365 365daysyeartwo 365project 366days 50mm back bangs bart bed blue broken crazy dark face female frustration girl hair heart justk manip manipulation me mexican pain pandacat photoshop portrait self selfportrait shadows smile storm tattoo texture textured totw two wall white woman y2 yeahiknowimpale year2 yeartwo

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"I know the passionate seizure of beauty" / Day 283 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self yeartwo carlsandburg 365days selfiesquared day283y2
"Breathe to me, while I hold you close" / Day 294 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me smile tattoo female self bed yeartwo bedframe whitman 365days day294y2
117.365 ~ [can't get any.] (just.K) Tags: white black texture broken face weird crazy quiet fuck tired scream yeartwo tribute frustration accidental processed congrats drawnon hehheh 365days totw whereishere 117365 blahhhhhhhh justk youveofficiallyaffectedmymind becauseyouveaffectedmeartistry imeantmynotme wellvictor fuckithinkimdrunk passmeabeeralreadythen
027.365 ~ .you are poison running through my veins. (just.K) Tags: blue texture love dark happy crazy pain blood distorted under running yeartwo haha veins poison frustration friday intensity breakup alicecooper sumbitch 365days totw 027365 alrightythen justk butilikedhim
"You know, I've never lost in mortal combat." / Day 306 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me female self yeartwo 365days day306y2 tryingtofindmyfellowgeeksfromthemid1980s thehulksmotherwasneverhappywhenhestayedouttoolate
Fallen (Cayusa) Tags: selfportrait texture angel photoshop self dark wings gothic bart fallenangel fallen darkangel yeartwo 365 textured day185 365days interestingness67 interestingness71 explored interestingness195 i500 366days 365explored 365185 dayonehundredandeightyfive 365day185 365daysyeartwo explore03jul08
028.365 ~ .you have stolen my heart. (just.K) Tags: texture broken heart manipulation sew final stitches yeartwo stolen dashboard incomplete heartless thebreakup 365days totw 028365 justk
038.365 ~ .always drawn to you. (just.K) Tags: texture see words you floating manipulation yeartwo float pure whitedress allofthem stupidtags 365days totw tinywords 038365 outoftags justk drawntoyou
All I'm Cracked Up to Be / Day 284 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me female self paint yeartwo cracked 365days day284y2
130.365 ~ .inner demons. (just.K) Tags: shadow texture me wall dark quiet darkness manipulation hidden inside yeartwo frustration scratched demons innerdemons 365days 130365 justk
153.365 ~ . the balancing act. (just.K) Tags: life above texture up vent watch manipulation books cant falling grin catch teacups yeartwo juggle manip balancing dammit gah saucers 365days tomorrowwillbebetter thebalancingact 153365 justk obramaestra ihateventing
"But I guess I'll have to settle for a for a few brief moments" / Day 299 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me female self yeartwo brighteyes 365days perfectsonnet day299y2
088.365 ~ .some assembly required*. (just.K) Tags: texture mannequin broken dark doll arm gene manipulation plastic hubby yeartwo batteriesnotincluded assembly 365days 088365 justk
183.365 ~ .inviting them out. (just.K) Tags: texture me closet dark out tickets shadows hand room manipulation line hallway trf doorway invitation bones yeartwo fedora skeletons omg scratchy nosocks 365days 183365 justk crazinessupinhere
026.365 ~ .i can feel you all around me thickening the air I'm breathing. (just.K) Tags: texture broken smile dark alone arms emotion reaching manipulation around yeartwo breathing flyleaf grasp pained heartless ahwell allaroundme 365days thickened 026365 ihatethispose justk butwecouldonlytake3atatime andikeptforgettingwhatiwantedtodolmao greenishy muchothankstotheloveforplayingwithme
"I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back" / Day 281 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: show portrait woman selfportrait texture abandoned me tattoo female self bed cabin cottage twinpeaks yeartwo laurapalmer negligee 365days sicshow day281y2
092.365 ~ .unexpected change of direction. (just.K) Tags: storm texture hair hand wind sunday manipulation blow blah change yeartwo thingstodo raven unexpected blown loveyouguys 365days gottarun 092365 justk hiabe hikwavesfrantically
year two // day 86 (dothezonk) Tags: selfportrait texture girl hair 50mm chair long independent year2 yeartwo aged rough bangs independence tough staredown y2 365days imnotreallythattough
137.365 ~ .curiously complex ettiquette. (just.K) Tags: blue texture socks wall cat crazy chairs tea stripes manipulation sleepy tired teapot yeartwo teacup float manip thatsme doofy 365days 137365 justk
"Who asked the night for a long soft kiss and lost the half-way lips?" / Day 329 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo self yeartwo carlsandburg 365days day329y2
year two // day 6 (dothezonk) Tags: selfportrait texture sepia dark sweater stripes fisheye chilly year2 yeartwo hiding fauxvintage y2 roundedcorners 365days
089.365 ~ .snip. (just.K) Tags: texture cut fingers manipulation scissors crap yeartwo members venting snip imsorry 365days thankyoujoel 089365 justk pleasedontmakethisaforumforyourdebate iveheardyouropinions tomorrowispecefulfriday iplanforittobe ispelledpeacefulwrong
year two // day 339 (dothezonk) Tags: selfportrait texture girl smile female scarf canon vintage dark square happy 50mm glasses naturallight retro saturation grin dimples year2 yeartwo bangs friday y2 365days
"Pools of sorrow waves of joy" / Day 292 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: show portrait woman selfportrait texture me composite self back yeartwo layered acrosstheuniverse 365days sicshow day292y2
023.365 ~ .it takes two to let go. (just.K) Tags: light shadow texture socks wall dark stuck falling curly strings yeartwo sucks haha ropes fighting manip wink pulling along letgo strung 365days ittakestwo enoughtagsalready notfree 023365 justk littlebitooldkinthisoneeh
057.365 ~ .uprooted. (just.K) Tags: tree green texture broken wall legs roots off hanging yeartwo hung uprooted temper 365days 057365 justk
15 of 365 (Year Two): Pieces... (Lady Pandacat) Tags: portrait texture face self mouth pieces lips puzzle mexican yeartwo hispanic latina 2009 acidwash fantabulous 365days pandacat canona570is pandacatbaby tinaangel imfallingapart yeahiknowimpale ladypandacatvonnopants
062.365 ~ .always the target; never the prize. (just.K) Tags: texture pain heart manipulation used wrong faded target arrows yeartwo conceptual bleed sorrow squared attraction targeted 365days nothingthere nottherightone 062365 justk fridayatlastbitches
091.365 ~ .don't question some things. (just.K) Tags: blue texture dark hair eyes shadows heart manipulation question stare rotation yeartwo drawn manip turned gaze 365days 091365 justk
year two // day 196 (dothezonk) Tags: white selfportrait texture girl headless night vintage hair 50mm bedroom dof tshirt off sleepy crop faux year2 yeartwo plain pajamas hanes vneck y2 365days weirdday
163.365 ~ .only as strong as our weakest spark. (just.K) Tags: light sky brown storm texture electric clouds self dark intense hands shadows power explosion surreal manipulation scratches yeartwo strength lightning manip dim grip spark apart weakest 365days 163365 justk
"I shall tell them I remember you" / Day 291 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self back yeartwo bjork 365days day291y2
Pain In The Neck (Cayusa) Tags: selfportrait texture photoshop self neck pain bart yeartwo 365 textured day187 neckpain 365days 366days dayonehundredandeightyseven 365187 365day187 365daysyeartwo
December 7 (magg!e) Tags: winter snow texture nature project blog december daily oatmeal dirt photoblog yeartwo noon firstsnow oats 2008 collaboration project365 oatmealbynoon oats2
66.365.2...Hand Warmers (Project Bleu Photography) Tags: blue red texture closeup project urbanoutfitters gloves yeartwo songoftheday daysixtysix nikond90 3652011
"And I dreamed I saw the bombers riding shotgun in the sky" / Day 272 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait bw woman selfportrait texture me female self yeartwo 365days day273y2
y2.d35 | drunken hours await me. (B Rosen) Tags: two portrait selfportrait texture me face self nikon wine drink cork teeth year booze yeartwo 365 alchohol yarrrrrr d60 2510 365days nikond60 365project 3652010
A sigh, a whisper, a fit of grace / Day 360 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me female self back yeartwo argus ttv argus75 365days throughtheviewfinder textureinadditiontottv wwttvd08 day360y2
Softly spoken melodies / Day 345 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait bw woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self bed yeartwo 365days day345y2
01.27.10 (spintar) Tags: texture facade concrete yeartwo americancementbuilding 365project
Arcane (Cayusa) Tags: selfportrait texture photoshop self wizard magic bart yeartwo 365 textured day190 drstrange arcane blueribbonwinner 365days 366days youvsthebest dayonehundredandninety 365190 365day190 365daysyeartwo thepinnaclehof
scratchy hearts (KatColorado) Tags: flowers texture switzerland layer yeartwo bleedinghearts picday viamala fromthusistozillis
"And I will color in the meaning."/ Day 358 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me female self yeartwo brighteyes 365days fakelensflare day358y2
046.365 ~ .some things just cannot be fixed. (just.K) Tags: people white texture love broken hammer fix sad floor heart tools tape nails yeartwo washed pure staples heartbreak heal heartbroken iswear 365days totw unfixable 046365 imreallyhappy byskeletalmess
y2.d21 | we just lay awake in lust, and rust in the rain, and pour over everything we say we trust. (B Rosen) Tags: two portrait selfportrait jason texture me face rain metal photoshop self lyrics eyes nikon rust steel year surface yeartwo 365 oxidize corrosion mraz uneven oxidization d60 diamondplate 365days 12110 fe2o3 nikond60 365project 3652010
31 of 365 (Year Two): I Love Jacqueline <3 (Lady Pandacat) Tags: pink portrait texture self legs bokeh mexican heels yeartwo hispanic latina 2009 iloveher fantabulous fmps 365days pandacat canong9 pandacatbaby tinaangel frommygorgeousjacqueline shessoawesomeandiwanttohaveherbabies heylookitsmylegs yeahiknowimpale ladypandacatvonnopants
so damn hungry (KatColorado) Tags: houses house texture layer yeartwo zrich demolished albisrieden picday
"Now everything's a little upside down" / Day 341 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self tile bobdylan yeartwo 365days day341y2 clearlyiminsane ireallycannotbelievehowcloseiamtofinishingyeartwo ahbobbeenawhile
"For a long time I felt without style or grace" / Day 276 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo sepia female self wig yeartwo talkingheads 365days selfiesquared day276y2
The Butterfly Counts Not Months But Moments, And Has Time Enough (Cayusa) Tags: blue selfportrait texture photoshop self butterfly bart yeartwo 365 textured day188 365days 366days dayonehundredandeightyeight 365188 365day188 365daysyeartwo

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