40d abandoned april barn blue blur canon cloud clouds east fog grass green hdr highdynamicrange jeffengel jeffengelhardt light longexposure monochrome mountain orange oregon park photomatix photoshop post river roadtrip rock rocks seattle sky snow storm sunrise sunset trees twilight washington water waves weathered white yellow

Jeff Engelhardt ( User )    Flickr Hive Mind (more)  Preferences  There are still problems with the Flickr API. Working on this... Nathan I order all my professional prints from Adorama Pix in NYC. I recommend them. I prefer METAL. -Nathan
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Power (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: california road trip blue vacation green windmill yellow canon lens power desert environmental palm springs flare enlightenment exploration starburst 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Dawn, Going to the Sun Road (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: longexposure blue orange cliff usa white mountain green grass yellow rock clouds photoshop sunrise canon landscape rockies fire leaf flora montana rocks wind wideangle august foliage elements layers rockymountains streams cascade 1022mm hdr highdynamicrange gardenwall glisten glacierpark runoff cliffside goingtothesunroad photomatix 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Twilight Glow (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle city blue red blackandwhite bw moon white black building water monochrome skyscraper marina canon boats harbor haze downtown cityscape post ships filter jethro gasworks lakeunion selenium skyling 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt montanajeff fjasinpiglatinforjeff
Grain.  Elevated. (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: old blue red food abandoned yellow clouds neglect train photoshop canon daylight washington sand weeds weed track rustic elevator neglected grain rusty dirt crap weathered daytime elevated curve eastern hdr highdynamicrange piles crumbling disrepair palouse generalmills photomatix 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
You Want the truth?  You Can't Handle the Truth! (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blue sunset abandoned field yellow oregon photoshop canon washington twilight warm post neglected rusty roadtrip dot east april weathered sunburst schoolhouse hdr highdynamicrange starburst photomatix 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt howboutthemhalos
Lynn Canyon Descent (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: park wood trees canada green nature leaves lines vancouver stairs forest photoshop canon woodland bc post path britishcolumbia rail lynncanyon hdr highdynamicrange lightroom leadinglines photomatix tonemap 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Mt. Hood (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: morning blue trees light snow cold green field oregon barn sunrise canon river twilight purple farm peak roadtrip orchard glacier valley mthood april mounthood hoodriver gnd neutraldensity 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt peekedatyourpeak tweakyourpeak
Cheap (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle cloud reflection glass monochrome skyline night canon lights washington downtown cityscape nocturnal post piers smooth alki westseattle spaceneedle pugetsound piles elliotbay lightroom selenium 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle wood light uw window photoshop canon table washington chair university cathedral library huskies stainedglass books rows hdr highdynamicrange suzzallo photomatix 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt uwstroll0904
Split-Flickr-Toned Sunrise - Seattle (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle morning pink blue snow mountains color water sunrise canon newcastle early flickr post lakewashington spaceneedle mercerisland olympics peaks range bellevue hilltop splittone 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Winter Storm Warning (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle sky cloud storm skyline clouds canon skyscape cityscape hey gray storms drama photomatix tonemap 40d jeffengel maytheiphoneriseupandsmitethee nosmitingallowed
Wahclella Falls (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: longexposure blue green rock oregon canon river waterfall moss soft falls bonneville columbiarivergorge wahclellafalls 40d vosplusbellesphotos
Going To The Sun (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: road park blue trees light orange usa sunlight mountain lake snow green rock fog clouds photoshop sunrise canon waterfall highway montana august cliffs glacier national valley 1022mm hdr highdynamicrange 1022 mcdonald goingtothesun glacierpark 10mm birdwomanfalls photomatix mountoberlin 40d mtoberlin jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Seawall Stairs in Storm (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: ocean seattle sea storm stairs canon timelapse waves purple magenta seawall timeexposure filter nd alki pugetsound gnd biggerisbetter goodpoint 40d richeyviewpoint eraseafterreading stormyseawallstairs ismorealliterative soiwonteraseit
I'm a Folk Music Nerd (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle winter music storm west nerd water rain weather clouds writing reflections pier lyrics spring rocks long exposure wind folk perspective cover sound alki mitchell written olympics leonard joni puget drizzle nimoy rendition bothsidesnow blamecanada canadaohcanada everytaginthebookbaby
It's Pouring In Seattle (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle brown white black cup coffee ink photoshop canon wednesday circle happy java beans mud bokeh chocolate stock cream bubbles joe bean full pot starbucks round mug shock jolt organic wakeup caffeine pour brew liquid grind addiction grinder creamer grounds tully pouring hotstuff carafe caffiene mugged perk lightroom refreshment frenchroast tullys addictive 12step ruleofthirds seattlesbest stimulant poured batteryacid goodcall liquidcrack 40d ineedanewtripod varnishremover wakeywakeyeggsandbakey jeffengel sanfranciscobaycoffee twelvestep jeffengelhardt youspeltcaffeinewrong butwholooksatthese fortyweight brewtastic actuallyimeanttodoitbothwayscuzifigurethatpeoplesearchingmisspellaswellforgotoops youforgotliquidcrack goodcallpart2
Poetic, in a nerdy sort of way (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle wood blur reflection tree green water lines photoshop canon boat wooden warm poetry poem ship peace peaceful center row calm lakeunion hdr highdynamicrange strips badpoetry photomatix woodenboatcenter 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Stone Cold (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: life seattle park blur cemetery grave graveyard rock stone composition canon dead death ancient memorial war die pattern dof bokeh live headstone depthoffield formation study worldwari giving memory warrior lives warriors reminder veteran somber centered veterans sacrifice memorialpark grounding northseattle evergreenwashelli centering 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt yourenottryingtoouttagthecmeisterareyou phillipthakas
What kind of tree? (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle trees light texture halloween lines monster fog canon post path joke humor perspective creepy sidewalk westseattle ash birch admiral ghostly beech pecker niceash 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Palouse Falls (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: 40d april canon east elena jeffengelhardt jeffengel roadtrip washington palouse palousefalls water dirt mud cliff canyon torrent volcanic basalt plain flood spray mist cliffs moss grass green brown tiers rock stone
Diamond in the Rough? (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: old trees winter house mountain snow tree abandoned grass oregon barn photoshop canon river spring bare rustic neglected rusty peak roadtrip east snowcapped valley tired rusted mthood worn april gorge decrepit mounthood hdr highdynamicrange hoodriver photomatix hoodrivervalley hottinroof 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
They Might Be Giants (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blue sky windmill field canon giant book washington wind farm spin roadtrip literature east goldendale massive theymightbegiants april imagination tall donquixote turbine windfarm futility windypoint 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Student Views (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle longexposure people snow uw monochrome canon vintage campus washington university glacier aged mtrainier selenium 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
I'm charged for the weekend (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blue storm electric canon starwars palpatine glow sinister evil electricity demon bolts lightning bigtroubleinlittlechina theforce emporer lopan jackburton evilplan 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt eggshan
Hood River Valley Barn (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blue trees winter snow cold abandoned grass clouds oregon barn photoshop sunrise canon river twilight purple farm cyan violet orchard valley hood weathered distressed hdr highdynamicrange fushia photomatix 40d elenalovesthecolorfuscia frontpagepimpin
Sun on Crown Point (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: morning light cliff cloud sun storm green nature yellow rock fog photoshop sunrise canon river landscape gold for break stitch historic just vista gorge hdr photomatix river tonemapped not tonemap point light 40d columbia god effect 30 highway crown f4l 70200mm thirty beams
The Enchantments Range (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blue cliff mountain lake snow ice water rock sunrise canon dawn high stitch peak hike alpine backpack wilderness range dragontail enchantments 40d vosplusbellesphotos
Luna(r) Park (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle park longexposure moon water twilight december cityscape nocturnal luna spaceneedle lunar
Twilight (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle city sunset building tower night skyscraper canon evening twilight downtown cityscape nocturnal metro headlights taillights lightstreams lightstreaks ridonkulous 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blue trees red sky abandoned yellow clouds barn canon washington destruction roadtrip east april weathered streaks distressed dilapidated palouse 40d jeffengel howaboutalittlefirescarecrow jeffengelhardt bizarrereferencestooz funniestlineinthemovie yeahimwarpedwhatofit
After The Storm (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: longexposure pink storm water sunrise pier texas purple destruction houston 18thstreet pilings passing ike galvestonbay hurricaneike
Barnz in the Hood (River Valley, that is) (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: sunset red white snow oregon barn canon river roadtrip glacier east valley mthood april hood gorge contrails mounthood 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Infinite Salton (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: sea monochrome fog canon landscape long exposure infinity piers salt smooth apocalypse experiment tint pilings vignette tone 1022mm infinite salton selenium 40d
High Wind Advisory (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: park flowers blue autumn trees light sky cliff usa cloud sunlight mountain lake snow storm green fall water field grass fog clouds sunrise canon landscape montana rocks long exposure wind pass august glacier hidden bloom logan 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Bean Bokeh (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: morning brown white hot texture jeff cup coffee java beans bokeh bean mug minimalist ruleofthirds engelhardt jeffengel
Good Intentions (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle blackandwhite bw white black church monochrome architecture canon post cathedral chocolate joke religion humor stjames saintjames 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt youareatagvandal
Bitterroot Valley barn (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: november blue winter sky texture abandoned broken clouds barn rural canon skyscape montana farm side hamilton neglected wideangle east missoula worn damage weathered shack hdr highdynamicrange 10mm ndfilter bitterroot photomatix stevensville bitterrootvalley 40d novemer biggerisbeautiful
Montana barn at dawn (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: november blue cloud storm motion blur detail green texture clouds barn contrast race canon dark timelapse montana moody wind decay sinister cyan evil timeexposure missoula shack 24mm drama ghostly ndfilter gndfilter stevensville bitterrootvalley f14l 40d
Arch Cape (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: sunset west beach rock oregon gold coast waves shore archcape hugpoint
Where the Land Meets the Sea (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: ocean blue sea green beach mexico sand cabo rocks long exposure waves peace crash jimmy wave shore baja buffet cabosanlucas peninulsa
Palouse Falls - the never seen angle (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: blackandwhite monochrome oregon photoshop canon washington roadtrip east april hdr highdynamicrange easternwashington palousefalls photomatix 40d jeffengel silverefexpro jeffengelhardt
Happy Volvo Wednesday, or "Hey babe, nice wheels!" (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: auto seattle blue red sky orange usa car yellow photoshop canon volvo washington bracket august alki westseattle barrier bellevue hdr highdynamicrange v70 photomatix 235hp 40d jeffengel nicewhip jeffengelhardt 32linline6 imgoingtoaskherificandriveitalot whatcanisaysherunsthings butthespinnersareonmycar shewillsaynoatleastsheshouldsayno 40overkbbvalueisnotagooddeal wherearethespinnerrims hedidsaysomethingaboutmsrp25butifiguredhewasjoking allineedtodoitplyherwithmartinissorryyouretoodrunktodrivehome ofcoursethatmeansillhavetocutdownonthebeernoteasy
If I had a Holga . . (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle white blur color film rose contrast canon holga child random elena saturation flare vignette defective notfilm 40d wannabefilm jeffengel jeffengelhardt
Twilight on the Haystack (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: ocean longexposure pink blue light sunset sea lighthouse blur beach wet water rock stone night oregon canon dark evening coast twilight sand inn surf waves post smooth shoreline haystack fading 70200mm f4l tolovana 40d
Mystic Highway (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: road old trip trees cloud sun mountain green yellow rock fog stone corner turn forest canon river drive moss cool woods highway quiet bend path hill masonry peaceful roadtrip columbia follow trail journey mystical hillside hdr highdynamicrange mystic bucolic columbiarivergorge photomatix 40d historichighway30 pca56
Sunrise Barn (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: ranch morning blue trees winter sunset orange snow abandoned grass clouds barn rural photoshop sunrise canon landscape early twilight decay farm rustic neglected wideangle scene gas gasstation worn weathered 1022mm hdr highdynamicrange photomatix 40d
Evening at Myrtle Edwards park (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle longexposure blue trees sunset orange white storm yellow clouds canon washington timelapse rocks surf waves timeexposure pugetsound hdr elliotbay 40d
Blue Angels in front of Mt. Rainier (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: seattle plane airplane fighter f18 mtrainier blueangels seafair photofaceoffwinner photofaceoffplatinum pfogold pfoplatinum explorecherrypop deleteasneeded
Happy Smiling Child Friday (14/52) (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: portrait people usa blur sepia canon rocks child hilary august columbia columbiariver elena gorge orton vantage 40d jeffengel jeffengelhardt notreallyortonbutsorta andbelieveitornotitshdralso
Canon Beach (Jeff Engelhardt) Tags: ocean blue sunset orange reflection water yellow oregon photoshop canon sand waves pacific wideangle timeexposure adobe haystackrock 1022mm silhouetted hdr highdynamicrange pacificcoast starburst canonbeach 40d blendif ronbigelow

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43 40d canon 31 jeffengel 29 jeffengelhardt 23 blue 19 seattle 17 hdr 16 photomatix 15 photoshop highdynamicrange 13 green 12 clouds 11 trees water washington 10 sunrise yellow rock oregon snow 9 storm roadtrip 8 east barn white sunset april post 7 light twilight river longexposure abandoned 6 orange sky monochrome mountain rocks fog waves blur cloud weathered grass 5 montana wind winter park neglected august farm glacier red valley cityscape landscape usa morning 1022mm cliff 4 gorge sand alki stone selenium purple exposure ocean field long texture timeexposure sea wideangle 3 smooth spaceneedle mounthood bokeh palouse pugetsound tonemap starburst pink rustic lake reflection night old peak nocturnal mthood blackandwhite timelapse black wood path downtown lines rusty elena moss

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