15mm 2014 21mm 31mm agnicieza asturias autumn beach cantabricsea clouds d800e distagont2815 distagont2821 fagussylvatica green landscape light llanes longexposure marcantábrico mist moonlight nature night nightphotography nikon nocturnal paisaje parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa pentaxk5 rivers sea seascape shoreline sky smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited storm stream sunset twilight vertorama water winter zeiss zf2

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Pea Santa de Enol (Ahio) Tags: winter light sunset snow mountains ice clouds zeiss landscape frozen woods nikon asturias paisaje 100mm nubes february montaa cloudscape beech cordilleracantbrica 2014 picosdeeuropa fagussylvatica cangasdeons hayedo peasantadecastilla parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa cornin zf2 picosdeeuropanationalpark peasantadeenol makroplanar1002zf makroplanart2100 pnpe porrubolu torredelacanalparda cembavieya llampacimera torredelalba d800e argaos agnicieza cotanorte agujadeenol
Justo al llegar -- Just in time   [Explored - Jul 1, 2011] (Ahio) Tags: longexposure sunset sea sky sun seascape beach clouds reflections waves explore lee slowshutter llanes neutraldensity cantabricsea smcpentaxda1224mmf40edalif pentaxk5
Calentando motores (Ahio) Tags: longexposure winter sea costa seascape storm zeiss landscape twilight nikon waves shorelines wind january enero blowhole invierno karst llanes nationalgeographic stormyweather crepsculo 2014 21mm roughsea marcantbrico singhray zf2 pra nicieza bufonesdepra distagont2821 canonikos d800e
Luz vertical (Ahio) Tags: winter light clouds zeiss 100mm rays niebla cabranes zf2 makroplanart2100
Al final del da (... and shadows) (Ahio) Tags: sunset sky beach clouds dusk shoreline lowtide marcantbrico cantabricsea smcpentaxda1224mmf40edalif pentaxk5
Caught in water (Ahio) Tags: shadow macro nature water night droplets dew refraction grasses snails smcpentaxda35mmf28
Puerta abierta (Ahio) Tags: winter light sea storm nature water zeiss agua nikon shoreline wave asturias 100mm invierno olas febrero llanes paloverde temporal top20waterpix 2014 marcantbrico zf2 makroplanart2100 ciclognesis d800e agnicieza
Tormenta nocturna (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography autumn sea seascape storm beach night clouds zeiss nikon nocturnal darkness shore tormenta lightning 15mm oscuridad 2014 relmpago marcantbrico sanantoln fotografanocturna bedn zf2 distagont2815 d800e
Green forest II (Ahio) Tags: mist tree verde green landscape air may paisaje rbol niebla 2012 haya fagus bosques fagussylvatica hayedo 31mm piloa smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5 montesdelinfierno montecorbera
Estacas de Trueba (Ahio) Tags: longexposure water river landscape spring agua melting stream paisaje waterfalls rivers ros cantabria 2012 cascada cordilleracantbrica mountainstreams vegadepas 31mm deshielo estacasdetrueba smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited cantabrianmountains royera pentaxk5 agnicieza
Far (Ahio) Tags: longexposure autumn sea zeiss landscape nikon seascapes space paisaje spatial minimalism cloudscape islets 21mm ballota marcantbrico 2013 zf2 distagont2821 d800e agnicieza
Visiones efmeras (Ahio) Tags: trees winter snow storm mountains zeiss forest woodland landscape luces frozen nikon january asturias paisaje ligth montaa 15mm nava freshsnow 2014 speciallight peamayor zf2 distagont2815 d800e agnicieza
Los cuatro luceros (Ahio) Tags: blue autumn light sea seascape zeiss landscape islands twilight fishing nikon 15mm crepsculo marinas islets fisheries marcantbrico zf2 horcadodecuevas distagont2815 d800e
Duje (Ahio) Tags: longexposure green nature water zeiss landscape march nikon wind paisaje waterfalls rivers streams ros montaa 2014 picosdeeuropa headwaters tielve mountainstreams cabrales wint duje parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa zf2 pnpe distagont2815 d800e agnicieza
Rayos anticrepusculares (Ahio) Tags: light sunset sky seascape storm beach zeiss landscape nikon paisaje rivers february skyscapes ros 15mm rivermouth 2014 southwind anticrepuscularrays marcantbrico sanantoln zf2 distagont2815 d800e
Wave (Ahio) Tags: winter sea storm water waves pentax spray 300mm february olas llanes ribadesella 2014 marcantbrico smcpentaxda300mmf40edifsdm pentaxk5
Convergence (Ahio) Tags: longexposure summer sky water june clouds zeiss landscape nikon mediterranean seascapes dusk paisaje surface shore skyscapes cloudscape menorca fornells mediterraneansea baleares marinas 21mm balearicislands marmediterrneo tirant cavallera 2013 zf2 distagont2821 d800e menorca2013 agnicieza
Tierra (Ahio) Tags: longexposure sea blackandwhite blancoynegro water waves llanes 31mm smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5 llubeces
Azul y blanco (Ahio) Tags: blue white snow mountains landscape wind asturias paisaje ripples len cordilleracantbrica 31mm smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited cantabrianmountains celln pentaxk5 picucelln
Noches de pesca (Ahio) Tags: nightphotography sea night zeiss stars landscape lights boat fishing nikon december shorelines nocturnal asturias moonlit nocturna moonlight pesca 15mm llanes nationalgeographic marcantbrico torimbia lightfishing zf2 distagont2815 d800e
Encuentros en la niebla (Ahio) Tags: light summer mist tree fog zeiss landscape oak quercus nikon asturias paisaje niebla 15mm roble zf2 distagont2815 colladafumarea d800e
Magic water (Ahio) Tags: green nature fog forest woods beech haya bosques fagussylvatica piloa smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5 montesdelinfierno montecorbera
Chlorophyll (Ahio) Tags: light mist green forest spring woods beech haya bosques chlorophyll fagussylvatica piloa smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5 montesdelinfierno
Immersed in water (Ahio) Tags: autumn trees mist portugal stream explore rivers verticalpanorama brufe parquenaturalpenedagers smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited vertorama pentaxk5 rohomem
Transiciones (Ahio) Tags: longexposure twilight seascapes shoreline silhouettes explore marcantbrico cantabricsea arna smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5
Boulders (Ahio) Tags: longexposure winter water pool waterfall boulder explore rivers verticalpanorama smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited vertorama pentaxk5 roriensena
Transparencias (Ahio) Tags: longexposure water river stream polarizer cascade singhray smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5 riensena colorefexpro4
Penumbras (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography blackandwhite bw seascape twilight nocturnal explore moonlight cantabria marcantbrico cantabricsea arnia smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5
Remanso entre corrientes (Ahio) Tags: autumn reflection water pool river stream flat run explore reflejos riffle flowingwater blurmotion coldwaterstream rosaja smcpfa31mmf18 vertorama pentaxk5 rolodar
Moon and sea, infinite calm (Ahio) Tags: longexposure sea moon seascape night mediterranean nocturnal luna fullmoon explore moonlight menorca fornells balearicislands tirant cavallera samola smcpentaxda35mmf28 pentaxk5
La nube (Sword of Damocles) (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography blue clouds zeiss stars twilight nocturnal lakes 15mm cloudscapes crepsculo lagoenol parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa zf2 distagont2815
Less is more (Ahio) Tags: seascapes lee 12mm llanes cloudscapes marcantbrico cantabricsea buelna niksoftware elpicn smcpentaxda1224mmf40edalif pentaxk5 lightroom4 colorefexpro4
Tras la tormenta / After the storm (Ahio) Tags: sunset sky storm rain silhouette clouds skies nationalgeographic smcpentaxda1224mmf40edalif fxb2g
Silencio  --  Quietness (Ahio) Tags: mist sunrise fence amanecer brumas smcpfa31mmf18 pentaxk5
Waiting for darkness (Ahio) Tags: longexposure blue red summer sky clouds zeiss twilight nikon seascapes 15mm llanes cloudscapes crepsculo mordor islets costas marcantbrico 2013 zf2 horcadodecuevas canonikos distagont2815 d800e agnicieza zeisstouit2014
Tiempo de fro (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography autumn mountain night zeiss reflections stars landscape nikon lakes asturias paisaje nocturna 15mm nationalgeographic milkyway picosdeeuropa valctea lagoenol parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa zf2 porradeenol distagont2815 d800e
Helix 257 (Ahio) Tags: lighthouse france zeiss buildings spiral islands nikon pi step numbers r 1854 21mm goldenspiral leder pharedesbaleines zf2 distagont2821 d800e
Penumbras II (Ahio) Tags: longexposure seascape twilight dusk shoreline moonlight marcantbrico cantabricsea arna smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited pentaxk5
La angula del Norte  --  Elver fishing (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography november moon beach zeiss lights fishing nikon nocturnal asturias noviembre shore moonlight eel pesca llanes marinas elver anguila marcantbrico lightfishing sanantoln angula bedn zf2 distagont2821 traditionalfisheries d800e
Twilight dreams (Ahio) Tags: longexposure water pool zeiss river landscape flow waterfall spring nikon stream april ros 2014 21mm riverscape singhray purn zf2 distagont2821 d800e agnicieza
Black sky (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography sea seascape beach zeiss landscape nikon nocturnal darkness january paisaje shore nocturnas 15mm llanes 2014 niembro marcantbrico toranda zf2 distagont2815 d800e
Doble foco (Ahio) Tags: water river landscape waterfall stream asturias paisaje cascada cangasdeons 31mm smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited vertorama zardn pentaxk5 rozardn
Hyperperception (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography moon night zeiss nikon nocturnal shoreline playa luna moonlight lowtide 15mm llanes cloudscapes costas sanantoln bedn zf2 distagont2815 d800e
El martillo de Thor (Ahio) Tags: longexposure sea seascape storm green water clouds zeiss landscape blues asturias shore 15mm llanes islets blackcard stormscape bayofbiscay marcantbrico zf2 distagont2815 horcadocuevas
Noches de sur (Ahio) Tags: longexposure nightphotography sky lake snow nature clouds zeiss stars landscape nocturnal explore 15mm cloudscape picosdeeuropa lagoenol parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa zf2 Astrometrydotnet:status=failed distagont2815 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20130331932832
Path to Nirvana III (Ahio) Tags: tree green nature leaves fog forest spring asturias beech fagussylvatica smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited riofabar pentaxk5 montesdelinfierno
Luna llena (Ahio) Tags: bw blackwhite luna fullmoon explore ponga picosdeeuropa lesbedules cornin smcpentaxda70mmf24 cantabrianmountains vertorama cantucabronero pentaxk5 colorefexpro4 peabeza
Estacas de Trueba (Ahio) Tags: longexposure water creek pas cascade yera estacasdetrueba smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited vertorama pentaxk5
Water is a precious resource (Ahio) Tags: longexposure water squareformat rivers llanes smcpfa31mmf18 vertorama pentaxk5 roriensena
Good times II (Ahio) Tags: sunset sea sun reflection clouds shoreline smcpentaxda1224mmf40edalif pentaxk5

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25 longexposure pentaxk5 23 zeiss zf2 19 nikon landscape d800e 17 marcantábrico 15 water smcpentaxfa31mmf18allimited 14 distagont2815 13 llanes sea 15mm paisaje 12 clouds 11 asturias 10 2014 seascape 9 nightphotography nocturnal agnicieza explore 8 storm 7 sky vertorama light winter twilight 6 sunset nature night distagont2821 stream beach autumn moonlight cantabricsea rivers green shoreline 5 parquenacionalpicosdeeuropa shore smcpentaxda1224mmf40edalif 31mm picosdeeuropa 21mm mist seascapes river fagussylvatica 4 snow ríos forest waves cloudscape beech stars sanantolín cloudscapes islets blue montesdelinfierno crepúsculo nationalgeographic spring 3 wind haya marinas bosques waterfall mountains pool tree woods cordilleracantábrica dusk piloña summer montaña colorefexpro4 smcpfa31mmf18 luna february moon 2013 lagoenol fishing january makroplanart2100 cantabrianmountains niebla 100mm bedón singhray fog lakes 2012 balearicislands cascada pesca arnía

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