3amfromkyoto artlibre autumn bird black cambridge cambridgeshire cloud clouds countryside england girl grass hat lake landscape light london male man me morning mountains old portrait red reflection river self selfportrait september shadow shadows sky top tophat tree trees uk utatafeature wall water woman wood wow

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. Grantchester - (The Jogger) . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk morning trees houses cambridge england sky woman house reflection tree bird english church water field grass clouds pen reflections river landscape countryside early gate frost cam frosty pinkfloyd cormorant jogging cambridgeshire jogger grantchester grantchestermeadows specland 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Thought - Pt.2 . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk 2 portrait england white selfportrait man black male me monochrome grass hat dark walking suffolk thought moody top coat part bleak warren frock poles telegraph breckland 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Ruins - Part 1 . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk sea england sky west 2004 water clouds sussex pier ruins brighton waves yacht rusty surreal august east westpier foam rusted remains corroded firedamaged esussex kioskrip 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Vintage Futurism - Part (a) . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: new old uk 2002 england building london tower church glass architecture modern vintage buildings swiss centre historic futurism re gherkin swissre 30stmaryaxe stmaryaxe standrewundershaft 3amfromkyoto 1532 470years flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Grantchester Meadows - a dedication to Syd Barrett . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: pink cambridge tree water dedication river cam rip meadows pinkfloyd pole dedicated floyd syd cambridgeshire barrett punt restinpeace rivercam moored grantchester sydbarrett grantchestermeadows 3amfromkyoto thisonesforsyd flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Mt. Fuji (redux) . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: 2003 trees sky mountain lake japan clouds wow landscape japanese san fuji september mount fujisan yamanashi yamanaka yamanakako japanfrom 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Sachie at Ninna-Ji (redux) .  -  . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: wood woman cloud 2004 rock japan clouds wow garden relax kyoto meditate relaxing calm september zen  meditating  serene meditation contemplative tranquil gravel redux sachie   toldyouso ninnaji  3amfromkyoto top20zen flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. ' Constable Country ' - series, part (i) - Willy Lott's cottage . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk english mill john river landscape cottage east willy constable stour 1821 flatford bergholt haywain lotts 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Path to Snowdon . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: sky mountain grass wales clouds path august 1999 mount snowdon snowdonia yrwyddfa mtsnowdon 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Kiyomizudera 2004 (redux) .        2004 II . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: city autumn trees cloud mountains tree green 2004 japan clouds buildings wow landscape temple japanese pagoda kyoto september   kansai  kiyomizu kiyomizudera dera otera specland 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Castlerigg . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk summer england sky lake mountains 2004 grass stone clouds standing circle geotagged sheep district lakedistrict july cumbria keswick castlerigg geo:lat=546023 geo:lon=30973 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Primrose Hill . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: 2005 autumn trees woman man london grass clouds geotagged zoo couple afternoon camden hill saturday lovers september late aviary primrose geo:lat=515393 geo:lon=01602 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Misty Sunday morning . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk morning trees cambridge england reflection bird water birds misty fairytale wow hall duck swan pond branch unitedkingdom sunday ducks swans grounds cherryhinton 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Tea With Murakami . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: wood light portrait selfportrait man male me cup lamp self reading book wooden chair sitting floor tea drinking norwegian sp mug murakami cha haruki harukimurakami pgtips norwegianwood milkonesugar 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Wast Bank . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: 2005 park uk november england mist mountain lake mountains reflection english water grass rock clouds wow landscape countryside scenery rocks cloudy district great lakedistrict national cumbria wastwater gable wast wasdale greatgable lingmell yewbarrow specland 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. A Cold Sunday in November . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: 2005 uk morning november england sky cloud mist lake mountains cold water grass weather clouds wow landscape early sheep head near district sunday lakedistrict cumbria coming unsettled wast skyplay wasdale yewbarrow illgill 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Variations on a Theme . Pt.1 . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: camera red woman white color colour 120 6x6 mamiya film girl mediumformat hair sticks kodak kate makeup lips yukata theme roll medium format eyelash lipstick braids variations variation plaits 80mm c330 mamiyasekor 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Homecoming . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: trees people grass birds clouds landscape countryside path hill homecoming grasses cambridgeshire 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Literature, Butterflies and Old Shanghai . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: old woman man butterfly poster reading book shanghai room butterflies literature read actress  hudie 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto butterflywu
. Floral Spectral Anomalies And The Human Condition .1 . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: life flower bird floral still paradise human reginae spectral strelitzia condition anomalies florae 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Tales From The Rice Bowl - Bamboo Story . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: light shadow leaf rice tales bowl bamboo story shade 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Apple Harvest III . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: wood portrait man black reflection me apple hat self table wooden chair shiny chairs top board coat iii harvest knife tie fork pot chrome tophat apples collar topper 3amfromkyoto artlibre flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Tines II - Battle Hymns . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: red portrait man male me self wings feathers deer antlers ii winged weary tines blownaway wartorn 3amfromkyoto battlehymns flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Owl Story .  . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: man tree bird me grass hat self reeds tophat owl marsh topper snowyowl  3amfromkyoto  flickr:user=3amfromkyoto tundraghost
. This Kyoto . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: japan landscape japanese pagoda kyoto cityscape    kiyomizu kiyomizudera 3amfromkyoto reduxreduxed flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Apple Harvest II . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: woman apple fruit hands bravo hand fingers harvest nails ii 3amfromkyoto artlibre artlibres flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Are Dragonflies Faerie Astronauts? . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: old book bravo dragonflies dragonfly wing seed astronaut dandelion fairy astronauts faery dust faerie tome 3amfromkyoto artlibre flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Tales From The Rice Bowl - The Pomegranate And The Heart's Desire . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: fruit hearts rice heart tales pomegranate bowl desire 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Field . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk england sky sunlight field grass clouds landscape golden countryside shadows meadow grasses cambridgeshire 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Sideshow . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: show shadow red white man black male me apple face fruit shadows hand circus makeup ear bite sideshow 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Jazz II . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: light shadow red portrait white man black male me hat self dark eyelashes jazz lips jacket ii 3amfromkyoto whatelsedoyoudoinsyncopatedrythym flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Conversation - Cinema II . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: cambridge light red cinema man men cup coffee caf scarf paper table cafe shadows cups conversation talking tones speaking hushed 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Tales From The Rice Bowl - Afternoon Coffee And On Pondering The Caf Ritual . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: cambridge light shadow woman plant cup window coffee caf girl hair milk leaf sweater rice tales earring bowl jug jumper ritual spiderplant utatafeature 3amfromkyoto artlibre talesfromthericebowl afternooncoffeeandonponderingthecafritual flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. This Flat Earth . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: sky man male me grass headless clouds landscape countryside flat earth horizon 3amfromkyoto artlibre theheadlesswonder flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Tales From The Rice Bowl - A Story Of Essential Consumption . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: wood food man hat wall wooden sitting rice tales eating bowl eat chopsticks essential consume consumption ricebowl utatafeature 3amfromkyoto talesfromthericebowl astoryofessentialconsumption flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. You Bring Light In . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: light party portrait selfportrait man black male me wall shirt self shanghai you memories social jacket sp trousers nightlife underworld bring leaning park97 3amfromkyoto youbringlightin flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Winter . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: winter cambridge portrait woman girl wall ivy yuki trumpington 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=yuki flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Lutari Lullaby . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: portrait selfportrait man male me hat self song sleep sp violin tophat instrument bedtime gypsy lullaby 3amfromkyoto lautari artlibre lutari ohandnoicantplayp flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. After The Rain (iii) .  (iii) . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: road uk england sky cloud field rain clouds landscape track railway dirt wires pools fields after crops puddles aftertherain overhead 3amfromkyoto  flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Morning Fog . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: morning cambridge sun reflection tree water fog river dawn countryside cam meadow cambridgeshire rivercam grantchestermeadows 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Dog Walking III - Cinema . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: uk sea england people woman dog mist cinema man beach movie walking couple widescreen norfolk 2006 cliffs promenade letterbox february railing seafront cinematic groyne cromer 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Rhapsodies Of The City . Pt.1 - Shaft . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: city man cold building male london metal solitude industrial lift flat steel elevator pipes cables isolation scared hiding fragile isolated lloyds shaft vents frightened lloydsbuilding richardrogers 3amfromkyoto rhapsodies flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Yuki And The Wall Indigo . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: street camera uk autumn england woman london girl wall canon eos bricks interestingness1 indigo yuki shutters hooks hinges utatafeature seenonexplore 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=yuki flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Autumn Story - The Liquid-Rust Ship . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: autumn trees man male hat reflections circle globe rust ship top her september story fantasy sphere tophat liquid tale spherical hover glide distortions inhabitants utatafeature 3amfromkyoto artlibre liquidrust autumnstory flickr:user=3amfromkyoto larecherchedutempperdu
. 6 Studies From Magog Down . Pt.3 - The Midst Of Grasses . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: blue sky cloud grass yellow clouds gold golden magog down grasses six cambridgeshire studies pt3 midst magogdown 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. 6 Studies From Magog Down . Pt.2 - The Uphill Path . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: sky man male grass walking dusk path magog hill down grasses six cambridgeshire studies pt2 magogdown utatafeature 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. 6 Studies From Magog Down . Pt.1 - Early Morning On Little Trees Hill . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: morning trees sun early magog hill down six cambridgeshire studies pt1 magogdown 3amfromkyoto littletreeshill flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. Hemingtow - The Conversation . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: cambridge shadow sunlight man male men stone architecture umbrella james shadows small large stjohns arches suit conversation talking stjohnscollege jimmythehoover hemingtow utatafeature 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Semblance Of Self . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: old autumn windows selfportrait man male abandoned me hat leaves wall self bravo gate doors top seat pipe ivy courtyard tophat tap deserted semblance 3amfromkyoto flickr:user=3amfromkyoto
. The Wind That Shakes The Barley . (3amfromkyoto) Tags: wood trees irish field barley stone clouds wind lock song path bolt keyhole ballad etal shakes deadcandance martincarthy 3amfromkyoto thewindthatshakesthebarley robertdwyerjoyce flickr:user=3amfromkyoto

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