35mm 40mm14 analog blackandwhite clouds epsongtx900 film fuji fujinatura1600 fujisuperia200 fujisuperia400 geotagged housebuilding ilford ilfordsuperxp2400 iso100 iso1600 iso400 japan japanese japanesepersons kanagawa kawasaki light myeverydaylife neopan night notphotoshoped scannedfromnegative sign sky tokyo usa voigtländerbessar3a voigtländernoktonclassic40mmf14mc voigtländerultrawideheliar12mmf56 wires writing モノクロ 大田区 川崎 日本 東京 矢口 神奈川県

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amerika (finnegan_eins) Tags: usa fujisuperia200 kingscanyonnationalpark 40mm14 voigtlnderbessar3a
kbenhavn (finnegan_eins) Tags: fujisuperia200 40mm14 voigtlnderbessar3a
amerika (finnegan_eins) Tags: california usa sequoianationalpark fujisuperia200 40mm14 voigtlnderbessar3a
 (gullevek) Tags: light blackandwhite film sign japan night writing geotagged tokyo fuji    lampion iso1600    fujineopansuperpresto1600 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=3565761 geo:lon=139702901
Family Shop (gullevek) Tags: film japan shop night geotagged japanese tokyo fuji   iso1600 scannedfromnegative  fujinatura1600 notphotoshoped  japanesepersons epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geolat35565321 geolon139691704
 (dacaccia) Tags: vienna wien film analog d76 tmax400 flextight voigtlnderbessar3a viennastreetphotography hasselbladx1 leitzsummicronc40
amerika (finnegan_eins) Tags: usa fujisuperia200 40mm14 voigtlnderbessar3a
Towers of Babylon (gullevek) Tags: sky film glass japan clouds geotagged fuji iso400  kanagawa kawasaki housebuilding  fujisuperia400  scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35529792 geo:lon=13969378
~~~~~~~~~~~ (gullevek) Tags: light blackandwhite film japan night geotagged lights tokyo fuji outoffocus   iso1600   fujineopansuperpresto1600  voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35562471 geo:lon=139691146
Autumn (gullevek) Tags: tree film japan geotagged tokyo fuji iso400   templegate fujisuperia400 scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 geo:lon=139691728 geo:lat=35565744
 (gullevek) Tags: film japan night geotagged restaurant tokyo bottle fuji   iso1600  fujinatura1600 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndercolorskopar35mmf25 geo:lat=35566947 geo:lon=139691654
Watching (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film bicycle japan geotagged japanese iso100 tokyo fuji   neopan housebuilding scannedfromnegative  fujineopanacros100 japanesepersons epsongtx900  voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35560704 geo:lon=139684687
Flowers for the Street (gullevek) Tags: street flowers film japan geotagged tokyo fuji purple   scannedfromnegative iso50  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lon=139688869 fujifortiasp50 geo:lat=35561819
Verkstigung auf der Messe Friedrichshafen (Michaela-W) Tags: analog voigtlander dia slidefilm oldtimer messe friedrichshafen voigtlnderbessar3a klassikweltbodensee
Love for one night (gullevek) Tags: light film lamp sign japan night writing ads lights tokyo neon fuji   pushed  iso1600  scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 fujiprovia400x voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndercolorskopar35mmf25
 >  (gullevek) Tags: sky film japan clouds geotagged fuji iso400 gray  kanagawa kawasaki housebuilding  fujisuperia400  scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=3553206 geo:lon=139696569
One day in Duba (R O C ) Tags: ilfordfp5 duba ilfoteclc29 noktonclassic40mm14 12min voigtlnderbessar3a
. (danielhermes) Tags: film analog 35mm iso200 vespa fuji bessa slide scooter fujifilm analogue r3a graz nokton voigtlnder piaggio sensia f12 bessar3a fujisensia200 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlandernokton35mmf12aspherical unlimitedphotos
Switch the camera ... (gullevek) Tags: film me japan night geotagged restaurant tokyo fuji   lantern iso1600 clemens   fujinatura1600 japanesepersons voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndercolorskopar35mmf25 geo:lon=139765513 geo:lat=35675548
 (gullevek) Tags: street blackandwhite building film japan tokyo iso400   ilford  scannedfromnegative  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 ilfordsuperxp2400 geo:lat=35673433 geo:lon=13976157
Thats me, and behind me is my Appartment (gullevek) Tags: portrait film me japan tokyo fuji   iso1600 clemens  myeverydaylife scannedfromnegative fujinatura1600 epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56
 (gullevek) Tags: voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc film fujireala100 notphotoshoped iso100 fuji japan   tokyo   wall epsongtx900 scannedfromnegative
Me (gullevek) Tags: portrait blackandwhite me japan tokyo fuji   neopan iso1600 clemens  scannedfromnegative fujineopansuperpresto1600 epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc
 (gullevek) Tags: red film japan writing geotagged tokyo fuji iso400    fujisuperia400 scannedfromnegative  notphotoshoped  epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35565816 geo:lon=139691361
In the kitchen(2) (acckiy_minoltist) Tags: kodaktrix bwportrait apolanthar9035 voigtlnderbessar3a
Kirche Innenraum (Michaela-W) Tags: analog 35mm 135 diafilm kodakelitechrome100 donaueschingen kleinbildfilm voigtlnderbessar3a donauradwanderweg voigtlndersuperwideheliar15mmf45
Yellow Beauty (gullevek) Tags: flowers film grass yellow japan geotagged fuji bokeh iso400  kanagawa kawasaki  fujisuperia400  scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35527538 geo:lon=139691921
amerika (finnegan_eins) Tags: sanfrancisco usa fujisuperia200 40mm14 voigtlnderbessar3a
only ten pounds for the fancy handbag (deadsexy) Tags: people bw film 35mm print market agfaapx100 nokton40mmf14 voigtlnderbessar3a
 (gullevek) Tags: film japan japanese tokyo fuji iso400   scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped japanesepersons fujipro400 epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc 061230mochiparty
Sticky! (gullevek) Tags: film japan japanese tokyo iso400   scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped japanesepersons epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 061230mochiparty konicaminoltacenturiaportrait400
Dark Motives (gullevek) Tags: sky blackandwhite building film japan clouds skyscraper geotagged tokyo kodak wires electricity   pushed kodaktmax400 iso1600 housebuilding    voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 geo:lon=139754087 geo:lat=35647889
Old (gullevek) Tags: door film japan writing geotagged fuji iso400 wires electricity  meter kanagawa kawasaki  fujisuperia400  scannedfromnegative notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geo:lat=35534488 geo:lon=139694102
 (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film bicycle japan geotagged tokyo bottle iso400   ilford  myeverydaylife scannedfromnegative   epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a ilfordsuperxp2400 geo:lon=139759942 voigtlndercolorskopar21mmf4 geo:lat=35672053
bear in window (danielhermes) Tags: bear blue film window wall analog 35mm iso200 fuji teddy garage bessa slide teddybear fujifilm analogue r3a graz nokton voigtlnder sensia f12 bessar3a fujisensia200 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlandernokton35mmf12aspherical unlimitedphotos
3 (acckiy_minoltist) Tags: fujireala100 apolanthar9035 voigtlnderbessar3a
Blossom in churchyard (James P Stevenson) Tags: 35mm voigtlnder bessar3a ilfordfp4plus diybw noktonclassic40mmf14 ilfosols homeprocessed voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14
Bessa_R3A_04_Nokton 40 1,4_Fomapan R100_024 (thomas.78) Tags: blackandwhite bw nokton40mmf14 positivefilm voigtlnderbessar3a fomapanr100
 (gullevek) Tags: street blackandwhite film japan geotagged tokyo iso400    ilford housebuilding scannedfromnegative  notphotoshoped epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 ilfordsuperxp2400 geo:lat=35561053 geo:lon=13971674
Treppe zum Mehlsack (Michaela-W) Tags: analog ravensburg agfaapx100 schwarzweis voigtlanderbessar3a voigtlnderbessar3a agfarodinal150
Cooling down (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film water glass japan iso100 tokyo fuji bokeh   neopan mydesk myeverydaylife scannedfromnegative mytable fujineopanacros100 epsongtx900 mychaos voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc
Bierzelt in Konstanz (Michaela-W) Tags: analog 35mm 135 konstanz kleinbildfilm kodakfarbwelt200 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14 oktoberfestinkonstanz2008
Stretching to the Sky but not reaching even close but still getting burned by the sun (gullevek) Tags: sky blackandwhite sun film japan clouds geotagged iso100 crane  kanagawa ilford kawasaki siluette  constructionwork   ilforddelta100pro voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndercolorskopar21mmf4 geo:lat=35533239 geo:lon=13969408
Convenience Store (gullevek) Tags: light film japan shop geotagged lights tokyo neon fuji iso400   conveniencestore  fujisuperia400  myeverydaylife scannedfromnegative epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 geo:lat=35667399 geo:lon=139765663
Fishrips (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film japan architecture geotagged tokyo fuji iso400   neopan  scannedfromnegative fujineopanpresto400 epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlnderultrawideheliar12mmf56 geo:lat=35677322 geo:lon=139764692
 (gullevek) Tags: wood plants building tree film bicycle sign japan architecture writing geotagged japanese tokyo fuji pavement iso400    housebuilding  scannedfromnegative japanesepersons fujipro400 epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndercolorskopar21mmf4 geo:lat=35672097 geo:lon=139768182
 (gullevek) Tags: blackandwhite film japan iso100 tokyo fuji bokeh   neopan  scannedfromnegative fujineopanacros100 epsongtx900 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc
The blurred vision (gullevek) Tags: longexposure light film night geotagged iso100 fuji wires electricity scannedfromnegative fujireala100 notphotoshoped epsongtx900 geolat35560593 voigtlnderbessar3a voigtlndernoktonclassic40mmf14mc geolon139686686
Bessa_R3A_06_Nokton 40 1,4_HP5+ 400_032 (thomas.78) Tags: blackandwhite bw hawaii ilfordhp5 nokton40mmf14 voigtlnderbessar3a
Ford Mustang (Michaela-W) Tags: analog voigtlander dia slidefilm oldtimer messe friedrichshafen voigtlnderbessar3a klassikweltbodensee

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50 voigtländerbessar3a 33 film 29 japan 日本 26 fuji 24 epsongtx900 東京 scannedfromnegative tokyo 21 geotagged 16 voigtländernoktonclassic40mmf14mc 14 iso400 blackandwhite 11 notphotoshoped 9 iso1600 8 大田区 voigtländerultrawideheliar12mmf56 analog 7 night fujisuperia400 6 35mm japanesepersons iso100 housebuilding 5 light kawasaki kanagawa 40mm14 writing 神奈川県 fujisuperia200 川崎 neopan japanese 4 sky fujinatura1600 ilford モノクロ clouds myeverydaylife 矢口 usa 3 voigtländercolorskopar35mmf25 lights clemens electricity me voigtländercolorskopar21mmf4 sign ilfordsuperxp2400 wires voigtländer fujineopansuperpresto1600 bokeh bessar3a street fujireala100 自宅 bicycle building nokton40mmf14 bw fujineopanacros100 fujifilm 新橋 中央区 voigtländernoktonclassic40mmf14 wall pushed fujisensia200 analogue 135 061230mochiparty tree messe flowers 文京区 bottle f12 graz friedrichshafen klassikweltbodensee restaurant nokton unlimitedphotos neon fujipro400 dia slidefilm oldtimer agfaapx100 voigtlandernokton35mmf12aspherical kleinbildfilm shop r3a slide voigtlander architecture glass apolanthar9035 sensia

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