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Ryan looked so cute with Smurf-blue hair! #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Tonight I organized the kids' baby boxes...ugh, so many sweet memories! I wish I could go back and re-live some of those moments.   (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Tonight I organized the kids' baby boxes...ugh, so many sweet memories! I wish I could go back and re-live some of those moments.   (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Pugs make excellent pillows for kittens. #Pug #kitten #Pugstagram #PugsofInstagram #kittenstagram #kittensofInstagram (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
This is Gizmo, Freyja's borked-tailed brother. He's the less bitchy half of the duo. :) #rescuekitten #formerstray #adoptdontshop #kitten #kittensofinstagram (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Buying cleaning solutions in bulk and reusing empty spray bottles for your own "concoctions" is a LOT cheaper than continually buying the pre-made cleansers. Here's what I buy in bulk to mix together for all-purpose, kitchen, bathroom, carpet, and floor c (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
I remember this! Earthquakes aren't exactly all that common in Amish Country. #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
I almost never have the luxury of going to the bathroom alone... (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
This is the dragon pendant that started it all - and by "all" I mean our amazing relationship with Daniel that began on August 16th, 2000. We were co-workers at Burger King, and he had already introduced himself (and as he told me later, it was my lunch c (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
#latergram I nailed yesterday's hair and makeup. #selfie (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Adorable eight year old Alyssa...with not so adorable bangs. #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
I saw this and thought of Dan (Fibromyalgia), my mom (diabetic neuropathy), our friend Jason (back problems), and myself (chronic and relentless back pain, intermittent bouts of abdominal pain). #chronicpain #fibromyalgia #diabeticneuropathy #backpain #De (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Today's hairdo turned out unexpectedly fabulous. Credit to my love @Kuldin for the cut and color (a custom blend of three Manic Panics), Herbal Essences and Big Sexy Hair for the styling products (mousse and wax), and Target for the glittery clips! #short (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
It's always a good time for homemade chocolate chip cookie dough - sans baking soda, because who am I trying to fool? There won't be any baking...just nomming!   #JennyCrocker #chocolatechipcookiedough (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Dan takes forever and a day to bleed and clot. (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Any reason is a good reason to have a cupcake! #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
From yesterday. This is what 147 pounds on a 5'7'' frame looks like (check out that sexy ribcage bulge - is this the new thigh gap? - yes, I have one of those, too) - and at least 15 of those pounds is due to loose skin. Yes, I'm just about three months o (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Good Dad Moment #481: indulging your son's obsession with all things Titanic to the extent of assembling and painting a model replica for him. #gooddad #gooddadmoment #Titanic (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Four year old Ryan was funny. #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
This custom-blended purple looks so much better! (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
I'm still appalled and disgusted by parents and caregivers who smoke in the same room or vehicle their children are in. Do what you want to your body, but don't force children to be exposed to your carcinogen sticks. #dontsmoke #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Currently reading. I haven't read a book in AGES (too busy / scatterbrained / stressed / depressed / ill), and with the presidential election coming up, this book seems like an appropriate choice. #LoveMeLoveMeNot #TheHillaryParadox #JoanneCronwrathBamber (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Chocolate chip mug cookies are, quite frankly, one of the best food inventions since sliced bread!   (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
I found a peace treaty Alyssa and Ryan made with each other. Be in with peace!  (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Currently: organizing all of our books, including the collection of trashy romance novels I inherited from my grandmother. I used to sneak these off to read when I was as young as 8 - in fact, the blue one in the middle (Shining Nights) was my introductio (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Exactly 16 years ago today Daniel and I went on our first date. I was 16, he was 18. We met at work (Burger King). He liked my purple hair scrunchie and preference for milk instead of soda. I liked his broad shoulders and the wayward curls peeking out fro (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Peacock hair! #selfie #shorthair #shorthairedgirls #diyhaircut (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Perk of living in the middle of nowhere / Amish Country / the boonies: gorgeous landscape pictures. I pulled over (after passing two Amish buggies, of course) and snapped this about an hour before a disappointingly mediocre thunderstorm. #countryside #Ami (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Currently indulging in #Ipsy! #IpsyGlamBag #IpsyAugust2016 #SecretGardenOliveOilAmpouleMask (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
This still applies. It always will. I yearn for a day when I have the opportunity to piss on the flames that are burning her and her son to death, because I wouldn't do it. #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
This is my relieved face. It has been a long 17 days. #vaguegram (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
Or on his new Chromebook! #firstworldproblems #Timehop (Jenn ) Tags: ifttt instagram
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