alpine arch bc boundaryranges britishcolumbia burrtrail ca california canada canyon canyoneering capitolreef capitolreefnationalpark cascademountains cave chilliwack coastmountains coloradoplateau desert escalante forest fraserriver fraservalley geology geomorphology glacial glacier granite hike hiking holeinthewall mountain northcascades orange red sandstone sediment slot uppermuleytwist usa ut utah utahtrip waterfall weather

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The Black-furred Alpinist (Dru!) Tags: bear usa snow canada washington bc britishcolumbia wa snowfield blackbear ursus chilliwack northcascades cascademountains cascaderange americanus slesse suncups nesakwatchcreek slessedivide pocketpeak
Circle (Dru!) Tags: usa circle utah ut sandstone desert crack circular calfcreek utahtrip
In The Woods (Dru!) Tags: canada rain fog forest dark woods bc britishcolumbia science cascades steep chilliwack cascademountains geomorphology nevin dunville huntinglandslides
Slide Path (Dru!) Tags: ocean old trees canada green forest flow bay coast rainforest bc path britishcolumbia growth landslide granite inlet process centralcoast scar dynamics instability oldgrowth geomorphology geotechnical debrisflow forested hillslope calvertisland geohazard
Baby Rattle (Dru!) Tags: usa buzz ut desert rattlesnake escalante snak rattle holeinthewall holeintherock utahtrip willowgulch eroot soonerrocks utrah
Broken Bow Arch (Dru!) Tags: sky usa stone utah ut sandstone arch desert opening navajo redrock slickrock escalante grandstaircase holeinthewall brokenbow utahtrip
Hang a Right (Dru!) Tags: mountain canada bc angle bend britishcolumbia glacier alpine curve cirque crevasse moraine glacial geomorphology coastmountains glaciation firn glaciated crevasses tributary eskaycreek bell2 unukriver firnline boundaryranges seabridgejulyolympus
Lake Metamorphosis (Dru!) Tags: canada bc britishcolumbia glacier sediment retreat melt tarn cirque metamorphosis alpin powellriver coastmountains glaciation deglaciation lacustrine egranite
Disappearing Act (Dru!) Tags: mountain canada ice waterfall whitewater stream bc britishcolumbia science glacier alpine cave melt scientist glacial runoff coastmountains ablation outflow hydrology glaciated inflow hydrologist boundaryranges seabridgeaugust
Tiger Stripes (Dru!) Tags: orange usa black wall utah ut sandstone desert stripes stripe canyon lichen redrock striped stripy varnish utahtrip coloradoplateau desertvarnish waterstreak
Shocked Lichens (Dru!) Tags: usa pareidolia utah ut sandstone natural o lichen emoticon shocked anthropomorphism anthropomorphic utahtrip emoji
Rooster Tail (Dru!) Tags: canada waterfall whitewater bc britishcolumbia granite coastmountains hydrology bostonbar nahatlatch mehatl mehatlcreek
Niut and Waddington Ranges (Dru!) Tags: mountain canada mountains work bc britishcolumbia flight august glacier alpine chilcotin niutrange coastmountains chilcotins blufflake waddingtonrange mountainranges pacificranges yvrtosmithers
Solid Center (Dru!) Tags: sky mountain canada mountains weather clouds bc britishcolumbia alpine goldenears coastmountains mountnutt robiereid mountmartyn
Tafoni (Dru!) Tags: pink red usa utah ut sand sandstone desert hole salt holes erosion geology pocket capitolreef honeycomb geomorphology tafoni weathering hueco utahtrip coloradoplateau
Mehatl (Dru!) Tags: canada river waterfall spring whitewater bc britishcolumbia rapids granite raging runoff coastmountains bostonbar nahatlatch mehatl mehatlcreek
Ladder Theory (Dru!) Tags:
Mini Arch (Dru!) Tags: usa rock utah ut sandstone arch desert hole slickrock sedimentary escalante bedding holeinthewall utahtrip bedded
Up High (Dru!) Tags: snow canada climb exposure bc britishcolumbia climbing alpine cascades mountaineering climber northface fraserriver mountaineer chilliwack northcascades cascademountains fraservalley alpinism cheam alpinist cheamrange mountcheam skagitrange lhilheqey 1975route
Into the dawnlight on Cheam (Dru!) Tags: morning mountain snow canada sunrise dawn climb day bc britishcolumbia climbing alpine cascades mountaineering climber northface mountaineer alpenglow chilliwack northcascades cascademountains cascaderange fraservalley alpinism cheam alpinist mountcheam alpinestart lhilheqey
Fraser Valley from bivi on north face of Cheam. :) (Dru!) Tags: sunset canada dark evening bc dusk britishcolumbia debris fraserriver harrisonlake nightfall chilliwack avalanche fraservalley alpinism chehalis cheam coastmountains agassiz bivouac mountcheam oldsettler popkum seabirdisland lhilheqey
Sharp Like a Knife (Dru!) Tags: canada forest bc britishcolumbia ridge retreat till granite wilderness majestic climatechange moraine drift ridgecrest glacial oldgrowth chilcotin coastmountains homathko forested lillooeticefield medialmoraine homathkoicefield southgateriver bishopriver
Root Down (Dru!) Tags: red orange usa rock utah ut sandstone desert meander root meandering utahtrip rootdown
Desert Ridgewalk (Dru!) Tags: cliff usa america utah ut sandstone hiking hike ridge hikers fold geology capitolreef slab scramble scramblers scrambling ridgewalk utahtrip waterpocket uppermuleytwist
Chimneying (Dru!) Tags: usa utah ut sandstone hike capitolreef slot dug scramble capitolreefnationalpark utahtrip stemming chimneying backandfoot sheetsgulch
Great Blue (Dru!) Tags: blue canada reflection bird heron evening bc britishcolumbia great ardea slough magichour chilliwack herodias plumage
Giant Cave (Dru!) Tags: usa utah ut sandstone stream arch desert hiking hike cave hikers escalante overhang holeinthewall utahtrip canyoneering coloradoplateau 40mile fortymile canyoncanyoneer
Horned Lizard (Dru!) Tags: california ca usa scale desert horns lizard mojave spikes kelso scaled mojavenationalpreserve hornedlizard regalhornedlizard
Rest Day (Dru!) Tags: usa water pool flow utah waterfall ut sandstone desert canyon falls oasis escalante calfcreek bouldercity utahtrip calfcreekfalls uppercalfcreek
Mammatus (Dru!) Tags: light usa weather clouds evening nevada nv sediment thunderstorm magichour descending mammatus utahtrip cathedralgorge precurosor
The Jump (Dru!) Tags: usa pool utah jump jumping movement ut sandstone desert action canyon hike sediment jumper llewellyn leap escalante scramble holeinthewall utahtrip coloradoplateau grandstaircaseescalantenationalmonument kaibabplateau
Nibbler (Dru!) Tags: canada tree wet water furry bc bell britishcolumbia beaver fallen nibble weepingwillow slough fraserriver waterway castor chilliwack invasive canadensis backchannel floodplain fairfieldisland georgialowland
Desert Tree (Dru!) Tags: red orange cliff usa tree green wall pine utah ut sandstone desert canyon capitolreef solitary capitolreefnationalpark utahtrip burrtrail uppermuleytwist notforest
Crescent Dunes (Dru!) Tags: usa reflection mirror solar energy power desert bright nevada clean nv thermal tonopah utahtrip moltensalt crescentdunes solarconcentration
Concretion Face (Dru!) Tags: usa face pareidolia utah ut sandstone desert navajo capitolreef utahtrip concretion sheetsgulch
Cottonwood (Dru!) Tags: usa silhouette utah spring ut sandstone desert hiking canyon hike wash cottonwood hikers fold capitolreef capitolreefnationalpark utahtrip coloradoplateau waterpocket
Blue Waves of Ice (Dru!) Tags: blue cloud white mountain canada broken weather bc britishcolumbia glacier alpine crevasse snowline glacial seracs icefall coastmountains firn glaciated unuk iskut crevasses boundaryranges mitchellglacier seabridgeaugust
Wading (Dru!) Tags: usa wet water creek ut sandstone stream desert hiking canyon hike hiker slot uta escalante wading holeinthewall utahtrip canyoneering coloradoplateau seepage chockstone fortymile fortymilegulch fortymilecanyon
Urban Planning (Dru!) Tags: urban streets grid desert empty nevada playa aerial wash roads sprawl deserted blight gravel subdivision pahrump nvusa
Castle Mountains and Hart Peak (Dru!) Tags: california ca sunset usa mountain desert valley hart alpenglow ivanpah mojavenationalpreserve nipton castlemountains hartpeak
Simple Slot (Dru!) Tags: red chimney usa rock utah ut sandstone boulder walls slot streaked slotcanyon utahtrip burrtrail
Chinle Formation (Dru!) Tags: red orange usa utah ut purple desert dry boulder erosion formation geology capitolreef escalante wolverine landform utahtrip chinle earthart longcanyon siltstone mudstone circlecliffs chinleformation erosional
UMT Arch (Dru!) Tags: blue sky orange usa utah ut sandstone arch beds layers capitolreef bedding capitolreefnationalpark utahtrip burrtrail uppermuleytwist
Puddle Avoidance (Dru!) Tags: chimney usa puddle utah stem ut sandstone mud hiking canyon hike escalante holeinthewall bridging scrambling utahtrip canyoneering grandstaircaseescalantenationalmonument llewewllyncanyon
Dust In A Ray of Light (Dru!) Tags: california ca light usa motion ray illuminated diagonal beam mojave cave swirl dust illuminate lavatube swirling turbulent mojavenaturalpreserve kelbakerroad
Waterpocket Fold (Dru!) Tags: usa utah ut desert structure fold geology capitolreef sedimentary stratigraphy bedding capitolreefnationalpark geological utahtrip coloradoplateau monocline waterpocket uppermuleytwist bullfrognotomroad
Willow Gulch Cave (Dru!) Tags: usa silhouette ut sandstone arch desert canyon cave navajo slot escalante slotcanyon grandstaircase utahtrip canyoneering wingate coloradoplateau willowgulch escalanteriver holeinthewallroad
Sundown (Dru!) Tags:
Burr Trail overlook, Utah (Dru!) Tags:
Cave Point off Hole in the Wall Road, UT (Dru!) Tags:

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