50mm 52wsp blue blues bokeh canon colours d300 d80 daisies danbo danboard dandilions droplets florabella gary green haveagreatweekendeveryone hbw hggt hppt littlebluebook macro monday nikon nikond80 nz pink red revoltech saturday selfportrait sigma sigma105 sigma105mm snail steffen storypeople sweettreatpresetsactions texture tgif tori vintage water wellington

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this is a loose-fitting body, so it's still comfortable after a long carbohydrate binge... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: snail gary slug storypeople sigma105mm nikond80 eatinghislunch hggt sweettreatpresetandactions mintypresets intensityaction lightboostaction
picked this up on the spur of the moment because it's not something you see everyday... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro moss nikon colours bokeh nz wellington droplet rainbows tgif storypeople sigma105mm iso1000 d80 short10minssession pickedupthemostcolourfulthingisawlol hallelujahfornoisewarelol
36/52 these are multi-purpose wings...and when she's not flying they accessorize nicely with almost anything she wears. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: selfportrait texture vintage tgif storypeople itsfridayyay youaresotalented 52wsp theyaremynewfavep igotnewshoesandtheyaresogorgeousilovethemsomuch omgicantbelieveimleavingformyholidaynextwednesday
Thinks about moving to someplace else where everything is different enough to be fun again. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: cute nikon snail sigma tiny gary onthemove storypeople 105mm d80 silkybokeh absolutelypositivelythereis isthereenoughbluethereformondayblueslol lolthanksleep explore70onaugust252008
She turned to me & whispered, don't you just love it when you get so excited you forget to breathe? (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: flickr bokeh 888 storypeople playingpeekaboo haveagreatdayeveryone ilovelovelovethis ihaventgotanythingwith8init but8meansluckyriteandsheismyluckycharmsothisistotallyappropriate explorefrontpageon9thaugust2008 familygetty2010
22/52 I like butter & sugar & being alive a whole lot... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: selfportrait texture vintage naturallight 50mm14 storypeople nikond80 lightroom2 52wsp happyfiftyfriday hungoverfrombokehwednesday haveanyoneelsetriedititprettycool ilovemywindowlight explore11onaugust22008
reality is bigger than all of us, he said, but it still gets a lot smaller right before I go in to work... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue water nikon dof feather h2o droplet punch shallow monday storypeople d300 sigma105 punchpreset sweettreatpresetsactions intensityaction
I have too much to lose, she said, if I cross that line. (diyosa) Tags: red shoes quote steps crack storypeople youneverknowwhatyouregonnaget imonastorypeoplekick thiswaswherewehadlunchyesterday todaysheswearingapinkjacket sheslikethatboxofchocolates thehamwasinagirlymoodonmonday tuesdaysheworehertransformerslightupshoes
these are multi-purpose wings & when she's not flying they accessorize nicely with almost anything she wears~ (Pink Pixel Photography (f.k.a. Sunny)) Tags: selfportrait angel 1 explore frontpage wallpainting storypeople sigma1770mm canoneos7d wwwpinkpixelat pinkpixelphotography missedhavingyouaround
Sending postcards to himself saying 'Wish you were here' so when he gets back home he doesn't forget (Boy_Wonder) Tags: canon square joel explore inside et frontpage storypeople fgr totw selfiesquared handmadeprop
all the things you need for enlightenment if you've got to be back to work early on monday... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: water droplets nikon bokeh blues monday happychinesenewyear storypeople d300 dandilions yearoftheox sigma105mm
*Snow Magic (TORI STEFFEN) Tags: red snow 50mm explosion um snowball f18 tori steffen clap mittens storypeople f32 boomboomboom ahha todaywasareallygoodday toristeffen toriginal donotworryy whyisthatonebuttonreallywhite itisactuallypurple ireallyreallyreallyenjoyedtheartinstituteofphiladelphia
I Bid You Farewell.. (TORI STEFFEN) Tags: canon dead leaving 50mm boring farewell f18 tori steffen byebye numb actions unimpressed storypeople goodweek padfoot nofeeling vintageaction badmind toristeffen toriginal thesetagssounddepressingbuttheyarentahahalol lemonsomethingahaha sharpieonmyhand itsstartingtoburnanditch myhandthatis owwiez hieverybodyiloveyoualotsup
 (TORI STEFFEN) Tags: from dark keys happy high picture ceiling tired around these swinging tori omg steffen speeds wornout storypeople ithink lolol ahahahaa firsttimeusinganaction
When I first discovered the moon, he said, I gave it a different name. But everyone kept calling it the moon. The real name never caught on. (Boy_Wonder) Tags: moon canon joel space inside 365 dreamcatcher storypeople trp
this is a yo-yo that teaches everything there is to know about life... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: green water grass dewdrops droplets nikon bokeh storypeople sigma105 d80 hggt
doesn't mind carrying a few choice pieces of baggage so she has a conversation starter in almost any social situation... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blues australia excited monday surfersparadise goldcoast storypeople 3moresleeps sweettreatpresetsandactions ourholidayiscomingupyay ivebeentoldthisbeautyiscalledprimula
not proper anatomy at all, but it means she can wear whatever she wants, since it all looks strange... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: green explore thursday frontpage storypeople sigma105 nikond80 hggt lightboostaction sweettreatpresetsandactions buttheylookprettylol idunnothenameofthisflower
treasures that look like common stuff... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: champagne blues textures nostalgic monday storypeople imsick florabella littlebluebook ihopethisisjustacommoncold
i only promise the little things, the big things don't pay attention to what I want anyhow... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: texture linen tranquility allure storypeople haveagreatweekendeveryone florabella littlebluebook
making a thing of beauty without too much thought about what it means... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: flowers white linen saturday textures platinum storypeople cappucinno florabella haveaniceweekendeveryone
travelling as fast in one direction as she can go before she has second thoughts & goes back to doing the same old stuff... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue nikon snail gary monday storypeople sigma105 d80 theweekendwenttoofast ohbtwimgettingnewextensiontubesyay cantwaitforittoarrivesoicanplayp
cave filled with stuff that people will kill for, which only goes to show you how confused people are about important things... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: moss colours bokeh colourful tgif storypeople sigma105 nikond80
these are little packets of light & you need to plant them early in the year & remember to mark where they were because lots of times they look like weeds in the beginning & it's not until later that you see how beautiful they really are... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink macro droplets soft bokeh fluff dreamy storypeople dandilions sigma105mm hppt
i think you love people until you get to understand them, she said & I said, what happens then? & she said, o, that's when you move away... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: spring colours poppy anzacday storypeople haveagreatweekendeveryone supposetoberedbutikindalikethisonep anotheronefrommyarchive
27/03/2009 (Day 3.86) - That Was The Day The Ancient Songs Of Blood And War Spilled From A Hole In The Sky ... (Kaptain Kobold) Tags: selfportrait london texture film alan vintage poster weird photo newspaper war peace space wwii attack armslength explore scifi timetravel 365 seller selfie storypeople flyingsaucers day386 photoplus kaptainkobold trp fgr 365days yourfave interestingness129 i500 alternatehistory totw ironsky 365friday 365more 2009yip 365year3 3650309 2009yip03 antarcticspacenazis
trying to remember when it stopped being theory & turned into real life, because theory was a whole lot easier... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: nikon bokeh yay storypeople sigma105 hbw d80 imverytiredtoday thankyousomuchtoallmyflickrfriendsforyourmoralsupport butgladthewholepresentationisoveranddonewith
i wish i knew what this means but i wish that about a lot of things so mostly i enjoy not knowing... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: polaroid nikon wish dandilion storypeople d300 danbo sigma105mm haveagreatweekend revoltech danboard
there are some days when no matter what I say it feels like I'm far away in another country & whoever is doing the translating has had far too much to drink... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue sigh hydrangea monday storypeople needisaymore firstdaybackatwork hmmwhenisthenextholidayagainlol
the birds brought seed & flowers & bits of brightly colored string & placed them in her hair while she slept so that she would remember the wild joy of spring when she finally awoke... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: storypeople hggt imarulebreaker immilkingthissessionforwhatitsworthcozicantshootmorepicnowthatmybackyardismeticulouslytrimmedhubbycutthemalloffsob thiscouldverywellbetheoneandonlyeyecontactihavefromherthewholeentiresessionlol notdonewiththewildflowersyet stillusingthesameumbrellafrom2shop ohandimdoubledippingagainp
I mainly like life to be peaceful with a few loud noises thrown in to remind me to be grateful for the quiet I have... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: daisies bokeh squares weekend sunday storypeople lilyblue sweettreatpresetsactions
all the things you need for enlightenment if you've got to be back to work early on Monday... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: daisies bokeh blues monday storypeople
sometimes the only thing to do is to start looking at everything again until you forget what you're supposed to see & actually see what's there... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: white texture square thankyou charlie storypeople wilddaisies frommygarden actuallymorelikeweedslol
I think I'm having a heart attack, she said, but it's dragging on for hours. I told her not to worry. That's how most people who work a full day feel, I said. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro skeleton leaf tgif storypeople blackmagic sigma105mm nikond80 alateuploadtodayformecoziwasflattackthismorning
tries not to anthropomorphize everything she runs into but it all seems friendlier when she knows the world on a first name basis... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: nikon purple bokeh saturday daisy sunnyday storypeople sigma105mm d80 haveagreatweekendeveryone fromspring
Day 118 - My favorite places in the world are places filled with you (the cheshire smile) Tags: moleskine coffee teddybear mug day118 storypeople 365days overtheexcellence failllllll
it gets real cluttered in here when everybody talks at once, she said... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: green nikon bokeh lavender storypeople sigma105 d80 hggt ithoughtthiswasalavenderbutapparentlytonysaiditsnot soifanyoneknowswhatthisflowerisfeelfreetochimein notasockpuppetlol
can make stuff magically disappear especially if it's got a lot of butter & sugar in it. (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink food cupcake storypeople hundredsandthousands pinkandyellow hppt notoneofmybestbutitsalligotrightnowp
i understand it's a long road to peace, he said, but I'm still hoping to get a ride part way because I'm so out of shape from the 90's (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: bokeh storypeople danbo sigma105mm revoltech nikond300 danboard
she looks fierce mainly because she hates the beginning of winter & the only thing that seems to help is gritting your teeth... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: indonesia bandung storypeople greenfly sigma105mm hbw nikond80
31/52 she learned to love him before he thought it was even possible, so he didn't have a chance to hide & mess it up... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: red selfportrait umbrella polkadots storypeople week31 52wsp
wanting her to come back before anyone notices part of the world has not moved since she left... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: blue nikon sad bokeh shallowdof storypeople d300 danbo sigma105mm revoltech danboard hislilladylefthim
stuff that'll go crazy when spring comes, but it's pretty manageable until then... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: macro droplets nikon bokeh sigma nz wellington storypeople d300 105mm dandilions hbw
"The most important thing you leave behind is the stuff that turns into treasures when children find it." ~Story People (fraley_tera) Tags: 50mm selfportraits frontpage memyselfandi mrbear storypeople postsecret vintagelook 52weeks roundedcorners explored secret25 childhoodtreasure pioneerwomansactions coolcanonchicks groupofroundedcorners mychildhoodbear 2852weeksp seventiesimsureitemyfave loveallthenegativespacehere stilllovemybear hesonly27yearsoldlol
the most important thing you leave behind is the stuff that turns into treasures when children find it... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: storypeople merrychristmastoyou fromourtree hppt pinkchristmas2 ouroneandonlypinkornament gettyholidays2010
they drove south one winter until they could stand outside with no coats on & we never saw them again... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink soft colours purple pastel stamen crown tgif hydrangeas storypeople explorefrontpage
thinking flying is a wonderful thing, except it's not as quiet as it was in the beginning... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: pink clouds umbrella flying nikon hills nz wellington sunflare storypeople d300 hppt atintofpink marypoppinswannabelol totallypinkifiedjustlikemaureensaidlol
thinking there's not a whole lot to say anymore now that people listen & she has to make sense... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: daisies bokeh blues monday storypeople imstillscaredoutofmybrainfortomorrownite imthinkingiwillhaveastagefrightandmybrainwillprobablynotwork doessomeoneelsewantstotakeoverfrommeprettyplease
this has nothing to do with my mood except for the fact that it's more difficult to make sense of the world the more I'm around it... (Kiwi_GaL) Tags: australia victoria bushfire storypeople mondayblues sendingthoughtsandprayers formyfriendsinvictoria australiaworstfireinhistory staysafeandbestrong
Day 68 -    this is a world filled with love & other things that have the sense not to waste time talking about everything under the sun & see how it glows with no help from us whatsoever. (the cheshire smile) Tags: texture day68 storypeople 365days overtheexcellence wheredidyougetthatcurtainilikeit hehehetheyaresooldactuallyithinktheyoriginallycamefromoneofthosediscountstoreslikeshoppersworlddotheyevenhavethoseoutsideofnjp

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50 storypeople 15 bokeh 13 nikon 10 sigma105mm 8 monday 7 d80 sigma105 6 nikond80 texture d300 5 tgif selfportrait blues hggt 4 colours explore macro hppt pink droplets frontpage blue 3 365days hbw dandilions red steffen water nz daisies vintage tori 50mm florabella haveagreatweekendeveryone gary snail danboard revoltech danbo canon green 52wsp wellington sweettreatpresetsactions sigma saturday littlebluebook sweettreatpresetsandactions trp joel overtheexcellence textures toriginal fgr umbrella purple linen totw square soft moss australia droplet 105mm 365 lightboostaction white toristeffen f18 intensityaction inside space these handmadeprop pinkpixelphotography memyselfandi badmind coffee sunflare alateuploadtodayformecoziwasflattackthismorning peace london ilovelovelovethis feather bushfire steps attack swinging hungoverfrombokehwednesday numb ahahahaa childhoodtreasure ourholidayiscomingupyay hundredsandthousands goldcoast thiswaswherewehadlunchyesterday imstillscaredoutofmybrainfortomorrownite hesonly27yearsoldlol cantwaitforittoarrivesoicanplayp 52weeks anotheronefrommyarchive itisactuallypurple lightroom2 rainbows thiscouldverywellbetheoneandonlyeyecontactihavefromherthewholeentiresessionlol f32 failllllll ihopethisisjustacommoncold theyaremynewfavep 3moresleeps punch leaf skeleton hills secret25 hydrangea moon week31 fromourtree dark 3650309 itsstartingtoburnanditch lolthanksleep haveagreatweekend idunnothenameofthisflower pioneerwomansactions mrbear victoria vintageaction explored happyfiftyfriday nofeeling firsttimeusinganaction groupofroundedcorners polaroid sigh haveanyoneelsetriedititprettycool notoneofmybestbutitsalligotrightnowp yearoftheox thehamwasinagirlymoodonmonday flowers lemonsomethingahaha ohbtwimgettingnewextensiontubesyay selfiesquared explosion lilyblue happychinesenewyear short10minssession day68 crown 365year3 haveagreatdayeveryone yourfave atintofpink wornout cappucinno wallpainting notdonewiththewildflowersyet newspaper missedhavingyouaround doessomeoneelsewantstotakeoverfrommeprettyplease squares lolol hehehetheyaresooldactuallyithinktheyoriginallycamefromoneofthosediscountstoreslikeshoppersworlddotheyevenhavethoseoutsideofnjp imarulebreaker iso1000 mintypresets antarcticspacenazis ouroneandonlypinkornament nikond300 itsfridayyay hydrangeas 1 mychildhoodbear colourful fluff pinkchristmas2 crack et dandilion blackmagic 365more totallypinkifiedjustlikemaureensaidlol sad angel absolutelypositivelythereis shoes cute mondayblues bandung sigma1770mm sunnyday pickedupthemostcolourfulthingisawlol marypoppinswannabelol photoplus dead tired charlie surfersparadise poster imsick butgladthewholepresentationisoveranddonewith shallow selfportraits speeds hieverybodyiloveyoualotsup buttheylookprettylol ireallyreallyreallyenjoyedtheartinstituteofphiladelphia isthereenoughbluethereformondayblueslol immilkingthissessionforwhatitsworthcozicantshootmorepicnowthatmybackyardismeticulouslytrimmedhubbycutthemalloffsob sheslikethatboxofchocolates cupcake ithoughtthiswasalavenderbutapparentlytonysaiditsnot myhandthatis photo tuesdaysheworehertransformerslightupshoes padfoot youaresotalented clap igotnewshoesandtheyaresogorgeousilovethemsomuch pastel canoneos7d stillusingthesameumbrellafrom2shop 888 silkybokeh wish ironsky sharpieonmyhand 2009yip imverytiredtoday 50mm14 roundedcorners merrychristmastoyou 2852weeksp omg flyingsaucers donotworryy firstdaybackatwork dreamcatcher snowball food staysafeandbestrong day118 australiaworstfireinhistory farewell um yay alan quote explore11onaugust22008 365friday scifi alternatehistory youneverknowwhatyouregonnaget clouds thursday imthinkingiwillhaveastagefrightandmybrainwillprobablynotwork mug needisaymore excited onthemove war keys whyisthatonebuttonreallywhite shallowdof frommygarden formyfriendsinvictoria goodweek imonastorypeoplekick omgicantbelieveimleavingformyholidaynextwednesday fromspring playingpeekaboo thankyousomuchtoallmyflickrfriendsforyourmoralsupport weird explorefrontpageon9thaugust2008 nostalgic unimpressed happy flying vintagelook around dreamy greenfly notasockpuppetlol todaysheswearingapinkjacket tiny slug leaving seller thankyou grass wheredidyougetthatcurtainilikeit postsecret anzacday dewdrops soifanyoneknowswhatthisflowerisfeelfreetochimein familygetty2010 actions lavender moleskine kaptainkobold todaywasareallygoodday but8meansluckyriteandsheismyluckycharmsothisistotallyappropriate owwiez

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