18 500x500 50mm 50mm18 anemone artlibre autumn beauty bee birthday blue bokeh colors dedication fall flower flowers girl green happybokehwednesday hbw holidays infinestyle japaneseanemone lake life light magicunicornverybest mondocafeclub muskoka mywinners nature ornament petals red sbfmasterpiece selectbestexcellence shadow squared summer texture thegardenofzen water winner500 —obramaestra—

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Component of dreams...it is never what you think it will be (Maureen F.) Tags: glass wine bokeh muskoka 50mm18 whine circlesofconfusion itsucks lakekeh thatisbecauseiamdizzyandcongested andallergiesastheicingonthecake
I've got my head still stuck in Spring ...slowly easing into Summer (Maureen F.) Tags: flower colors spring bokeh tulip squared canon50mm18 realcolors hbw canonrebelxti platinumheartaward frontpagenumeroun yesfromthesamebatchoftulipshotsilikedthepetals
Sundays , I dream in colors (Maureen F.) Tags: life colors bokeh sunday bee anemone lateseasonjapaneseanemones whenyouhavestraighthairyouwantcurlyandviceversa companionshottooneipostedinoctober butilikedthebokehcolors beeisnotquiteasfocusedasiwouldlike
On the dock Muskoka Bokeh (Maureen F.) Tags: lake dock bokeh muskoka cleat latedaysun lakemuskoka hbw mywinners happybokehwednesday ehbd
Wishing you peace, love, and joy this Holiday Season (Maureen F.) Tags: season holidays peace bokeh drop minimal ornament precious happyholidays sorryitsapostandrun
It had that transformative effect we all crave (Maureen F.) Tags: lake ontario bravo muskoka tuffy adirondackchair muskokachair eow littlestories magicdonkey 35faves aplusphoto diamondclassphotographer megashot picswithsoul mastersoflifegallery dependsonwhereyoulivewhatyoucallthischair magicunicornverybest magicunicornmasterpiece mygearandmepremium mygearandmebronze
The shopkeeper (Maureen F.) Tags: street toronto man birds pigeons sidewalk oldgold yongest jewelleryshop ohya selectbestexcellence sbfmasterpiece oldgoldbringmeyouroldgold
enjoy, moment, bliss, alive, gratitude, grateful, love, connect, connected (Maureen F.) Tags: life summer lake texture water girl golden glow going swing spray almostsunset splash muskoka tomorrow squared soon reedit texturemine
I remember that you loved it here (Maureen F.) Tags: dog lake dock bravo squared tuffy muskokachairs 500x500 dedicatedtomydad thanksjill winner500 texturefromborealnz brantfordontariocanada magicunicornverybest magicunicornmasterpiece bornaugust10th1933
the return of SPIKE !! (Maureen F.) Tags: noideawhatitis realcolors spikeything sizeofawalnut bokeh green texture texturefromborealnz thanksjill squared ifanyonehasacluewhatthesearepleasefeelfreetoletmeknow ihateworkinginthesummer iguesseveryonefeelsthatway ggt explore frontpage
The Beauty of Life (Maureen F.) Tags: life flower colors wednesday bravo dof bokeh squared gaura happyearthday hbw infinestyle platinumheartaward
Note to self, turn off the news..... (Maureen F.) Tags: merci bokeh blues wildflowers optimism 500x500 hbw mywinners bluebokeh happybokehwednesday winner500 theremustbeamillionquotesoutthereregardingthestateofthehumancondition ineverygenerationthereisalwaysthosewhowillsaythatithasneverbeenthisbad ihateamericandrugcommercials takethisandyouwillbebetterbutwatchoutforpotentiallydeadlysideeffects ifyouhaveanerectionformorethan12hourscallyourdoctor oneofmyfavoritesideeffectstatementsfromthosecommercials thiscomesfromfrustrationsofdailylife mydumbstreamofthoughtquotes wegetthegoodwiththebad youcouldgoblind 7thquoteshouldsayineverygenerationtherearealwaysthosewhowillsaythatithasneverbeenthisbad magicunicornverybest selectbestexcellence sbfmasterpiece
chasing beauty (Maureen F.) Tags: life thanksgiving autumn red canada fall nature water beauty leaf maple bravo bokeh muskoka naturesfinest mywinners symbolofcanada platinumheartaward onourflag lakemuskokabokeh
Finding confusion is not hard, organizing it to make sense is something else (Maureen F.) Tags: light shadow colors bokeh circles confusion ironfence hbw mywinners haveabeautifulday happybokehwednesday beautifularrayofbokeh —obramaestra—
Bzzzzzzzzzzzy Bee Bokeh (Maureen F.) Tags: flowers flora bokeh bee firstquality hbw buzzzzzzzzzzz platinumheartawards happybokehwednesday definitelyoneofyourbestthebokehisoutstanding
The sun was shining, the water was warm ...it was a beautiful day (Maureen F.) Tags: summer sky wet water girl cottage muskoka 2008 mywinners platinumheartaward treelinebokeh
No Man Is an Island (Maureen F.) Tags: sky lake beauty bravo remember 911 always tribute muskoka remembering nineeleven lakemuskoka nomanisanisland fromthedock anawesomeshot superaplus aplusphoto theunforgettablepictures magicunicornverybest
Illusive dreams (Maureen F.) Tags: life texture love island memories dreams strength bumps stress howareyou happyeaster flypaper allthebest lotsoflovetoyou anxietiesoflife
ye old classic nail in the board shot (Maureen F.) Tags: wood blue classic texture dof bokeh board nail rusty nails squared cliche nailed onblue nailedit texturesbylesbrumes hadtopostonenailshotfortherecord nailkehyesthankssash
Life (Maureen F.) Tags: life flowers dedication book support friendship searchthebest bee anemone precious trust value battles ♥ encouragement japaneseanemone xoxoxox floweroticamembersagainstcancer yesyouhaveseenthisbeebeforeinasimilarpic
cafe rituals (Maureen F.) Tags: street sun table cafe bokeh plates lateday 500x500 photographia infinestyle artlibres mondocafeclub winner500 winner500x500bestof
the colder and grayer it gets the more beauty appears (Maureen F.) Tags: bravo searchthebest pastels notime japaneseanemone inahurry hbw s0ulsurfing goingtothedentist soulsurfing fromwarmerdays ihategoingtothedentist happybokehwednesday badenough apostandrun yesanotheroneilovethem thereweresomanyandallsobeautifulwavinginthewind wouldrathergothroughchildbirth thankstojasonforthetitle anemonekeh sorryforanotheranemoneshot okmaybenotthatbad havetocheckthespellingofthat
Beauty is in her Heart (Maureen F.) Tags: life birthday beauty happy heart bokeh petra joy happiness soul happybirthday create find japaneseanemone colourartaward multimegashot mondocafeclub hggt yesanotheroneilovethem
all I want to do is say.............Thank YOU! (Maureen F.) Tags: flower bravo thankyou bokeh daisy friday outstandingshots forthelaughs foryoursupport foryourfriendship theperfectphotographer haveawonderfulfriday throughupsanddowns canon100mmf18macro minnesotaisalwayscolder forthejoy evenwhenipostandrun whenicannotgettoallmycontacts itiscolderthananchoragealaskahere colderthaniniceland colderthanfinland
I see the beauty of you through the one I love (Maureen F.) Tags: family flower floral beauty dedication 50mm bokeh 18 gita important outstandingshots mymotherinlaw
A tattered heart (Maureen F.) Tags: shadow bravo heart tattered superfriends heartache themoulinrouge xoxoxox magicdonkey mywinners artlibre superaplus aplusphoto flickrplatinum superbmasterpiece infinestyle supermaureen thegardenofzen thegoldendreams goldstaraward —obramaestra—
The midnight swim  part two (Maureen F.) Tags: bravo soe littlestories magicdonkey outstandingshots 35faves golddragon mywinners platinumphoto anawesomeshot infinestyle colourartaward thegardenofzen picswithsoul
Dreamers of the Dream (Maureen F.) Tags: lake bravo muskoka boathouse magicdonkey mywinners artlibre infinestyle thegoldenmermaid thegardenofzen dreamersofthedream arthurwilliamedgaroshaughnessy
The colour of shadow and light (Maureen F.) Tags: flowers light shadow petals bravo cyclamen elegance missingyou dearfriend maureenf outstandingshots 25faves artlibre anawesomeshot superbmasterpiece howmuchbeautyiseehereagain
Happy Birthday Alexandre! (Maureen F.) Tags: birthday bokeh alexandre squared heartshape fencepost 50mm18 niftyfifty nifty50
a little color for my day (Maureen F.) Tags: flower texture petals mauve flypaper infinestyle lesbrumes selectbestexcellence flypapertextures sbfmasterpiece missyoulotsofhugsandcheersforandreoo maureenyoucanfindmeonfacebook undercovernamemedamorganarofl
Happy Birthday Barbara !!!!!!!!!!!!! (Maureen F.) Tags: birthday dahlia dedication petals drops barbara barbera onblack specialday selectbestexcellence sbfmasterpiece
Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  ~Marcel Proust (Maureen F.) Tags: flower bravo searchthebest rudbeckia vicky 500x500 foryourbirthday winner500 textureflypapertextures knownastvwriter mayitbefabulous
the art of joyful living (Maureen F.) Tags: texture beauty living bravo joy archives desaturated selectbestexcellence sbfmasterpiece texturebynacud
Perfect Day (Maureen F.) Tags: green yellow 50mm bravo bokeh perfectday greens 18 wildflower squared bratanesque memoriesbook stillplayingcatchup textureunknownifyouknowpleaseletmeknow
making the best of a bad situation (Maureen F.) Tags: pink canon blossom bokeh interior magnolia squared excellence naturesfinest 100mmf28 rebelxti magnoliaisanancientgenushavingevolvedbeforebeesappearedtheflowersdevelopedtoencouragepollinationbybeetles vosplusbellesphotos
The Kiss (Maureen F.) Tags: life summer dog love girl kiss friendship spoodle companionship multimegashot
Dog days (Maureen F.) Tags: experiment ohwell dogdays hardtimes fivestarsgallery artlibre mondocafeclub thehottestperiodofthesummerinancienttimesreckonedfromtheheliacalrisingofthedogstar comesfromlatin ithinkioverprocessedthis mercedesbenzdealershipclosed hugsbisous
Then there are the weeks where you learn the true meaning of "Murphy's Law" (Maureen F.) Tags: life fence bravo bokeh toned murphyslaw canon50mm18 niftyfifty infinestyle platinumheartaward itsbeenalongdayandevenlongerweek ifanythingcangowrongitwill justonethingamongstmany theglassisneitherhalffullorhalfempty goodweeksshouldlastlonger badweeksshouldbeshort thecabletechniciancametofixonephonelineandwhenheleftthephoneworkedbutnotthecableorinternet luckilyhecameback allinyourperception magicunicornverybest —obramaestra—
you too would be blue if your parfum ran out too (Maureen F.) Tags: blue paris bottle bravo perfume counter crystal bokeh monday parfum guerlain bluemonday mondayblues
Life is what you make it (Maureen F.) Tags: life texture girl monochrome experiments perception contemplation 500x500 fivestarsgallery artlibres mytexture mondocafeclub winner500 winner500x500bestof
It's a perfect day ...la la la..... (Maureen F.) Tags: beauty bravo bokeh perfectday toobusy finally japaneseanemone naturesfinest hbw outstandingshots onashortbreak happybokehwednesday verybusythesedays ifyouignorethecold notfunbusy ihavebeentryingtopostaphotofor412hours maybeicanactuallyhavelunchnow lookingforwardforsomehappyhours timefliesevenwhenyouarenothavingfun illcatchupinweekend
The world is watching! (Maureen F.) Tags: red flower green history spring bravo searchthebest tulips bokeh noon excellence barackobama newbeginnings naturesfinest colorphotoaward theworldiswatching jan20th2009 unitedstatespresidentialinauguration
Happy Birthday Chris & Mandy !!!! (Maureen F.) Tags: mandy birthday chris red flower happy tulips bokeh newbeginnings jan20th formychildren 2yearsapartonthesameday
Happy Merry Christmas EveKEH !!! (Maureen F.) Tags: christmas holidays bokeh ornament happyholidays christmaseve merrychristmas onwhite réveillon hbw happybokehwednesday bowkeh christmaskeh christmasevekeh
Happy Holidays !!!! (Maureen F.) Tags: christmas bravo holidays bokeh may it ornament contacts be newyears hanukkah joyous seasonsgreetings chanuka boasfestas buonefeste wesołychświąt felicesfiestas joyeusesfêtes toallmyflickrfriends tooneandall infinestyle whateveryoucelebrate andsomanymoregreetingsindifferentlanguagesthaticouldnotfind
Looking at me, looking at you, looking at my photo on Flickr (Maureen F.) Tags: fun myson hbw artlibre attheshop infinestyle doubledipping myphotoonflickr takingapictureofhimtakingapictureofme sonkeh
Ok, I admit, I fell for the colors (Maureen F.) Tags: leaves colors fall autumn bokeh light nature beauty muskoka canon 50mm18 illreopenmcjustgiveonemoreday ifeelsotired thankyouforyourgeneroussupport thecolorsarereal iactuallytoneditdown infinestyle
Today , a toast to all my Flickr friends !! (Maureen F.) Tags: life friends two glass bravo flickr anniversary toast champagne experience contacts hugs flickrverse universe congratulations parallel 2years uniqueexperience hmmmcapemayimissitandyoumydearfriend actuallyitsfakechampagne wineglasswasagiftfromasweetflickrfriend oksoitsreallygingerale areflectionoflife whereelesecanyoulearnphotographyandmeetpeoplealbeitvirtually sometimesinperson
Nature chose the highest contrast (Maureen F.) Tags: life blue autumn red fall nature water contrast leaf maple bokeh infinestyle top20autumn saariysqualitypictures

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