alpenglow alpine autumn bc bell2 blue boundaryranges britishcolumbia canada cascademountains cascades clinton cloud clouds coastmountains cold dawn devilsrange face fall fog forest frosty glacial glacier granite ice kootenay melt melting morning mountain northcascades prehalloween seabridgeseptember2016 sky slocan snow thanksgiving trees unukriver valhalla valhallaprovincialpark work yellow

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Forest Floor (Dru!) Tags: cogburn green forest floor moss eastharrison bc britishcolumbia canada rainforest
Red Umbrella Drowning (Dru!) Tags: cogburn red umbrella underwater drowned garbage sand water fluid
Dawn Sky (Dru!) Tags: latenovember chilliwack cheam lady lhilheqey cascades morning sky dawn backyard bc britishcolumbia canada
Grain Spill (Dru!) Tags: prehalloween grain spill cn frasercanyon yale sawmillcreek saddlerock fraserriver bc britishcolumbia canada derailment train accident rockfall rails freight boxcar
The Explorer (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016
Sunset, Eastern Nevada (Dru!) Tags: utahtrip nevada sunset west orange blue clouds sky spring glowing red dark nv usa
The Enlightenment of Mr. R (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange graham silhouette sunhalo enlightenment
Fallen Prism (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 moraine glacier glacial ice block collapse fallen serac melt melting morainal talus scree colluvium boundaryrange bc britishcolumbia canada coastmountains
Arete (Dru!) Tags: frosty
At Treeline (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 aerial marsh wetland tarn eskaycreek subalpine meadow wet autumn fall colours unuk boundaryranges bell2 bc britishcolumbia canada work lake pond
Clearing Sky (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange clouds sky pink blue black valhalla valhallas valhallaprovincialpark slocan kootenay kootenays valhallarange bc britishcolumbia canada
Kelly Lake Morning Tule Fog (Dru!) Tags: prehalloween kellylake jesmond clinton downtonprovincialpark bc britishcolumbia canada fog ripples lake dark
Frost Feathers, Picnic Table (Dru!) Tags: prehalloween kellylake jesmond clinton downtonprovincialpark bc frost cold ice britishcolumbia canada
Valhalla Lake Rock Avalanche Deposit (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange rocksliderockavalancheboulderdebrissturtzstromlandslidegneissvalhallavalhallasvalhallaprovincialparkslocangwillimkootenaykootenayswestkootenays
Wall of Storms (Dru!) Tags: rexfordsouthsouth pocketpeak chilliwack washington wa usa bc britishcolumbia canada chilliwackriver border internationalborde rusa wallofstorms granite wall trees face bluffs steep mountain cascades northcascades nesakwatchcreek chilliwackbatholith
Freil Falls (Dru!) Tags: freil harmony falls waterfall jervisinlet sunshinecoast granite bc britishcolumbia canada oldgrowth coast coastal
Fissure (Dru!) Tags: stein alexandra concrete crack cracked painted cement old texture wall frasercanyon bc britishcolumbia canada
Charioteer (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange chariot graham valhallaprovincialpark slocan kootenay bc britishcolumbia canada mountain snow scree peak
Blaster in the Sun (Dru!) Tags: blaster blasterella face calico
Blue Shadows of Dawn (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 thebeak morning dawn alpenglow coastmountains day daybreak north northernbc boundaryranges bell2 mountain sky blue shadow valley unukriver bc britishcolumbia canada
Morning on the Farm (Dru!) Tags: thanksgiving farm sunrise alpenglow snow morning dawn day cold springlakefarm sowcheabay fortstjames bc britishcolumbia canada
Cairn and Leaf (Dru!) Tags: prehalloween lillooet granite cairn leaf puddle boulder dyke wet intrusion geology granitic
Kelly Lake (Dru!) Tags: prehalloween downing kellylake bc britishcolumbia canada marblerange clinton fog mist trees forest interiorplateau
Frozen Ponds (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 glacier meltwater ice frozen ponds melt freeze cold icy glaciology geomorphology glacial boundaryranges coastmountains blue bc britishcolumbia canada
Asgard In Scarlet (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange alpenglow asgard valhalla bc britishcolumbia canada
Teissum Creek (Dru!) Tags: teissum tessium creek vancouverisland insularranges everiver tsitika robsonbight clouds sky godrays crepuscularrays light shadow weather work forestry logging oldgrowth secondgrowth mountain silhouette bc britishcolumbia canada
On Little Cat Feet (Dru!) Tags: norrishcreek mission fall work bc britishcolumbia canada autumn fog forest forestry fvrd fraservalley coastmountains weather mist
Robson Bight (Dru!) Tags: robsonbight johnstonestrait vancouverisland cracroft rainbow geese snowgeese bc britishcolumbia ocean beach nakacreek work weather sayward telegraphcove
Texada (Dru!) Tags: texadaisland salishsea cloud fog trees forest tree mist morning wet powellriver rainforest ferry bc britishcolumbia canada
Powtown Sunset (Dru!) Tags:
Hedgehog mushroom, hydnum repandum. Yum. (Dru!) Tags:
Steeply Dipping (Dru!) Tags: frosty larches saandstone stratigraphy stratigraphic bedding cascades northcascades cascademountains larch larix yellow mountain scree talus snowpatch bc britishcolumbia canada hope princeton manningpark mountfrosty frostymountain
Fresh Snow Melting (Dru!) Tags: yak snow diagonal granite slab melt melting snowy fall autumn yakpeak coquihalla highway5 cascades northcascades cascademountains andersonriverrange bc britishcolumbia canada
Frozen Fungus (Dru!) Tags: thanksgiving mushroom fungus forest floor macro guepinia helvelloides
The Rebel (Dru!) Tags: thanksgiving tree trees forest yellow aspen conifer snow fall autumn robsonvalley mcbride bc britishcolumbia canada cold hoarfrost cloud fog mountainside rockies rockymountaintrench
Autumn Snow (Dru!) Tags: thanksgiving autumn snow yellow aspen populus tremuloides cloud trees mountainside valley robsonvalley valemount rockymountains bc britishcolumbia canada
Sweeper Logs (Dru!) Tags:
Blowing Snow (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 blowing snow morning brucejack bc unuk mitchell glacier wind windy coastmountains boundaryranges mountain ice britishcolumbia canada
Airborne (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange devilsdome valhalla valhallas abseil rappel abseiling rappelling descent descending slocan kootenay westkootenays bc britishcolumbia canada alpine alpinism mountaineering mountaineer alpinist climb climber climbing valhallaprovincialpark valhallapp kootenays gneiss
Inside the Larch Grove (Dru!) Tags: frosty larch orange yellow tree trees subalpine larches mountfrosty manningpark bc britishcolumbia canada
Mt Frosty Larch Meadows (Dru!) Tags: frosty manning manningpark ecmanningprovincialpark similkameen alpine meadow larch larix tamarack orange yellow cascades hozameenrange bc britishcolumbia canada hike hiker hiking autumn cascademountains cascaderange northcascades
Rocky Lakes Basin (Dru!) Tags: devilsrange tarn snow waterfall lucifer rockylakes evanscreek mountlucifer mountbor mountburi alpine gneiss cirque valhalla valhallas kootenay kootenays valhallaprovincialpark slocan columbiamountains
Brown Ice (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 brown dirt ice colluvium soil moraine avalanche debris runoff melt glaciology hydrology cave melting glacier glacial boundaryranges coastmountains bc britishcolumbia canada unukriver bell2 icecave tunnel arch
Bluefins (Dru!) Tags: seabridgeseptember2016 bluefin serac ice glacier glacial seracs cracked translucent blue icy glaciology moving melting wasting coastmountains bc britishcolumbia canada boundaryranges
Stoneface (Dru!) Tags: seabridgesept2016 stoneface stone face troll pareidolia rock optical illusion image coastmountains bc britishcolumbia canada sandstone
Herd Instinct (Dru!) Tags: seabridgesept2016 bell2 boundaryranges coastmountains oreamnos americanus mountaingoats goats bcbritishcolumbia canada ungulate goat mountaingoat work unukriver bc britishcolumbia
Snout from Above (Dru!) Tags: mitchell glacier coastmountains seabridge ksm bell2 runoff iron melt glacial retreat unukriver moraine till river bc britishcolumbia canada sinkhole ice aerial boundaryranges
Pink Sky & Morning (Dru!) Tags:
From The Womb (Dru!) Tags: river ice cave glacier coastmountains bc britishcolumbia canada serac glacial glaciofluvial melt runoff
Pink, Orange, Blue, Black (Dru!) Tags: sunrise alpenglow coastmountains boundaryranges bc britishcolumbia canada

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36 bc britishcolumbia 35 canada 12 coastmountains 9 boundaryranges 8 seabridgeseptember2016 ice 7 glacier devilsrange snow 6 trees forest melt glacial mountain autumn 5 bell2 cascades sky blue prehalloween morning work fog yellow 4 cold fall kootenay unukriver granite frosty melting slocan valhalla valhallaprovincialpark alpenglow northcascades thanksgiving 3 serac scree weather valhallas tree larch moraine cascademountains dawn alpine cloud orange kellylake clouds wet glaciology clinton manningpark mist kootenays face runoff mitchell forestry icy downtonprovincialpark aspen red cracked shadow river dark cogburn rainforest lake valley robsonbight vancouverisland oldgrowth larix gneiss meadow sunrise mountainside usa seabridgesept2016 larches wall mountfrosty waterfall tarn graham unuk jesmond frasercanyon robsonvalley cave colluvium floor silhouette chilliwack subalpine talus

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