50dcanon 70200mmf4isusm blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography bridge bw canon canon50d canon5dmarkii fog gifu hitechprostopndfilters japan lakebiwa leegraduatedfilters longexposure mist morning motosu mountains neutraldensityfilter night nocrop snow stephencairns trees winter 岐阜 岐阜県 日本 本巣市 琵琶湖 白黒 白黒写真 長い時間露出 長時間露出

stephencairns    Flickr Hive Mind (more)  Preferences  Ah, a new business internet connection and router in CA, FHM is now about as snappy as it ever was! Enjoy! -Nathan
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message from the magic kingdom (StephenCairns) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw mist mountains japan canon  layers   gifu  lightrays     motosu     stephencairns canon5dmarkii  mydaddiedfromalzheimersamonthand5daysafteritookthisphotoiwasthinkingabouthimwhileiwasuphereimnotparticularlyreligiousbutsometimesitmakesyouwonder
return trip (StephenCairns) Tags: travel blackandwhite bw toronto canada japan canon japanese transit nocrop gifu businesstrip businessmen salarymen motosu returntrip pearsoninternational stephencairns canon5dmarkii
bridge in snow, Gifu (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge winter blackandwhite bw storm japan canon snowstorm  gifu   ono  motosu   stephencairns  canon5dmarkii ibigawacho
 (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhitephotography hitechprostopndfilters inasteadysnow japan kohoku lakebiwa leefilters longexposure neutraldensityfilter poles red snow stephencairns thegift         6stopndfilter 06leesoftgradnd
in a window of light (StephenCairns) Tags: light shadow blackandwhite bw japan stairs canon gifu motosu  stephencairns  canon5dmarkii figuregroundrelationships inawindowoflight
fish tales, the second story (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge japan gifu stephencairns ukaiohashi
KI (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan  poles  ki kohoku blackandwhitephotography nagahama      lakebiwa neutraldensityfilter   stephencairns  leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
winter at Lake Biwa (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure winter birds japan pier snowstorm    kohoku blackandwhitephotography  nagahama    lakebiwa neutraldensityfilter   stephencairns   leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
at the edge of things (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw storm grass leather japan night canon chair handheld ricefield gifu ricepaddy typhoon motosu    ruraljapan 2sec stephencairns canon5dmarkii
morning mountain layers (StephenCairns) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw mountains japan smoke  layers  gifu hydrolines  motosu    againagainandagain stephencairns  samespotsamemountainssametimedifferentday
Sumitomo cement factory (StephenCairns) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw industry birds japan pipes spire size   gifu flockofbirds  motosu   industrialphotography  blackshapes canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm sizedifferences 50dcanon  sumitomocement  sumitomocementfactory flockof44birds
decoration (StephenCairns) Tags: city shadow blackandwhite bw toronto streets tree sunglasses canon concrete sweater spring decoration leafless nocrop 2012 cityplanning greening  kazari stephencairns canon5dmarkii spring2012
broken pier, Lake Biwa, Japan (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure morning blackandwhite bw japan pier  blackandwhitephotography ndfilter    lakebiwa gndfilter  neutraldensityfilter shigaprefecture  graduatedndfilter stephencairns leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters  southofnagahama
under the surface (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw water japan canon river cement  breakers submerged gifu highwater  motosu nagarariver   ruraljapan  stephencairns canon5dmarkii
mountain mist (StephenCairns) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw mist mountain japan clouds explore powerlines     gifu hydrolines   motosu   hydrotowers  canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm mountainlayers 50dcanon  motosucity
iteration (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure blackandwhite bw japan filter  blackandwhitephotography ndfilter    lakebiwa gndfilter neutraldensityfilter  leefilters graduatedndfilter adogawacho stephencairns leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
evening stroll along the Nagara (StephenCairns) Tags: road blackandwhite bw signs japan clouds canon walking cloudy walk stormy kanji nocrop gifu  eveningwalk eveningstroll   nagarariver   placemarker  japanesescript stephencairns canon5dmarkii  alongthenagarariver
Sumitomo cement factory (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan smokestack   gifu motosu     blackmass canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon motosucity sumitomocement  concreteproduction
six trees (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure blackandwhite bw japan treetops filter    blackandwhitephotography ndfilter   gndfilter neutraldensityfilter submergedtrees   leefilters graduatedndfilter stephencairns  tokuyamadam leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters  achangeofstates
persimmon orchard, winter (StephenCairns) Tags: trees winter blackandwhite bw snow field japan night  persimmon   gifu   motosu   30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns persimmontrees 50dcanon persimmonorchard
along the Nagara (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw water rain japan canon river mooring highkey nocrop gifu  cormorantfishing    ukai  nagarariver   stephencairns  boatmoor canon5dmarkii  ukaifishingboat
Chikubu island (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan piers  poles blackandwhitephotography fishingnets   lakebiwa  neutraldensityfilter shigaprefecture    stephencairns chikubuisland  leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters  imazushi
fresh snow (StephenCairns) Tags: winter snow japan pier weeds freshsnow kohoku lakebiwa stephencairns
the town across the river (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge blackandwhite bw mist rain japan fog lights streetlights  nocrop  puddles   gifu aftertherain  motosu      canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon  leavingmotosu thetownacrosstheriver
cherry tree, the shape of winter (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure winter blackandwhite bw tree silhouette japan night   sakura  gifu  cherrytree locationscouting  motosu   30mmsigmaf14 canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon  theshapeofwinter
IN (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure bw posts treeline in   shallowwater lakebiwa  stephencairns portraitaspect
Sumitomo cement factory (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan smoke steam flare   gifu        canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon   sumitomocementfactory shadowimposedonmassofdensesteam
midday in Kamikochi, Nagano, Japan (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw mountains japan clouds canon  nocrop   nagano kamikochi cpl northernalps japanesealps  circularpolarizerfilter     stephencairns canon5dmarkii japanesenorthernalps 3000mabovesealevel about1500metershigh yahoohasalotofworktodotocatchupwithgooglesmappingservicegeotaggingimagesisadragwithyahoossetup
Between water and light (StephenCairns) Tags: fall    shigaprefecture  stephencairns  shirahigeshrine shirahigejinjya 20minutesaftersunrise betweenwaterandlight
at summer's end (StephenCairns) Tags: girls friends blackandwhite bw japan night canon fire waiting fireworks smoke nocrop gifu backlighting       motosu   slowburn contraluce stephencairns canon5dmarkii  mixedageplay
out like a lion (StephenCairns) Tags: bridge winter blackandwhite bw snow tree japan concrete spring snowstorm  gifu      stephencairns outlikealion
belief (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan belief meotoiwa mieprefecture stephencairns shintoceremonies
fourteen posts (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan twilight  blackandwhitephotography nagahama aftersunset    lakebiwa neutraldensityfilter   stephencairns 500seconds   leegraduatedfilters hitechprostopndfilters
communication lines (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw birds silhouette japan contrast canon wire  nocrop sparrows  telephonepole gifu  telephonewires motosu   stephencairns  canon5dmarkii   27sparrowsiforgottheoneontopofthepole 26sparrows oneshouldnotonlyphotographthingsforwhattheyarebutforwhatelsetheyareminorwhite
Motosu, morning fog (StephenCairns) Tags: atmosphere blackandwhite bw canon canon5dmarkii fog gifu iconsideredasquarecropofthisbutjustreallylovedtherollofthefogthroughthevalleythatwaskindoflostinthesquarecrop ilikechineseandjapaneseinkpaintings itstillamazesmethaticanridemybikewithinafewhundredmetersofherewheniminshapeimnotnow japan layers mist mood morning motosu mountains onaqualityoflifeandlivabilityscalemotosuwasranked4thinjapan rollingfog stephencairns
sea shapes (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure japan cubes mihama seadefense suishohama fukuiprefecture seashapes stephencairns
night fog (StephenCairns) Tags: longexposure bridge blackandwhite bw japan fog night river lights rocks falls waterfalls   gifu     motosu    30mmsigmaf14 nightfog canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon
all paths lead to the sea (StephenCairns) Tags: ocean sea blackandwhite bw japan contrast umbrella three sand dune   sanddune  tottori      canon50d  stephencairns  50dcanon
As spring is to winter (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw silhouette backlight dark darkness tunnel caution  nocrop gifu contrasts familypark reckless cautious recklessness    gifuprefecture stephencairns  playingwithyourkids  appreciatingdifferences understandingthroughcontrast   gifufamilypark thingsyoulearnfromyourkids
lifting storm (StephenCairns) Tags: morning blackandwhite bw mist mountain storm japan clouds day explore   gifu   canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon
gone west (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw mountains japan canon evening chair powerlines  nocrop   ricefields  gifu  ricepaddy stormclouds rainclouds   motosu       stephencairns  canon5dmarkii
plum tree in snow (StephenCairns) Tags: winter snow japan plum ume gifu motosu stephencairns
 roof lines (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan canon tile shadows patterns textures    gifu neighbourhood traditionaljapan ceramictile motosu   templeroof  stephencairns canon5dmarkii    mydaughtersspendanighthereeverysummerkidsonly ivegotathingforjapaneseroofsthatbordersonafetish
pulling strings (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan canon fire motionblur  nocrop gifu icm summernights      nagarariver     intentionalcameramovement stephencairns  canon5dmarkii
rolling morning fog (StephenCairns) Tags: morning trees blackandwhite bw mist japan fog forest sunrise hills    gifu  moutains     ruralscenes   canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon
horse dreams (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw horse blur japan canon  nocrop gifu icm   anpachi intentionalcameramovement stephencairns canon5dmarkii  homemadedigitalpinhole driveallnightdiane convertedbodycapintoapinholelens fourcompleterebuilds itsanoddwaytoshootasyoucantuseyourviewfindersocompositionislargelytrialanderrortimeconsumingandrequirespatience
snowy mountain sunrise (StephenCairns) Tags: morning trees blackandwhite bw snow mountains japan sunrise explore  snowing  fp frontpage   gifu    motosu   canon50d stephencairns 50dcanon
plum blossoms (StephenCairns) Tags: blackandwhite bw japan evening spring dusk   gifu  plumblossoms      canon50d stephencairns 50mmcanonf14 50dcanon
follow your bliss (StephenCairns) Tags: footprints bliss wintertrip snowdunes followyourbliss stephencairns tottoriprefecture rohanreilly
Motosu morning fog (StephenCairns) Tags: trees blackandwhite bw mist japan fog pine forest bamboo hills explore   fp frontpage   gifu  moutains hydrolines   motosu  ruralscenes    canon50d stephencairns 70200mmf4isusm 50dcanon

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50 stephencairns 45 japan 38 bw 37 blackandwhite 34 日本 33 gifu 29 白黒 26 岐阜県 22 motosu 18 本巣市 17 canon5dmarkii canon 15 岐阜 14 50dcanon canon50d 13 longexposure 12 nocrop 11 9 長時間露出 琵琶湖 morning lakebiwa 8 blackandwhitephotography neutraldensityfilter 白黒写真 hitechprostopndfilters 長い時間露出 7 leegraduatedfilters winter mist 6 mountains 70200mmf4isusm snow 5 fog night bridge 4 trees 長良川 explore nagarariver kohoku 岐阜市 clouds モノクロ写真 滋賀県 3 storm snowstorm silhouette nagahama leefilters birds tree poles shigaprefecture smoke 住友セメント工場 layers river 30mmsigmaf14 graduatedndfilter pier ndfilter spring hydrolines 日の出 gndfilter 電柱 電線 湖北 concrete lights rain chair 曇り hills fp water motosucity ruralscenes icm 森林 toronto いす sumitomocement sumitomocementfactory moutains mountain 鵜飼 forest

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