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Boys - East Village (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity eastvillage drunk hipsters drinking gothamist nightlife tiki curbed gobigorgohome weownthenight nikond40x boyswithbeers zaksos thelocaleastvillage austinkuras designthenight
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity centralpark mug gothamist jews judaism curbed orthodoxjews chabadlubavitch streetphotographynow thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
On to Brooklyn - Occupy Wall Street (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity march bloomberg democracy movement politics protest photojournalism anger worldwide revolution brooklynbridge nytimes gothamist coverage frustration economy democrats obama protesters curbed republicans journalist debate arrest theguardian masses liberals romney socialchange gingrich ows foleysquare youthinrevolt thenytimes thegreatrecession thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst occupyeverywhere savethemiddleclass
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: poverty park charity nyc newyorkcity summer streetart newyork public digital graffiti nikon downtown mayor streetperformers manhattan homeless poor nytimes unionsquare timeout nonprofit thelocal thenewyorktimes urbanpoor mayorbloomberg timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine timeoutny newyorkcityparks newyorkmag beggingforchange thelocaleastvillage
99% (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity red money democracy hipsters nikon election politics 99 nyu nytimes gothamist unionsquare economy democrats obama banks jeanjacket curbed republicans unemployment protestsign liberals romney affirmativeaction socialchange inequality cuny gingrich writingonthewall disparity huffingtonpost occupy richvspoor collegeloans canadiantuxedo youthinrevolt toobigtofail campaign2012 thegreatrecession payingforcollege thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupymovement instatetuition
Boxed - Union Square (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity news democracy movement support downtown jobs political rally streetphotography police tony join violence nytimes gothamist performanceart mayday unionsquare economy democrats curbed unemployment activities liberals thenewyorktimes socialchange barackobama marches arrests rallies beautifuldecay mittromney ows timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine the1 occupy thinkoutsidethebox newyorkcityparks the99 collegegrads lostateminor toobigtofail thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet creativeprotestsigns
Spring in the Square (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity spring manhattan washingtonsquarepark soccer hangouts nyu gothamist childrenatplay curbed greenwichvillage concretejungle asphaltjungle nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: summer brooklyn nikon hipster indie williamsburg nytimes gothamist brklyn curbed sundaystyles thelocal thenewyorktimes timeoutnewyork juergenteller nymag timeoutny newyorkmag partyandbullshit hautehippie thelocaleastvillage unusualyoung juliaiglesiasmusachio
Boy with Box - Lee Avenue (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity brooklyn community streetphotography tony williamsburg jewish gothamist jews judaism plaid orthodox curbed tefillin enclave hasidim concretejungle hasid timeoutnewyork kidsclothes leeavenue chabadlubavitch satmar thechosen nikond40x thelocaleastvillage nikond5100
Tax the Rich - Occupy Wall Street (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity signs streetart march downtown message blogs cnn littlegirl gothamist coverage wealthy activism protests healthcare economy democrats activists protesters curbed republicans dissent uppereastside parkavenue liberals socialchange arrests recession mayorbloomberg richandpoor budgetcuts jointherevolution the99 taxtherich youthinrevolt redcowboyboots obamacare thenytimes the99percent thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst taxprincesses
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity brooklyn streetphotography jewish streetsigns gothamist judaism boroughpark advertisements orthodox curbed sukkah yehuda boropark succot hasidim odt chabadlubavitch satmar ourdailytopic sukkahbuilding thelocaleastvillage guidetonyc hasidicsects
Daily News - Washington Square Park (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc bench reading newspaper sightseeing tony mug nytimes gothamist parkbench printmedia curbed thenewyorktimes summerinthecity timeoutnewyork huffingtonpost newyorkcityparks newyorkmag thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
Two by Two (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity streetart playground nikon centralpark manhattan tony ues mug gothamist publicart benches curbed uppereastside artinstallation timeoutnewyork thelocaleastvillage rachelcitron manhattanusersguide
Zoo Bench (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity manhattan streetphotography tony mug characters gothamist parkbench curbed uppereastside decisivemoment nycparks concretejungle baghead castofcharacters timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine garrywinogrand nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide bestofny
East Village Architecture (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity bloomberg cyclist bicycles mug gothamist curbed tenement newyorklife 2ndave secondave thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide newyorkbikelanes
Occupy Wall Street. (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity shirtless bloomberg politics streetphotography police cleanup tattoos gothamist coverage campout democrats curbed republicans protestors liberals encampment stockbrokers socialactivism ows meninsuits zuccottipark cityroom thedefiningtouch thenytimes campaign2012 deftouch thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst afriendlyexchange whataretheyfightingfor
Meow Mars (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity streetart les cat graffiti bars manhattan houston oldschool tony payphone mug gothamist nightlife graff gentrification curbed woostercollective thelowereastside galleryshow marsbar contemporaryphotography timeoutnewyork streetsycom changingnewyork plushnyc artinnyc thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide meowmars
Guilty Pleasure (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity downtown manhattan streetphotography gothamist unionsquare curbed streetscenes friedfood papayadog redandyellow concretejungle cheapeats fattyfood nikond40x guiltpleasure thelocaleastvillage
The Critic Interacts with the Art (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity winter snow youth penguins bloomberg snowman downtown manhattan streetphotography gothamist publicart parkbench unionsquare blizzard curbed streetshot snowsculptures nikond40x thelocaleastvillage littlegirlinredcoat pettingthepenguins
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Garden - East Village (Rachel Citron) Tags: garden realestate manhattan townhouse washingtonsquarepark mug gothamist unionsquare curbed 10thst brownstone thenatureconservancy nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide springinthesquare
Kim - 18th St. and Park Ave. South (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity downtown kim manhattan payphone gothamist chic asianamerican unionsquare flatiron curbed streetscenes publicphone streetfashion fashionable lookbook uniqlo timeoutnewyork nikond40x rebeccaminkoffbag thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide saksfifthavenuetrench enzosboots
Davies and Plapinger, Neon Gold (mkeneally) Tags: neongold thelocaleastvillage
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Lost - Chinatown Brasserie (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity red lost manhattan candid restaurants gothamist fedora chic fashionista curbed streetscenes finedining streetfashion streetstyle chinatownbrasserie nikond40x thelocaleastvillage unusualyoung juliaiglesiasmusachio manhattanusersguide
Spring. (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity shadows soccer streetphotography streetlife mug gothamist curbed iloveny childrenplaying concretejungle nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide bestofny
New York City Poker Tour storefront (agentvladimir) Tags: newyork manhattan storefront avenuec pokerclub thelocaleastvillage nytlev newyorkcitypokertour
Closing Time (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity eastvillage drunk bars hipster drinking tony stairwell mug gothamist nightlife brotherjimmys streetfashion timeoutnewyork jimmysno43 zebrascarf newyorkmag nikond40x communitybar thelocaleastvillage juliaiglesiasmusachio manhattanusersguide bestofny guidetonyc
muMs & Aurora perform at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc music eastvillage performance performingarts artists lev nuyoricanpoetscafe hannahthonet hannahthonetcom thelocaleastvillage mumsaurora
Andy - East Village (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity urban food drunk hipsters bars drinking streetphotography westvillage streetportrait scene tony pizza yelp mug dining nightlife pizzeria greenwichvillage doublefisting eater closingtime streetfashion bestpizza openallnight indieboys cheapeats streetstyle timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine nymag dailydrama seamlessweb nikond40x streetsinthecity andygleaner thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide bestofny
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Kibbitzing - Washington Square Park (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity boys fountain publicspace hipsters bestof streetphotography skaters tony mug nyu gothamist homage curbed hangout skateboarders larryclark inspiredby robertdoisneau collegekids timeoutnewyork kibbitzing newyorkmagazine nymag newyorkcityparks newyorkcitykids stuffwhitepeoplelike summerinthesquare thelocaleastvillage skatingculture manhattanusersguide
Dog Walker - Washington Square Park (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity spring arch manhattan washingtonsquarepark westie terrier gothamist curbed greenwichvillage dogwalker beautifulday odt nikond40x sixdogs soocthread thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
Joe (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity streetart digital graffiti colorful tony mug gothamist meatpackingdistrict beanie curbed pittsford woostercollective pinkwall timeoutnewyork streetsycom vintagetshirts nikond40x underthehighline josephfitzpatrick thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide pittsfordhawks
A Moment Between Friends (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity friends ikea halloween hipsters furniture elvis couch gothamist cocktails halloweenparade curbed twentysomethings gawker lack mariobrothers davidmiller beautifuldecay frightnight monstermash jewishelvis greatcostumes thelocaleastvillage austinkuras
Think Different. (Rachel Citron) Tags: cameraphone nyc newyorkcity signs streetart apple moving memorial display manhattan rip streetphotography applestore stevejobs gothamist tribute emotional curbed verizon siri thinkdifferent woostercollective iphone ipad concretejungle innovator timeoutnewyork mobileuploads thelocaleastvillage waitingforthenewiphone
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Public Play (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity children centralpark streetphotography gothamist curbed uppereastside activities centralparkzoo thenewyorktimes kodakmoments robertdoisneau helenlevitt kidsatplay timeoutnewyork centralparkconservancy kidslife citykids privateschools crewcuts thedefiningtouchgroup thenytimes girlintutu deftouch thelocaleastvillage momentsofmoterhood schoolsinmanhattan
Nuyorican Poets Cafe Executive Director Daniel Gallant (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc music eastvillage performance performingarts artists lev nuyoricanpoetscafe hannahthonet hannahthonetcom thelocaleastvillage mumsaurora
Van Gogh. (Rachel Citron) Tags: flowers green tony classics gothamist curbed masterpieces womaninwhite vincentvangogh summerinthecity themetropolitanmuseumofart museummile timeoutnewyork whitneydeluca nikond40x thelocaleastvillage museumwatcherswatching ownthisweekend weekendmiser
(Close)r (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity art chelsea artgallery wineandcheese culture mug gothamist meatpackingdistrict cocktails chuckclose curbed contemporaryphotography milkstudios womaninblack meghanmccarthy nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
Foley Square - 5 pm (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity march education downtown manhattan politics protest gothamist coverage activism healthcare economy obama activists protesters curbed arrests sitin studentloans foleysquare biggovernment obamacare therecession bankbailouts thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst
muMs & Aurora perform at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc music eastvillage performance performingarts artists lev nuyoricanpoetscafe hannahthonet hannahthonetcom thelocaleastvillage mumsaurora
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity streetart eastvillage digital nikon catholic bowery nytimes gothamist catholicism curbed marymagdalene thenewyorktimes marsbar picturenewyork thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity snow digital bloomberg nikon downtown nemo politics fastfood wendys gothamist soda parkbench blizzard curbed controversy snowscape thelocal thenewyorktimes biggulp flaneur concretejungle mayorbloomberg kinfolk timeoutnewyork timeoutny nymagazine newyorkmag thenytimes thelocaleastvillage unusualyoung sodaban qualityicecold
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity sculpture painting gallery realestate manhattan contemporaryart modernart bowery skater nytimes gothamist gentrification curbed lev renegades thenytimes thelocaleastvillage
Highline Jump (Rachel Citron) Tags: publicspace jump streetphotography ltrain gothamist curbed sprinklers elevatedtrain wildchild urbanspace concretejungle kidsatplay contemporarylandscape kidsinaction friendsofthehighline nikond40x momentsofmotherhood thelocaleastvillage thesecretworldofboys
New York City Poker Tour front door (agentvladimir) Tags: newyork manhattan storefront avenuec pokerclub thelocaleastvillage nytlev newyorkcitypokertour
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc winter nikon downtown manhattan streetphotography skaters tony wholefoods gothamist unionsquare curbed locations globalwarming forever21 timeoutnewyork huffingtonpost newyorkcityparks thenytimes thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide skatenewyorkcity
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage

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