bird birds blackbackground cactus california color colorful colors detail directionallight epi epiphyllum epiphyticplant fleur flor flower garden green homestudio lakeside leafcacti lighting macro macrolens macrophotography naturalbeauty nature offcameraflash orange orchidcacti pink plant red shadows sidelighting softbox softlight strobist tabletopphotography textures yellow yn560 yn560ii yn560iii yongnuorf603n

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Freshly Picked (Bill Gracey) Tags: iris flower macro nature fleur flor softbox reflector macrolens macrophotography reflectedlight directionallight offcameraflash tabletopphotography yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Western Scrub-Jay At His Bath (Bill Gracey) Tags: blue bird birdbath colorful bokeh feathers sharp textures pajaro bathing oiseau vogel sharpness westernscrubjay specanimal superaplus aplusphoto
Western Bluebird In A Hanging Planter Basket (Bill Gracey) Tags: colors birds birdbath bokeh feathers textures pajaro oiseau vogel audobon westernbluebird platinumheartaward highqualityanimals hangingplanterbasket
The Fleet of Red Canoes (Bill Gracey) Tags: red vacation lake water reflections explore canoes lakelouise banffnationalpark canadianrockies helluva cloudyweather explored flickrsbest abigfave platinumphoto ultimateshot theunforgettablepictures platinumheartaward goldstaraward tup2 saariysqualitypictures bestofmywinners blinksuperstars
The Season's Last Epi (Bill Gracey) Tags: pink red cactus white flower detail nature fleur colors blackbackground garden flor clarity lakeside textures naturalbeauty softbox epi softlight epiphyllum macrolens lastolite filllight directionallight offcameraflash orchidcacti lastolitesoftbox leafcacti epiphyticplant yongnuorf603n yn560iii
Aurora Flower (Bill Gracey) Tags: flower color nature fleur yellow blackbackground colorful purple flor naturalbeauty softbox flowershow sandiegocountyfair offcameraflash lastoliteezbox yongnuorf603n yn560iii
Red Pink And White Epi In The Light (Bill Gracey) Tags: pink red cactus white flower detail nature fleur colors blackbackground garden flor clarity lakeside textures naturalbeauty softbox epi softlight epiphyllum macrolens lastolite directionallight offcameraflash orchidcacti lastolitesoftbox leafcacti epiphyticplant lastoliteezbox yongnuorf603n yn560iii ephot24x36softboxwithgrid
Hungry Harried Hummer Heading Home - Explored (Bill Gracey) Tags: detail bird nature wings hummingbird ambientlight clarity feeder sharp motionblur poway naturalbeauty hummer hovering birdinflight calyptecostae offcameraflash explored sharpess avianphotography purplegorget yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n strobie130 yn560iii
Pink Hibiscus Flower In The Rain (Bill Gracey) Tags: pink flower color nature fleur garden colorful shadows flor lakeside depthoffield textures hibiscus raindrops naturalbeauty softbox softlight sidelighting macrolens directionallight offcameraflash lastoliteezbox yongnuorf603n yn560iii
Echinocereus Pentalophus Flowers (Bill Gracey) Tags: california flowers cactus flores color nature fleur blackbackground colorful lakeside blooms naturalbeauty softbox macrolens homestudio offcameraflash tabletopphotography ladyfingercactus echinocereuspentalophus fuchsiacolor yongnuorf603n yn560iii
Old Shop Equipment In The Light (Bill Gracey) Tags: vacation arizona macro metal rust shadows decay wheels textures rusted gears softbox softlight sidelighting machineshop macrolens directionallight offcameraflash goldfieldghosttown lastoliteezbox yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Birds Of A Feather - The Macaw Version (Bill Gracey) Tags: blue detail nature colors birds yellow azul colorful affection pair adorable clarity parrot naturallight amarillo pajaros naturalbeauty macaw sandiegozoo mates parrots macaws naturephotography loros perroquets
Saguaro Cactus Under The North Star (Bill Gracey) Tags: arizona cactus lightpainting stars astronomy nightsky saguaro polaris northstar lostdutchmanstatepark nightskyphotography starstax
Hummingbird Getting Into Its Food (Bill Gracey) Tags: pink red flower bird nature hummingbird feeding nectar naturalbeauty hummer sandiegozoo softlight annashummingbird
Dandelion Like Head (Bill Gracey) Tags: plant nature blackbackground shadows shapes lakeside dandelion naturalbeauty botany softbox softlight filllight directionallight offcameraflash hawksbeard yongnuorf603n falsedandelions yn560iii
Lakeside Sky on Fire - Explored (Bill Gracey) Tags: california sky clouds sunrise silhouettes atmosphere lakeside
Eating The Stars (Bill Gracey) Tags: sky sculpture stars dinosaur nightsky cosmic startrails maryanderson northstar borregosprings anzaborregodesert lesanderson ricardobreceda nightskyphotography starstax
December Iris (Bill Gracey) Tags: blue iris flower color nature fleur colors garden colorful purple flor textures softbox sidelighting homestudio directionallight offcameraflash tabletopphotography yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Torrey Pines Reserve In Early Morning Light - Explored (Bill Gracey) Tags: california panorama seascape nature beauty landscape morninglight nationalpark torreypines sandiego pano erosion pacificocean formations lowsun wideanglelens torreypinesreserve explored mudwalls
Great Blue Heron Coming In For A Landing (Bill Gracey) Tags: california bird heron nature flying lakeside landing greatblueheron bif birdinflight lindolake
Western Scrub Jay In The Pyracantha (Bill Gracey) Tags: blue red color green bird nature birds colorful berries bokeh birding lakeside pyracantha westernscrubjay
Drab Duck in A World of Color (Bill Gracey) Tags: color reflection swimming duck colorful patterns southerncalifornia waterfowl santee santeelakes abstractcolor
Still LIfe with Pumpkin and Succulents (Bill Gracey) Tags: stilllife color fall nature colors pumpkin colorful naturalbeauty succulents offcameraflash tabletopphotography slicesoftime yn560ii yongnuorf603n strobie130
Abstract Shapes and Colors In The Pond (Bill Gracey) Tags: california fish abstract color water pond colorful koi encinitas meditationgarden abstractcolor abstractshapes
Hibiscus Textures (Bill Gracey) Tags: orange flower nature fleur yellow shadows flor textures hibiscus naturalbeauty softbox softlight sidelighting sidelit sidelight offcameraflash tabletopphotography yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Spiral Staircase at the Old Point Loma Lighthouse (Bill Gracey) Tags: california spiral sandiego curves shapes pacificocean spiralstaircase pointloma sandiegobay cabrillonationalmonument oldpointlomalighthouse pacificphotographicsociety
Succulent Flowers On A Stalk (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting pink flowers red orange flores color macro green nature fleur yellow succulent colorful flor blossoms buds softbox stalks softlight macrolens macrophotography homestudio directionallight offcameraflash tabletopphotography yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603m
Home Grown (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting stilllife food orange color macro reflection green texture fruit mirror fig lakeside textures lime sliced southerncalifornia trigger macrolens macrophotography foodphotography directionallight offcameraflash slicedfruit tabletopphotography yn560ii yongnuorf603n
The Pink Hibiscus Probe (Bill Gracey) Tags: pink flower fleur garden flash flor hibiscus softbox softlight homestudio directionallight offcameraflash tabletopphotography radiotrigger yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Glowing Orchid (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting red orange orchid flower color macro nature fleur yellow closeup blackbackground colorful purple flor violet backlit softbox trigger backlighting macrophotography homestudio manualmode offcameraflash tabletopphotography yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Secretary Bird (Bill Gracey) Tags: california color eye nature beauty birds colorful sandiego unique feathers naturalbeauty sandiegozoo secretarybird sagittariusserpentarius
The Last Epihyllum (Bill Gracey) Tags: pink red plant flower green nature fleur garden colorful raw blossom flor violet textures softbox epi softlight epiphyllum sidelighting offcameraflash strobist cactusfamilycactaceae orchidcacti leafcacti epiphyticplant yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Deep Inside The Epiphyllum - Explored (Bill Gracey) Tags: white plant detail macro green nature yellow closeup garden colorful sharp softbox epi softlight epiphyllum sidelighting macrolens macrophotography offcameraflash explored strobist cactusfamilycactaceae orchidcacti leafcacti epiphyticplant yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Motion Blur (Bill Gracey) Tags: color bird nature birds feeding feeder calif sugar motionblur nectar poway annashummingbird wildbirds trochilidae hummingird manualmode wildbird offcameraflash notpoliticallycorrect tinyterror yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Epiphyllum Bloom (Bill Gracey) Tags: plant nature garden softbox epi softlight epiphyllum excellence offcameraflash strobist cactusfamilycactaceae orchidcacti eifphalloffame leafcacti epiphyticplant yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Maria's Epi (Bill Gracey) Tags: plant nature garden softbox epi epiphyllum offcameraflash strobist cactusfamilycactaceae orchidcacti leafcacti epiphyticplant yn560ii yongnuorf603n
The Red Epi (Bill Gracey) Tags: red flower green nature fleur blackbackground raw flor highcontrast textures exotic softbox epi epiphyllum homestudio adobecameraraw directionallight offcameraflash strobist radiotrigger orchidcacti leafcacti yn560 yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Living Stone Succulent Flower (Bill Gracey) Tags: orange flower color texture nature yellow succulent colorful strobe livingstone livingrock directionallight offcameraflash strobist radiotrigger naturesharmony yongnuorf603n flowerthequietbeauty yn56ii
Calla Lilly - Another Look (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting plant flower macro texture nature fleur blackbackground shadows flor shapes highcontrast textures fleurdelis naturalbeauty callalily softbox macrolens macrophotography darkbackground liriodeagua directionallight offcameraflash rimlighting strobist arodeetiopa honlsnoot callalilien flordelembudo yn560ii yongnuorf603n flowerthequietbeauty
Return Of The Calla (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting plant flower macro texture nature fleur blackbackground shadows flor textures fleurdelis naturalbeauty callalily macrolens darkbackground liriodeagua offcameraflash strobist arodeetiopa honlsnoot callalilien flordelembudo yn560ii yongnuorf603n
Ocotillo In Infrared (Bill Gracey) Tags: california cactus nature clouds desert highcontrast infrared desierto ocotillo anzaborregodesertstatepark borregobadlands fontspoint
American Kestrel (Bill Gracey) Tags: california bird nature desert raptor falcon desierto predator americankestrel sparrowhawk anzaborregodesertstatepark falcosparverius blinkagain
Duck Of Many Colors (Bill Gracey) Tags: bird nature beauty birds duck drake woodduck thewonderfulworldofbirds blinkagain lindolakelakesidecalifornianatural
Elegant Weed (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting light flower macro nature fleur flow weed glow shadows interior textures translucent glowing highkey swirls backlit naturalbeauty datura wildflower softbox backlighting macrophotography angelstrumpet filllight offcameraflash rimlighting macrolen bareflash honlsnoot yongnuoyn560 witchesweeds scottrobertstudiocom trinytrigger yongnuoyn56ii
The Hibiscus Probe (Bill Gracey) Tags: lighting red flower macro green nature fleur leaves yellow shadows flor stamens textures hibiscus naturalbeauty softbox luminous studiolighting macrolens macrophotography pistils offcameraflash honlsnoot strobie130
Monuments in Infrared (Bill Gracey) Tags: road travel vacation arizona tourism nature composition rocks infrared dirtroad monuments iconic formations rockformations scenry buttes monumentvalleytribalpark theoldwest
Silhouette Lesson (Bill Gracey) Tags: red silhouette umbrella maria profile sb600 whitebackground parasol strobe offcameraflash explored bareflash gavinhoey adoramatv
Peacock Feather (Bill Gracey) Tags: blue red color macro green bird nature yellow colorful sb600 feather peacock iridescent backlit naturalbeauty softbox peafowl macrolens macrophotography offcameraflash nikoncreativelightingsystem strobist nikoncls stobes sb700
Succulent Question Mark (Bill Gracey) Tags: red plant macro green nature yellow blackbackground succulent colorful sb600 highcontrast questionmark translucent naturalbeauty softbox macrolens macrophotography homestudio offcameraflash explored nikoncreativelightingsystem nikoncls tabletopphotography stobes sb700 honlsnoot
Purple Crowned Ice Plant Flower (Bill Gracey) Tags: plant flower macro green nature fleur yellow grid purple flor sb600 violet iceplant naturalbeauty softbox macrolens macrophotography floweringplants aizoaceae offcameraflash nikoncreativelightingsystem strobist nikoncls carpetweed tabletopphotography stoneplants dicotyledonous sb700 ficoidaceae

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37 nature 31 offcameraflash 24 yongnuorf603n softbox 19 naturalbeauty 18 fleur colorful flower yn560ii 16 flor 15 textures color macrolens 13 red macro directionallight 12 softlight 11 macrophotography tabletopphotography yellow 10 blackbackground strobist green 9 california plant bird garden lakeside 8 shadows 7 homestudio lighting yn560iii epi epiphyllum pink orchidcacti leafcacti 6 birds colors explored yn560 sidelighting epiphyticplant 5 orange honlsnoot cactus detail blue 4 texture cactusfamilycactaceae highcontrast clarity lastoliteezbox purple sb600 hibiscus 3 shapes sb700 strobie130 nikoncls beauty radiotrigger bokeh succulent sandiegozoo vacation filllight arizona sharp nikoncreativelightingsystem feathers backlit white sandiego violet pacificocean annashummingbird nectar callalilien southerncalifornia bareflash flores trigger nightskyphotography callalily sky water darkbackground flowers arodeetiopía stars abstractcolor stobes flowerthequietbeauty oiseau flordelembudo iris stilllife lastolite motionblur anzaborregodesertstatepark desierto

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