105mm 52wsp addiction blue bokeh chocolate colours d300 d80 daddydaughter daisy danbo danboard easter editedwithlilybluepreset ehbd familygetty2010 flower gary ggt green happyeastereveryone hbw hbw2 hppt ladybug life love macro nikon nikond80 nz pink portrait ppt project revoltech selfportrait sigma sigma105mm snail storypeople texture tgif vintage

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the first encounter... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: hello blue friends friendship snail first gary forever facetoface meet encounter greet slimy danbo sigma105mm hbw smoothbokeh revoltech nikond80 danboard
almost . famous (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: selfportrait almostfamous ppt pinklips whiteglasses sigma105mm 4952 nikond80 stupidwinter 52wsp ilovemywirelessremote andilovemymakeupp prettypinkmoviestar iwanttogotoatropicalbeachrightnow andofcourselovephotoshoplol thebeachreflectedonmyglassesistheentranceaustralia
.Etsumi. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: fun bokeh happiness delight joyful excitement playful hbw etsumi kimmidolls
he met a lady... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro dof bokeh sigma ladybug firstmeeting d300 105mm danbo hbw revoltech danboard
caught red handed! (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: easter chocolate monday caught addiction danbo revoltech lastdayofholiday happyeastereveryone danboard ipromisethisisthelastonep ihopeyoudontgetsickofmydanboeasterseries
danbo  chocolate (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: love easter worship colours chocolate cadbury eggs dando happyeaster revoltech danboard choholateoverload claimtheoneyouwantandputyournotesp feelfreetohelpyourselfonthesechocies
the golden egg... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: naughty easter golden bokeh egg chicks stealing danbo revoltech danboard
picked this up on the spur of the moment because it's not something you see everyday... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro moss nikon colours bokeh nz wellington droplet rainbows tgif storypeople sigma105mm iso1000 d80 short10minssession pickedupthemostcolourfulthingisawlol hallelujahfornoisewarelol
tomboy vs tomgirl (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: portrait self vs tomboy 4352 hppt tomgirl 52wsp pinkmakeover tomboytextureisfromishkamina tomgirltextureisfromme
36/52 these are multi-purpose wings...and when she's not flying they accessorize nicely with almost anything she wears. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: selfportrait texture vintage tgif storypeople itsfridayyay youaresotalented 52wsp theyaremynewfavep igotnewshoesandtheyaresogorgeousilovethemsomuch omgicantbelieveimleavingformyholidaynextwednesday
xx (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: love vintage project polaroid mygirl loveshirt loveface keikotysm xx lovehairtieevenifyoucanseeithere sheiswearingloveheartseverywhere lovehairclips familygetty2010
got my LOVE! (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: love japan project thankyou sheep nz flickrcolours forkeiko icanpassthemalongafterimdonetakingpics justletmeknowwhoisnextinline withsheepcozitsinnzlol
28/52 the fact is, sometimes its hard to walk in a single womans shoes. Thats why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: texture shoes bokeh pastel tgif addiction 52wsp ehbd hnff niftyfiftyfriday backtoregularprogrammingwiththepastelandsoftcolourslol issummerhereyetiwanttoweartheseagainsoobad stupidrainwontstop 1explorewowthankyou myfavestrappysandals
Pinky: hmmm... let me think... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink bokeh kawaii daisy pinkie ppt prettylameattemptaye omgthisisat5exploredonkeyiscraazeeee yikesithinkdonkeyistotallyshamelesswhenitcomestobokehseriously yourpinkyissocute mypinkyissooonotphotogenic
Thinks about moving to someplace else where everything is different enough to be fun again. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: cute nikon snail sigma tiny gary onthemove storypeople 105mm d80 silkybokeh absolutelypositivelythereis isthereenoughbluethereformondayblueslol lolthanksleep explore70onaugust252008
A child reminds us that playtime is an essential part of our daily routine (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: life family love sunshine play bokeh warmth bubbles daddydaughter editedwithlilybluepreset imfallinginlovewithmy85mmalloveragain explorefrontpage22onaugust172008 familygetty2010
105 on portrait (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: portrait macro nikon sigma naturallight manualfocus 105mm d80 igotthewholecirclethingieonthisoneeventhoipreferhercheekyexpressionontheotheronep proofthatsigmamacrolensworksamazinglyforportraitsaswell thisistheoriginalcolouroftheplasticthingietheotheronewaseditedforpinktuesdaylol editedwithlilybluepreset explore6on13august2008
She turned to me & whispered, don't you just love it when you get so excited you forget to breathe? (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: flickr bokeh 888 storypeople playingpeekaboo haveagreatdayeveryone ilovelovelovethis ihaventgotanythingwith8init but8meansluckyriteandsheismyluckycharmsothisistotallyappropriate explorefrontpageon9thaugust2008 familygetty2010
22/52 I like butter & sugar & being alive a whole lot... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: selfportrait texture vintage naturallight 50mm14 storypeople nikond80 lightroom2 52wsp happyfiftyfriday hungoverfrombokehwednesday haveanyoneelsetriedititprettycool ilovemywindowlight explore11onaugust22008
prepare for the attack! (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink toys starwars lego stormtroopers marshmellow barricade maythe4thbewithyou hppt
It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: bokeh chocolate sunday almond kisses herseys forx haveagreatweekendeveryone ehbd
bokeh obsession... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: bokeh contest obsession shaker ghosts saltpepper addicts hbw hbwcontest
21/52 Love is like swallowing hot chocolate... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: selfportrait texture love chocolate ghostbones meandmyman 52wsp mulletgodsaction ilovemyhairextensions
for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro anger angry mad pissedoff quotebyralphwaldoemerson thisisaflowerofsomesort idunnowhatitscalledtho
the simplest things are often the truest... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: white explore simplicity simple pure frontpage lazysunday sigma105mm haveagreatweekend nikond80 quotebyrichardbach lightboost lateuploadcozimlazytoday sweettreatpresetsandactions
this is a loose-fitting body, so it's still comfortable after a long carbohydrate binge... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: snail gary slug storypeople sigma105mm nikond80 eatinghislunch hggt sweettreatpresetandactions mintypresets intensityaction lightboostaction
world domination (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: world globe bokeh domination danbo hbw revoltech danboard
... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: flower nikon dof sigma daisy shallow tgif 105mm danbo d80 revoltech danboard bringontheweekendplease
from the edge of the deep green sea... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: green living edge gary he likes ggt ehbd hbw2 doubledippingagainlol explore168onfridayseptember262008
27/52 Souls wouldn't wear suits and ties, they'd wear blue jeans and sit cross-legged with a glass of red wine. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: bokeh sp redwine redshoes week27 hbw 52wsp imsureyouknowbynowthatilovepolkadotslolp
The taste of sweetness, where of a little more than a little is by much too much... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: light candy bokeh sweets ppt theoddoneout likingpastelcoloursagain explore3on26thaug2008
The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: green nikon bokeh ladybug thursday ggt d80 ehbd
can make stuff magically disappear especially if it's got a lot of butter & sugar in it. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink food cupcake storypeople hundredsandthousands pinkandyellow hppt notoneofmybestbutitsalligotrightnowp
i understand it's a long road to peace, he said, but I'm still hoping to get a ride part way because I'm so out of shape from the 90's (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: bokeh storypeople danbo sigma105mm revoltech nikond300 danboard
a birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. enjoy the trip. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: dessert bokeh birthdaywish cupcake forhelen sweettreat quotebyanonymous
she looks fierce mainly because she hates the beginning of winter & the only thing that seems to help is gritting your teeth... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: indonesia bandung storypeople greenfly sigma105mm hbw nikond80
memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: love memories daddydaughter mytwofavepeopleinthewholeworld quotebythewonderyears familygetty2010 gettyvacation2010
blue to the bone... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue ifeelsobad itsmonday ineveryway shehasservedmewellalltheseyears myholidayisover mynikkiisdamaged
31/52 she learned to love him before he thought it was even possible, so he didn't have a chance to hide & mess it up... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: red selfportrait umbrella polkadots storypeople week31 52wsp
fill your paper with the breathings of your heart... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink ppt merahmuda quotebywilliamwordsworth strangelyenoughilikeitinbluetoneinsteadofpink thewordpink actuallythereisateenybitpinktoneinittoop
watcha lookin at? (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: green bokeh gary ggt ehbd hbw2 ourpetsnail
the monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: stilllife cup yellow tea chillin daisy athome quietlife quotebyalberteinstein thenmylilgirlwillprobablybringchaosbacklol greenteathistime justfornowtil4moredays editedwithsweettreatlightrompresetsandactions
if I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue flower macro purple sigma105mm quotebyanonymous editedwithsweettreatlightroompresetandactions dunnothenameofthislovelyflower imofftoplayoutsidewithmytoyiecameralol ps9moredaystogo woohooweareintosingledigitsnow ifanyoneknowsplsfeelfreetoaddintomytag imhappycozthesunisout iguessfromwhatthemajoritysaysthislovelyfloweriscalledanemone
I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink flower spring pretty bokeh blossoms editedwithsweettreatpresetsactions pptweekend quotebycalvinandhobbes
.Sai. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: life green bokeh gifts destiny sai talented abilities kimmidolls hggt meaningpurpose
a dreamer is one who can only find her way by moonlight, and her punishment is that she sees the dawn before the rest of the world... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: portrait texture beach vintage moody emotion melancholy breeze dreamer mygirl quotebyoscarwilde
wanting her to come back before anyone notices part of the world has not moved since she left... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue nikon sad bokeh shallowdof storypeople d300 danbo sigma105mm revoltech danboard hislilladylefthim
Danbo's first easter... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: easter chocolate goodfriday danbo goldeneggs lilchick happyeastereveryone perfectautumnweather imlovinmydayoff andsunnytooyay
stuff that'll go crazy when spring comes, but it's pretty manageable until then... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro droplets nikon bokeh sigma nz wellington storypeople d300 105mm dandilions hbw
a bit lost and unsure where he is, the only thing he knows for sure is that smell coming from these funny looking things... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: reflection coffee beans danbo hbw revoltech danboard danbooncoffeeplanetlol

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21 bokeh 12 storypeople 10 danboard revoltech danbo 9 hbw sigma105mm 8 52wsp 7 nikon 6 nikond80 love macro 5 selfportrait gary pink 105mm chocolate texture sigma d80 ehbd 4 easter vintage green tgif ppt familygetty2010 blue 3 d300 snail hppt daisy ggt nz flower portrait addiction life colours happyeastereveryone project hbw2 daddydaughter ladybug kimmidolls hggt wellington editedwithlilybluepreset cupcake quotebyanonymous mygirl dof naturallight sp lateuploadcozimlazytoday ipromisethisisthelastonep coffee feelfreetohelpyourselfonthesechocies birthdaywish ilovelovelovethis light quotebyalberteinstein hello sunshine andsunnytooyay stupidrainwontstop quotebyrichardbach hundredsandthousands forkeiko strangelyenoughilikeitinbluetoneinsteadofpink rainbows quotebythewonderyears obsession dandilions theyaremynewfavep friendship etsumi tomboy ourpetsnail explore stormtroopers yikesithinkdonkeyistotallyshamelesswhenitcomestobokehseriously lolthanksleep chicks greet bringontheweekendplease iguessfromwhatthemajoritysaysthislovelyfloweriscalledanemone ineveryway lego joyful goldeneggs tomgirltextureisfromme happyfiftyfriday polaroid notoneofmybestbutitsalligotrightnowp explore3on26thaug2008 lastdayofholiday haveagreatdayeveryone slimy family candy meet lightboost manualfocus ihopeyoudontgetsickofmydanboeasterseries shaker destiny proofthatsigmamacrolensworksamazinglyforportraitsaswell bubbles yourpinkyissocute nikond300 itsfridayyay explore168onfridayseptember262008 almostfamous redshoes haveagreatweekendeveryone keikotysm danbooncoffeeplanetlol pinkie pickedupthemostcolourfulthingisawlol icanpassthemalongafterimdonetakingpics prettypinkmoviestar he shehasservedmewellalltheseyears mytwofavepeopleinthewholeworld sweettreat thewordpink pinkmakeover egg umbrella hnff 888 silkybokeh tea abilities purple imsureyouknowbynowthatilovepolkadotslolp 50mm14 anger igotthewholecirclethingieonthisoneeventhoipreferhercheekyexpressionontheotheronep golden food editedwithsweettreatlightrompresetsandactions forx imfallinginlovewithmy85mmalloveragain meandmyman worship tomgirl ifanyoneknowsplsfeelfreetoaddintomytag onthemove pure contest omgicantbelieveimleavingformyholidaynextwednesday starwars loveshirt droplet greenfly lilchick slug yellow myholidayisover droplets herseys imlovinmydayoff justfornowtil4moredays mulletgodsaction issummerhereyetiwanttoweartheseagainsoobad emotion but8meansluckyriteandsheismyluckycharmsothisistotallyappropriate loveface reflection hallelujahfornoisewarelol likes editedwithsweettreatlightroompresetandactions imhappycozthesunisout omgthisisat5exploredonkeyiscraazeeee pinkandyellow ihaventgotanythingwith8init gifts andofcourselovephotoshoplol ilovemywindowlight friends white thisisaflowerofsomesort cup 1explorewowthankyou week27 flickr sunday redwine quietlife edge playful memories ifeelsobad breeze vs explore70onaugust252008 goodfriday kawaii fun athome mypinkyissooonotphotogenic quotebyralphwaldoemerson quotebyoscarwilde facetoface living theoddoneout hungoverfrombokehwednesday itsmonday almond dreamer stealing simplicity lightroom2 explorefrontpage22onaugust172008 smoothbokeh pptweekend red ilovemyhairextensions choholateoverload week31 excitement pissedoff angry dando haveagreatweekend sweettreatpresetsandactions blossoms globe mynikkiisdamaged haveanyoneelsetriedititprettycool backtoregularprogrammingwiththepastelandsoftcolourslol monday dessert explore6on13august2008 eggs short10minssession maythe4thbewithyou firstmeeting actuallythereisateenybitpinktoneinittoop sheep greenteathistime pinklips moody thisistheoriginalcolouroftheplasticthingietheotheronewaseditedforpinktuesdaylol pretty beans mintypresets iso1000 self sheiswearingloveheartseverywhere iwanttogotoatropicalbeachrightnow talented claimtheoneyouwantandputyournotesp stilllife happiness sad cadbury barricade withsheepcozitsinnzlol absolutelypositivelythereis shoes forever cute thebeachreflectedonmyglassesistheentranceaustralia domination bandung quotebywilliamwordsworth shallow isthereenoughbluethereformondayblueslol youaresotalented hbwcontest igotnewshoesandtheyaresogorgeousilovethemsomuch pastel quotebycalvinandhobbes myfavestrappysandals marshmellow perfectautumnweather saltpepper encounter sai japan toys flickrcolours meaningpurpose whiteglasses explore11onaugust22008 likingpastelcoloursagain 4952 melancholy lovehairclips delight thursday lazysunday forhelen moss ghostbones chillin sweets mad shallowdof

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