agamidae agaminae amphibia antmimicspider anura araneae araneomorphae auchenorrhyncha blueeyedbushfrog brahmagiri canon400d canonef100mmf28macrousm canonef100mmf28usmmacro canoneos500d caziraverrucosa clouds coorg critique dewdropspider forest green india karnataka kodagu landscape lepidoptera macrolife masys1600 nature neelanethrus raynoxdcr250 rhacophoridae rhacophoruslateralis skodagu sky sp squamata theridiidae trees unilocmajorsystem1600 unilocmasys1600 virajpet westernghat westernghats wildlife

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Coorg Landscapes from Brahmagiri Peak (Samyak ( Tags: sky green nature fauna clouds trekking landscape flora hiking wildlife peak western karnataka grasslands coorg virajpet westernghats ghats brahmagiri
Blue-eyed Bush Frog (vipin baliga) Tags: amphibian blueeye coorg virajpet westernghats anura vocalsac rhacophoridae westernghat frogcalling bushfrog neelanethrus blueeyedbushfrog raorchestesluteolus blueeyedbushfrogvocal bushfrogcalling pneelanethrus bushfrogvocalsac taxonomy:binomial=raorchestesluteolus taxonomy:binomial=philatusneelanethrus
Transparency : Ledra sp - Juv (vipin baliga) Tags: karnataka coorg virajpet westernghats kodagu ledra cicadellidae taxonomy:family=cicadellidae ledrinae ledrasp
Bridal Collection - Mercury Spider (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet theridiidae orbweaverspider araneomorphae dewdropspider argyrodessp silverspottedspider silverwhitepatches unilocmajorsystem1600 unilocmasys1600 masys1600 mercuryspider
Greetings from The Demon King... - Pentatomid bug (Cazira verrucosa) (vipin baliga) Tags: sp coorg virajpet pentatomid pentatomidbug caziraverrucosa pentatomidaeshieldbug unilocmajorsystem1600 unilocmasys1600 masys1600 cazira
Mars Rover - White Weevil (vipin baliga) Tags: beetles coorg virajpet critique coleoptera curculionidae raynoxdcr250 curculionoidea macrolife vipinbaliga skodagu weevilsp
Divine rays (Tumkur Ameen) Tags: trees india nature ecology forest landscape rainforest wildlife environment algae karnataka ahmed forests kaveri coorg madikeri virajpet westernghats ghats ameen kodagu cauvery rainforests jungles brahmagiriwildlifesanctuary makutta brahmagiris ameenahmed virajpete sahayadris monsoonforests tropicalevergreenforests tropicaljungles makut barapole makuttareserveforest virajpetforestdivision
Pretty Bush Frog - Calling (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats canonef100mmf28usmmacro ppulcher philautusglandulosus prettybushfrog skodagu raorchestesglandulosus rhacophoridaecanoneos500d taxonomy:binomial=raorchestesglandulosus taxonomy:binomial=philautusglandulosus
Dewdrop Spider - Profile shot (vipin baliga) Tags: sp coorg virajpet theridiidae araneomorphae theridion argyrodes dewdropspider mercuryspider westrnghats
Love is in the air - Gladeye Bushbrown Mating (Mycalesis patnia) (vipin baliga) Tags: lepidoptera monsoon karnataka coorg virajpet westernghats kodagu nymphalidae mycalesis butterflymating westernghat gladeyebushbrown mycalesispatnia gladeyebushbrownmating satyridbutterfly taxnomy:binomial=mycalesispatnia
Lampyridae? Beetle for ID (vipin baliga) Tags: firefly coorg virajpet westernghats lampyridae
Looking out for a female - Rhacophorus lateralis (male) (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet frogeggs rhacophoridae nestsite nestingsite boulengerstreefrog westernghatswesternghats rhacophoruslateralis taxonomy:binomial=rhacophoruslateralis wingedglidingfrog smallglidingfrog smalltreefrog rhacophoruslateralisnest rhacophoruslateraliseggs frognest
Leafhopper Nymph extruding excess sugar (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg sap virajpet baliga taxonomy:family=cicadellidae taxonomy:order=hemiptera taxonomy:common=leafhopper taxonomy:superfamily=membracoidea taxonomy:suborder=clypeorrhyncha
Rhacophorus lateralis - Winged gliding Frog - male (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats amphibia taxonomy:family=rhacophoridae rhacophoruslateralis taxonomy:binomial=rhacophoruslateralis wingedglidingfrogmale
Irupu Waterfalls (Ravikanth K) Tags: longexposure trees water monochrome forest river mono long exposure tourist falls southern waterfalls karnataka range wayanad virajpet nilgiris kodagu lakshmana cauvery irpu brahmagiri tirtha iruppu irupu
Alone and aloof  - Fly Id please (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet tachinidfly tachinidae raynoxdcr250 unilocmasys1600
A burst of life - Caterpillar for ID (vipin baliga) Tags: india caterpillar coorg virajpet westernghats goldstaraward
Preparations for Xmas 2012..?! (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet weaverant raynoxdcr250 unilocmasys1600
A Dud Missile - male Mosquito (vipin baliga) Tags: mosquito karnataka virajpet westernghats kodagu malemosquito westernghat taxonomy:family=culicidae
Wet & Hungry - Calotes rouxii (vipin baliga) Tags: karnataka coorg virajpet westernghats kodagu calotes agamidae squamata canonef100mmf28macrousm lacertilia westernghat rouxii canoneos500d calotesrouxii agaminae Taxonomy:binomial=calotesrouxii
Into the Oblivion - Blue-eyed Bush Frog (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet kodagu rhacophoridae westernghat Taxonomy:family=rhacophoridae neelanethrus raorchestesluteolus pneelanethrus Taxonomy:binomial=philautusneelanethrus Taxonomy:genus=philautus taxonomy:common=blueeyedbushfrog
Mallotus Harlequin Bug (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats parentbug jewelbug scutelleridae cantaoparentum mallotusharlequinbug jewelbugcongregation
Brahmagiri Peak - Heaven is here, on Earth !! (Samyak ( Tags: blue sky green clouds forest trekking landscape hiking dramatic kerala karnataka coorg virajpet brahmagiri canon400d scotlandofindia dramticclouds brahmgiripeak
The flattest insect i have ever seen - ID please (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet ledra psylloidea homopteranymph
Lynx spider with the newest batch of spiderlings - Oxyopes shweta (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats arachnida shweta araneae oxyopes lycosoidea oxyopidaespiderlings
Waiting for the Prince - Cricket Frog (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet kodagu anura cricketfrog ranidae vertebrata westernghat fejervarya taxonomy:binomail=fejervaryalimnocharis taxonomy:common=cricketfrog
The Snout - hypena proboscidalis? - ID please (vipin baliga) Tags: india coorg virajpet westernghats longsnoutmoth
Welcoming the Monsoon - Winged gliding Frog - Male (vipin baliga) Tags: male coorg virajpet westernghats endangeredspecies rhacophoridae rhacophorus rhacophoruslateralis taxonomy:binomial=rhacophoruslateralis rlateralis wingedglidingfrog
Long Nosed Lycid Beetle? (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats lycidae lycid geo:country=india taxonomy:family=lycidae netwingedbeetles longnosedlycidbeetle geo:region=asia
Green Lacewing eggs after 112 hrs (vipin baliga) Tags: canon eos is efs coorg virajpet critique neuroptera 500d diopter chrysoperla dcr250 raynox chrysopidae raynoxdcr250 55250mm apochrysinae chrysopinae rufilabris skodagu nothochrysinae unilocmajorsystem1600 unilocmasys1600 masys1600
Blink Blink - Raorchestes luteolus Blinking (vipin baliga) Tags: karnataka coorg virajpet westernghats kodagu nictatingmembrane rhacophoridae westernghat blueeyedbushfrog taxonomy:binomial=raorchestesluteolus taxonomy:common=yellowbushfrog yellowbushfrog frogblinking
Planthopper - Lateral view : ID requested (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats planthopper insecta hemiptera auchenorrhyncha fulgoroidea canoneos500d fulgoromorpha canonefs55250mmisraynox
World within a world - Calotes sp (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats calotes agamidae squamata lacertilia agaminae
Symbiotic relation Acrobat Ant - mealy Bug (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats symbiosis symbioticrelation antandmealybug
Hummingbird moth (just emerged) - Profile (vipin baliga) Tags: lepidoptera sphingidae karnataka coorg virajpet hummingbirdmoth westernghats kodagu hummingbirdhawkmoth macroglossumstellatarum macroglossum hummingmoth westernghat taxonomy:binomial=macroglossumstellatarum taxonomy:common=hummingbirdmoth
Ant mimic Spider with prey (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats raynoxdcr250 antmimicspider macrolife batesianmimic acrobatantmimic
Pit Stop "Green" (HKVP Photography) Tags: green car wagon fields virajpet maruti wagonr
Triangular Spotted Frog - Ramanella triangularis (vipin baliga) Tags: karnataka coorg virajpet westernghats kodagu anura amphibia westernghat ramanella ramanellatriangularis triangularspottedfrog taxonomy:binomial=ramanellatriangularis
Male Mosquito - Profile (vipin baliga) Tags: culicidae coorg virajpet westernghats canonef100mmf28usmmacro nematocera malemosquito canoneos500d culicomorpha culicoidea
Travancore Wolf Snake - Lateral (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats colubridae colubrinae lycodon travancorewolfsnake lycodontravancoricus ltravancoricus
Ochthera Mantis Congragation - Behavorial shot (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats mantisfly raynoxdcr250 ephydridae macrolife ochthera shoreflies
Pentatomid Shield Bug - Cazira Sp. (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet raynoxdcr250 pentatomidbug caziraverrucosa pentatomidshieldbug caziraspunilocmasys1600
Buy 1 get 1 free - Tortoise Shell Beetles (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet coleoptera chrysomelidae tortoisebeetle polyphaga hispinae chrysomeloidea tortoiseshellbeetles westerbghats taxonomy:binomial=cassidacircumdata taxonomy:binomial=aspidimorphafurcata
Multi Point Spot Light | Honey Valley (a.k.g) Tags: nature coorg virajpet honeyvalley explored abigfave anawesomeshot aplusphoto
Big and small - Moth Camouflage (vipin baliga) Tags: moth lepidoptera karnataka coorg virajpet westernghats heterocera westernghat taxonomy:order=lepidoptera mothcamouflage camouflagedmoth
Just Molted - Threadlegged Assassin Bug (vipin baliga) Tags: karnataka molt coorg virajpet westernghats molting kodagu reduviidae canonef100mmf28macrousm emesinae westernghat canoneos500d taxonomy:family=reduviidae threadleggedassassinbug stenolemus taxonomy:genus=stenolemus emesinii taxonomy:common=threadleggedassassinbug
When you find yourself at the top... and in the clouds.... (Samyak ( Tags: blue wallpaper sky india white green nature clouds landscape scenery hill bangalore coorg virajpet westernghats sigma70300 supershot abigfave canon400d anawesomeshot thadiyandmol
Planthopper - top view (vipin baliga) Tags: coorg virajpet westernghats insecta hemiptera auchenorrhyncha fulgoroidea ricanidae taxonomy:family=ricanidae
Indrella ampulla - Defecating (vipin baliga) Tags: karnataka gastropoda coorg virajpet westernghats kodagu westernghat indrellaampulla taxonomy:common=landsnail ariophantidae helicarionoidea iampulla indrella taxonomy:binomial=indrellaampulla
Ant mimic spider - Myrmarachne plataleoides : Female (vipin baliga) Tags: jumpingspider coorg virajpet westernghats araneae salticidae antmimic araneomorphae antmimicspider kerenggaantlikejumper myrmarachne myrmarachneplataleoides myrmarachninae taxonomy:binomial=myrmarachneplataleoides weaverantmimic

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50 virajpet 47 coorg 32 westernghats 14 karnataka 13 kodagu 12 westernghat 7 raynoxdcr250 5 unilocmasys1600 rhacophoridae 4 nature india landscape canoneos500d green 3 lepidoptera sky anura taxonomy:binomial=rhacophoruslateralis unilocmajorsystem1600 forest masys1600 clouds macrolife rhacophoruslateralis araneomorphae brahmagiri skodagu sp trees agamidae amphibia critique dewdropspider canonef100mmf28macrousm neelanethrus canonef100mmf28usmmacro caziraverrucosa squamata canon400d wildlife taxonomy:family=cicadellidae antmimicspider auchenorrhyncha blueeyedbushfrog araneae theridiidae agaminae malemosquito pentatomidbug anawesomeshot abigfave hiking ghats wingedglidingfrog coleoptera lacertilia calotes hemiptera cauvery mercuryspider raorchestesluteolus insecta ledra taxonomy:binomial=raorchestesluteolus pneelanethrus trekking blue fulgoroidea endangeredspecies colubridae bangalore orbweaverspider cicadellidae hummingbirdhawkmoth weevilsp nematocera sphingidae hummingbirdmoth sigma70300 scotlandofindia kaveri frognest gladeyebushbrown male indrellaampulla ahmed lycosoidea taxonomy:binomial=raorchestesglandulosus bushfrogvocalsac culicidae nestingsite rhacophoruslateralisnest ppulcher honeyvalley vertebrata oxyopidaespiderlings pentatomidaeshieldbug fauna macroglossumstellatarum taxonomy:common=yellowbushfrog vipinbaliga peak tropicaljungles taxonomy:binomial=myrmarachneplataleoides taxonomy:common=threadleggedassassinbug ephydridae argyrodessp brahmagiris irupu tirtha waterfalls lycodontravancoricus makuttareserveforest supershot raorchestesglandulosus dramatic gastropoda ameenahmed cantaoparentum jungles ecology caziraspunilocmasys1600 netwingedbeetles eos calotesrouxii longnosedlycidbeetle wingedglidingfrogmale pentatomid hispinae colubrinae car water makut taxonomy:common=cricketfrog explored 55250mm indrella thadiyandmol ameen symbioticrelation monsoonforests western chrysopinae philautusglandulosus myrmarachneplataleoides apochrysinae forests southern falls tourist taxonomy:binomail=fejervaryalimnocharis taxonomy:superfamily=membracoidea rlateralis homopteranymph Taxonomy:genus=philautus weaverant tropicalevergreenforests mosquito frogeggs gladeyebushbrownmating myrmarachne goldstaraward lakshmana monsoon algae taxonomy:family=ricanidae wallpaper ranidae oxyopes baliga irpu taxonomy:binomial=cassidacircumdata batesianmimic monochrome emesinii jumpingspider molting mycalesispatnia kerala antmimic mallotusharlequinbug salticidae arachnida silverspottedspider boulengerstreefrog rainforest taxonomy:order=hemiptera culicomorpha sahayadris hummingmoth taxonomy:family=reduviidae tortoiseshellbeetles jewelbugcongregation geo:country=india environment nymphalidae cazira taxonomy:family=lycidae emesinae westrnghats brahmagiriwildlifesanctuary tortoisebeetle ledrinae river geo:region=asia wagon virajpete rhacophoruslateraliseggs scenery grasslands virajpetforestdivision moth wagonr symbiosis smallglidingfrog ramanellatriangularis macroglossum yellowbushfrog psylloidea taxonomy:genus=stenolemus shweta nestsite is fejervarya threadleggedassassinbug aplusphoto chrysoperla amphibian smalltreefrog canonefs55250mmisraynox weaverantmimic nothochrysinae cricketfrog lycid fields antandmealybug butterflymating dramticclouds taxonomy:binomial=aspidimorphafurcata rhacophoridaecanoneos500d vocalsac shoreflies rainforests iampulla nictatingmembrane rhacophorus brahmgiripeak longexposure ricanidae argyrodes curculionoidea chrysomelidae taxonomy:binomial=macroglossumstellatarum travancorewolfsnake westernghatswesternghats rouxii camouflagedmoth satyridbutterfly planthopper taxonomy:binomial=philautusglandulosus dcr250 heterocera parentbug acrobatantmimic maruti Taxonomy:binomial=calotesrouxii stenolemus makutta reduviidae rufilabris taxnomy:binomial=mycalesispatnia frogblinking barapole canon taxonomy:binomial=ramanellatriangularis neuroptera blueeyedbushfrogvocal nilgiris Taxonomy:binomial=philautusneelanethrus prettybushfrog taxonomy:family=culicidae kerenggaantlikejumper myrmarachninae theridion tachinidae exposure silverwhitepatches culicoidea taxonomy:common=landsnail lycodon ariophantidae diopter flora raynox range mycalesis ramanella madikeri tachinidfly helicarionoidea westerbghats 500d iruppu Taxonomy:family=rhacophoridae sap taxonomy:suborder=clypeorrhyncha beetles mothcamouflage pentatomidshieldbug taxonomy:common=hummingbirdmoth ledrasp hill taxonomy:family=rhacophoridae lycidae longsnoutmoth taxonomy:binomial=indrellaampulla molt white lampyridae triangularspottedfrog bushfrogcalling chrysomeloidea frogcalling wayanad mono scutelleridae ochthera ltravancoricus efs blueeye taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:common=leafhopper curculionidae long jewelbug taxonomy:binomial=philatusneelanethrus bushfrog chrysopidae caterpillar polyphaga firefly fulgoromorpha mantisfly

Pairs: 40 coorg,virajpet 26 coorg,westernghats virajpet,westernghats 10 karnataka,westernghats karnataka,virajpet 9 virajpet,westernghat kodagu,virajpet coorg,kodagu coorg,westernghat karnataka,westernghat coorg,karnataka

Users: vipin baliga 43 Samyak ( 3 Ravikanth K Tumkur Ameen a.k.g HKVP Photography supports The Mountain Institute - Sustaining mountain people, cultures and environments through education, conservancy, and sustainable development.