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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. If you are a Flickr user and Log into Flickr you will be able to see your private photos, as well as larger thumbnails. Hivemind: Kos-Read Hits: 807 Pages: 17 Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
View From My Hotel Window (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china mist clouds sunrise delete5 dawn delete2 deleted9 delete6 delete7 delete8 delete3 save7 delete delete4 save save2 deleted10 save5 choice save6 hotelview saved3 saved4 threegorgesdam wushan
Red Umbrella (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china bridge storm rain beijing raindrops dxo choice puddles wetground redumbrella 135mmf2dc 135mmf2ddc iceboxcool unanicool nikkor135mmaff2dc
Ghost Street (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china smile night crazy cool beijing oldman smoking lanterns  choice uncool  smoker manic  guijie chineselanterns crazysmile  cool2  sigma20mmf18exdg ghoststreet cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4  savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou  cool7 uncool2 iceboxcool
Old Men Swimming (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china yellow swim river beijing  choice  aftertherain fins oldmen goodlife bluecap goldenratio   beijinglife 135mmf2dc beijingstreet 135mmf2ddc  beijingriver nikon135mmf2dclens iceboxcool nikkor135mmaff2dc
Efraim (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: cool uncool 85mmf14d cool2 nikon50mmf14d cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 nikkor85mmf14d cool9 cool7 cool10 uncool2 cool8 uncool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 iceboxcool
Backstage (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china blue red delete10 delete2 deleted9 delete6 5 delete7 deleted3 beijing delete8 delete delete4 save motionblur choice pekingopera beijingopera supersave
Long Day (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved china delete9 balloons deleted7 deleted6 deleted3 deleted2 saved2 deleted4 beijing oldman deleted10 tired deleted5 depressed deleted deleted8 sanlitun saved3 defeated deleted11dogpooh
Battle Scenes #2 (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved china delete2 deleted7 cool deleted9 deleted6 deleted3 saved2 deleted4 deleted10 deleted5 uncool  deleted1 deleted8 saved3 saved4 filmset cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 warmovie cool7 cool8 iceboxcool
Midnight Game (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved china basketball delete2 deleted7 deleted9 deleted6 deleted4 delete3 delete4 deleted10 midnight deleted5 deleted  yunnan deleted8    ruili
Sugar Daddy (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved china girl delete9 graffiti deleted7 deleted6 deleted3 deleted2 saved2 deleted4 beijing deleted10 deleted5 deleted deleted8 sanlitun nikkor135mmaff2dc
Bum and Hooker (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved deleted7 deleted9 deleted6 deleted3 deleted4 delete deleted10 deleted5 deleted8
Smoking at Night (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china comfortable asian fat chinese beijing smoking   raining noshirt goldenratio     sigma20mmf18exdg nanluoguxiang naturalbeautyportraiture nikond700
Dust (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china delete10 delete9 delete5 delete2 alone delete6 delete7 longhair delete8 delete3 delete delete4 sandstorm ningxia yinchuan tokina80200f28 deletedbydeletemeuncensored
Three Towers (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china city urban blackandwhite bw mountains industry asian temple pagoda asia smoke chinese beijing dirty smokestack pollution lonely   powerplant melancholy juxtaposition   bigcity polluted goldenratio industrialization newandold chinesestreet 35mmf2d nikkor35mmf2 beijingstreet nikon35mmf2d afnikkor35mmf2d nikond700 pollutioninchina nikon35mmaff2 pollutioninbeijing chinastreetphotography
Xue Haowen Headshots (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: cool uncool cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 cool7 iceboxcool
Ball (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china delete5 delete2 jump construction asia delete6 delete7 beijing save3 delete8 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save2 cranes save9 save4 save5 choice save10 save6 baskteball urbanwasteland savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou
Hu Jieqiong (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china city girl beautiful night outside lights asia pretty bokeh beijing choice 169 135mmf2dc 135mmf2ddc nikkor135mmaff2dc nikon135mmf2ddc
Manchuria (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: delete10 delete9 delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 deleted3 delete8 delete delete4 save eleted3
Rain (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china asian scary neon innocent chinese beijing young highcontrast greenlight choice 169 redshirt 85mmf14d hotasiangirl hotchinesegirl erranthair nikond700 iceboxcool unanicool stareatcamera asianhorrormovie nikon85mmf14dlens 106bi
Turn (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: guangzhou china blackandwhite bw cool chinese actress uncool cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 harshcontrast cool9 cool7 uncool2 cool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 iceboxcool
Action Scene #2 (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: guangzhou china cool jumping gun chinese shooting choice uncool stunt stuntman cool2 cool5 cool3 actionmovie cool6 cool4 cool7 uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 iceboxcool
Grave Sweeping Day (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china flower bokeh crossprocess beijing outoffocus   filmgrain oof goldenratio flowermacro nikond700
What I See 2 (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: cool uncool cool2 cool3 uncool2 uncool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 uncool9
Aging Actress (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china bar for deleted6 saved5 good saved1 deleted2 saved2 deleted4 beijing saved10 delete deleted10 smoking deleted5 deleted measure saved3 saved4 saved6 saved7 saved8 saved9 deleted11 sigma20mmf18 d700 deleted12 deleted13 deleted14 deleted16 deeted8 anddeleted15
Behind the Scenes (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: deleted6 saved5 saved1 deleted3 deleted2 saved2 deleted4 saved10 deleted5 deleted saved3 saved4 saved6 saved7 saved8 saved9 savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou
Crossing the Street :: iPhone (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china delete2 beijing save3 delete3 save7 save8 delete save save2 save4 save5   save6 savedbydeletemeuncensored
Girl & Fire (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china night delete5 fire delete2 chinese save3 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save2 save9 save4 save5 save10 save6 prettygirl savedbydeletemeuncensored
Look Behind You (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china city sunset urban skyline clouds asian asia shanghai chinese wideangle   bigcity sigma14mmf28ex nikond700
Framed Shadow (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china shadow tree wall cool confucius uncool juxtaposition minimalist whitepaint qufu cool2 cool3 cool6 cool4 cool7 uncool2 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 getpushed cool5forjlswam
Man (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: chinese frame actor flush goldenratio frame4 frame2 frame3 frame5 frame6 frame7 frame8 frame9 frame19 flush4 flush2 flush7 flush8 flush3 flush6 framedbydmu3 flush5
Sand & Wind (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china delete2 save3 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save2 save9 save4 nomad save5 save10 save6 shaanxi ningxia yinchuan savedbydeletemeuncensored atx828afpro tokinaaf80200mmf28
Dark (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china street city portrait blackandwhite beautiful asian asia chinese beijing    sanlitun  bigcity  goldenratio chinesestreet chinesecinema chinesegirl asiancinema tokina80200f28 chinesefilm asianfilm asianactress beijingstreet asianeyes chinesetv hotasiangirl hotchinesegirl asiantv chineseactress chineseeyes atx828afpro nikond700 tokinaaf80200mmf28 tokina80200matxprof28 asianshowbusiness chineseshowbusiness chinastreetphotography
Flames (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china sunset red lake girl yellow messyhair asiangirl sigma14mmf28ex deletedbydeletemeuncensored
Wang Yiting (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: uncool cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 cool9 cool7 uncool2 cool8 uncool3 uncool4 uncool5 uncool6 uncool7 iceboxcool coolforxiao
Hu Jieqiong (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china beautiful night asian lights bigeyes sweater cool pretty bokeh chinese beijing headshot actress uncool 1618 goldenratio cool2 cool5 cool3 cool6 cool4 purplecast cool7 uncool2 cool8 uncool3 uncool4 iceboxcool nikkor135mmaff2dc
Washington Heights (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: blue newyork birds clouds beard cloudy manhattan pigeons profile grain mtv choice grainy shavedhead parkedcars washingtonheights crossingthestreet polaroidfilter filmfilter iceboxcool tamronspaf28105mmf28
Clouds (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china blackandwhite bw clouds pagoda alone yangtzeriver choice  chongqing sichuan challenge chinesepagoda  abovetheclouds chungking  cloudsea threegorgesdam chineseman wushan  chinalandscape  savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou nikond700 chinesemountain tamronsp28105mmf28ldasphericalif iceboxcool unanicool chinavista getpushed
Fog (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china blackandwhite bw mountains fog freezing  choice    sigma14mmf28
Harsh Flash (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china blackandwhite bw beautiful eyes beijing hotasiangirl hotchinesegirl
 (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: delete5 delete2 deleted6 saved2 save3 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save5 choice save10 save6 saved4 saved9 savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou
Monkey King (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china beijing fisheye motionblur slowshutter  choice  chineseopera pekingopera beijingopera monkeyking rearcurtainflash   rearsyncflash zenitar16mmfisheyef28
Midnight (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china midnight cheers chuck  tianjin   cheers2 paintedarrow chuck2 chuck3 chuck4 cheers3 cheers4 cheers5 cheers6 cheers7 cheers8 cheers9 cheers10 chuck5
Singer (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: guangzhou china delete9 delete2 delete6 delete7 deleted3 saved2 deleted4 poor save3 delete8 save8 delete save deleted10 suit save9 singer deleted5 save5 choice busker save6 onearm saved4 begger destitute amputee saved7 cruelworld artlibres classdivide
Beijing Girl (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china yellow beijing cheers chuck cheers2 chuck2 chuck3 chuck4 cheers3 cheers4 chuck6 chuck9 chuckedoutbythepigsty chuck5 chuck7 chuck8 chuck10
Beijing (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved china delete2 deleted7 deleted9 deleted6 saved5 deleted3 saved2 deleted4 beijing delete deleted10 deleted5   deleted8 sanlitun saved3 saved4 poledancer sigma20mmf18
Talker (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: deleted7 deleted9 deleted6 deleted3 deleted2 saved2 deleted4 save deleted10 deleted5 deleted deleted8 saved3
Cold Night (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 save3 delete8 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save2 save9 save4 save5 save10 save6 savedbydeletemeuncensored
Quiet Moment at the Shanghai Airport (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china blackandwhite bw delete5 deleted9 deleted6 shanghai saved1 delete7 deleted3 deleted2 saved2 chinese deleted10 smoking deleted deleted8 futuristic saved3 saved4 deleetd4
Actress Behind a Scrim (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: china blackandwhite bw asian delete5 delete2 delete6 delete7 chinese save3 delete3 save7 save8 delete delete4 save save2 save9 save4 actress save5 save10 save6 onlocation scrim savedbydeletemeuncensored
Chinese Fast Food (Jonathan Kos-Read) Tags: saved china cooking delete9 delete5 deleted7 deleted6 chinesefood deleted3 deleted2 saved2 deleted4 fastfood chinese cook deleted10 mcdonalds deleted deleted8 streetfood saved3 saved4 streetvendor atx828afpro tokinaaf80200mmf28

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38 china 20 beijing 15 delete2 delete 中国 choice 13 chinese iceboxcool 12 deleted3 deleted10 deleted6 11 saved2 deleted4 save delete4 10 delete5 cool3 uncool cool2 deleted5 delete3 9 save6 cool save5 saved3 cool7 saved4 cool4 cool6 deleted8 delete7 北京 8 delete6 cool5 blackandwhite deleted uncool2 deleted7 save8 save3 deleted9 save7 7 goldenratio save2 uncool4 nikond700 bw delete8 uncool3 saved deleted2 asian 6 save10 uncool5 save9 save4 delete9 5 asia nikkor135mmaff2dc cool8 savedbythedeltemeuncensoredgrou savedbydeletemeuncensored uncool6 4 night sanlitun clouds city uncool7 smoking beautiful 3 girl saved5 bokeh atx828afpro saved7 135mmf2dc beijingstreet tokinaaf80200mmf28 delete10 135mmf2ddc hotchinesegirl saved9 bigcity hotasiangirl guangzhou yellow saved1 unanicool actress 黑白 cool9 mountains saved6 beijingopera lights red shanghai urban 85mmf14d tokina80200f28 midnight cheers2 cheers chuck5 juxtaposition chinastreetphotography sunset 抽烟 alone pretty ningxia cheers4 uncool8 motionblur yinchuan saved10 169 sigma20mmf18exdg chuck4 pekingopera getpushed 城市 cheers3 oldman chuck3 threegorgesdam wushan chuck2 deletedbydeletemeuncensored sigma14mmf28ex chinesestreet saved8 sigma20mmf18 blue pagoda chuck fisheye destitute fog grain hotelview frame3 fat storm shavedhead 游泳 nikon135mmf2dclens erranthair bluecap 云海 chineseshowbusiness cheers5 天津 abovetheclouds flush5 wall chinesemountain nikkor35mmf2 yangtzeriver goodlife streetfood chuck9 newyork nikon50mmf14d shaanxi nomad frame6 deleted11dogpooh ghoststreet eleted3 cranes flush4 rain birds filmgrain raindrops challenge actionmovie 女孩 uncool9 smoker deeted8 asianhorrormovie chinesefood 长江 warmovie 四川 busker eyes manic frame2 futuristic d700 lonely crossingthestreet monkeyking lanterns coolforxiao filmset stunt powerplant bridge deleted16 longhair asiantv chinesetv cheers7 5 oof cheers9 tree pollutioninchina amputee deleetd4 上海 疯狂 streetvendor chineseopera chuck8 onearm asianeyes skyline 孙悟空 highcontrast graffiti 疯子 frame4 beard chuck10 flush6 tamronspaf28105mmf28 rearsyncflash tianjin 1618 good smoke mtv slowshutter deleted11 noshirt street frame7 bigeyes asianshowbusiness flush8 pollution flower 重庆 whitepaint 京剧 cheers8 swim smokestack suit chuckedoutbythepigsty shooting sigma14mmf28 gun flush2 tired innocent neon nikon135mmf2ddc 篮球 cruelworld deleted1 106bi puddles chineseactress industrialization singer chinesegirl greenlight cloudsea raining urbanwasteland pollutioninbeijing 云南 artlibres washingtonheights dirty asianactress 钢管舞 deleted14 bar river mcdonalds sandstorm purplecast sweater nikon35mmaff2 chineselanterns tamronsp28105mmf28ldasphericalif naturalbeautyportraiture poor balloons 晚上 下雨

Pairs: 8 beijing,china 5 china,中国 4 china,choice 3 delete5,save delete2,delete5 deleted3,deleted6 cool2,uncool beijing,北京 deleted5,deleted6 china,北京 china,girl

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