless
That's what I do now... (O9k) Tags: mediumformat pentax markii mark2 productphotography pentax67ii bodygrip canoneos5dmkii woodengrip tamron287528af
Before the castle (O9k) Tags: bw film analog 35mm lomo lubitel analogue grainy triplet sitges russiancamera selfdeveloped 166b homedeveloping kodakhc110 russianlens chinesefilm artenouveau t22 sovietcamera sovietlens shanghaigp3
 (O9k) Tags: bw tree film japan analog 35mm pond cherryblossom sakura analogue cherrytree hanabi selfdeveloped cherryflowers canoneos3000v homedeveloping kodakhc110 shinjukugardens rolleiretro80s ramron282875
Old Peak from Teide (O9k) Tags: blackandwhite bw film analog canon landscape eos volcano nationalpark spain peak crater tenerife analogue teide teneriffa 3000v cima parquenacional selfdeveloped cumbre industar50 homedeveloping russianlens sovietlens tessarcopy rolleiretro80s
Nikon(s) (O9k) Tags: camera stilllife film analog studio nikon rangefinder papernegative 4x5 largeformat 9x12 schneider viewcamera cameraporn selfdeveloped homedeveloping symmar nikonsp sinarp directpapershot
In the beginning a rat dwelt in a hole (O9k) Tags: film analog 35mm softfocus 135 pictorial selfdeveloped plasticlens efke25 canoneos3000v pictorialism homedeveloping santperederibes hipocrates softtelephoto diana110 edificiohipocrates urbanizacionhipocrates
Paradise (O9k) Tags: trees palms dragon fireworks catalonia sitges drac festamajor j3 jupiter3 sonyalpha7 ilce7

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42 analog 38 homedeveloping 36 selfdeveloped 31 film 23 analogue 19 cameraporn russianlens sovietlens 17 largeformat 16 camera 15 9x12 sitges viewcamera directpapershot 35mm 4x5 papernegative 13 stilllife symmar studio schneider 12 sinarp 11 sovietcamera russiancamera bw 9 135 8 pictorial fireworks rangefinder pictorialism canoneos3000v 7 landscape festamajor catalonia softfocus 6 folklore zenit lensbaby kodakhc110 composer 5 kardan linhof sea standard 4 shore industar51 jupiter8 plates blackandwhite ilce7 foc silverprint sonyalpha7 drac beach sparks ocean dragon lomo rolleiretro80s lomography 3 hc110 girl bellows polywarmtone coast eos festival forte tenerife children plasticlens bokeh sand 2014 diables canon cat fuji teneriffa kodak mediumformat fujifilm printcopy trees helios44 waves woman sonnar olivella peak diana110 teide zenitc guspires tree cima singleglass diana ilfordhp5 efke25

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