alpine bc bell2 blue boundaryranges britishcolumbia canada cascademountains cascades cloud coastmountains crevasse fog forest forestry glacial glacier grahamisland granite green haidagwaii ice ksm manning melt mitchell mountain mountaineering mountains northcascades rain seabridge sedimentary silhouette sky snazzy snow spring summer summit tree triopeak water weather work

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New And Old (Dru!) Tags: sky cloud mist canada tree green silhouette forest bc britishcolumbia gray plantation grahamisland oldgrowth haidagwaii
Sunrise Ice (Dru!) Tags: mountain canada cold ice melting bc britishcolumbia glacier dirt alpine sediment melt mitchell icy dust crevasse cracked magichour seabridge glacial coastmountains glaciation unuk ksm eskaycreek bell2 granduc boundaryranges crevassed
On the Job (Dru!) Tags: hardhat terrain canada forest work outside woods bc forestry britishcolumbia working stump planting treeplanting clearcut assessment grahamisland safetyvest bonanza replanted haidagwaii geomorphologist hydrologist renellsound statluenvironmental
The Crux (Dru!) Tags: canada golden al bc britishcolumbia doug ears edge granite mapleridge goldenears goldcreek coastmountains goldenearsprovincialpark edgepeak mountblanchard whitedyke
Marmot Kingdom (Dru!) Tags: light canada green evening bc britishcolumbia meadow lillooet coastmountains lillooetranges downtoncreek cayooshrange downtonweekend marmotkingdom
M8 (Dru!) Tags: outcrop canada water flow waterfall stream bc britishcolumbia glacier m8 flowing mitchell bluff coastmountains meltwater mineralized ksm gossan eskaycreek bell2 granduc boundaryranges seabridgejuly
Swells Breaking (Dru!) Tags: blue canada ice bc britishcolumbia glacier mitchell crevasse seabridge glacial icefall coastmountains firn crevasses eskaycreek bell2 brucejack granduc firnline boundaryranges
Doug Scrambling (Dru!) Tags: canada ross bc britishcolumbia doug alpine mountaineering mapleridge scramble scrambling goldenears goldcreek coastmountains scrambler 4thclass goldenearsprovincialpark edgepeak alderflats mountblanchard whitedyke
Waterdrops on Lupins (Dru!) Tags: canada green wet water leaves leaf waterdrop bc britishcolumbia meadow alpine lupin lupins coastmountains hydrophobic boundaryranges
Ice Cave Abstract (Dru!) Tags: blue canada ice bc britishcolumbia shapes glacier cave mitchell shape seabridge coastmountains ksm boundaryranges
Waddington Range from North (Dru!) Tags: sunset sky cloud mountain canada mountains weather clouds coast bc britishcolumbia atmosphere glacier alpine waddington chilcotin coastmountains waddingtonrange mountwaddington caribbo
Storm Clearing (Dru!) Tags: sky cloud mountain canada storm ice rain weather bc britishcolumbia glacier alpine summit crevasse seabridge alpinism coastmountains ksm brucejack unukriver boundaryranges mitchellglacier seabridgejuly
South Treaty Glacier (Dru!) Tags:
Underneath the Mitchell, 2015 (Dru!) Tags:
Glacier-side meadow at work today :) (Dru!) Tags:
Mitchellfossen 2015 (Dru!) Tags:
Lost Creek Waterfall Cave (Dru!) Tags: canada creek swimming waterfall bc britishcolumbia granite mission cave stavelake lostcreek fraservalley coastmountains
Blue Ridges (Dru!) Tags: blue white snow canada ice bc britishcolumbia glacier mitchell crevasse seabridge glacial icefall coastmountains unuk bell2 boundaryranges
Adam on Rappel (Dru!) Tags: canada water creek river waterfall bc britishcolumbia descent canyon cascades cave coquihalla rappel northcascades cascademountains highway5 abseil canyoneering canyoneer andersonriverrange deneaucreek deneau
"Melvin" (Dru!) Tags: sunset mountain canada tree silhouette bc britishcolumbia peak alpine summit melvin lillooet alpenglow coastmountains duffeylake cayooshrange melvinpeak downtonbcreek downtonweekend
Ice Surface (Dru!) Tags: white canada abstract black texture ice melting pattern bc britishcolumbia glacier melt seabridge glacial coastmountains ksm boundaryranges
Patch of Bone (Dru!) Tags: trees snow canada wall forest bc britishcolumbia landslide granite wilderness oldgrowth coastmountains midcoast kingcome coastplutoniccomplex mountwaddingtonregionaldistrict
Alp Slope (Dru!) Tags: canada green spring bc britishcolumbia ridge treeline alp slope chilliwack northcascades cascademountains skagitrange chilliwackvalley chilliwackriver mountthurston snazzyandmercer
The Coast Mountains (Dru!) Tags: mountain snow canada bc britishcolumbia ridge alpine summit wilderness unnamed vast coastmountains mountwaddington
Ascent (Dru!) Tags: travel summer snow canada up trekking hope climb bc britishcolumbia climbing step cascades princeton mountaineering hiker poles kicking manning mountaineer ascent snazzy cascademountains manningpark tulameen snass cascaderecreationarea hozomeenrange
Owyhee (Dru!) Tags: usa lake water oregon or low canyon reservoir caldera drought wilderness rhyolite volcanic sagebrush tuff owyhee ignimbrite owyheeriver lesliegulch tugg owyheemountains rhyolit owyheereservoir hdesert lesliegulc esagebrush
Hidden Creek (Dru!) Tags: summer yak mountain canada mountains highway bc britishcolumbia alpine cascades granite coquihalla slab cascademountains hiddencreek needlepeak coquihallariver andersonriverrange coquihallamountain
Morchella (Dru!) Tags: brown canada black green mushroom forest spring bc britishcolumbia fungi fungus cascades morel morchella ascomycete blackmorel coquihallamountain
Blowing Through (Dru!) Tags: trees canada green rain silhouette fog clouds work bc forestry britishcolumbia gray mission lostcreek weatherhead oldgrowth coastmountains
Snass (Dru!) Tags: park summer mountain snow canada bc britishcolumbia alpine cascades mountaineering skagit cascade manning snazzy northcascades cascademountains cascaderange snass cascaderecreationarea hozomeenrange whatcomtrail snasspeak ecmanningprovcincialpark
Eye of the Waters (Dru!) Tags: life blue mountain lake snow canada eye water spring pond bc peak cascades melt tarn manning snazzy northcascades cascademountains cerulean manningpark meltwater britishciolumbia
Byssonectria? (Dru!) Tags: orange canada macro cup mushroom bc britishcolumbia mercer fungus cascades marmot slimy dung chilliwack northcascades terrestris ascomycete thelebolus byssonectria
Descending (Dru!) Tags: mountain canada silhouette hope sandstone bc britishcolumbia ridge alpine cascades mountaineering sedimentary manning scramble snazzy northcascades cascademountains scrambling manningpark scrambler arete alpinist hozomeenrange cascadera snazzypeak
Grainger Peak (Dru!) Tags: mountain snow canada bc britishcolumbia summit chehalis coastmountains grainger chehalisrange graingerpeak mountgrainger triopeak
Morning, Alouette Lake (Dru!) Tags: morning sky cloud mist lake canada mountains rain weather fog bc britishcolumbia mission alouette mapleridge goldenears coastmountains alouettelake goldenearsprovincialpark suckerhole
Canyon (Dru!) Tags: canada work bc britishcolumbia canyon cascades slot sedimentary chilliwack northcascades bedrock cascademountains canyoneering cultuslake skagitrange frosstground frosstcreek
WesternSelkirks (Dru!) Tags: summer mountains golden bc britishcolumbia glacier glaciernationalpark revelstoke glaciernp selkirks interiorranges smokestoke columbiaranges northernselkirks
Mount Denman (Dru!) Tags: blue mountain canada coast spring haze bc britishcolumbia alpine redonda powellriver coastmountains tobainlet mountdenman
Sheep Rock Strata (Dru!) Tags: usa oregon or erosion strata badlands geology grassland johndayfossilbeds tuff eroded johnday sheeprock turtlecove johndayriver ignimbrite gullying nationalmonumemnt
Marine Layer (Dru!) Tags: cloud canada window weather fog clouds bc please britishcolumbia seat atmosphere coastal centralcoast marinelayer kingcome kingcomeinlet
Burn (Dru!) Tags: trees snow canada forest fire spring melting shadows bc forestry britishcolumbia burn burnt melt forestfire lillooet coastmountains yalakom camelsfootrange yalakomriver bigdogmountain ninemileridge shulapscange
Dawn (Dru!) Tags: morning red summer orange canada sunrise hope dawn day bc britishcolumbia cascades coquihalla alpenglow northcascades ibex cascademountains cascaderange chamois bostonbar andersonriver andersonriverrange lescornes steinbokspringbok
Blushing Slopes (Dru!) Tags: red usa monument yellow oregon john fossil soft day angle beds or painted diagonal hills erosion national sediment clay ash geology swell sedimentary arroyo angled bedding johndayfossilbeds tuff shrink gully eroded geomorphology tertiary rill johnday processes oligocene miocene sedimentation rilling hillslope gullying
Upwards (Dru!) Tags: mountain snow canada spring bc britishcolumbia alpine mountaineering uphill footprint mountaineers chehalis coastmountains harrisonhotsprings plod posthole harrisonmills triocreek triopeak
Old Road (Dru!) Tags: road old canada green overgrown grass forest work moss spring bc forestry britishcolumbia logging alder queencharlotteislands peregrine grahamisland inactive haidagwaii loggingroad alnus edenlake haidagwaiiduuguusd
Nekite River Delta (Dru!) Tags: canada river bc britishcolumbia delta guessed centralcoast whereamiinbc waiibc smithinlet nekiteriver nekiteconservancy
Sphagnum boglands (Dru!) Tags: canada wet moss bc britishcolumbia bog wetland grahamisland lowland haidagwaii sphagnum bogland
Mosserati (Dru!) Tags:
Trio Creek Spires (Dru!) Tags: sky cloud mist mountain snow canada tree rain weather bc britishcolumbia spires doctor harrisonlake montain coastmountains harrisonhotsprings doctorscreek stsailes triocreek triopeak
Stokke Headwaters (Dru!) Tags: snow canada mountains bc britishcolumbia portdouglas harrisonlake coastmountains stokke lillooetranges stokkecreek surprisepeak vistapeak cairneedle triopeak

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