afrikakorps armor army australia britain british dak desert diorama german germany japan ldd lddtopovray lego legoww2 legoww2diorama m3lee m3stuart m4sherman northafrica pacific panzeriii povray rso saipan sdkfz10 sdkfz222 shermantank tank tarawa tobruk type95hago type96model1triplemount25mmaaatgun universalcarrier usa usmc ww2

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How @#$%ed Are We Now... (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usmc lego pacific jungle ww2 guadalcanal lighttank m2a4stuart
Dirty DAK, ready for the attack (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany tank lego ww2 afv assaultgun sdkfz142 stugiiiausfa
Lets Get It On!!!! (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego ww2 panzeriii willysjeep m3stuart sdkfz222 stugiiia
Tarawa_Green Beach_A1 and B1 of 6_Work In Progress (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa green beach japan usmc lego ww2 diorama tarawa rikusentai
Preparing for the Assault... (Florida Shoooter) Tags: desert lego german ww2 diorama dak kubelwagen sdkfz10 nebelwerfer sturmpanzeriibison
Aussies in the Desert (Florida Shoooter) Tags: desert lego northafrica australia ww2 dak aussies universalcarrier m3stuart 2pounderatgun
The Turning of the Tide... (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa northafrica armor ww2 mediumtank m3lee
"On the Move" (Florida Shoooter) Tags: desert lego northafrica armor ww2 british ldd
Ready to Shoot and Scoot (Florida Shoooter) Tags: tank lego ww2 usarmy m3a1stuartlighttank
Tarawa_ GreenBeach A1-B1-C1_Work In Progress (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa japan lego pacific ww2 diorama tarawa
Lets Get It On...part 2 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: greatbritain usa germany lego australia armor ww2 tanks
M3 Lee and M3 Grant (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa lego britain northafrica ww2 ldd m3grant m3lee
M3 Lee_v2 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa lego northafrica armor ww2 1starmoreddivision m3mediumtank
WASP Universal Carrier (Florida Shoooter) Tags: wasp lego britain ww2 flamethrower ldd universalcarrier
Pushing for the final assault on Tobruq (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego ww2 dak ldd tobruk rso stugiii panzeriii projectazazel
Japanese Dual Mount 13mm HMG (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego weapon aa ldd dualpurpose japanese13mmhmg japanesenavytype9313mmhmg japanesearmyhotwin13mmhmg
WC 63 'Big Shot' 6x6 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa usmc army lego ww2 povray ldd weaponscarrier wc63 wc63bigshot
POV_DAK Ju-87D1 Trop Stuka (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego german ww2 povray ldd ju87d1stuka
POV_M4 Sherman Crab (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego ww2 minesweeper povray ldd m4shermancrab
Rommel's Review2 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany lego armor ww2 dak afrikakorps
German C15 and Bofors (Florida Shoooter) Tags: dak afrikakorps legoww2 boforscannon capturedvehicle canadianc15
My Allied Armor (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego armor ww2 allies m4sherman m3stuart
Sherman Tank_V2 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa lego armor ww2 ldd shermantank
We found them...Repeat...We found them!!! (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego zero hellcat ldd battleofmidway sbddauntless
Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper (sWS) mit 2cm Flakvierling 38 RETTIN__ version 1 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego ww2 ldd flakvierling38 lddtopovray schwererwehrmachtschlepper rettinradar
M2 Half Track (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego northafrica tunisia ww2 m2halftrack
Type 96 Model 1 Triple mount 25mm AA-AT gun (Florida Shoooter) Tags: japanese lego ww2 ldd aaatgun jumpeimitsui type96model1triplemount25mmaaatgun
My current German Korps (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany lego ww2 panzers germanafvs
Prepating for the Final Assault (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usmc lego pacific ww2 heavyweapons
"Kraut Rout" (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa germany rso m4sherman legoww2diorama
Wind Talkers scene_Austin (Florida Shoooter) Tags: japan lego ww2 saipan ldd windtalkers type95hago type96model1triplemount25mmaaatgun
T5E3_Sherman variant (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa armor ww2 dozer povray ldd shermantank t5e3
POV_'Maneuvers' (Florida Shoooter) Tags: england armor ww2 locust airborne povray ldd m22locust
105 mm leFH auf PzKpfw II Wespe Sd.Kfz.124 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany lego ww2 wespe panzerii afrikakorps dirtydak armoredartillery
Marines on Okinawa (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usmc okinawa brickarms m8greyhound brickmania legoww2diorama
Hitting the Beach on Iwo Jima (Florida Shoooter) Tags: ww2 lvtusmciwojimalegophotoshopcs5 palegousmccaptain legomontage
F4U Corsair (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa usmc fighter ww2 usn ldd lddtopovray
Battle of Saipan (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa japan usmc lego ww2 saipan type95hago type96model1triplemount25mmaaatgun lvta5
Long Live the Stuart by Austin (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa usmc armor m3 m5 stuartlighttank legoww2 m2a4 m8gmc
"Crossing the Rhine" (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany lego armor ww2 rhine ldd rso sdkfz251 panzeriii sdkfz10 schwimwagen
LCM III by Brian F with my Sherman (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego navy ww2 landingcraft ldd m4sherman lcmiii lddtopovray
the Fall of Tobruk (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego australia ww2 commonwealth dak tobruk afrikakorps sdkfz265
M113 Corps (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego ldd m113 m113variants
T82 SPG_M5 prototype_ WIP (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa lego stuart ww2 t82spg m5prototype
Reborn...SdKfz 222 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany lego ww2 armoredcar afrikakorps sdkfz222
POV_M4 Sherman (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa usmc army tank lego armor ww2 povray ldd m4sherman
Rommel's Review1 (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany lego armor ww2 dak afrikakorps
Wolverine-ish :) (Florida Shoooter) Tags: usa lego northafrica armor ww2 1943 flakvierling m10wolverine
Against the Wall (Florida Shoooter) Tags: germany desert lego northafrica armor ww2 dak panzerjageri
Daimler Dingo Scout Car (Florida Shoooter) Tags: lego northafrica ww2 british scoutcar daimlerdingo

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