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 (Rachel Citron) Tags: architecture downtown washingtonsquarepark streetphotography tony mug nyu nytimes gothamist curbed greenwichvillage expansion thenewyorktimes summerinthecity oped timeoutnewyork yellowshorts cityroom thedefiningtouchgroup deftouch historictownhouse thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
Mustache Party (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity fashion kids digital blackfriday hipsters nikon manhattan tony mug gothamist americanapparel chic nylon youngsters cindysherman larryclark contemporaryphotography neetmagazine indiekids timeoutnewyork artistcollective dazedconfused nylonmagazine nycnightlife downtownscene brownalumni dazeddigital newyorkmag thestrangeattractor viceuk urbandaddy blackharbour mintmagazine girlswithstaches plateformmagazine blackharbor thelocaleastvillage beautifuldecaycom alexissmagula manhattanusersguide bestofny alexanderzevin alexzevin barrymagazine webrushourteethwithgincom hipsterpit youthonfilm everyoneonthebed
Mallory - 19th St. and Broadway (Rachel Citron) Tags: candid streetphotography gothamist unionsquare flatiron curbed streetscenes mallory streetfashion lookbook concretejungle truereligionjeans nikond40x thelocaleastvillage unusualyoung rachelcomeyshirt rebeccaminkoffmorningafterbag modernvintageboots
Self Taught Doctor - Occupy Wall Street (Rachel Citron) Tags: newyorkcity democracy politics protest police nypd financialdistrict nytimes coverage activism democrats civildisobedience protesters republicans equality liberals socialchange arrests studentloans homemadesign beautifuldecay ows youthinrevolt thenytimes thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst selftaughtdoctor
Class War. (Rachel Citron) Tags: blog 99 brooklynbridge nytimes gothamist coverage frustration press protests economy democrats protesters curbed republicans journalist unemployment youngpeople liberals classwarfare socialchange abcnews arrests goldmansachs stimulus foleysquare thisiswhatdemocracylookslike economiccollapse cronycapitalism lloydblankfein investmentfirms toobigtofail thegreatrecession thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst occupyeverywhere
Whole Foods (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity red bloomberg democracy women manhattan rally protest photojournalism documentary wholefoods prostitution change gothamist unionsquare curbed reportage sextrade nikond40x thelocaleastvillage
Marilyn. (Rachel Citron) Tags: street urban streetart digital graffiti blog nikon downtown manhattan marilynmonroe pigeons gritty gothamist meatpackingdistrict timeout curbed thelocal thenewyorktimes timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine nymag picturenewyork thenytimes thelocaleastvillage
Foley Square - 6pm (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity march democracy cops live protest streetphotography police nypd clash 99 brooklynbridge unions nytimes gothamist coverage press economy democrats protesters curbed republicans journalist arrest theguardian unemployment barricades liberals socialchange abcnews ows foleysquare squattersrights zuccottipark thisiswhatdemocracylookslike thenytimes thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst righttoworkstate
Journey of the Featherless (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity youth drunk subway hipsters funny humor mta ltrain gothamist streetkids curbed streetscenes streetfashion richardkim streetstyle nikond40x zaksos thelocaleastvillage
Phil (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity party drunk bash aperture drinking security tattoos foam jamaica harleydavidson mug huntersthompson nytimes gothamist curbed stpatricksday stpats easyrider tatts hellsangels heyhotshot 20x200 gangcolors bikergangs thenytimes bikerfashion thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide queenspunisher
Barred. (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity pink green nature spring tulips centralpark indian streetphotography tony gothamist popular curbed uppereastside thenewyorktimes travelguide boatpond timeoutnewyork centralparkconservancy newyorkcityparks littlegirlinpink thenytimes thelocaleastvillage weekendmiser bestplacesincentralpark
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity history subway energy manhattan offshore politics streetphotography midtown transit oil mug mta historical nytimes gothamist lonelyplanet madisonsquaregarden democrats climatechange curbed republicans pennstation gettyimages globalwarming sunnyday earlyspring uspostoffice historiclandmark zagats fodors unusualweather hopstop frommers landmarkedbuilding americanenergy thenytimes thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide guidetonyc
Plapinger and Davies, Neon Gold (mkeneally) Tags: neongold thelocaleastvillage
Pro-Choice (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity ginger democracy protest redhead abortion nytimes gothamist coverage democrats liberal youngwoman curbed prolife republicans plannedparenthood prochoice roevwade womenslib socialchange arrests morningafterpill beautifuldecay timeoutnewyork zuccottipark youthinrevolt thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst
The Whole World is Watching (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity downtown manhattan protest economy obama activists teaparty masses stockmarket arrests dowjones moneytalks recession rupertmurdoch mayorbloomberg socialactivism foleysquare readest biggovernment theworldiswatching thenytimes crashof2008 thegreatrecession marchonwallstreet thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst occupywallstreetcoverage
Hero. (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity streetart campus downtown hero mug gothamist parsons curbed greenwichvillage woostercollective thenewschool urbanmuseum nikond40x thelocaleastvillage rachelcitron manhattanusersguide
Joe (Rachel Citron) Tags: life nyc newyorkcity light boy summer portrait natural availablelight manhattan candid streetphotography tony mug hudsonriver streetphoto gothamist westside westsidehighway curbed gowest ourownprivateidaho timeoutnewyork prettyboys naturallightportrait joefitzpatrick picturenewyork beautifuldayinnyc josephfitzpatrick thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
Pacman Table - East Village (Rachel Citron) Tags: eastvillage drunk bars drinking pacman gothamist curbed alphabetcity lakesidelounge timeoutnewyork nikond40x nostalgiavintage andygleaner thelocaleastvillage
Maura (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity urbanoutfitters tony gothamist marcjacobs cocktails themet curbed streetfashion summerinthecity themetropolitanmuseumofart museummile vodkamartini streetstyle timeoutnewyork racked nikond40x summersandals thelocaleastvillage mauraneuman ownthisweekend weekendmiser anthonycanoontheroof
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: sculpture twins mug gothamist themet curbed summerinthecity themetropolitanmuseumofart identicaltwins museummile whitneydeluca nikond40x greekandromangalleries thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide mallorydeluca saturdayatthemet
T.G.I.F. (Rachel Citron) Tags: park drunk spring high funny picnic manhattan humor lawn stoned gothamist passedout unionsquare tgif curbed timeoutnewyork weirdnewyork nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: twins tony gothamist curbed americanhistory oillamps themetropolitanmuseumofart concretejungle identicaltwins louiscomforttiffany timeoutnewyork racked newyorkmagazine contemporarylandscape nymag cityofwomen whitneydeluca theamericanwing colonialamerica nikond40x antiquestreetlamps thelocaleastvillage mallorydeluca saturdaysatthemet
Occupy Wall Street (Rachel Citron) Tags: pictures nyc newyorkcity sleeping newyork college nikon photos protest photojournalism americanflag demonstration cnn snooze teenager gothamist coverage patriotism patriotact democrats protester curbed republicans arrest liberals encampment socialchange inequality worldnews studentloans beautifuldecay quicknap ows sleepingboy campedout genevalunch zuccottipark youthinrevolt the99percent thelocaleastvillage occupywallstreet occupywallst
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: rooftop mug gothamist themet curbed uppereastside summerinthecity themetropolitanmuseumofart museummile parkviews nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide sunsetincentralpark anthonycanoontheroof
Trip to the Jewish Museum. (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity family grandma blog nikon gallery contemporary sassy modernart newyorker jew jewish oldlady nytimes gothamist jews judaism granny timeout curbed newyorktimes feisty jacksonpollock thelocal seniorcitizen concretejungle museummile immediatefamily timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine fleshandblood whitelinen womanofacertainage permanentcollection thejewishmuseum bornandbred visitnyc newyorkmag indoorstreetshooting thelocaleastvillage dorothylang womanwithcane
Garden - East Village (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity beautiful pretty tulips townhouse tony mug gothamist curbed greenwichvillage thenatureconservancy timeoutnewyork nikond40x picturenewyork thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide springinthesquare brownstonegarden
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Robin - 16th St. and Union Square East. (Rachel Citron) Tags: robin downtown farmersmarket candid hipster greenmarket gothamist beret curbed streetscenes pompom streetfashion 16thst unionsquarepark concretejungle streetstyle vintagejewelry antiquejewelry unionsquareeast furstole nikond40x thelocaleastvillage unusualyoung beaconsclosetvintage dooneyburkevintagebag topshophat grandmothersbroach
Nuyorican Poets Cafe founder & executive director (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc music eastvillage performance performingarts artists lev nuyoricanpoetscafe hannahthonet hannahthonetcom thelocaleastvillage mumsaurora
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity winter snow newyork lens nikon downtown manhattan nytimes gothamist shadowplay unionsquare npr afternoonsun curbed snowscape thelocal thenewyorktimes publicpark pictureshow nationalpublicradio picturenewyork thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide
Help Japan - Union Square (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity orange art hearts rally crowd photojournalism documentary aid gothamist unionsquare curbed humanitarian redcross greenwichvillage reportage concretejungle newscoverage japanesebaby japanesechild prayforjapan nikond40x thelocaleastvillage japandisaster hopeforjapan helpjapan newyorkersforjapan
Everyones A Winner (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity winter manhattan bodega gothamist curbed streetscenes redbricks standup streetcandid everyonesawinner nikond40x thelocaleastvillage nyclotto manhattanusersguide newyorkcitylottery
Drumline - St. Patricks Day (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity music irish bloomberg nikon kilt dress manhattan photojournalism documentary 5thavenue americanflag pride gothamist bagpipes fifthavenue orangeandgreen redwhiteandblue shamrock crowds irishflag curbed stpatricksday reportage drumline irishamerican 2011 ancientorderofhibernians paradecoverage thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide shortenedparade d40xtraditional
Gallery Patron (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity hot culture mug galleryopening gothamist nightlife hip meatpackingdistrict pattismith curbed freewine milkstudios justkids nikond40x gallerypatron matchiematchie thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide pattismithportrait
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc news brooklyn bloomberg hipsters nikon downtown manhattan younglove couples tony plaid unionsquare curbed valentinesday sundaystyles streetfashion beautifuldecay streetstyle timeoutnewyork racked matchinghats billcunningham newyorkcityparks thelocaleastvillage
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity spring waterfront mug runners gothamist westsidehighway curbed chelseapiers nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide runningthewestside
Help Japan - Union Square (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity red publicspace streetphotography photojournalism documentary gothamist unionsquare curbed redcross reportage sleepingchild japanesegirl concretejungle humanitarianaid newscoverage japanesechild prayforjapan nikond40x thelocaleastvillage hopeforjapan helpjapanrally
The Haves and The Have-Nots. (Rachel Citron) Tags: broken bike bicycle bloomberg cycle gothamist boroughpark busted drseuss controversy boropark seussical odt bikelanes thehavesandthehavenots ourdailytopic thelocaleastvillage cyclingrights bicyclersrights bikinginbrooklyn anniversaryofdrseussdeath
Joe (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity boy portrait digital graffiti colorful manhattan hipster joe upstateny gothamist meatpackingdistrict beanie pittsford concretejungle youthsoccer vintagetshirts vintagetees nikond40x josephfitzpatrick thelocaleastvillage pittsfordhawks
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: sunset sculpture streetart weekend centralpark tony mug gothamist publicart themet curbed themetropolitanmuseumofart museummile timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine nymag amerikana nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide ownthisweekend weekendmiser anthonycanoontheroof
muMs & Aurora perform at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc music eastvillage performance performingarts artists lev nuyoricanpoetscafe hannahthonet hannahthonetcom thelocaleastvillage mumsaurora
Nuyorican Poets Cafe legend (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc music eastvillage performance performingarts artists lev nuyoricanpoetscafe hannahthonet hannahthonetcom thelocaleastvillage mumsaurora
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Garden - 10th St. (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity realestate townhouse tony pottedplants americana gothamist curbed brownstones deadpan thenatureconservancy timeoutnewyork amerikana nikond40x thelocaleastvillage springinthesquare
Mallory (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc underground tan streetphotography uptown mug gothamist thestrand curbed strandbookstore streetfashion summerinthecity streetstyle thenycsubway yellowbag the6train nikond40x thelocaleastvillage manhattanusersguide mallorydeluca
Elan (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity manhattan streetphotography officebuilding lostintranslation gothamist nightlife unionsquare curbed greenwichvillage newyorklife concretejungle nakedcity standingintheshadows nikond40x picturenewyork thelocaleastvillage elannaveh cardozalawschool
Mars Bar (Rachel Citron) Tags: streetart closed downtown manhattan protest tony gothamist closing curbed woostercollective marsbar timeoutnewyork newyorkmagazine nymag nycnightlife killyuppies thelocaleastvillage yuppiesoutnow barsontheles lesbarscene
The Poetry Project - VLAK magazine launch (Raindrop Pictures) Tags: nyc eastvillage newyork poetry performance performingarts artists locations lev readings thepoetryproject thelocaleastvillage
Dont Touch. (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity orange streetart contemporaryart urbandecay culture scene tony mug gothamist meatpackingdistrict magicmushrooms trippin curbed xine tempera tripping woostercollective donttouch timeoutnewyork friendsofthehighline nikond40x underthehighline thelocaleastvillage thehighlineblog manhattanusersguide bloodwarsmagazine
 (Rachel Citron) Tags: nyc newyorkcity winter snow youth bloomberg snowman downtown manhattan streetphotography gothamist unionsquare blizzard curbed streetscenes streetshot snowsculpture nikond40x thelocaleastvillage

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