30mmsigmaf14 50dcanon 70200mmf4isusm blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography bridge bw canada canon canon50d canon5dmarkii fog gifu hitechprostopndfilters japan lakebiwa lakeontario leegraduatedfilters longexposure morning motosu neutraldensityfilter night nocrop silhouette snow stephencairns winter 岐阜 岐阜市 岐阜県 日本 本巣市 琵琶湖 白黒 白黒写真 長い時間露出 長時間露出

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thresholds (StephenCairns) Tags: light opportunity japan blessings temple hope tatami  comfort pointing barriers questions gifu slippers invitations openings possibilities   threshold  theunknown closingdoors   thefutureisbright revealedconcealed seenunseen 30mmsigmaf14 openingdoors thewayforward canon50d kegonji stephencairns 50dcanon  tanigumisan inlightinshadow knowingnotknowing
midnight encounters (StephenCairns) Tags: road bridge blackandwhite bw black texture japan fog night fence lights smooth rail sidewalk  handrail    gifu    motosu    30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon
intervention (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure blackandwhite bw japan canon le  watersedge gifu 30sec intervention nagarariver  stephencairns canon5dmarkii  mizuhocity cementbreakers keithaggettthanksforthehelpstillhaventsorteditout
building blocks and a rice economy (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure blackandwhite bw japan night patterns repetition  shape  gifu industriallandscape concretefactory buildingblocks     30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon 385seconds industryasart irrigationtroughs riceeconomies ricepaddyirrigationtroughs
pulling strings (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan night canon dark fire fisherman  nocrop gifu summernights highiso traditionaljapan cormorantfishing    ukai   nagarariver     publicservants stephencairns  canon5dmarkii mryamashita  protectingcultureandheritage
two posts (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan overcast  poles blackandwhitephotography   lakebiwa  neutraldensityfilter shigaprefecture   adogawacho stephencairns  leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
Spencer Smith Park pier (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw ontario canada silhouette japan burlington contrast canon pier minimal lakeontario underconstruction gifu motosu nofilters 10secs spencerpark stephencairns canon5dmarkii niksilverefex2
bench and path (StephenCairns) Tags: canada night dark bench lowlight shadows hamilton nocrop vacationphotos dundurnpark stephencairns 50mmcanonf14
toeing the line (StephenCairns) Tags: shadow urban blackandwhite bw music japan canon explore bow string nocrop gifu fretboard   motosu toeingtheline  sightlines stephencairns  canon5dmarkii
fish tales (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure bridge japan  gifu blackandwhitephotography    neutraldensityfilter  stephencairns   hitechprostopndfilters  ukaiohashi ukaiisthejapanesewordforfishingwithcormorants ohashimeansbigbridge
power lines (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw lines japan clouds power powerlines  nocrop   gifu  backlighting lightrays hydrotower hydrolines motosu   contraluce  30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon
industrial silo, Mizuho city (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan clouds contrast silo    gifu industriallandscape zonesystem nagara redfilter sheetmetal spotmetering corrugatedmetal  industrialarchitecture  cplfilter  papermanufacturer canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon mizuhocity mizuhoshi
the day the Emperor came (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw storm rain clouds  gifu  hashima       stephencairns hurricaneweather thedaytheemperorcame  theemperoractuallydidcometogifutoday formerlysanyoandnowapanasonicstructure whatitisandwhatelseitis
dreams of a sweetfish fisherman (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge winter blackandwhite bw japan night river boat fisherman rope bamboo dreams  fishingboat ayu  gifu  moored   comorant  outboardmotor nagarariver  sweetfish    30mmsigmaf14  canon50d  stephencairns comorantfishing nagarabridge  50dcanon bamboomooring
snow sounds (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure winter snow japan  posts snowfall   blackandwhitephotography nagahama   lakebiwa neutraldensityfilter  stephencairns   leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
light lines (StephenCairns) Tags: light shadow blackandwhite bw lines japan library shapes   gifu     30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns  50dcanon
ukai (cormorant fishing) on the Nagara river (StephenCairns) Tags: bw japan night canon dark fire fisherman  cormorant nocrop gifu summernights highiso    ukai   nagarariver     lackandwhite stephencairns  canon5dmarkii  focusisalittlesoftbutimtotallyfinewiththat
,  Japanese folding screen (StephenCairns) Tags: japan nagoya  higashiyamazoo   stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 5dmarkii japanesefoldingscreen
looking east (StephenCairns) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw canada burlington canon rocks lakeshoredrive lakeontario beforesunrise spencerpark stephencairns 50mmcanonf14 canon5dmarkii unfilteredle
startled (StephenCairns) Tags: trees blackandwhite bw snow japan canon startled snowstorm swallow gifu   swallows motosu   stephencairns canon5dmarkii
working the land (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan farming working land labour  farmer  gifu weeding  ruraljapan  canon50d workingtheland stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon persimmonorchard
here and after (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure bw japan shrine 21  blackandwhitephotography    lakebiwa shirahige lightrain  neutraldensityfilter shigaprefecture  graduatedndfilter stephencairns   takashimashi  hitechprostop6stopndfilter leese6graduatedfilter
empty stage (StephenCairns) Tags: road bridge blackandwhite bw black texture japan fog night fence lights stage smooth rail explore  handrail anticipation  gifu     emptystage    30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns settingthestage 50dcanon
chair and rice paddy (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw rain japan canon chair foundart gifu rainyseason motosu  ilovejapan    ruraljapan stephencairns canon5dmarkii  ilovemy50mmlensonmymarkllf2 processedwithaglassofcabernetsauvignonandradiohead ok2glassesofcabernetsauvignon
bridge in snow storm (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge snow japan canon river snowstorm gifu motosu stephencairns canon5dmarkii
the shimenawa (StephenCairns) Tags: shimenawa meotoiwa josephcampbell mieprefecture stephencairns
plum in spring rain (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw rain japan spring blossom plum bloom  melancholy nocrop  gifu ephemeral plumblossom   wideopen  springrain   canon50mmf14   anpachi   canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon  myfavouriteflowerandtheonlyoneilookforwardtophotographingeveryyear ilovespendingtimeinagroveofplumtreesbloominginspring ifitiscoolandwetallthebetter
Shirahige shrine (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan  torii  blackandwhitephotography  lakebiwa neutraldensityfilter shigaprefecture  stephencairns   shirahigeshrine takashimashi leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
snow covered piers (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure winter snow japan piers   blackandwhitephotography nagahama   lakebiwa neutraldensityfilter stephencairns  6stopndfilter leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
cresting (StephenCairns) Tags: ocean sea blackandwhite bw man japan sand dunes dune footsteps tottori    lonefigure stephencairns 50dcanon
early morning in Burlington (StephenCairns) Tags: morning lake ontario canada water silhouette burlington highkey lakeontario spencersmithpark stephencairns niksilverefexpro2 beinglimitedbyalackoftechniqueorafailureoftechniqueisfrustrating havingtobepatientwhilethattechniquedevelopsisalsofrustrating
death reveals its face (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan canon death gifu motosu funeralcar  stephencairns canon5dmarkii deathrevealsitsface japanesefuneralcar whatistheshapeofdeath
all paths lead to the sea (StephenCairns) Tags: ocean sea blackandwhite bw japan contrast umbrella three sand dune   sanddune  tottori      canon50d  stephencairns  50dcanon
Motosu morning fog (StephenCairns) Tags: trees blackandwhite bw mist japan fog pine forest bamboo hills explore   fp frontpage   gifu  moutains hydrolines   motosu  ruralscenes    canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon
cake, kisses, and best wishes (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan canon fireworks daughter birthdayparty nina nocrop gifu motosu 7yearsoldtoday stephencairns canon5dmarkii
buzz buzz, the rice paddy at night (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan evening  ricefield  gifu ricepaddy icm   motosu    intentionalcameramovement stephencairns suiden
paying respects (StephenCairns) Tags: morning trees blackandwhite bw cemetery grave rain japan forest umbrella canon explore nocrop gifu prayers   motosu   ruraljapan stephencairns  canon5dmarkii
Stephen Cairns (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan canon gifu inna 116 motosu cameraright stephencairns onestrobelighting canon5dmarkii exifiswrongtheflashdidfire strobemodifiedwithwaxpaperovertheflashhead
Sumitomo cement factory (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw snow industry japan night industrial   gifu   motosu  sumitomo   canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon industrialnightphotography   sumitomocementfactory
out like a lion (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge winter blackandwhite bw snow tree japan concrete spring snowstorm  gifu      stephencairns outlikealion
communication lines (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw birds silhouette japan contrast canon wire  nocrop sparrows  telephonepole gifu  telephonewires motosu   stephencairns  canon5dmarkii   27sparrowsiforgottheoneontopofthepole 26sparrows oneshouldnotonlyphotographthingsforwhattheyarebutforwhatelsetheyareminorwhite
follow your bliss (StephenCairns) Tags: footprints bliss wintertrip snowdunes followyourbliss stephencairns tottoriprefecture rohanreilly
As spring is to winter (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw silhouette backlight dark darkness tunnel caution  nocrop gifu contrasts familypark reckless cautious recklessness    gifuprefecture stephencairns  playingwithyourkids  appreciatingdifferences understandingthroughcontrast   gifufamilypark thingsyoulearnfromyourkids
light in the valley (StephenCairns) Tags: morning light blackandwhite bw cloud mist mountains fog valley nocrop   gifu lightrays  motosu     stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm mountainlayers canon5dmarkii 5dcanonmarkii  lightinthevalley howmanyofthesecanipostbeforeigetaseenitbeforereaction
Motosu, morning fog (StephenCairns) Tags: atmosphere blackandwhite bw canon canon5dmarkii fog gifu iconsideredasquarecropofthisbutjustreallylovedtherollofthefogthroughthevalleythatwaskindoflostinthesquarecrop ilikechineseandjapaneseinkpaintings itstillamazesmethaticanridemybikewithinafewhundredmetersofherewheniminshapeimnotnow japan layers mist mood morning motosu mountains onaqualityoflifeandlivabilityscalemotosuwasranked4thinjapan rollingfog stephencairns
up (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw sun up japan umbrella climb sand desert dune hill  nocrop tottori   stephencairns
in transition (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw canada face canon poster peeling hamilton textures torn weathered cracked stephencairns canon5dmarkii
view finder and the view (StephenCairns) Tags: morning lake beach burlington f14 lakeontario nocrop curiosity viewfinder wideopen figureground burlingtonbeach coinoperatedbinoculars whatsoutthere stephencairns 50mmcanonf14 canon5dmarkii
dock at dusk (StephenCairns) Tags: dock flood dusk boatlaunch  hikone  lakebiwa   stephencairns  hikoneviewhotel
Stephen Cairns (Doug Minihane) Tags: jjmurphy stephencairns loughmahonbc loughmahonbcpresentations boxeroftheyear

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