365 3652010 365daysyeartwo 365project 366days 50mm bart d60 dark face female floor girl hair heart justk legs light lighting love manip manipulation me mirror nikon photoshop portrait reflection self selfiesquared selfportrait shadow shadows socks tattoo texture textured totw two vintage wall white woman year yeartwo

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y2.d21 | we just lay awake in lust, and rust in the rain, and pour over everything we say we trust. (B Rosen) Tags: two portrait selfportrait jason texture me face rain metal photoshop self lyrics eyes nikon rust steel year surface yeartwo 365 oxidize corrosion mraz uneven oxidization d60 diamondplate 365days 12110 fe2o3 nikond60 365project 3652010
046.365 ~ .some things just cannot be fixed. (just.K) Tags: people white texture love broken hammer fix sad floor heart tools tape nails yeartwo washed pure staples heartbreak heal heartbroken iswear 365days totw unfixable 046365 imreallyhappy byskeletalmess
124.365 ~ .awkward on the inside. (just.K) Tags: lighting white texture me wall hands floor arms translation sigh corset yeartwo haha awkward hm hee anberlin gracefully decieving 365days butyeah 124365 justk imawkward lottacolor anyonewhoknowsmealreadyknewthat
"O heaven, the vanity of wretched fools!" / Day 314 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait reflection texture me tattoo female self mirror shakespeare yeartwo clone measureformeasure duplicity 365days day314y2
year two // day 196 (dothezonk) Tags: white selfportrait texture girl headless night vintage hair 50mm bedroom dof tshirt off sleepy crop faux year2 yeartwo plain pajamas hanes vneck y2 365days weirdday
163.365 ~ .only as strong as our weakest spark. (just.K) Tags: light sky brown storm texture electric clouds self dark intense hands shadows power explosion surreal manipulation scratches yeartwo strength lightning manip dim grip spark apart weakest 365days 163365 justk
"Pools of sorrow waves of joy" / Day 292 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: show portrait woman selfportrait texture me composite self back yeartwo layered acrosstheuniverse 365days sicshow day292y2
062.365 ~ .always the target; never the prize. (just.K) Tags: texture pain heart manipulation used wrong faded target arrows yeartwo conceptual bleed sorrow squared attraction targeted 365days nothingthere nottherightone 062365 justk fridayatlastbitches
091.365 ~ .don't question some things. (just.K) Tags: blue texture dark hair eyes shadows heart manipulation question stare rotation yeartwo drawn manip turned gaze 365days 091365 justk
The Butterfly Counts Not Months But Moments, And Has Time Enough (Cayusa) Tags: blue selfportrait texture photoshop self butterfly bart yeartwo 365 textured day188 365days 366days dayonehundredandeightyeight 365188 365day188 365daysyeartwo
057.365 ~ .uprooted. (just.K) Tags: tree green texture broken wall legs roots off hanging yeartwo hung uprooted temper 365days 057365 justk
Pain In The Neck (Cayusa) Tags: selfportrait texture photoshop self neck pain bart yeartwo 365 textured day187 neckpain 365days 366days dayonehundredandeightyseven 365187 365day187 365daysyeartwo
093.365 ~ the good and the bad, and something inbetween. (just.K) Tags: flowers red texture love me wall self good bad filter faceless yeartwo bent lover harm handcuffs iamme abused heal herself inbetween imperfect hater whoiam abuser fgr 365days totw iamhuman iamyou 093365 justk texturesquared iamk onanunrelatedandunladylikenote itshotasfkhereandibloodyhateit
023.365 ~ .it takes two to let go. (just.K) Tags: light shadow texture socks wall dark stuck falling curly strings yeartwo sucks haha ropes fighting manip wink pulling along letgo strung 365days ittakestwo enoughtagsalready notfree 023365 justk littlebitooldkinthisoneeh
098.365 ~ .pink. (just.K) Tags: pink eye texture window colors wall hair saturday curls mat lazy yeartwo spotcolor catchlight newset 365days 098365 justk
056.365 ~ .repetition. (just.K) Tags: pictures texture socks wall frames floor legs stripes frame repetition yeartwo behind lmao day7 365days 056365 justk butyoullneverseemine asintime notmybehind iamanarse
047.365 ~ .no matter how far away. (just.K) Tags: texture love heart ghost feel faded yeartwo forever sailor distance 365days totw 047365 justk
Woodsy (Cayusa) Tags: wood selfportrait texture stone self moss bart textures yeartwo 365 textured day274 cwd 365days 366days week89 tacwd takeaclasswithdavedave tacwdd daytwohundredandseventyfour 365274 365day274 365daysyeartwo cwdweek89 cwd891
You Have To Believe In Magic (Cayusa) Tags: selfportrait texture photoshop self magic bart yeartwo 365 4thofjuly sparkler sparks textured day186 365days interestingness429 explored i500 interestingness391 366days 365explored dayonehundredandeightysix 365186 365day186 365daysyeartwo explore04jul08
121.365 ~ .oh, but I can fly, she said. I just haven't yet figured out how to do it while I'm awake. (just.K) Tags: lighting whatisthis texture fly quote manipulation skirt karen rotation yeartwo shocking heehee 365days totw 121365 yaiknow justk storypoople effortfromk
"And I will rest and dream" / Day 312 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me window self naturallight couch yeartwo carlsandburg 365days day312y2
051.365 ~ .sometimes I think you look right through me. (just.K) Tags: lighting shadow texture wall stand sad stripes manipulation sp frame yeartwo through hold lookingthrough 365days totw 051365 justk thinkingishouldstartaframesweekifidohehethiswouldbeunofficiallydaytwowellseehowtomorrowgoes framesday2
Warning (Cayusa) Tags: selfportrait texture photoshop self bart yeartwo 365 teeshirt textured day189 365days 366days dayonehundredandeightynine 365189 365day189 365daysyeartwo warningibite
y2.d124 | wasteland. (B Rosen) Tags: two portrait sky cloud selfportrait eye texture me face self nikon flickr close desert year yeartwo 365 wasteland d60 365days nikond60 365project skeletalmesstexture 3652010
050.365 ~ .you will never end up in the right place if you keep letting people put you where they want you. (just.K) Tags: texture vintage upsidedown weekend framed sunday picture manipulation yeartwo seriously hung wrongway 365days 050365 justk howcanitalmostbeover
132.365 ~ .I'm street smart, she said, but what nobody knows is that it's a private street where noone else is allowed. (just.K) Tags: camera reflection texture wall mirror nikon shoot counter sink yes hell karen yeartwo aged hip friday toned scratch selfie 365days 132365 thepicturenotme justk storypoople
052.365 ~ .misplaced. (just.K) Tags: pictures wallpaper texture me socks frames pieces legs parts manipulation together sp half torso yeartwo paisley confusion disarray edit keepingittogether 365days 052365 justk ispeltthatwrong
129.365 ~ .unpredictable weather. (just.K) Tags: shadow storm motion blur texture weather socks wall clouds movement arch wind cloudy stripes manipulation blow yeartwo reach manip blown unpredictable 365days 129365 justk texturesquared
"For a long time I felt without style or grace" / Day 276 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo sepia female self wig yeartwo talkingheads 365days selfiesquared day276y2
15 of 365 (Year Two): Pieces... (Lady Pandacat) Tags: portrait texture face self mouth pieces lips puzzle mexican yeartwo hispanic latina 2009 acidwash fantabulous 365days pandacat canona570is pandacatbaby tinaangel imfallingapart yeahiknowimpale ladypandacatvonnopants
31 of 365 (Year Two): I Love Jacqueline <3 (Lady Pandacat) Tags: pink portrait texture self legs bokeh mexican heels yeartwo hispanic latina 2009 iloveher fantabulous fmps 365days pandacat canong9 pandacatbaby tinaangel frommygorgeousjacqueline shessoawesomeandiwanttohaveherbabies heylookitsmylegs yeahiknowimpale ladypandacatvonnopants
Mask Of The Empire (Cayusa) Tags: red selfportrait trooper texture self cutout starwars mask helmet bart yeartwo 365 day141 clonetrooper cwd 365days 366days week70 tacwd takeaclasswithdavedave tacwdd 365141 dayonehundredandfortyone 365day141 365daysyeartwo cwd701 cwdweek70 sicklittlemonkeystextures
"I shall tell them I remember you" / Day 291 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self back yeartwo bjork 365days day291y2
year two // day 339 (dothezonk) Tags: selfportrait texture girl smile female scarf canon vintage dark square happy 50mm glasses naturallight retro saturation grin dimples year2 yeartwo bangs friday y2 365days
August 13 (magg!e) Tags: summer color macro texture home kitchen yellow project portland blog maine august daily oatmeal photoblog yeartwo noon spaghetti oats 2008 collaboration winterstreet project365 oatmealbynoon cmwd cmwdyellow colorcollecting colorcollectingcom oats2
"You will pose with a hill-flower grace" / Day 332 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait flower texture me female self lily profile yeartwo tt carlsandburg 365days selfiesquared day332y2
Looking to the Future... / Day 365 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait reflection texture me tattoo female self mirror yeartwo argus hfs penultimate ttv argus75 365days throughttheviewfinder wttvd08 day365y2
scratchy hearts (KatColorado) Tags: flowers texture switzerland layer yeartwo bleedinghearts picday viamala fromthusistozillis
"And I will color in the meaning."/ Day 358 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me female self yeartwo brighteyes 365days fakelensflare day358y2
so damn hungry (KatColorado) Tags: houses house texture layer yeartwo zrich demolished albisrieden picday
"Now everything's a little upside down" / Day 341 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self tile bobdylan yeartwo 365days day341y2 clearlyiminsane ireallycannotbelievehowcloseiamtofinishingyeartwo ahbobbeenawhile
Driving me to distraction / Day 356 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture car female self glasses armslength yeartwo 365days day356y2
"Reminds my heart what love can yield" / Day 285 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me sepia female scarf self shadows yeartwo feist 365days lonelylonely selfiesquared day285y2
Free Fall / Day 347 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait bw woman selfportrait texture me female stairs self diptych yeartwo 365days lastyearofmythirties soimthinkingalotaboutwhatiwanttodowiththisyearbeforeiturn40 day347y2 iturn39yearsoldtomorrow thatsfuckingwithmyheadabit
Until the end of time / Day 280 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: trees portrait woman lake selfportrait texture me water female self profile poconos yeartwo fauxvintage 365days day280y2
June 27 (magg!e) Tags: blue vacation texture pool june project blog texas july houston daily oatmeal photoblog yeartwo noon peggys oats 2008 collaboration project365 oatmealbynoon oats2
Emotional landscape / Day 337 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: bw woman selfportrait texture me tattoo female self bed pillow yeartwo bedframe portrat ttt 365days day338y2
y2.d26 | i never learned to count my blessings, i choose instead to dwell in my disasters. (B Rosen) Tags: lighting light two portrait selfportrait texture me self studio ouch design nikon focus ray year gritty dirty sharp tired desaturation desaturated yeartwo 365 behind stressed headache d60 raylamontagne lamontagne 365days 12610 nikond60 missingher 365project 3652010
"I want what there can never to be too much of" / Day 271 Year 2 (sadandbeautiful (Sarah)) Tags: portrait woman selfportrait texture me sepia female self back basement tattoos wig yeartwo ninasimone 365days day271y2 ilovetolove
year two // day 138 (dothezonk) Tags: portrait selfportrait texture girl face 50mm close retro crop year2 yeartwo smirk bangs eyeliner liner y2 liquidliner 365days

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