anotherworld barefeet blue bokeh branches cold dof dreaming field flowers fog forest goldenhour grass hair hairflip hands happiness hehe ihateticks leaves light lol me mee ohwell old pond portrait redhead reflection selfportrait sepia shadows skirt snow street sun sunset sweater tones tree trees whiteskirt winter

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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind, almost certainly the best search engine for photography on the web. If you are a Flickr user and Log into Flickr you will be able to see your private photos, as well as larger thumbnails. Hivemind: Imagining Hits: 511 Pages: 11 Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
(Day 206) (Allison Imagining) Tags: selfportrait grass leaves drain knees whiteskirt newskirt exactlywhat 365days pipething iwasgoingtoeditmylegs butichangedmymindanddecidedthatitaddedsomething likeihaveanyidea butimsorryyouneedtolookatthemlol
Sometimes good-bye is a second chance. (Allison Imagining) Tags: pink sunset selfportrait me fog shadows dress thrift barefeet tones queenanneslace goldenhour anotherouttake practicallysooc
Surrounded by uncertainties. (Day 199) (Allison Imagining) Tags: light tree fog clouds sticks shadows skirt pile lensflare whoa goldenhour thrifting dree sillhoette icantbelievethat almosttoday200 omigodsu thereareabilliondifferentpartinthisimage itsalmosttooconfusingformehaha
You still have all of me. (Day 140) (Allison Imagining) Tags: winter sun selfportrait snow cold me eyes bright bokeh branches january ring hehe muahaha almostsooc ghostsaregaining iwaswearingfluffysnowpants andifeellikeivecheatedthesystembecauseyoucantseethem
It never stops until we give in. (Day twenty nine) (Allison Imagining) Tags: trees selfportrait fog sepia forest vintage fantasy whimsical anotherworld morningmist thefray 365days saywhen awayfromhere imaginiation homersiliad
Translucent threads shimmering like spiderwebs caught by morning's grace. (Allison Imagining) Tags: sepia goldenrod itsparkles thisismynewfavoriteshirt ilovethefield itwaswarmandniceyesterday ilovethewaythatgoldenhoursunfeels mybrotherjusttoldmethatthisshirtmakesmelikeavampire ithinkimighthavetohurthim ismellfrenchtoaststicks
and then it rises with the fall. (Day 320) (Allison Imagining) Tags: trees light field grass 50mm bokeh depthoffield redhead negatives picnik hangers hairflip stopbeingstupidbeforeikillabutterfly seriouslyyouandsafariaredrivingmeupthewall frommydisposablecamera barelysooc
You said you were there for me; wouldn't let me fall. (Day 192) (Allison Imagining) Tags: street portrait selfportrait reflection wet puddle dof hand mud jeans dirt untitled mee meltingsnow springiscoming 365days crumpledpaper yesthatiswhatthatwhitelumpis nowmuddyconverse
Plumes arise of heavy fog; (Day 249) (Allison Imagining) Tags: selfportrait me fog yes writingmood thatdresswasfourwonderfuldollarsatathriftstore itmakesmehappyxd andimpromisingtogettoreplyingtoemailssoon gahhhsoooomuchtodo maybeilljusttakethenightoffandchillax thatsoundsnicexd
Catch me as I fall; Say you're here and it's all over now. (Allison Imagining) Tags: trees winter mist selfportrait snow me grass fog forest hair landscape flying jumping whisper dof d flight skirt swamp pinetrees readhead xd okay ohwell meltingsnow hairflip balletflats onahill iwishitwasfoggierthough theforestwasactuallybehindme catchmeasifall thoughidowithihadpointedmytoesalittlebetter mytoeswereaprettyshadeofbluewhenigothome
She was detained by the frail, long hands of reverie. (Allison Imagining) Tags: ugh myfeetwerecold imstilllearninghowtousetheattachmentwithmanualfocus becauseitscompletelydifferent andillhavetosendthecamerainsoontogetfixed becauseitswearingoutagainandnotgettingalongwiththeremote orthebatterypack stupidthingsarestupid andihaveotherpicturesinvolvingahalffrozenpuddleandthefogishoulduploadsometime
Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all. (Allison Imagining) Tags: ugh ew ohwell iguess somuch lovespring especiallyflowers atleastforthemoment remotehand butimnowanditsstillwintereverywhere andiwantspringback ineedtogetoutofthathabitandstartthrowingtheremoteagainlikeiusedto buttherewasalotofwateraroundsoisupposeditsgoodididnt ifyoudontliketheposethanjustadmirethescenery imeanatleastyoudonthavetolookatmyfacerightnow ireallydontknowwhatimdoingwiththisprojectbutiverealizedthatialwaysincludeanumber alineeitherfromaquoteorasongorsometypeofwriting andusuallyitcomeswithadefinitionoralittleexplanation iwishiknewlol butiusedtobefascinatedwithsymbolism itintriguedmed
Her world was just beginning and everything was new, and she was utterly convinced that nothing could hurt her. (Allison Imagining) Tags: writing ilikethisword andireallyneededtofindawaytorelateittothephoto otherwiseitsjustareallycoolword whichisntnearlyascoolasawordwithacorrespondingphoto selframblings
Snow itself is lonely. (Allison Imagining) Tags: blue snow cold sweater pond bokeh lol flurries simple finally ohwell headband generallycliche forgottodeepenthedepthoffield ilovehavingredhair ivegotothersiwanttoandwillbepostingsometime ireallyhopeicandoashootwithsomeonethisweekend weresupposedtobegettingmoresnowonsaturday ilovewintersometimes ineedtogodohomeworknow andireallyneedtopickupthisproject imsobehindbutthatsalright itsalmostbreak
She had always wanted to run away, (Day 351) (Allison Imagining) Tags: barn curves redhair goldenlight horsefarm hoopskirt bahaha itssomuchfun likeyeah sixflagsinthirtyminutes barbedwirefencethatiwillonedaysneakoverandgetphotographswiththeponies ihaveamasterplan itsprettyridiculous
Happiness was never meant to hold. (Day 339) (Allison Imagining) Tags: trees girl pond framed happiness edge pouringrain 365days filmesque imbacknow imissrainydays ivebeenhyperventilatingonandoffasthenumberswinddown
Royalty of the Emerald Kingdom. (Day 275) (Allison Imagining) Tags: flowers blue white tree green water forest weeds dof bokeh lol roots redhead masonjar greenery crown emerald gree royalty justsaying ihopeyoulikethis ihateticks ibravedticksandmosquitosandeverythingthatcrawlstogetthese
'Cause happiness throws a shower of sparks. (Allison Imagining) Tags: imtryingtopasstime waitingfortherightlight sothaticangooutandshoot andwehavelikeathousandpeopleoverrightnow yayforantisocialtendancies butiactuallyhaveacold sothatsmyexcusep
Still can't find what keeps me here. (Allison Imagining) Tags: trees houses sunset portrait ballet selfportrait snow me grass fog clouds shadows lol branches dancer goldenhour pileofsticks toepoint damnhouses truthandillusion
Nothing can last forever. (Allison Imagining) Tags: lol andabutterfly thatscassie shedeservescreditbecauseshesurvivedbeingaclusterofflowersthatwereswarmingwithbees andthatisoneofhergreatestphobias andthatbutterflyhappenedtobeoneofmyhomegrownonesd
You used to captivate me by your resonating light. Now, I'm bound by the life you left behind. (Day 228) (Allison Imagining) Tags: leaves hair 50mm bokeh branches overlay redhead freckles today tones uhmm pleasegoaway ilikethem urrgg stupidrainandcold faciallyunedited irarelydothat butforsomereasonidecidedtokeepmyfreckles becauseoddlyenough
The night is deafening when the silence is listening. (Day 227) (Allison Imagining) Tags: favorite selfportrait snow tree grass leaves fog dress deadleaves bark outtake rainboots outdoortheater springiscomming whichisfinallygonexd
Spectral apparitions danced among the smoke and flames like old friends reunited. (Allison Imagining) Tags: writing lol smoke flames notreally apparition spectral youcanseethem intentionalforestfire betterthansmokebombs ismelllikesmokenow iliketodaysword andthatlineisfromastoryimworkingon yayforwords everyoneshouldlikemyfanpagebecauseitwouldmakemylife thatsjustshamelessselfpromotion ithinkthesmokeisgettingtomyhead nowimgoingtogomakecupcakes wellfrostthem iactuallymadethemlastnight theyreinthebottomleftcorner
Hearts of stone will always be shattered . (Day 321) (Allison Imagining) Tags: street flowers sweater rainbows hehe fakeflowers garlands differentediting manimissedmy50mm ishouldputtheicecreamtruckincommentsxd
Springtime Serenity. (Day 256) (Allison Imagining) Tags: light trail barefeet overexposure whiteskirt thetrail sooc
The Captive (Allison Imagining) Tags: omg anditwaswonderful itwassuchagreatmorningforphotos andimreallyexcitedforsummer somanyplans imsoexciteditshouldbeillegal
I took my love down to Violet Hill (Allison Imagining) Tags: abandoned desolate tulle thingy ilovethisplace nearthepool purplesmoke imcomingback lotsoftulle imadeaskirtiwasveryproudof buttoobadthepinskeptfallingout whichsmelledquitegoodincaseyouwerecuriouslol becauseicouldspendforeverjustshootingpicturesthere thelocationsarereallythatincredible althoughitwasthecreepiestlocationiveevervisitedforphotography
So long I lay awake wondering which of us true. (Day eighty nine) (Allison Imagining) Tags: reflection grass leaves hair ginger leaf sweater truth emotion pavement expression dreaming muse wishes wondering longing lay winteriscoming iwish solong imissthesun layawake itwontstopraining fuggingcold wetsweater coldpuddle personalsucces whichofus
Wonder. (Allison Imagining) Tags: forest wonder kathleen herfreakingawesomedriveway andidiothereisbarefootp
Believe what you want, but I'm still alive. (Day 274) (Allison Imagining) Tags: blue sky field grass yellow bright wheat here redhead believe cloudless breathe scab existence hairflip imstillalive wooot lakeofgrass becauseitwastoosmalltobeasea
Dreams start their drifting and you hear a lullaby. (Day one hundred and seventeen) (Allison Imagining) Tags: light selfportrait tree youth chair doll shadows child lol gimp manipulation dreams innocence poinsetta portal supernova foyer lightswitch mee doorframe anotherworld reminisce creepydoll whooooooooosh yayforgimp woodflooriwishispentalittlemoretimeonthis stupidnoiseyoucangodie
'Cause happiness throws a shower of sparks. (Allison Imagining) Tags: water bokeh hose butijustdontlikeit post365 clichebutnotcaring takenwithclyde mydadslensewhichihate itstoobigandhuge evenifitdoestakethemostbeautifulpictures becauseifeellikeitjustgonnafall andiguessitsjustbecauseitsnotmy50mm grararar
Memories made her weak. (Day 356) (Allison Imagining) Tags: poop hmmm grr sothatscool artificialsunflare ireallyshouldstopdoingthose itsnotveryclassy buttheydomakeprettycolors iwishthefocuswasworkingcorrectly becauseihadastorythatwentwithaconcept butthoseshotsdidntworkfail sonowallyouguysgetisalamefloweryshot
Simplicity is too often overlooked. (Day 354) (Allison Imagining) Tags:
Daughter wake up from your sleep. (Day 248) (Allison Imagining) Tags: old portrait me grass forest shadows location pointe legging sometimesiwishiwereadancerp
I'm building a sill to slow down the time. (Allison Imagining) Tags: this like here crap looks soitookpictures itwasfoggythismorning itlooksbetterlarge illstartcatchingupwitheverythingsoon itsjustbeensocoldandbusylately
Similitude and breaking tides. (Allison Imagining) Tags: reflection self perception movement dreaming swamp ripples form alteration tides flipped verticallines similitude
Need to escape [I've] been doubting too much lately. (Allison Imagining) Tags: street trees snow fog fun posing rollerblading hehehe silhoette onefoot
Degradation of Existence (Allison Imagining) Tags: old birds sepia hair hands pieces drawing leggings urgh alot exist degradation imisssummer notagoodday oldparkinglot
My soul, it's dying to be freed. (Allison Imagining) Tags: light selfportrait grass yellow happy hands focus bokeh skirt tones oldish candytones hairflipfail
I believe in too much. (Day 266) (Allison Imagining) Tags: white selfportrait reflections mirror hands shadows branches skirt ring innocence sheet redhair collarbone groundcover newlocation itwaschillytoday stupidnaturewaspokingmethewholetime
A Jaded Nightmare. (Allison Imagining) Tags:
Sadly things just happen we can't explain. (Day 295) (Allison Imagining) Tags: light sun storm field grass arms hill happiness stretch xd darkclouds ticks andyes imnotkidding whyyes thatperfectmoment ihateticks thatinfactisahelicopterinthebackground butthiswassoworthit igotsoexcitedwhenisawthislight ithinkididalittledanceasiranupthehill iprobablyamalittlecrazy
I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge (Day 160) (Allison Imagining) Tags: trees sunset house selfportrait snow forest bokeh breath papercrown goldenhour greensweater myfrontyard 365days stupidwinter bokehish myneighborshouse ihateitwhenmyhairgetsfrizzy hatsforhaitipicnik
Breath and Release. (Allison Imagining) Tags: wood flowers abandoned concrete smoke pinecone dust ireallylovethisforsomereason cassiefromourexcursion
What is it like to be forgotten? (Allison Imagining) Tags: d andilikethis iwasoutalldoanditwaswonderful imgoingtogoandeatoatmealandapologizeforallofmyrandomhiatuss toolazytolookupproperpluralization butiprollywontbepostingregularlyuntilsummer shrugsicanthelpit itsalotlikesomethingitookayearago anditsweirdbecausemyphotosareliningupandlookingalotliketheoldonesonthesameday buttheyredifferentbecauseiusuallylikemynewonesbetter andiwassittingonastickinthis anditwasdiggingintomyleg anditwaswindyoutside irrelevantbutwhatever iclimbedatreeanditwasfun notthistreethough theoneiclimbedwasactuallystandingup currentlyresistingthetemptationtoflipthislikeupsidedownandverticalbecause twassonicehereonsunday viewphotosfromyouorfromeveryoneidontknow
Everyday the sky becomes a fire whose toungues of flame will suffocate the doubts of day. (Allison Imagining) Tags: selfportrait cold fire photographer freezing dreaming blaze mywords soyeah itsbeenbusy itssurelybeenawhile iikethispartsofthewoods andthatgiantthingbehindmeisactuallyahugetreestumpwithstrangelookingmushroomsthatarelargerthanmyhead itsprettyawesometobethere iwantsummersobad itsnotevenhealthy ivebeenreallybusytakingphotosanddoingrunningcrewformyschoolsspringmusicalwhichisactuallythisfriday butwhenitsalloveritwillbewarmoutagainandicantakephotosfreelyandthatmakesmehappyd
Dancing with the shadows. (Day 349) (Allison Imagining) Tags: light everything soo tones hehe better okay hairflip romper thisisdifferent seriouslyitis blownoutpavement wellthetonesatleast andiwantedtousetheshotwheremyfootpracticallytouchedmyhead butmyotherlegwasbentanditdidntlookright thisisgrandmasdriveway therewasfogthismorning butiwaslazyanduncreative hmphhh barefootyetagain iloverompers ilovetheoneihave thisissomuchbetterlarge justclickonit
Eternal fields of clover.(Day 293) (Allison Imagining) Tags: mahpuppyisnamedfigi anditreallydoesntmatterhowyoupronounceitbecausesheshearditalmosteverypossiblewayxd
Mortality. (Day 229) (Allison Imagining) Tags: light portrait sun selfportrait beauty grass freedom exposure bokeh happiness anger redhead mortality lettinggo navey holdingback themosswaswet thecamerawasactuallystraight andthisistherealangleofthecliffbecauseicannotjustcallthatbeastahill

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15 selfportrait 11 grass 9 bokeh 8 light fog 7 trees snow 6 me lol shadows forest 5 365days redhead 4 branches leaves tree hairflip tones goldenhour hair portrait skirt 3 hehe dreaming cold sweater sun reflection hands field flowers sunset street happiness ohwell dof sepia blue mee winter pond dress 50mm ring innocence bright yellow here white meltingsnow old anotherworld barefeet whiteskirt ihateticks water d smoke writing swamp xd okay ugh clouds redhair abandoned becauseitwastoosmalltobeasea homersiliad form dust oldparkinglot rollerblading itsalotlikesomethingitookayearago storm hose almostsooc soyeah andireallyneededtofindawaytorelateittothephoto january thrift itsalmostbreak scab hairflipfail butichangedmymindanddecidedthatitaddedsomething writingmood mywords holdingback bokehish ilovehavingredhair andimreallyexcitedforsummer mirror queenanneslace myfeetwerecold springiscoming navey looks curves flight twassonicehereonsunday rainbows fakeflowers legging sometimesiwishiwereadancerp anditwasdiggingintomyleg ineedtogodohomeworknow birds itwassuchagreatmorningforphotos portal leaf foyer believe favorite eyes headband crap beauty freckles sky cassiefromourexcursion anditwaswonderful andireallyneedtopickupthisproject overexposure yes stretch ireallydontknowwhatimdoingwiththisprojectbutiverealizedthatialwaysincludeanumber whoa sothatscool butiactuallyhaveacold myfrontyard wheat crown iclimbedatreeanditwasfun barelysooc almosttoday200 hmmm nearthepool itsbeenbusy lensflare sonowallyouguysgetisalamefloweryshot iprobablyamalittlecrazy iwishiknewlol leggings bahaha butijustdontlikeit springiscomming butimsorryyouneedtolookatthemlol vintage takenwithclyde pavement andiwassittingonastickinthis andiwantspringback onefoot truthandillusion solong ilovethefield ginger whimsical layawake damnhouses iikethispartsofthewoods itssomuchfun stopbeingstupidbeforeikillabutterfly breath lightswitch butiprollywontbepostingregularlyuntilsummer ireallyshouldstopdoingthose toepoint mahpuppyisnamedfigi iwaswearingfluffysnowpants nowmuddyconverse hand puddle yayforwords igotsoexcitedwhenisawthislight andyes andusuallyitcomeswithadefinitionoralittleexplanation better dancer sothatsmyexcusep becauseitscompletelydifferent whichisntnearlyascoolasawordwithacorrespondingphoto ticks wellfrostthem thatsoundsnicexd yesthatiswhatthatwhitelumpis darkclouds picnik thingy spectral otherwiseitsjustareallycoolword awayfromhere barn sillhoette intentionalforestfire imtryingtopasstime itsprettyridiculous photographer whooooooooosh forgottodeepenthedepthoffield stupidnaturewaspokingmethewholetime supernova anger omg post365 gahhhsoooomuchtodo gree catchmeasifall grr trail youcanseethem like yayforgimp barbedwirefencethatiwillonedaysneakoverandgetphotographswiththeponies arms atleastforthemoment becauseicouldspendforeverjustshootingpicturesthere doorframe ilovewintersometimes pile mybrotherjusttoldmethatthisshirtmakesmelikeavampire iloverompers ismellfrenchtoaststicks icantbelievethat framed winteriscoming fantasy filmesque pink drain myneighborshouse toolazytolookupproperpluralization hoopskirt ireallylovethisforsomereason iwasgoingtoeditmylegs ghostsaregaining happy flying especiallyflowers freezing ihateitwhenmyhairgetsfrizzy itwasfoggythismorning personalsucces green justclickonit perception pouringrain silhoette imadeaskirtiwasveryproudof flurries themosswaswet exposure itsjustbeensocoldandbusylately whyyes jeans emotion theoneiclimbedwasactuallystandingup irarelydothat outdoortheater herfreakingawesomedriveway andabutterfly mist house flames frommydisposablecamera movement newskirt urgh thatscassie finally pointe wetsweater thereareabilliondifferentpartinthisimage poinsetta whichofus royalty uhmm itmakesmehappyxd blaze houses thelocationsarereallythatincredible bark urrgg wonder expression anditsweirdbecausemyphotosareliningupandlookingalotliketheoldonesonthesameday location stupidrainandcold morningmist ibravedticksandmosquitosandeverythingthatcrawlstogetthese everything yayforantisocialtendancies ithinkimighthavetohurthim focus stupidnoiseyoucangodie iwish butiusedtobefascinatedwithsymbolism doll pleasegoaway differentediting itssurelybeenawhile itwaschillytoday edge

Pairs: 4 fog,selfportrait 3 grass,selfportrait 365days,trees bokeh,light grass,light 2 me,shadows selfportrait,tones me,selfportrait light,skirt selfportrait,trees selfportrait,skirt bokeh,grass

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