365tage 50mm bear bears blackbackground bokeh bokehballs bokehbubbles bär bärchen canonef2470f28 canonef70200f28is clouds colours dark girl golden grid gummi gummibear gummibär gummibärchen gummibären gummy gummybears haribo jump light night nightscene odc onblack onwhite ourdailychallenge portrait project365 rain rimlight selfportrait sigma50mmf14exdghsm sky strobist sun warm water

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Day 265 - Stroberette (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait girl 50mm warm colours bokeh nightscene day265 project365 strobist bokehballs 265365 strobista bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm stroberette
Day 201 - chained (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: cars night 50mm colours bokeh walk chain nightscene day201 chained project365 365days bokehballs 201365 365tage bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm
Day 159 - watering can (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: white snow green ice water 50mm melting bokeh can wateringcan day159 odc project365 365days strobist 159365 365tage sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Day 161 - Objects in the Mirror *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: reflection wet rain 50mm mirror drops colours bokeh drop carmirror day161 odc backmirror onwheels project365 365days objectsinthemirrorarecloserthantheyappear 161365 365tage bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Day 293 - Don't Panic (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: sun selfportrait window stars book tea fenster towel nasa rocket spaceship hitchhiker tee 42 thehitchhikersguidetothegalaxy douglasadams hitchhikersguide dontpanic day293 towelday may25 255 project365 strobist may25th 25mai canonefs1022f3545usm 293365 peranhalterdurchdiegalaxies towelday2012
Day 164 - It's on here... somewhere *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait blackbackground lost idea wideangle memorycard day164 onblack odc project365 365days strobist 164365 365tage ourdailychallenge
Day 144 - feeling better... ? *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: bear colors 50mm pin bokeh gummibears gummibärchen bears medical explore whitebackground gummi acupuncture gummybears onwhite frontpage softbox haribo gummy bär day144 bärchen gummibär gummibären funnycolours project365 365days strobist stecknadel 144365 365tage sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Vicky - Portrait Shooting *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait girl backlight warm elf blond vicky redridinghood viktoria rimlight strobist
Vicky - Portrait Shooting *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait girl backlight warm elf blond vicky redridinghood viktoria rimlight strobist
Day 347 - scream (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait jump nightshot rockstar action guitar gibson redblue gibsonlespaul day347 project365 lespaulcustom strobist canonef1022f3545 347365
Day 321 - Secret Ingredient (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: gummibärchen whitebackground proof gummybears onwhite energydrink redbull haribo bär gummibear bärchen gummibär day321 gummibären project365 secretingredient strobist canonef70200f28is 321365
Day 307 - always watching (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: light sky blackandwhite bw abandoned angel clouds contrast dark lost 50mm gloomy watching oldhouse drama dramaticsky brokenwindows odc churchwindows day307 alwayswatching project365 307365 sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Day 278 - location scouting (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait selfportrait grid nightshot chainlinkfence day278 project365 strobist sunpak120j canonefs1022f3545 278365
Day 240 - turtleblues (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: sun green wet grass rain miniature warm bokeh turtle sunny flute tiny amadeus üei überraschungsei odc day240 200mm panflute project365 canonef70200f28 strobist bokehballs 240365 bokehbubbles ourdailychallenge tapsitörtels
Day 211 - not so misty (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: red sky mist selfportrait golden dusk day211 sundawn project365 365days strobist sunpak120j canonef2470f28 211365 westcottumbrella 365tage
Day 181 - staying warm (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: street winter portrait selfportrait cold hat scarf warm bokeh beanie flair day181 rimlight project365 365days strobist canonef70200f28is 181365 365tage
Day 157 - Wooden Canyon (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: wood light mars sun tree beautiful 50mm wooden warm bokeh sub surface canyon stump planet trunk gels treestump cto day157 odc rimlight project365 365days strobist 157365 woodtrunk 365tage bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm foreignplanet stubofatree ourdailychallenge woodencanyon
Day 147 - I have this condition *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait blackbackground colours pieces mask puzzle explore frontpage softbox memento day147 onblack rimlight project365 365days strobist canonef2470f28 147365 pocketwizardplusii 365tage ourdailychallenge
Day 362 - Jump (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait jump flashes day362 project365 strobist canonef2470f28 362365
Day 251 - Mighty Man made Fire (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait fire 50mm bokeh flame lighter zippo technologie odc day251 mightyman project365 strobist 251365 sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Day 238 - yes, sir! (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait shirt blackbackground bokeh smoke pipe tobacco onblack odc day238 smokingpipe onepictureaday project365 againstblack strobist canonef2470f28 bokehballs westcottapollosoftbox 365pictures 238365 bokehbubbles ourdailychallenge
Day 193 - pina colada anyone? (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: yellow fruit pineapple pinacolada day193 piñacolada project365 365days strobist creamofcoconut whiterum 193365 365tage
Day 180 - golden treat (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: light beer 50mm gold golden warm beers bokeh bier becks highiso day180 becksgold project365 365days 180365 365tage sigma50mmf14exdghsm goldentreat
Day 167 - Let me get that for you! *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait lens wideangle clean wipe lowangle day167 odc project365 365days lowangleshot strobist 167365 365tage ourdailychallenge
Day 154 - Diving Tower *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: bear red orange colors high jump gummibears gummibärchen bears gummi gummybears haribo gummy bär day154 bärchen gummibär gummibären funnycolours project365 365days divingtower strobist leefilter 154365 365tage ourdailychallenge
Day 131 - odd notes (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: music selfportrait blackbackground grid 50mm notes bokeh snake flute recorder snakecharmer day131 onblack project365 365days strobist strangemusic 131365 365tage sigma50mmf14exdghsm serpentcharmer ourdailychallenge oddnotes
Day 179 - white out (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: blue white snow tree ice field lonely whiteout day179 bluish project365 365days 179365 365tage
Hair II *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: light girl canon hair grid licht wabe whip leatherjacket haare fliegen rimlight lederjacke strobist hairwhip entfesseltblitzen pocketwizardplusiii
Day 365 - Bye out there *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait bokeh day365 project365 strobist 365365
Day 364 - into the sunset (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: sunset beach water sand surf waves bokeh gummibärchen surfing surfboards splash gummybears haribo bär gummibear bärchen odc gummibär gummibären day364 project365 strobist canonef70200f28is 364365 ourdailychallenge saftbären
Day 337 - chasing clouds (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: sunset selfportrait field clouds golden warm dusk onelight day337 project365 strobist canonef2470f28 337365
Day 304 - feel the wave, dude! (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: sun water surf bokeh gummibärchen board wave surfing surfboard gummybears haribo bär gummibear bärchen gummibär day304 gummibären project365 strobist canonef70200f28is 304365
Day 300 - Blast *Explore #1* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait bokeh blast dissolve day300 project365 strobist canonef2470f28 bokehballs 300365 bokehbubbles
Day 252 - Awww... Dude! (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait face 50mm bokeh smell surprise badsmell odc day252 project365 strobist 252365 sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Day 249 - allergies (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: flowers selfportrait black flower spring mask bokeh air whitebackground cover hood pollen disorder onwhite allergy allergies immunesystem odc day249 againstwhite project365 pocketwizard strobist canonef2470f28 248365 hypersensitivity ourdailychallenge
Day 245 - heart of gold (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait gold warm cto odc conceptart day245 heartofgold project365 strobist canonef2470f28 245365 ourdailychallenge
Day 243 - floating off (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: bear sky love clouds bokeh gummibärchen bears floating down float gummi haribo gummy parachute bär bärchen day243 gummibär gummibären project365 parashoot strobist canonef70200f28is floatingoff 243365
Day 242 - Got you covered! (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait selfportrait spider arms flash spiderman gadget doctoroctopus odc day242 rimlight greenbackground multilight project365 eightarms strobist canonefs1022 242365 nikonsb80dx ourdailychallenge
Day 241 - Night (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: blackandwhite bw selfportrait blackbackground night dark onblack day241 project365 againstblack strobist sunpak120j canonef2470f28 241365
Day 239 - dark blue *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: 50mm bokeh darkblue odc day239 hff project365 fenge bokehballs 239365 bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm happyfencefriday ourdailychallenge
Day 235 - Digital Post-Processing (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: pen pencil photoshop brush stamp ruler tool airbrush lasso odc day235 postprocessing project365 erasor strobist canonef2470f28 235365 digitalpostprocessing photoshoptools ourdailychallenge photoshopreallife
Day 233 - Aaarrrrgggghhhhh, got me eye on you! (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait eye hat telescope pirate fist argh paperhat pirat odc day233 project365 eyeonyou strobist canonef2470f28 233365 ourdailychallenge
Day 228 - Jack in the Box (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: smile car happy 50mm colours bokeh burger burgers jackinthebox antenna day228 project365 365days bokehballs 228365 365tage bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm
Day 227 - leaves (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: sun leaves 50mm leaf warm bokeh day227 project365 365days strobist 227365 pocketwizardplusii 365tage sigma50mmf14exdghsm
Day 221 - I crush everything (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait water silhouette cutout ship squid jonathancoulton giantsquid day221 kraken project365 365days strobist icrusheverything 221365 365tage
Day 214 - Afternoon Sun (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: portrait sun sunlight selfportrait woods warm bokeh day214 project365 365days canonef70200f28 strobist 214365 365tage atfernoonsun
Day 204 - anchored (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: metal night 50mm wire bokeh hook anker day204 anchored project365 365days strobist bokehballs 204365 365tage bokehbubbles sigma50mmf14exdghsm
Day 206 - ember glow (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: lamp rain night warm glow bokeh ember nightscene day206 project365 365days canonef70200f28is cityofember 206365 365tage
Day 162 - Between the Lines *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: old light leather 50mm warm candle bokeh library text books worn candlelight anns binding oldbooks day162 odc oldgerman leatherbound project365 365days strobist 162365 365tage sigma50mmf14exdghsm ourdailychallenge
Day 158 - Order into Chaos *Frontpage* (Daniel | rapturedmind.com) Tags: selfportrait dark paper chaos order gloomy quote mind connection mindmap day158 odc beautifulmind project365 365days strobist canonef2470f28 158365 365tage orderintochaos ourdailychallenge

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47 project365 42 strobist 26 bokeh 23 ourdailychallenge 365days selfportrait 365tage 19 odc 16 sigma50mmf14exdghsm 50mm 13 warm 12 canonef2470f28 10 bokehbubbles 8 bokehballs portrait 7 rimlight 6 bär gummibär canonef70200f28is gummibären bärchen haribo gummibärchen sun 5 gummybears blackbackground colours light onblack 4 girl water night 3 grid gummy bears nightscene sunpak120j jump golden gummibear sky bear gummi dark rain onwhite clouds whitebackground wet funnycolours tree backlight pocketwizardplusii colors surfing redridinghood mask vicky dusk field canonef70200f28 gloomy hat cto gummibears gold bw surf blond ice viktoria explore againstblack frontpage snow blackandwhite red lost flute green sunset softbox nightshot white wideangle elf

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