1001nights 1001nightsmagiccity 100mm28lmacro 30faves~ alberta animal animals art blue bokeh bug bugs canada canon catterpillar catterpillars closeup clouds fauna flower garden green infinitexposurel1 insect insects leaf leaves level1photographyforrecreation macro nature nederland peggyhr sky sunlight super~sixbronze☆stage1☆ thegalaxy thegalaxyhalloffame thegalaxytopawarders thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple thenetherlands water white

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1 of my favourite views of the Canadian Rockies (+5) (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr panorama yellowhead canadianrockies alberta canada athabasca thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 thelooklevel1red level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 niceasitgets~level1 frameit~level01~ level1peaceawards 30faves~ rainbowofnaturelevel1red thegalaxyhalloffame musictomyeyes~l1 infinitexposurel2 thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple thelooklevel5green infinitexposurel3 thelooklevel6blue level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward thegalaxytopawarders infinitexposurel4 60faves~ thelooklevel7white
SMALL TORTOISESHELL BUTTERFLY (IAN GARDNER PHOTOGRAPHY) Tags: aglaisurticae butterfly brown black whitespot smalltortoiseshell thegalaxy
Green is the vale... (ken.stork apwilliam2) Tags: stokesay cravenarms southshropshire supersix 1 2 3 4 5 6 thegalaxy stars topawarders
"Biston betularia" - Peper-en-zoutvlinder (bugman11) Tags: peperenzoutvlinder catterpillar catterpillars bug bugs insect insects animal animals fauna canon bistonbetularia macro nederland nature leaf leaves thenetherlands 100mm28lmacro 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights thegalaxy
real treefrog (bugman11) Tags: treefrog fauna frog frogs amphibian amphibians green animal animals canon nature 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands macro leaf leaves 1001nights 1001nightsmagiccity thegalaxy platinumheartaward
"Acronicta aceris" - bont schaapje (bugman11) Tags: bontschaapje catterpillar catterpillars canon macro bug bugs insect insects animal animals fauna acronictaaceris nature 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights autofocus thegalaxy
spinning rainbow (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: rainbow sky clouds spinning pastel colors art thegalaxy
another treefrog ( "Hyla arborea" ) (bugman11) Tags: hylaarborea boomkikker frog frogs fauna green animal animals amphibian amphibians canon macro nature leaf leaves treefrog nederland thenetherlands 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights thegalaxy platinumheartaward infinitexposure
As another day came to a close... (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset harbour goldenlight ships clouds sky red blue dsc00654a vancouver bc canada cranes level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 thegalaxytopawarders thegalaxyhalloffame
"Phalera bucephala" - wapendrager (bugman11) Tags: wapendrager catterpillar catterpillars bug bugs phalerabucephala insect insects animal animals fauna canon macro nederland thenetherlands 100mm28lmacro nature leaf leaves bokeh 1001nights thegalaxy ruby5 platinumheartaward
The view from below a goatsbeard seedhead (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr goatsbeard seedhead sky clouds dsc00082a bluebirdestates alberta canada green white blue tragopogondubius yellowsalsify frameit~level01~ infinitexposurel1 level1peaceawards infinitexposurel2 infinitexposurel3 30faves~ level2platinumpeaceaward musictomyeyes~l1 thegalaxy thelooklevel1red super~sixbronzestage1 macromagic 60faves~ thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thegalaxyhalloffame 90faves~ thelooklevel4purple thegalaxytopawarders
"Phlogophora meticulosa" - agaatvlinder (bugman11) Tags: agaatvlinder butterfly bug bugs butterflies insect insects moth moths fauna animal animals canon 100mm28lmacro nature nederland thenetherlands macro bokeh erica 1001nights 1001nightsmagiccity thegalaxy
"Acronicta psi" - psi-uil (bugman11) Tags: psiuil acronictapsi bugs bug catterpillar catterpillars insect insects animal animals fauna nature canon 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands macro leaf leaves 1001nightsmagiccity thegalaxy platinumheartaward
an ocean of deep secrets ... (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: ocean water sand wave woman radiantblur zoom art thegalaxy
bleeding heart (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: chicagobotanicgarden glencoe summer garden plant flower petals red closeup thegalaxy
imagination  overflow (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: colors patterns imagination overflow comparison abstract art thegalaxy
"Drepana falcataria" - berkeneenstaart (bugman11) Tags: berkeneenstaart catterpillar catterpillars bug bugs fauna insect insects drepanafalcataria animal animals canon nature 100mm28lmacro macro nederland thenetherlands leaf leaves 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights thegalaxy platinumheartaward
Castle Mountain in Banff National Park (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr castlemountain forest thegalaxy banffnationalpark alberta canada 30faves~ thegalaxyhalloffame thelooklevel1red level1photographyforrecreation thelooklevel2yellow level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward super~sixbronzestage1 super~sixstage2silver level3photographyforrecreationgold thegalaxytopawarders super~sixstage3gold
Green Heron on Big Lily Pads (Suzanham) Tags: heron greenheron waterfowl wading bird aquatic lilypad mississippi nature lake swamp noxubeewildliferefuge reflection wildlife thegalaxy pond water vegetation aquaticplant
sweet appearance (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: cantignypark wheaton park garden plant rose pink white flower pastel color macro closeup thegalaxy
unsaturated yell'ow (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: chicagobotanicgarden glencoe summer garden plant flower macro clouseup saturation yellow white glow  thegalaxy
green leaf and ... cute little spider (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: wheaton cantignypark park garden leaf spider nature abstract closeup texture patterns green thegalaxy
A stand out (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr goatsbeard seedhead green white blue bokeh dof img6840a bluebirdestates alberta canada taperedbuds tragopogondubious closeup brown ochre thegalaxy level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 super~sixbronzestage1 mothernature thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thelooklevel4purple thegalaxyhalloffame 30faves~
"Hyla arborea" - boomkikkertje (bugman11) Tags: boomkikker treefrog fauna frog frogs amphibian amphibians animal animals hylaarborea green nature canon 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands macro grass autofocus thegalaxy platinumheartaward
The generation game (ken.stork apwilliam2) Tags: candid nostalgia stokesay southshropshire supersix 1 2 3 4 5 6 thegalaxy damn
bike (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: cantignypark wheaton garden flowerbed flowers bike closeup blackandwhite colors art thegalaxy
on the edge of the night ... (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: city town bridge evening sky clouds sunset dusk cars lamps lights silhouettes saariysqualitypictures thegalaxy
zooooooom ... (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: evening night car parkinglot blue sky panning rotation abstract art thegalaxy
"Lycaena phlaeas" - small copper (bugman11) Tags: smallcopper lycaenaphlaeas kleinevuurvlinder butterfly butterflies bug bugs fauna insect insects animal animals bokeh orange canon 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands macro nature 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights thegalaxy platinumheartaward
Da~lhia's heart (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: chicagobotanicgarden glencoe garden summer plant flower red dahlia macro closeup thegalaxy
Pano:  No, not mountains but clouds! (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr panorama clouds hills lake reflections bluebirdestates alberta canada atmospheric level1photographyforrecreation infinitexposurel1 level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward infinitexposurel2 frameit~level01~ thegalaxy thelooklevel1red musictomyeyes~l1 thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange super~sixbronzestage1 infinitexposurel3 30faves~ thegalaxyhalloffame 60faves~ thelooklevel4purple level3photographyforrecreationgold infinitexposurel4 super~sixstage2silver lartedellanatura windsong~ lamiasonata~ theimaginativecamera infinitexposurel5 super~sixstage3gold frameit~level02~ level4photographyforrecreationemerald 100faves level5photographyforrecreationsapphire super~sixstage4art level6photographyforrecreationdiamond frameit~level03~ super~sixstage5elite frameit~level04~ level7photographyforrecreationeliteclub 90faves~ super~sixstage6andromeda50 frameit~level05~ journeysend~theacademy07 thegalaxytopawarders
Blue and gold (ken.stork apwilliam2) Tags: thegalaxy stars supersix1 2 3 4 5 6 loverslandscapes
cottoncandy (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: sky cloud heartshape blue white funshot cottoncandy thegalaxy
Must love dogs (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: evening river water sunset sunlight light bokeh dog woman bw black white dof portrait candid backlight reflection observers thegalaxy saariysqualitypictures
Horses in the Graburn Gap, Alberta (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr horses fence water brown white beige green hills grasses trees shrubs sky clouds bushes img6401ab alberta canada thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow infinitexposurel1 frameit~level01~ thelooklevel3orange infinitexposurel2 30faves~ level1peaceawards thegalaxy thelooklevel4purple zodiacawards niceasitgets~level1 level1photographyforrecreation thegalaxyhalloffame niceasitgets~level2
"Aricia agestis" - bruin blauwtje (bugman11) Tags: ariciaagestis bug bugs bruinblauwtje butterfly butterflies bokeh insect insects animal animals fauna canon macro nederland thenetherlands 100mm28lmacro flower flowers flora thegalaxy platinumheartaward
colorless moment at sunrise (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: puntacana dominicanrepublic atlanticocean ocean bavaro sky clouds sun sunrise trees palmtrees shoreline beach rocks sand waves water surface splash wet reflection light sunlight whitelight colorless saariysqualitypictures thegalaxy
"Laothoe populi" (bugman11) Tags: laothoepopuli bug bugs populierenpijlstaart insect insects animal animals catterpillar catterpillars canon macro nature 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands leaf green 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights 2016 bloemendaal nationalmothweek thegalaxy platinumheartaward
"Sympetrum striolatum" - bruinrode heidelibel (bugman11) Tags: dragonfly dragonflies fauna bug bugs insect insects animal animals nature canon 100mm28lmacro nederland thenetherlands bokeh macro sympetrumstriolatum bruinrodeheidelibel 1001nights 1001nightsmagiccity thegalaxy platinumheartaward
it's written down inside my  heart (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: chicagobotanicgarden summer garden rosegarden flower rose petals white peach pastel tones macro closeup wall text words letters engravedwords blending mix art thegalaxy
hold on tight to your dreams ... (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: puntacana dominicanrepublic summer beach shoreline wave flow water sand people reflections sun clouds blue tint sunlight light shadows abstract art thegalaxy
Last night's Prairie sunset (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr sunset oldbarn prairies clouds alberta canada thegalaxy thelooklevel1red thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel3orange thegalaxyhalloffame visionaryartsgallerylevel1 thelooklevel4purple thelooklevel5green visionaryartsgallerylevel2 thelooklevel6blue thelooklevel7white
butterfly-eggs (bugman11) Tags: egg eggs macro canon 100mm28lmacro nature insect insects butterfly butterflies fauna nederland thenetherlands leaf 1001nights 1001nightsmagiccity infinitexposure thegalaxy platinumheartaward
"Laothoe populi" - populierenpijlstaart (bugman11) Tags: laothoepopuli bug bugs populierenpijlstaart insect insects animal animals fauna canon catterpillar catterpillars 100mm28lmacro nature macro nederland thenetherlands leaf leaves green 1001nightsmagiccity 1001nights thegalaxy platinumheartaward ruby10
Rusty gate (ken.stork apwilliam2) Tags: thegalaxy stars supersix 1 2 3 4 5 6 loversoflandscapes best memberschoice
speed'ing light ... (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: pond water surface sunlight light sparklinglight lensbaby distortion bokeh tint abstract art thegalaxy
on the carousel ... (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: chicago navypier downtown buildings skyscrapers amusementpark carousel merrygoround mirrorwall sky clouds reflection wideangle sigma1020mm thegalaxy
Red barns (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr fraservalley red farm mountains clouds green blue white dsc00552a bc canada niceasitgets~level1 musictomyeyes~l1 level1peaceawards infinitexposurel1 thelooklevel1red level1photographyforrecreation thelooklevel2yellow level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward thelooklevel3orange infinitexposurel2 infinitexposurel3 flickrawardgroup thegalaxy 30faves~
number 3 (mariola aga ~ OFF) Tags: italy verona building house doors windows balcony architecture shadow light sunlight diagonal number thegalaxy
Water Art: Up or down, it's a beautiful summer morning (peggyhr) Tags: peggyhr waterart pedalboats reflections sunflowers rock grasses shrubs wildflowers blue white yellow green flipped bluebirdestates alberta canada morning sunlight birdhouses posts logs cattails thegalaxy super~sixbronzestage1 thelooklevel1red rainbowofnaturelevel1red infinitexposurel1 level1peaceawards thelooklevel2yellow

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50 thegalaxy 19 macro 16 nature 15 nederland canon thenetherlands 14 100mm28lmacro fauna animal animals 12 insects 1001nightsmagiccity platinumheartaward insect 1001nights 11 clouds bug green bugs 10 peggyhr leaf canada white 9 sky thelooklevel2yellow thelooklevel1red 8 bokeh art thegalaxyhalloffame alberta blue 7 leaves water super~sixbronze☆stage1☆ thelooklevel3orange infinitexposurel1 catterpillars closeup 30faves~ level1photographyforrecreation garden catterpillar 6 flower thelooklevel4purple sunlight 5 light thegalaxytopawarders level1peaceawards infinitexposurel2 butterfly summer abstract 4 red musictomyeyes~l1 5 level2photographyforrecreationsilveraward infinitexposurel3 sunset 6 2 frameit~level01~ plant chicagobotanicgarden reflection bluebirdestates 3 butterflies 4 3 colors reflections saariysqualitypictures stars 60faves~ 1 sand treefrog frog niceasitgets~level1 pastel frogs glencoe amphibian wheaton evening supersix brown cantignypark amphibians trees infinitexposurel4 woman autofocus panorama southshropshire pond hills shrubs shoreline super~six☆stage3☆gold infinitexposure park

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Users: mariola aga ~ OFF 19 bugman11 15 peggyhr 10 ken.stork apwilliam2 4 Suzanham IAN GARDNER PHOTOGRAPHY