astronomy astrophotography baader cassiopeiaa chandra chandratelescope chandraxrayobservatory colorful cosmos cygnus deepspace diffuse digitizedskysurvey emission eq6 galaxy gemini ic443 jellyfish jellyfishnebula largemagellaniccloud marshallspaceflightcenter milkyway mn190 narrowband nasa nebula nebulae nebulosity neutronstar phd qhy5 skywatcher smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory smithsonianinstitution snr space spitzerspacetelescope starlightxpress stars supernova supernovaremnant sxvrh18 universe xraytelescope

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Jellyfish Nebula (kappacygni) Tags: night stars space cluster nebula astrophotography astronomy supernova phd gemini emission deepsky baader nebulosity ic443 starlightxpress eq6 supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula Astrometrydotnet:status=solved qhy5 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 sxvrh18 ic444 tmb92ss astro:subject=ic443 bestastro astro:gmt=20120131t2340 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20120206835202
explore! (shley Polk) Tags: blackandwhite selfportrait triangles edited indie 365 tiedye sequins yeahright day80 supernovaremnant badedit ashleypolk
IGR J11014-6103: Runaway Pulsar Firing an Extraordinary Jet (NASA, Chandra, 02/18/14) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa marshallspaceflightcenter supernovaremnant neutronstar chandraxrayobservatory igrj110146103 vision:plant=0917 vision:flower=0544 vision:outdoor=0972 australiacompacttelescopearray runawaypulsar
CTB1 (Abel 85) Supernova remnant (swag72) Tags: space astro astrophotography astronomy supernova universe cosmos snr nebulosity supernovaremnant Astrometrydotnet:status=failed ctb1 sarawager abel85 Astrometrydotnet:id=supernova4204
Supernova Remnant's Powerful Kick (NASA, Chandra, Spitzer, 02/01/12) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa astronomy esa chandra spitzerspacetelescope europeanspaceagency xmmnewton xraytelescope supernovaremnant chandraxrayobservatory g350103
The Milky Way from Deneb to Altair: an overview in Ha (Trois_Merlettes) Tags: milkyway altair deneb cygnus northamericanebula nebulae voielacte halpha ngc7000 ngc6888 ic1318 crescentnebula the4elements supernovaremnant Astrometrydotnet:status=failed Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20100946636649 buterflynebula pelikannebula
New Findings on Kepler Supernova (NASA, Chandra, 09/11/12) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa astronomy universe kepler supernovaexplosion largemagellaniccloud xraytelescope supernovaremnant chandraxrayobservatory keplerssupernovaremnant typeia sn1604 g0045068 v843ophiuchi
X-rays From Young Supernova Remnant (NASA, Chandra, 07/30/12) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa astronomy universe pulsar m83 spiralgalaxy xraytelescope supernovaremnant neutronstar chandraxrayobservatory sn1957d
Preserving the Legacy of the X-ray Universe (NASA, Chandra, 10/28/13) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa galaxy nebula astronomy cda milkyway verylargearray spitzerspacetelescope 2mass ngc6946 smallmagellaniccloud supernovaexplosion supermassiveblackhole supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory geminiobservatory sagittariusarm ngc3576 digitizedskysurvey ngc4945 elephanttrunknebula ic1396a fireworksgalaxy g41103 americanarchivemonth chandradataarchive g266212 3c353 europeanspaceobservatory 3c397 snrb0049736 vision:outdoor=0944
Hardy Star Survives Supernova Blast (NASA, Chandra, 03/20/14) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa hii milkyway theastrophysicaljournal marshallspaceflightcenter largemagellaniccloud supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory southafricanastronomicalobservatory digitizedskysurvey chandraxrayobservatory magellaniccloudemissionlinesurvey vision:outdoor=091 deml241
IC443 The Jellyfish in full size (Trois_Merlettes) Tags: jellyfish supernova ic443 propus supernovaremnant astrometrydotnet:status=solved hyperstar vision:outdoor=082 propusstar astrometrydotnet:id=nova251467
Exploring the Third Dimension of Cassiopeia A (NASA, Chandra, 11/15/13) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: smithsonianinstitution spitzerspacetelescope xraytelescope supernovaremnant 3dviewer smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandraxrayobservatory cassiopeiaa vision:outdoor=0816 vision:dark=075 stellarexplosion astronomicalmedicine
Supernova SNR B0049-73.6 (NASA, Chandra, 10/28/13) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa astronomy marshallspaceflightcenter smallmagellaniccloud xraytelescope supernovaremnant chandraxrayobservatory harvardsmithsoniancenterforastrophysics vision:sky=0572 snrb0049736 vision:outdoor=0946 vision:plant=0831
CTB1 (Abel 85) supernova remnant in colour (swag72) Tags: stars space astro nebula astrophotography astronomy supernova universe cosmos nebulosity supernovaremnant ctb1 sarawager
Supernova Remnant is a Super-Efficient Particle Accelerator (NASA, Chandra, 6/30/09) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: space nasa astronomy supernova chandra xraytelescope supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandraxrayobservatory rcw86 europeansouthernobservatoryverylargetelescope celestrialwatching
Supernova Remnant Simeis 147 (DJMcCrady) Tags: telescope astrophotography astronomy snr supernovaremnant sbigstl4020m Astrometrydotnet:status=solved simeis147 Astrometrydotnet:version=10145 sh2140 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20081208420354
3C 397: An Unusual Galactic Supernova Remnant (NASA, Chandra, 10/28/13) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa galaxy astronomy spitzerspacetelescope xraytelescope supernovaremnant explodingstar digitizedskysurvey chandraxrayobservatory harvardsmithsoniancenterforastrophysics g41103 vision:mountain=0617 vision:plant=0582 vision:clouds=0778 3c397 vision:outdoor=0848 vision:sky=0864
A Star Explodes, Turns Inside-Out (NASA, Chandra, Spitzer, 03/29/12) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: casa iron nasa oxygen elements astronomy sulfur universe chandra magnesium spitzerspacetelescope xraytelescope supernovaremnant neutronstar chandraxrayobservatory cassiopeiaa
The Jellyfish Nebula (H-Alpha) (DJMcCrady) Tags: topv111 telescope nebula astrophotography astronomy astrophoto sbig mccrady ic443 stl4020m supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula djmccrady
The Veil Nebula (gainesp2003) Tags: stars veil space nebula astrophotography astronomy dso ngc6960 witchsbroom pickeringstriangle supernovaremnant thewitchsbroom gainesp2003 patgaines
A supernova remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy about 160,000 light years from Earth. (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: astrophotography supernova teardrop chandra astrophysics milkyway smithsonianinstitution falsecolor whitedwarf largemagellaniccloud supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandratelescope deml71
Cassiopeia A: Cassiopeia A in Many Colors (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: color stars casa pattern foto space galaxy nebula astronomy supernova outerspace chandra spazio satellitephotos smithsonianinstitution falsecolor universo spitzer compositeimage spaziali supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandratelescope cassiopeiaa casasupernova chandracolorfulcomposite
IC443: the Jellyfish in colour, 8h exposure (Trois_Merlettes) Tags: jellyfish supernova ic443 supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula astrometrydotnet:status=solved vision:mountain=0589 vision:dark=0541 vision:plant=0967 vision:flower=0611 vision:outdoor=0936 vision:sky=0606 astrometrydotnet:id=nova242468
DEM L316: Cat in Space (NASA, Chandra repost, 07/27/02) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa whitedwarf marshallspaceflightcenter largemagellaniccloud supernovaremnant typeiisupernova deml316 chandraxrayobservatory vision:outdoor=0722 vision:sky=076 vision:dark=0529 vision:flower=0526
G292.0+1.8: Stellar Forensics with Striking Image from Chandra (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: stars destruction chandra milkyway smithsonianinstitution supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandratelescope g292018
The remnant of a supernova located 6000 light years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: blue light space nebula astrophotography supernova outerspace taurus crabnebula pulsar constellation chandra smithsonianinstitution falsecolor supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory nutr neutronstar chandratelescope crabnebulamoviestill cosmicbell nebuls
E0102-72.3: Supernova Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: cloud stars solar space halo supernova naturalwonder bluecircle chandra milkyway tucana smithsonianinstitution magellanic smallmagellaniccloud supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandratelescope e0102723 e010272
Cassiopeia A: Chandra Discovers Relativistic Pinball Machine (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: ball casa nebula xray astronomy stardust chandra lightining smithsonianinstitution colerful supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory backhole chandratelescope cassiopeiaa
Kes 75: One Weird Star Starts Acting Like Another Kes 75 (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: star space gas stellar galaxy nebula astronomy chandra smithsonianinstitution gascloud supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory chandratelescope kes75
Sh2-221 (J-P Metsavainio) Tags: supernova snr supernovaremnant sh2221 vision:sky=0577 vision:outdoor=0893 sharpless221
The remains of a massive star that exploded, perhaps being witnessed by Chinese astronomers in 386 A.D. (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: cloud nova stars colorful space nasa galaxy supernova universe cosmos chandra smithsonianinstitution starcluster supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory massivestar chandratelescope g11203 386ad trippyspacephoto
One Weird Star Starts Acting Like Another (NASA, Chandra, 02/21/08) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa astronomy chandra xraytelescope supernovaremnant chandraxrayobservatory kes75
A cosmic fertilization (J-P Metsavainio) Tags: stars ic colorful space nebula astronomy diffuse emission 410 cygnus starfield auriga nebulae veilnebula snr supernovaremnant qhy9
Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443) (kappacygni) Tags: jellyfish nebula supernova phd gemini deepspace celestron ed80 baader nebulosity skywatcher ic443 narrowband starlightxpress eq6 supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula Astrometrydotnet:status=solved qhy5 mn190 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 sxvrh18 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110533114418 astro:gmt=20110108t2230 astro:subject=ic443
Cas-A-X-ray-VIS-and-IR-Combo-FINAL (MikeMalaska) Tags: ir nebula xray visible chandra hubble spitzer the4elements supernovaremnant cassiopieaa
DEM L316: Supernova Remnants Deconstructed (Two supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.) (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: colorful nebula chandra milkyway smithsonianinstitution colorphotograph largemagellaniccloud supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory deml316 chandratelescope
Carbon Atmosphere Discovered on Neutron Star (NASA, Chandra, 11/04/09) (NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center) Tags: nasa astronomy carbon chandra xraytelescope supernovaremnant chandraxrayobservatory cassiopeiaa
CTB1, Sh2-170 and a new candidate supernova remnant (swag72) Tags: stars space deep astro nebula astrophotography ap astronomy supernova universe cosmos dso snr supernovaremnant ctb1 sh2170 sarawager abel85
Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443) - NB natural (kappacygni) Tags: jellyfish nebula supernova phd gemini deepspace celestron ed80 baader nebulosity skywatcher ic443 narrowband starlightxpress eq6 supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula Astrometrydotnet:status=solved qhy5 mn190 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 sxvrh18 competition:astrophoto=2011 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110533114418 astro:gmt=20110108t2230 astro:subject=ic443
IC443, the jellyfish nebula, a supernova remnant in Gemini (Trois_Merlettes) Tags: nebula supernova ic443 supernovaremnant astrometrydotnet:status=solved vision:mountain=0529 vision:sky=0741 vision:outdoor=0959 vision:plant=073 jellifishnebula astrometrydotnet:id=nova241166
SNR G54.1+0.3 (A supernova remnant about 16,000 light years from Earth.) (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: blue space galaxy universe chandra smithsonianinstitution supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory areciboradiotelescope chandratelescope snrg54103 neuronstar xrayobservatory nasasciencemission outerspacestars
Simeis 147 with FSQ-106ED and Reducer QE 0.73x December 2011 Light Version (hirocun) Tags: supernovaremnant Astrometrydotnet:status=solved simeis147 sh2240 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 lbn822 snr1800017 tguh1293p6 sh2242 lbn826 gn05433 gn0536502 tguh1250p2  Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20120400999159
N49: A Supernova Remnant in the LMC (geckzilla) Tags: hubble n49 hst hla supernovaremnant cal36 vision:outdoor=0836 vision:plant=0701 vision:dark=074 vision:flower=0546 lmcn49 snrj052559 snrj052559660453 lha120n49 lmcrass207
A supernova remnant about 20,000 light years from Earth (Smithsonian Institution) Tags: stars space nebula chandra smithsonianinstitution compositeimage supernovaremnant smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory telescopeimage 000lightyears chandratelescope g21509
NGC 6960 & 6992-5 Veil Nebula (92mm 5DII) (Amazing Sky Photography) Tags: canada cygnus veilnebula ngc6960 ngc6992 ngc6995 cirrusnebula ngc6979 52cygni supernovaremnant networknebula pickeringswedge
Pickering's Triangle (J-P Metsavainio) Tags: stars colorful space nebula astronomy diffuse emission cygnus starfield nebulae veilnebula snr supernovaremnant
A Gemini SNR, IC 443, the "Jellyfish Nebula" (J-P Metsavainio) Tags: stars colorful space nebula astronomy gemini diffuse emission starfield nebulae snr ic443 supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula
Dead Stars Society (J-P Metsavainio) Tags: planetarynebula supernovaremnant
Jellyfish Nebula (IC 443) (NR) (kappacygni) Tags: jellyfish nebula supernova phd gemini deepspace celestron ed80 baader nebulosity skywatcher ic443 narrowband starlightxpress eq6 supernovaremnant jellyfishnebula Astrometrydotnet:status=solved qhy5 mn190 Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 sxvrh18 competition:astrophoto=2011 Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110533114418 astro:gmt=20110108t2230 astro:subject=ic443
Many ways to die (J-P Metsavainio) Tags: planetarynebula supernovaremnant

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50 supernovaremnant 23 astronomy 20 nebula 17 supernova chandra 16 space 15 smithsonianastrophysicalobservatory 14 nasa 13 chandraxrayobservatory 12 stars smithsonianinstitution 11 chandratelescope 10 xraytelescope 9 astrophotography ic443 8 universe 7 snr milkyway jellyfishnebula 6 galaxy nebulosity Astrometrydotnet:status=solved 5 gemini spitzerspacetelescope largemagellaniccloud colorful Astrometrydotnet:version=14400 jellyfish cassiopeiaa 4 starlightxpress sxvrh18 eq6 baader astro:subject=ic443 cosmos emission marshallspaceflightcenter qhy5 neutronstar nebulae phd cygnus 3 deepspace digitizedskysurvey skywatcher diffuse astrometrydotnet:status=solved Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20110533114418 narrowband mn190 celestron casa falsecolor starfield astro astro:gmt=20110108t2230 smallmagellaniccloud sarawager veilnebula ed80 ctb1 pulsar Astrometrydotnet:status=failed compositeimage the4elements kes75 snrb0049736 ngc6960 simeis147 3c397 g41103 competition:astrophoto=2011 spitzer deml316 cloud harvardsmithsoniancenterforastrophysics abel85 whitedwarf outerspace hubble dso xray planetarynebula telescope supernovaexplosion blue vision:outdoor=082 tguh1250p2 vision:outdoor=0972 stardust g292018 networknebula edited vision:flower=0546 elements night light 386ad vision:flower=0611 sh2242 halpha magellaniccloudemissionlinesurvey europeanspaceobservatory backhole badedit vision:outdoor=0848 crescentnebula europeanspaceagency gascloud crabnebula thewitchsbroom ic1396a stl4020m djmccrady constellation propus vision:plant=0917 outerspacestars vision:sky=0577 supermassiveblackhole blackandwhite g11203 vision:sky=0572 voielactée selfportrait 3c353 ir sagittariusarm magellanic snrg54103 sharpless221 stellarexplosion ic444 taurus chandracolorfulcomposite americanarchivemonth casasupernova sbig vision:plant=0582 hyperstar 2mass explodingstar g21509 pattern 000lightyears destruction gn0536502 lmcn49 vision:outdoor=0946 buterflynebula europeansouthernobservatoryverylargetelescope vision:outdoor=0944 410 astrophoto ashleypolk deml241 g266212 deneb pickeringstriangle vision:mountain=0529 cal36 sequins xmmnewton lha120n49 northamericanebula massivestar v843ophiuchi vision:dark=074 vision:outdoor=091 snrj052559 vision:outdoor=0836 telescopeimage nasasciencemission areciboradiotelescope sh2140 veil vision:sky=0741 vision:mountain=0617 cosmicbell vision:outdoor=0936 patgaines oxygen ngc6995 hla altair cassiopieaa snrj052559660453 satellitephotos ngc6992 xrayobservatory vision:flower=0526 vision:mountain=0589 neuronstar sulfur lbn822 tmb92ss magnesium canada deep mccrady hii sn1604 tiedye e0102723 foto topv111 vision:outdoor=0959 southafricanastronomicalobservatory Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20081208420354 vision:outdoor=0893 gas vision:clouds=0778 pickeringswedge universo ngc4945 trippyspacephoto color astrometrydotnet:id=nova242468 vision:plant=073 pelikannebula nebuls lmcrass207 n49 visible typeia Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20120206835202 nutr colorphotograph igrj110146103 lbn826 vision:flower=0544 g0045068 超新星残骸 vision:sky=0864 stellar witchsbroom vision:plant=0967 astrometrydotnet:id=nova251467 fireworksgalaxy day80 vision:dark=0529 cirrusnebula propusstar iron tguh1293p6 ic vision:sky=076 star Astrometrydotnet:version=10145 sh2240 gainesp2003 e010272 vision:outdoor=0722 cda gn05433 g350103 ic1318 vision:outdoor=0816 m83 elephanttrunknebula runawaypulsar celestrialwatching ngc6979 vision:dark=0541 sbigstl4020m bestastro crabnebulamoviestill astronomicalmedicine sh2170 teardrop ball nova ngc7000 typeiisupernova halo jellifishnebula ap astrometrydotnet:id=nova241166 astrophysics keplerssupernovaremnant theastrophysicaljournal ngc3576 vision:plant=0701 sh2221 yeahright snr1800017 verylargearray sn1957d spaziali chandradataarchive hst bluecircle Astrometrydotnet:id=supernova4204 lightining 365 deepsky australiacompacttelescopearray colerful Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20120400999159 auriga astro:gmt=20120131t2340 spazio carbon Astrometrydotnet:id=alpha20100946636649 naturalwonder vision:plant=0831 starcluster vision:dark=075 ngc6888 solar indie tucana ngc6946 qhy9 triangles rcw86 esa cluster 52cygni vision:sky=0606 kepler spiralgalaxy deml71 geminiobservatory 3dviewer

Pairs: 16 astronomy,supernovaremnant 12 nasa,supernovaremnant chandraxrayobservatory,nasa 11 nebula,supernovaremnant 10 chandra,supernovaremnant space,supernovaremnant 9 astronomy,nasa chandraxrayobservatory,supernovaremnant nasa,xraytelescope 8 astronomy,xraytelescope astronomy,space

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