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New collection :) (Aya_27) Tags: blue dress stripes jeans blythe dots madebyme lightblue longsleeves shortsleeves petitecreayations vision:outdoor=0589
Monster High (Aya_27) Tags: abbey cleo wold ghoulia frankiestein monsterhigh draculaura clawdeenwolf cleodenile ghouliayelps abbeybominable
Cleo (Aya_27) Tags: de sweater pants tan nile jeans custom cleo repaint darkskin icantdance ttya monsterhigh cleodenile kamarza
Clawdeen (Aya_27) Tags: monster wolf tan custom hight repaint darkskin clawdeen monsterhigh icantdanceoutfit kamarza
Clawdeen (Aya_27) Tags: monster wolf tan custom hight repaint darkskin clawdeen monsterhigh icantdanceoutfit kamarza
Cupcakes lea addiction (Aya_27) Tags: blue hk love yellow cat bigeyes doll dolls sad dress purple sheep kitty sugar special honey tiny pirate lea bjd lovely dollfie saddness limited addiction fg flowergarden honkkong dollfies dollie latidoll smallfeet lati toffiee wintertan expirate fairywig cupcakeoutfitbyshaz
Cleo (Aya_27) Tags: de tan nile custom cleo repaint darkskin monsterhigh cleodenile kamarza
Little Cookie (Aya_27) Tags: yellow doll cookie sweet bjd dollfie dollie latidoll andreja faceup lati
DotsBell (Aya_27) Tags: pink white black yellow amazing doll dress unique clown dot special divine stunning lea jess bjd dots custom dollfie pierrot notrealpeople dollie latidoll palelips blackmask lati pierrotte faceupbyandreja justdoll
Hamiko (Aya_27) Tags: cute yellow doll sweet special bjd custom dollfie limited haru dollie latidoll lati lrrh faceupbyandreja
Pukifee Ante (Aya_27) Tags: pink brown cute sweet lovely custom fairyland pinkish ante kissablelips pukifee faceupbyandreja icantdancesweater enchanted14mmeyes fmdwig
Brownie Bear (Aya_27) Tags: bear brown white cute love girl yellow bigeyes doll pretty sweet girly lea brownie bjd lovely custom dollfie ws dollie latidoll packman fulllips whiteskin lati sadlook faceupbyandreja sweaterbyaysel
LuluBell (Aya_27) Tags: blackandwhite white black yellow bigeyes doll sad mask ns special lea bjd tear dollfie limited pierrot mystic dollie latidoll lulubell lati
AdaD 305/365 (Aya_27) Tags: cute doll tiny dollfie dollie enyo freshskin irrealdoll sadfaceup
 (Aya_27) Tags: family girls berlin love girl doll dress peach ollie overalls mywork blythe lovely muffin custom byme poisongirl tiina fbl dollie rbl cutesweet vainilladolly holagominola petitecreayations vision:outdoor=0507
My little Angel (Aya_27) Tags: pink cute love overalls blythe custom poisongirl rbl peaony liccabody vision:text=0523 vision:sky=0549
 (Aya_27) Tags: bear pink cute smile bed doll dress sweet room ollie mywork custom byme diorama minions minion rbl vainilladolly despicableme petitecreayations
sewing room <3 (Aya_27) Tags: bear cute window table chair doll sweet sewing space room awesome ollie pillow sewingmachine diorama fabrics dollie rbl vainilladolly vision:text=053
My little Puppet (Aya_27) Tags: yellow amazing eyes puppet ns full special divine wig stunning lea custom enchanted marionette latidoll palelips 14mm fmd lati faceupbyandreja
TearBell (Aya_27) Tags: red white black yellow amazing heart mask bell clown special divine stunning lea spike tear dots custom pierrot latidoll lati pierrotte faceupbyandreja tearbell shellpuppets
Ghoulia (Aya_27) Tags: blue cute girl monster high amazing doll pants sweet top girly gray jeans lovely custom dolly repaint yelps ghoulia helleg ttya monsterhigh ghouliayelps kamarza
Peach (Aya_27) Tags: pink cute smile doll sweet peach blythe lovely custom tiina dollie primadollypeach tiinajusttiina
Hikaru (Aya_27) Tags: flower cute halloween floral yellow doll sweet dot special kawaii bjd lovely dots dollfie limited hikaru dollie latidoll lati kuroo kirikahat aireesweater
TearBell (Aya_27) Tags: sleeping white black flower cute girl yellow doll bell sweet unique clown calm special lea pearl bjd tear dollfie limited pierrot notrealpeople dollie latidoll peacfull lati sadlook outfitbyjenink puppetbyshell tearbell
All my SweetDays hats ~<3 (Aya_27) Tags: square squareformat iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram
 (Aya_27) Tags: pink orange white black cute alpaca hair bigeyes beige doll sweet handmade lace ooak sewing awesome tan plum kitty chips stablehouse biscuit fawn bow handpainted lad handsewn mywork blythe sailor lovely collar custom nicky madebyme natt hs beautifull dainty tiina bettina ruffle fbl dollie scalp freackles rbl reroot inhand babypink dressbyme vainilladolly reinadesalem heathersky fawndress nickylad simplyvanilla
Marina and Sol (Aya_27) Tags: bear cute sol sunshine marina sweet helmet blythe lovely custom fbl rbl vainilladolly sweetdayshat petitecreayationsdress
 (Aya_27) Tags: blue cute girl monster high amazing doll pants sweet top girly gray jeans lovely custom dolly repaint yelps ghoulia helleg ttya monsterhigh ghouliayelps kamarza
MH (Aya_27) Tags: abbey cleo wold ghoulia frankiestein monsterhigh draculaura clawdeenwolf cleodenile ghouliayelps abbeybominable
PinkieBell (Aya_27) Tags: pink white girl look yellow angel big eyes doll sad heart princess bell sweet girly unique clown special lea bjd custom dollfie limited pierrot dollie latidoll lati faceupbyandreja enchanted14mmeyes pinkiebell limitedelfleaoutfit
... (Aya_27) Tags: hat sweater amazing doll blythe lovely custom choc hola lunita dollie mimsy holagominola
My little Cookie (Aya_27) Tags: pink winter flower cute floral stockings girl hat yellow sweater outfit doll cookie sweet girly tan crab special shorthaircut bjd lovely dollfie limited ts mylove tanned sweetface dollie latidoll fulllips babypink lati looooooooooooooove sadlook kirika icantdance enchanted12mmeyes
im in love with these colors *___* (Aya_27) Tags: cute love colors dress sweet overalls mywork blythe them lovely licca petitecreayations vision:text=0744
Purple minions ;) (Aya_27) Tags: cute square dress purple sweet squareformat blythe licca minion iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram petitecreayations vision:outdoor=0585
 (Aya_27) Tags: hair dress cut lavender handsewn mywork custom petite choc bearhat blythedoll fbl scalp inhand simplychocolate limitedset holagominola creayations holachoc
who love me?;) (Aya_27) Tags: pink cute yellow by sweater doll cookie sad heart bell clown special spike bjd dollfie limited pierrot dollie latidoll packman aysel lati pinkbell
Bunny (Aya_27) Tags: pink people white cute bunny yellow fur real bigeyes doll sad heart bell sweet unique clown special lea bjd lovely custom dollfie limited pierrot pompon dollie latidoll lati sadlook faceupbyandreja enchanted14mmeyes pinkiebell
name?:) (Aya_27) Tags: cute love angel doll sweet bob peony kawaii blythe custom poisongirl dollie rbl
My newest project :) (Aya_27) Tags: cute square dress sweet skirt jeans bow squareformat mywork blythe byme iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram petitecreayations
PinkieBell (Aya_27) Tags: pink people white cute bunny yellow by fur real ellery bigeyes outfit doll sad heart bell sweet unique clown special belly lea bjd lovely custom dollfie limited pierrot pompon dollie latidoll lati sadlook faceupbyandreja enchanted14mmeyes pinkiebell ellerybears
Toffiee (Aya_27) Tags: winter cute girl yellow by bigeyes doll dress princess sweet girly tan special curly lea bjd lovely dollfie limited ts tanned creamy dollie latidoll lati sadlook airee toffie tinybearmohairwig aireedress
=^.^= (Aya_27) Tags: bear pink black love hat doll dress stripes peony cuddle blythe custom poisongirl dollie rbl cutness dollywardrobe poppytree vision:outdoor=0801 elerrybear
Fluttershy girl <33 (Aya_27) Tags: cute girl sweet blythe freddy rbl fluttershy vision:sunset=054
Ollie (Aya_27) Tags: pink cute smile sweet blythe custom rbl vainilladolly
Sol (Aya_27) Tags: haircut sol beach girl set by doll sad handpainted blythe freckles custom natt fbl moshimoshi dollie eyechips winoujcie vainilladolly simplychocolatescalp veryvicki
 (Aya_27) Tags: blue white flower floral marina doll sad dress sweet lace alice sewing tan lavender plum handsewn mywork blythe lovely custom petite hs sleeves ruffle fbl dollie rbl pupe inhand dressbyme vainilladolly heathersky mamascalp parisscalp creayations
 (Aya_27) Tags: blue red love yellow doll mask colorfull unique clown special elf fairy lea bjd dollfie limited pierrot dollie latidoll palelips lati halfheart
Sleeping... <3 (Aya_27) Tags: pink sleeping cute love girl angel bed sweet peony pillow dreams blythe poison custom poisongirl cuttness vision:sunset=0548 vision:outdoor=0685 poisongilr
More kittens love ;) (Aya_27) Tags: flower cute floral check kitten dress sweet kitty kittens mywork blythe madebyme petitecreayations
 (Aya_27) Tags: bear cute hat set dress sweet bears blythe sweetdays crotched petitecreayastions

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29 custom 28 doll cute sweet 25 dollie 19 blythe 17 latidoll lati yellow lovely 16 dollfie 15 bjd special 14 dress pink 12 lea limited 11 rbl girl 10 white 9 faceupbyandreja pierrot love 8 vainilladolly mywork tan monsterhigh clown sad 7 bigeyes petitecreayations 6 unique repaint fbl sadlook bear bell girly kamarza black amazing blue 5 poisongirl jeans heart flower 4 hat darkskin by sweater enchanted14mmeyes floral cleo ghouliayelps cleodenile dots ghoulia monster 3 cookie pinkiebell divine tiina squareformat sewing overalls square iphoneography handsewn madebyme byme uploaded:by=instagram ollie peony kitty pants stunning holagominola angel inhand ttya mask smile instagramapp palelips tear hight pompon gray icantdanceoutfit winter pierrotte eyes draculaura stripes dressbyme people top licca packman babypink de tanned petite notrealpeople hs spike purple plum dolly helleg awesome natt lavender outfit set real minion wold bed icantdance peach clawdeen choc kawaii tearbell red clawdeenwolf nile wolf handpainted ruffle yelps creayations marina bow frankiestein pillow sleeping diorama fulllips abbey heathersky tiny brown fur ts sol hair abbeybominable scalp dot bunny room princess high lace ns addiction calm nicky them orange lulubell sunshine marionette vision:text=053 pukifee tiinajusttiina vision:sunset=054 alpaca honkkong minions lightblue limitedelfleaoutfit vision:text=0523 hola aireedress irrealdoll reroot check 14mm freckles haircut smallfeet freddy freshskin mylove ellery fmdwig family enchanted dollfies mamascalp fabrics blackmask petitecreayationsdress halfheart curly vision:sky=0549 kittens helmet fluttershy saddness girls muffin bob shellpuppets vision:outdoor=0589 cutness airee poppytree kirika moshimoshi sweetdayshat whiteskin aysel despicableme wig pupe fairy beautifull lad flowergarden fmd jess sweetdays veryvicki brownie bears berlin enyo pinkbell cut fawn simplychocolate big pearl vision:outdoor=0801 vision:sunset=0548 chips table stablehouse vision:outdoor=0685 mimsy kuroo toffiee colorfull cat poison longsleeves ooak wintertan sweetface fairyland sleeves peaony hk pinkish beige window ws limitedset enchanted12mmeyes dolls fawndress shortsleeves space halloween cuttness parisscalp sailor aireesweater biscuit elerrybear kitten icantdancesweater chair looooooooooooooove collar tinybearmohairwig vision:text=0744 blackandwhite cutesweet puppet reinadesalem pirate holachoc dollywardrobe colors liccabody outfitbyjenink vision:outdoor=0585 lunita sheep stockings nickylad toffie cuddle pretty lrrh sewingmachine puppetbyshell simplychocolatescalp elf sugar shorthaircut justdoll petitecreayastions cupcakeoutfitbyshaz sweaterbyaysel andreja crab

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