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Girl in Hello Kitty Face - Central Park (Rachel Citron) Tags: portrait urban centralpark manhattan hellokitty crafts families streetphotography masks gothamist faoschwarz facepaint curbed uppereastside motherlode thenewyorktimes boatpond summerstyle mommyblogs timeoutnewyork fodors citykids frommers springstyle girlonrocks guidetothecity facemakeup hellokittyclothes parentmagazine thenytimes momentsofmotherhood funactivitiesforkids thelocaleastvillage weekendmiser
Another Day, Another Prodigy - Union Square (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity asian chess hunter nytimes gothamist unionsquare stuyvesant curbed thenewyorktimes bronxscience searchingforbobbyfischer chessprodigy joshuawaitzkin thelocaleastvillage youngfischer manhattanchessclub
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On to Brooklyn - Occupy Wall Street (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity march bloomberg democracy movement politics protest photojournalism anger worldwide revolution brooklynbridge nytimes gothamist coverage frustration economy democrats obama protesters curbed republicans journalist debate arrest theguardian masses liberals romney socialchange gingrich ows foleysquare youthinrevolt thenytimes thegreatrecession thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst occupyeverywhere savethemiddleclass
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Class War. (Rachel Citron) Tags: blog 99 brooklynbridge nytimes gothamist coverage frustration press protests economy democrats protesters curbed republicans journalist unemployment youngpeople liberals classwarfare socialchange abcnews arrests goldmansachs stimulus foleysquare thisiswhatdemocracylookslike economiccollapse cronycapitalism lloydblankfein investmentfirms toobigtofail thegreatrecession thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst occupyeverywhere
Stand-Off. (Rachel Citron) Tags: democracy video cops live protest police nypd clash financialdistrict brooklynbridge collapse conservative gothamist coverage press economy democrats obama protesters curbed republicans arrest unemployment liberals barricade socialchange abcnews wethepeople interviews channel7 pepperspray eyewitnessnews ows wabctv thisiswhatdemocracylookslike the99 obamacare thenytimes campaign2012 thegreatrecession thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity sculpture painting gallery realestate manhattan contemporaryart modernart bowery skater nytimes gothamist gentrification curbed lev renegades thenytimes thelocaleastvillage
Pro-Choice (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity ginger democracy protest redhead abortion nytimes gothamist coverage democrats liberal youngwoman curbed prolife republicans plannedparenthood prochoice roevwade womenslib socialchange arrests morningafterpill beautifuldecay timeoutnewyork zuccottipark youthinrevolt thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst
Self Taught Doctor - Occupy Wall Street (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity democracy politics protest police nypd financialdistrict nytimes coverage activism democrats civildisobedience protesters republicans equality liberals socialchange arrests studentloans homemadesign beautifuldecay ows youthinrevolt thenytimes thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst selftaughtdoctor
Think Different. (Rachel Citron) Tags: cameraphone nyc newyorkcity signs streetart apple moving memorial display manhattan rip streetphotography applestore stevejobs gothamist tribute emotional curbed verizon siri thinkdifferent woostercollective iphone ipad concretejungle innovator timeoutnewyork mobileuploads thelocaleastvillage waitingforthenewiphone
Know Your Enemy (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity streetart brooklyn hipsters bikes tony bicycles gothamist plaid adultswim cartoons curbed cycles woostercollective knowyourenemy concretejungle timeoutnewyork streetsycom brownstoner formisaverb thelocaleastvillage cyclingrights
The Sidewalk Never Ends. (Rachel Citron) Tags: costumes halloween subway funny humor fraternity ltrain nytimes gothamist hobart stephenking curbed alums elliotterwitt fratboys onthesubway lifeunderground ellioterwitt ridingtherails picturenewyork thenytimes thelocaleastvillage julienlopresti

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