100asa 100iso 35mm analog analogphotography blackandwhite blackandwhitefilm bw cyprus d300 digital dslr europe film filmcamera filmdatabase filmphotography fm10 fuji irenestylianou larnaca lomo lomocamera lomographic lomography lomographyfilm nature nikkor nikkor18200mm nikkor3570mm nikkor3570mmf3548 nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556 nikon nikoncamera nikond300 nikondigital nikonfm10 nophotoshop portrait song songlyrics sooc toycamera vr woman

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Cool Cat (Irene Stylianou) Tags: digital cat blackcat nikon village song cyprus 1855mm nikkor dslr nikondigital paphos dx pafos hotspace coolcat nikoncamera kathikas laona nikkor1855mm d80 queensong nikond80 afsdxnikkor ed1855 irenestylianou ed185513556gii  laonavillage
It Seems You Get Your Kicks From Hurting Me (Irene Stylianou) Tags: woman nature field sepia analog 35mm spring nikon europe seasons wind kodak song cyprus nikonfm10 michaeljackson nikkor fm10 kodakt400cn analogphotography panchromatic larnaca kodakfilm songlyrics c41 filmphotography nikoncamera nikkor3570mm giveintome nikonfilmcamera womaninfield filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 kodakprofessionalt400cn cyprusnature irenestylianou itseemsyougetyourkicksfromhurtingme
 (Irene Stylianou) Tags: street city uk greatbritain england urban london film westminster clouds analog 35mm square u2 lomo lomography doubleexposure toycamera bigben clocktower diana squareformat 24mm analogphotography 100asa westminsterbridge lomocamera palaceofwestminster 100iso filmphotography lomographic 24mmlens lomographyfilm filmdatabase lomographydianamini dianamini lomographycn100 lomographycolornegative100 irenestylianou imgettingreadytoleavetheground
Secret Garden (Irene Stylianou) Tags: italy milan tree film analog 35mm garden nikon europa europe italia kodak song milano nikonfm10 nikkor rodinal lombardia analogphotography secretgarden brucespringsteen lombardy sapling kodakfilm songlyrics filmphotography blackandwhitefilm agfarodinal nikkor3570mm kodakblackandwhite kodaktechnicalpan filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 saplingtree irenestylianou kodaktechnicalpan100 technicalpan100
"Nobody knows where they might wake up... (Irene Stylianou) Tags: trees sleeping portrait selfportrait nature forest countryside spring europe mediterranean song sleep cyprus pillow portraiture nikkor dslr nikondigital soundtrack selfie songlyrics greysanatomy nikoncamera nikondslr womanportrait nikkor18200mm psapp kapedes nikonphotography portraiturephotography greysanatomysoundtrack nikond300 cyprusnature cosyintherocket irenestylianou cyprusweather nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
Underwater (Irene Stylianou) Tags: sea summer selfportrait june analog 35mm lomo lomography underwater seasons toycamera cyprus bubbles 200asa 200iso fisheye analogphotography larnaca kodakgold expiredfilm selfie kodakfilm filmphotography lomographic kodakgold200 fisheye2 sooc fisheyeii lomographyfisheye2 filmdatabase irenestylianou cyprusweather
Elena S. (Irene Stylianou) Tags: portrait blackandwhite bw woman film analog darkroom 35mm nikon cyprus nikonfm10 filmcamera nikkor fm10 ilford ilforddelta400 analogphotography 400asa larnaca 400iso femaleportrait filmphotography larnaka nikoncamera blackandwhitefilm blackandwhiteportrait nikkor3570mm ilfordfilm ilfordid11 womanportrait filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 dilution11 irenestylianou ilforddelta400developedat200 ilfordnewdelta400 ilfordnewdelta400developedat200
"I enter the world called real as one enters a mist" {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blackandwhite bw mist mountains misty europe fuji quote cyprus explore quotes finepix fujifilm digitalcamera supermacro fujinon 28300mm mountainrange digitalblackandwhite s9600 fujis9600 fujifilmfinepixs9600 fujinonzoomlens fujilens digitalfuji juliengreen cyprusnature juliengreenquote irenestylianou cyprusweather ientertheworldcalledrealasoneentersamist 1cm04inch 28300mmequiv135 107xoptical f62667mm f62667mm12849 58mm
Chasing Pavements (Irene Stylianou) Tags: street urban italy rome roma film analog 35mm nikon europa europe italia song streetphotography xp2 nikonfm10 ilfordxp2super nikkor ilfordxp2 adele ilford analogphotography zebracrossing lazio 400asa 400iso pedestriancrossing songlyrics filmphotography blackandwhitefilm nikkor3570mm ilfordfilm nikkor3570mmf3548 chasingpavements adelelyrics irenestylianou
Steve McCurry (Irene Stylianou) Tags: india festival nikon photographer nikkor dslr holi vr rajasthan nationalgeographic jodhpur stevemccurry d300 18200mm vr2 nikkor18200mm d700 nikond300 irenestylianou nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
I'm Open (Irene Stylianou) Tags: door old blackandwhite bw abandoned film analog 35mm 50mm fuji song decay cyprus pearljam abandonedhouse curtains fujica analogphotography 100asa larnaca nocode songlyrics 100iso filmphotography blackandwhitefilm 50mmlens lomographyfilm xfujinon fujifilmcamera imopen filmdatabase fujilens fujiaxmultiprogram irenestylianou fujicaaxmultiprogram xfujinon119f50mmdm fujinon119f50mm
Hold On To Me (Irene Stylianou) Tags: city italy milan bus film analog 35mm nikon europa europe italia song milano grain nikonfm10 3200 lombardia ilford analogphotography lombardy songlyrics arminvanbuuren ilforddelta3200 3200iso filmphotography 3200asa blackandwhitefilm ilforddelta nikkor3570mm ilfordfilm ilforddelta3200professional holdontome filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 irenestylianou arminvanbuurenfeataudreygallagher
 (Irene Stylianou) Tags: portrait italy woman man milan film sergio analog 35mm studio nikon europa europe italia milano noflash nikonfm10 nikkor sonia lombardia ilford analogphotography notripod apart manandwoman lombardy ilforddelta3200 3200iso filmphotography studiophotography 3200asa blackandwhitefilm ilforddelta blackandwhiteportrait noflashphotography nikkor3570mm ilfordfilm saladiposa nolightroom filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 irenestylianou apart
Contrast (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blackandwhite italy milan slr film contrast analog 35mm nikon italia kodak milano nikonfm10 filmcamera lombardia analogphotography lombardy kodakfilm 25asa filmphotography nikoncamera blackandwhitefilm nikonslr 25iso nikkor3570mm sooc viavallazze scannegative filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 kodak25iso irenestylianou kodak25asa
When the Wind Blows (Irene Stylianou) Tags: trees blackandwhite bw nature monochrome polaroid europe song cyprus palmtrees instant instantcamera polaroid600 davidbowie impossible larnaca instantphotography songlyrics polaroidonestep onestep px larnaka polaroidonestep600 polaroidcamera blackandwhitefilm instantfilm onestep600 blackframe polaroidfilm sooc whenthewindblows filmdatabase   silvershade theimpossibleproject px600 impossibleprojectfilm impossiblepx600 irenestylianou blackandwhiteinstant px600silvershadeuvblackframe
Three (Irene Stylianou) Tags: winter sea 3 seascape film analog 35mm square landscape three seaside lomo lomography europe december toycamera cyprus diana squareformat fujifilm filmcamera nophotoshop expired analogphotography 100asa lomograph larnaca expiredfilm 100iso filmphotography lomographic analogcamera winterswimming sooc lomographycamera winterswimmers fuji100iso filmdatabase expiredfujifilm lomographydianamini dianamini irenestylianou
"But I'm still noone, and you're now a star" (Irene Stylianou) Tags: flowers blackandwhite woman film nature field analog 35mm square lyrics nikon kodak squareformat nikonfm10 radiohead fm10 kodakt400cn analogphotography kodakfilm filmphotography blackandwhitefilm thinkingaboutyou pablohoney colorefexpro niksoftware filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 kodakprofessionalt400cn radioheadsong irenestylianou
Reds and blues (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blue red india umbrella nikon streetphotography nikkor dslr nikondigital bluedoor rajasthan d300 nikoncamera vr2 nikkor18200mm jojawar nikond300 stevemccurryworkshop irenestylianou nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
Have it All {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blackandwhite bw woman film polaroid song explore instant nophotoshop foofighters instantcamera polaroid600 impossible landcamera instantphotography polaroidonestep onestep polaroidonestep600 polaroidcamera blackandwhitefilm instantfilm onestep600 blackandwhiteportrait sooc haveitall integralfilm instantportrait filmdatabase theimpossibleproject px600 impossibleprojectfilm irenestylianou px600coolsilvershade silvershading
Oh, who would ever want to be King? (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blackandwhite bw film field analog 35mm 50mm cow europe fuji coldplay song cyprus mascot filmcamera fujica analogphotography larnaca songlyrics filmphotography cowhead 50mmlens 3cows lomographyfilm vivalavida xfujinon coldplaysong fujifilmcamera filmdatabase fujilens fujiaxmultiprogram irenestylianou fujicaaxmultiprogram xfujinon119f50mmdm fujinon119f50mm
London Eye (Irene Stylianou) Tags: uk greatbritain trees england london film analog 35mm mediumformat square lomo lomography toycamera londoneye bluesky diana squareformat ferriswheel 24mm analogphotography touristattraction 100asa lomocamera 100iso filmphotography lomographic colorfilm 24mmlens lomographyfilm filmdatabase lomographydianamini dianamini lomographycn100 lomographycolornegative100 irenestylianou
Let sleeping dogs lie (Irene Stylianou) Tags: street sleeping dog india expedition digital nikon photographer sleep streetphotography workshop nikkor dslr straydog nikondigital vr rajasthan nationalgeographic jodhpur stevemccurry d300 sleepingdog nikoncamera travelphotography 18200mm letsleepingdogslie vr2 nikkor18200mm photographyworkshop aplaceforportraits nikond300 nationalgeographicphotographer irenestylianou stevemccurryexpedition nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556 indiaexpedition
One tree (Irene Stylianou) Tags: trees sky reflection tree nature water clouds analog 35mm river landscape countryside nikon europe mediterranean paddle cyprus nikonfm10 nophotoshop fm10 larnaca larnaka nikkor3570mm sooc nikkor3570mmf3548 cyprusnature irenestylianou cyprusweather
Bench Monday #13 (Irene Stylianou) Tags: park trees selfportrait nature forest bench nikon europe cyprus bm nikkor dslr nikondigital vr drmartens larnaca selfie d300 hbm nikoncamera sooc nikkor18200mm nikond300 cyprusnature benchmonday irenestylianou pattichion pattichionmunicipalamphitheatre nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
06.17 am (Irene Stylianou) Tags: uk greatbritain morning sea england sky blackandwhite bw mist water misty fog clouds digital sunrise dawn pier nikon brighton unitedkingdom earlymorning westpier digitalbw nikkor dslr nikondigital eastsussex vr humidity d300 nikoncamera 18200mm nikonlens digitalblackandwhite vr2 blackwhitephotos nikkor18200mm blackandwhiteonly nikond300 nikonflickraward flickraward irenestylianou nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
Summer's End (Irene Stylianou) Tags: sea summer seascape film june analog 35mm boats boat seaside lomo lomography rocks seasons song doubleexposure toycamera cyprus wideangle multipleexposure analogue filmcamera foofighters mx analogphotography summersend lomograph doubles larnaca lomocamera songlyrics wideanglelens filmphotography lomographic 22mm analogcamera bellestarr pervolia redscale lasardina redscalefilm lomographyfilm 22mmlens filmdatabase  lomographyredscale lomographyredscalexr50200 irenestylianou lomographylasardina cyprusweather lomographylasardinabellestarr lomographyredscalexr50200400
Two (Irene Stylianou) Tags: two blackandwhite bw slr abandoned film nature analog 35mm chair nikon europe chairs song cyprus seats nikonfm10 filmcamera nikkor fm10 ilfordxp2 ilford analogphotography larnaca ryanadams songlyrics filmphotography nikoncamera blackandwhitefilm naturescene nikkor3570mm ilfordfilm filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 irenestylianou truebloodsoundtrack ittakestwowhenitusedtotakeonlyone
Did You Make It Safe? {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: bw seascape film analog marina 35mm landscape boats lomo lomography europe fuji song toycamera cyprus panoramic fujifilm analogue filmcamera nophotoshop analogphotography newmodelarmy lomograph plasticcamera 400asa larnaca 400iso blackandwhitephotography lomocamera songlyrics meditteranean filmphotography lomographic panoramiccamera blackandwhitefilm analogcamera fujineopan sooc lomographycamera sprocketrocket neopanfilm filmdatabase fujineopanprofessional400iso irenestylianou lomographysprocketrocket sprocketrocketred didyoumakeitsafe lomographysprocketrocketred
The 'Talk and Die' Syndrome {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: trees nature digital forest landscape nikon europe cyprus explore 1855mm nikkor dslr nikondigital larnaca dx nikoncamera nikkor1855mm d80 nikond80 afsdxnikkor cyprusnature ed1855 irenestylianou ed185513556gii talkanddie talkanddiesyndrome
Indian Necessities (Irene Stylianou) Tags: india bike bicycle indian streetphotography laundry nikkor dslr nikondigital vr rajasthan jodhpur suncity bluecity nikoncamera hangingclothes nikkor18200mm  nikond300  irenestylianou nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
SOOC Garden! {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: uk greatbritain flowers summer england nature digital garden brighton unitedkingdom explore nophotoshop nikkor dslr nikondigital eastsussex vr publicgarden d300 nikoncamera 18200mm vr2 sooc nikkor18200mm nikond300 irenestylianou nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
 (Irene Stylianou) Tags: film analog 35mm 50mm lomography nikon song tungsten analogue filmcamera nophotoshop nikkor expired jeffbuckley expiredfilm songlyrics c41 filmphotography analogcamera nikkor50mm 50mmlens 64iso nikonf801s nikkor50mmf18d sooc afnikkor50mmf18d forgether 64asa lomographyfilm filmdatabase irenestylianou lomographyxtungsten64iso
You've changed (Irene Stylianou) Tags: portrait woman film nature field female analog 35mm 50mm fuji song cyprus portraiture filmcamera nophotoshop agfa expired fujica fujinon analogphotography 400asa 400iso expiredfilm nicosia femaleportrait filmphotography 50mmlens evacassidy agfafilm agfacolor sooc expired1981 portraiturephotography xfujinon fujifilmcamera agfacolor400 filmdatabase fujilens agfaexpiredfilm fujiaxmultiprogram irenestylianou agfacns400 fujicaaxmultiprogram xfujinon119f50mmdm fujinon119f50mm
Dogs (You Gotta Be Crazy) (Irene Stylianou) Tags: bw film dogs animals analog 35mm nikon europe mediterranean song cyprus pinkfloyd electricity filmcamera delta100 fm10 1977 ilford analogphotography powerstation 100asa powersupply larnaca songlyrics 100iso filmphotography larnaka blackandwhitefilm dhekelia ilforddelta nikkor3570mm pinkfloydlyrics pinkfloydsong filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 nikonflickraward dhekeliapowerstation irenestylianou electricityauthority
Presence. (Irene Stylianou) Tags: slr film nature analog 35mm nikon song cyprus nikonfm10 analogue filmcamera nophotoshop nikkor presence analogphotography anathema songlyrics nicosia filmphotography nikonslr analogcamera nikkor3570mm sooc lomographyfilm nikonanalog nikonfilmcamera xyliatos  irenestylianou xyliatosdam lomographylomochromepurplexr100400iso   lomochromepuprle
The Sun Doesn't Like You (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blue sunset sun film analog 35mm landscape lomo lomography europe song toycamera cyprus saltlake actionsampler filmcamera nophotoshop analogphotography cliche 400asa norahjones larnaca 400iso lomocamera songlyrics filmphotography lomographic colorfilm sooc multilens lomographyfilm lomographyactionsampler filmdatabase norahjoneslyrics lomographycolornegative400 multilenscamera lomographycn400 irenestylianou thesundoesntlikeyou
Jaipur women (Irene Stylianou) Tags: india colors digital nikon women indian photojournalism tradition nikkor dslr nikondigital jaipur rajasthan amberfort d300 nikoncamera indianwomen travelphotography vr2 nikkor18200mm indiantradition nikond300 irenestylianou jaipurwomen nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
Nimaj Boy (Irene Stylianou) Tags: boy portrait india eyes nikon streetphotography streetportrait dslr nikondigital vr rajasthan indianboy d300 nikoncamera childrensportrait indianportrait nimaj childrensphotography nikkor18200mm portraiturephotography nikond300 irenestylianou nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
To the Queen of my Heart, from the King of Nowhere {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: nikon d80 nikond80 nikkor 1855mm ed1855 ed185513556gii nikkor1855mm cyprus nicosia portraiturephotography portraiture bluechair song songlyrics newmodelarmy queenofmyheart tothequeenofmyheartfromthekingofnowhere irenestylianou explore
"And the heart beats in its cage" (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blackandwhite hearts nikon heart song cyprus cage vr thestrokes songlyrics nicosia digitalblackandwhite nikkor18200mm heartinacage nikond300 irenestylianou heartsinacage theheartbeatsinitscage nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556
In Verona (Irene Stylianou) Tags: portrait people italy money film darkroom 35mm nikon europa europe mediterranean italia kodak streetphotography beggar verona fm10 tmax400 begging beggars kodakfilm veneto kodaktmax northernitaly aplaceforportraits barytapaper baryta baritata nikkor3570mmf3548 cartabaritata irenestylianou
In the Moment of the Meantime {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: woman film nature field polaroid lyrics europe cyprus explore instant rhcp instantcamera redhotchilipeppers polaroid600 impossible landcamera instantphotography polaroidonestep disappearing onestep filmphotography polaroidonestep600 instantfilm womanwalking onestep600 integralfilm filmdatabase venicequeen theimpossibleproject  irenestylianou px680 px680colorshadecool inthemomentofthemeantime
London and Other Short Stories (Irene Stylianou) Tags: uk greatbritain england london film westminster ferry thames analog 35mm river landscape boat lomo lomography toycamera bigben clocktower diana 24mm riverthames analogphotography touristattraction 100asa westminsterbridge lomocamera palaceofwestminster 100iso ferryride filmphotography lomographic 24mmlens lomographyfilm filmdatabase lomographydianamini dianamini lomographycn100 lomographycolornegative100 irenestylianou
"Draft beer, not people." (Irene Stylianou) Tags: film beer analog 35mm army lomo lomography fuji quote toycamera cyprus wideangle 200asa 200iso fisheye quotes fujifilm filmcamera nophotoshop analogphotography beercans draft lomocamera drafting compactcamera filmphotography lomographic fisheye2 fujis200 fisheyedistortion sooc fisheyeno2 fisheyeii lomographyfisheye2 filmdatabase kaminaria irenestylianou 170degreewideangleview draftbeernotpeople
"Le finestre siamo noi a chiuderle male, le lasciamo mezze aperte quando aspettiamo il ritorno di qualcuno." (Irene Stylianou) Tags: blackandwhite bw film 35mm nikon europe athens greece quotes nikonfm10 nophotoshop nikkor 100asa earlgrey 100iso nikkor3570mm sooc lomographyfilm filmdatabase nikkor3570mmf3548 giuliacarcasi irenestylianou lomographyblackandwhiteearlgrey100iso
I Scream {In Explore} (Irene Stylianou) Tags: portrait woman digital nikon cyprus lips explore portraiture scream redlips nophotoshop nikkor dslr nikondigital nicosia femaleportrait nikoncamera nikkor3570mm nikondslr womanportrait d80 sooc nikond80 portraiturephotography nikkor3570mmf3548 irenestylianou
Drowned (Irene Stylianou) Tags: sea seascape film beach analog 35mm mediumformat square spring lomo lomography sand europe waves seasons toycamera cyprus diana squareformat april 24mm filmcamera nophotoshop analogphotography 100asa larnaca drowned lomocamera 100iso filmphotography lomographic 24mmlens sooc foinikoudes lomographyfilm filmdatabase lomographydiana lomographydianamini dianamini lomographycn100 lomographycolornegative100 irenestylianou lomographycyprus cyprusweather
Many Shades of Black (Irene Stylianou) Tags: portrait blackandwhite bw woman nature bike bicycle silhouette outdoors nikon song cyprus portraiture nikkor dslr nikondigital nicosia 3570mm nikoncamera womanonbicycle blackandwhiteportrait nikkor3570mm digitalblackandwhite nikondslr womanportrait d80 theraconteurs nikond80 portraiturephotography nikkor3570mmf3548 manyshadesofblack irenestylianou
 (Irene Stylianou) Tags: sea sky blackandwhite bw seascape film nature clouds polaroid seaside europe waves song horizon cyprus instant filmcamera instantcamera polaroid600 impossible larnaca anathema landcamera instantphotography polaroidonestep onestep filmphotography polaroidonestep600 polaroidcamera blackandwhitefilm instantfilm onestep600 integralfilm anathemalyrics filmdatabase   silvershade thestormbeforethecalm theimpossibleproject px600 impossibleprojectfilm irenestylianou px600coolsilvershade
How to Disappear Completely (Irene Stylianou) Tags: selfportrait tree film nature field analog 35mm 50mm europe fuji song cyprus radiohead agfa expired fujica fujinon analogphotography 400asa larnaca 400iso expiredfilm selfie songlyrics filmphotography howtodisappearcompletely 50mmlens agfafilm agfacolor expired1981 xfujinon fujifilmcamera filmdatabase fujilens radioheadsong fujiaxmultiprogram agfacolornegative400 irenestylianou agfacns400 fujicaaxmultiprogram xfujinon119f50mmdm fujinon119f50mm

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50 irenestylianou 29 filmdatabase film 35mm cyprus 28 filmphotography nikon 27 analog 25 analogphotography 23 europe nikkor song 18 larnaca songlyrics 17 nikoncamera sooc 15 filmcamera nature nikkor3570mmf3548 14 blackandwhite blackandwhitefilm dslr nikkor3570mm 13 nikondigital nophotoshop bw 12 nikonfm10 11 lomographyfilm nikond300 lomography nikkorzoomlens18200mmf3556 nikkor18200mm 10 lomographic toycamera lomo 9 woman 8 d300 vr lomocamera 100iso 100asa portrait 7 explore digital fuji fm10 6 trees kodakfilm italia ilford vr2 field nicosia streetphotography cyprusweather india portraiturephotography rajasthan 400iso landscape 400asa cyprusnature italy sea 5 analogcamera nikond80 portraiture greatbritain europa 50mmlens diana 50mm squareformat square dianamini ilfordfilm d80 england fujilens lomographydianamini seascape expiredfilm uk kodak 4 fujifilm blackandwhiteportrait fujica milano analogue selfportrait polaroid lombardy 24mmlens xfujinon fujiaxmultiprogram lomographycolornegative100 mediterranean lombardia impossible 18200mm onestep600 selfie

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