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Hank Butterfly [Witch Hunters Captain] (TheDarkPainter) Tags: captain empire warhammer mordheim gamesworkshop imperio witchhunters cazadoresdebrujas
"Loken" without helmet (kinda counts as...) (AgnostosTheos) Tags: horus warhammer 30k heresy warhammer40k gamesworkshop abaddon loken worldeater forgeworld worldeaters warhammer400000
Kommisar-01-Animefest-2011-9-3 (He.Who.Wanders) Tags: costume animefest cosplay 40k warhammer warhammer40k commisar
New Chaos cultists (maclef) Tags: chaos 40k warhammer csm gamesworkshop cultists
Chaos warrior test (Rall82) Tags: chaos warhammer gamesworkshop chaoswarrior
Dwarf Dragon Slayer WIP (Tomas Persifal Pekar) Tags: dwarf warhammer slayer
AH62_0011 (der_andyrandy) Tags: berg photoshop sand wolken warhammer turm ritter mounty
Raven Guard Contemptor twins finished #40k #horusheresy (jonas_415) Tags: 40k warhammer gamesworkshop dreadnought miniaturepainting wargaming spacemarine ravenguard forgeworld horusheresy
Death Angel (Chicago John) Tags: city rose angel oregon portland death costume comic cosplay warhammer pdx cosplayer con 2014 rccc deathangel rosecitycomiccon
Chaos Lord Of Nurgle Front Detail (citadelminis) Tags: chaos warhammer gamesworkshop
Brother Deino (Sorastro) Tags: miniatures space warhammer marines hulk gamesworkshop genestealer spacehulk
Iron Hands 01 ADET (Blue Table Painting) Tags: hands iron 40k warhammer spacemarines
Shaper (gqelements) Tags: conversion 40k warhammer tau dipping gamesworkshop kroot karnivore
FRONT (suki5150) Tags: tank scifi warhammer forgeworld stormblade
The search party (infelix) Tags: space 40k warhammer marines ultramarine diorama miniatura soldado maqueta
Mounted Vampire 03 (Ben & Jen Carter) Tags: warhammer gamesworkshop vampirecounts
P1010609 (athey01) Tags: fantasy warhammer
Tervigon (rippedoffface) Tags: 40k warhammer tyranids tervigon termagants uploaded:by=flickrmobile flickriosapp:filter=nofilter
365x2.239 | Rainy Day Painting. (kriegs) Tags: selfportrait painting miniatures rainyday livingroom warhammer 50mmf18 365days 365daysyear2 blackorcs
Assassin (sinzaren) Tags: dark elf warhammer elves sinzaren
Shadowsword 106 (http://paint2play.wordpress.com/) Tags: 40k warhammer pap sbs chipping 40000 imperialguard wh40k onei stormlord desconchones guardiaimperial shadowsword paint2playhotmailcom httppaint2playwordpresscom
Lord of Change (dawngreenwood1) Tags: warhammer gamesworkshop forgeworld lordofchange
Volcano Display Board (BFTrick) Tags: 40k warhammer adepticon
Bloodcrushers 2 (ajf798) Tags: demon warhammer deamon warhammer40000 warhammer40k gamesworkshop bloodletter khorne bloodcrusher mountedbloodletter
2012-03-04 11.22.22 (Killer_Bees!) Tags: chaos conversion painted 40k warhammer terminator nurgle
whirlwind/razorback (Ichiban Painting) Tags: macro canon painting miniature model modeling dwarf 40k warhammer spacemarines ultramarine terminator dslr voltron vallejo figures inquisition tutorial airbrush warhammer40000 chaplain honorguard warhammer40k tiberius gamesworkshop greenstuff dreadnought imperialguard tyranid carnifex wh40k warmonger wargaming spacemarine tyranids greyknights greyknight spacewolf ultramarines warmongers imperialfists tablegames battlesisters landraider calgar necrons marneus imperialguards t2i droppod modleling marneuscalgar scibor dreadknight kissx4 vallejopaints painttutorial sciborminiatures tableminiatures vallejogamecolors airbrishing commisionpainting
Lunamarines, Khornate Berzerker (yoruma) Tags: miniature chaos 40k warhammer gw gamesworkshop spacemarine lunamarines khornateberzerker
Sergeant Sephrael (Kerrathyr) Tags: 40k warhammer spacemarines darkangels
My eldar freshly arrived (jon_a_ross) Tags: warhammer eldar warhammer40k
Armored Company 02 (misterjustin) Tags: miniature tank conversion workinprogress wip 40k warhammer armoredcompany
Ruined Redoubt (Roboslob92) Tags: miniature fort mini warhammer warhammer40k redoubt wargaming cadian
tomb_scorpion (hivecommander) Tags: warhammer tombkings tombscorpion
VULTURE GUNSHIP - 03 (marlboro.manteam) Tags: italy italia guard navy drop marlboro imperial warhammer elysian vulture troops gunship 40000 wh40k imperialnavy elysiandroptroops
First Batch of Cultists (Roboslob92) Tags: miniature chaos mini micro warhammer warhammer40k wargaming cultists
Matt as a Spacemarine (SuperMattWolf) Tags: 40k warhammer
Warhammer 40k guy (StrayFeral) Tags: canada warhammer 2014 fanexpo strayferal
Deathmarks (AdmGR) Tags: miniature model sniper warhammer wargame warhammer40000 snipers warhammer40k gamesworkshop wh40k necron nepher deathmarks deathmark neferh
Geronimo (what_happens_next?) Tags: hammer war warhammer
Tyranids 01 ECRE (Blue Table Painting) Tags: blue painting table 40k 01 warhammer ecre tyranids
BT Chaplain 04 (misterjustin) Tags: miniature workinprogress 40k warhammer blacktemplar
LOTR Game Board Construction 059 (SHMR) Tags: warhammer lordoftherings gamesworkshop baseboard gameboard lotrs battleboard
IMG_8764 (wesuah) Tags: crimson dragon 40k warhammer fists con dragoncon 2014
Redemptionist Preacher (Steve B Chamberlain) Tags: redemptionists games workshop gamesworkshop citadelminiatures citadel miniatures warhammer warhammer40k
Eldar 01 ASIM (Blue Table Painting) Tags: 40k warhammer eldar
Chosen (Roboslob92) Tags: miniature mini gaming warhammer tabletop warhammer40k wargaming
Wolf Guard (feelinstrangelyfine) Tags: marine space 40k warhammer spacemarines warhammer40k minatures spacewolves njall
all my titans (kevin dancey) Tags: games 40k workshop warhammer titan
Chaos Orge 1 (Warboss Belchblood) Tags: hammer army war chaos 40k fantasy armor warhammer corpse ogre undivided
Twisted Metal (Venvierra @ GothZILLA Photography) Tags: macro metal painting lumix miniatures rocks small models panasonic 40k warhammer spacemarines bits rubble bases shale warhammer40k gamesworkshop panasoniclumix venvierra dmcfs10 panasonicdmcfs10
Chaos Space Marines 03 DMIL (Blue Table Painting) Tags: blue painting table chaos space 03 40k warhammer marines daemons dmil

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