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Sarge from Red Vs Blue (DViddy) Tags: blue red factory lego teeth halo system technic hero rooster bungee vs shotgun fusion bionicle spartan sarge dirtbag rvb moc fitsop
The Enforcer ([N]atsty) Tags: red industry lego 4 halo warrior minifig bungie spartan minigun 343 minifigure the brickwarrior
Tonight we dine in hell...! (leg0fenris) Tags: movie army lego series sparta minifig 300 collectible minifigs spartan spartans
MGF Customs/Reviews Cover Photo (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: old 3 man dark star iron flickr republic lego chief halo master figure knight wars reach patriot cry custom clone changes far rises legion spartan rebels mgf the cortana customsreviews
THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Project Azazel) Tags: greek google comic greece pa warrior sparta 300 custom spartan ancientgreece leonidas googleimages legofilm frankmillers300 300spartans thisissparta legocustom greeklego legocomic legohistory historicallego legospartan legogreek projectazazel lego300 famousscenesinlego moviescenesinlego legomoviescenes famousmoviesinlego moviesscenesinlego legofilmscene grecoromanlego 300inlego frankmillers300inlego
LEGO Halo 4 : Cortana V2 (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: war lego infinity chief 4 halo games master figure requiem custom ops spartan 343 the cortana unsc forerunners didact prometheans
Supersoldier vs Ancient Soldier (Nick Brick) Tags: brick lego 4 nick halo custom iv spartan minifigure brickarms brickforge brickwarriors
LEGO Halo 4 - Infinity Slayer Spartan IV "Warrior" Red Team Variant (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: light red team lego infinity chief 4 rifle halo master warrior slayer requiem iv spartan the cortana unsc didact prometheans
LEGO Halo 4 - No Matter the Cost (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: war lego infinity chief 4 halo games master requiem ops spartan cortana lasky unsc prometheans
The Spartan Warriors ([N]atsty) Tags: industry lego halo warrior warriors custom spartan 343 the enforcers halo4 brickwarriors
Halo 4 (Nick Brick) Tags: lego sticky 4 rifle halo battle spartan dmr detonator forerunner railgun brickarms brickwarriors
LEGO Halo 4 - It's Our Duty to Help Them Along! (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: up rio del john war wake lego thomas infinity chief 4 halo games andrew master requiem campaign ops spartan the cortana lasky unsc didact prometheans
Team Snipers on Headlong (Empty Sandbox) Tags: jack lego halo halo2 spartan headlong newmombasa teamsnipers haloanniversary emptysandbox
Marines on the ground, sir! (Nick Brick) Tags: 3 trooper lego helmet halo armor sniper shock marines shotgun smg spartan rocketlauncher assaultrifle machinegunturret unsc brickarms odst battlerifle brickforge spartanlaser watchtheseshittycustomsgetmorefavesthanamocthattooktimeandeffort
Covenant Elite (BrickTechStudios) Tags: new 2 3 brick alexandria star 1 tv marine order jackal with lego 4 ghost halo banshee architect part elite link hunter hornet wars reach studios combat update grunt brute spartan mongoose evolved wraith moc odst
Noble VI (retinence) Tags: factory lego chief halo master technic hero reach fusion bionicle spartan noble
Warthog (Nick Brick) Tags: 2 3 gun lego machine halo reach fav combat hog m12 spartan evolved warthog gauss lrv unsc brickarms odst brickforge nickbrick
Warthog (Nick Brick) Tags: new gun lego chief machine halo master reach fav combat turret m12 mombasa spartan evolved warthog lrv brickarms odst brickforge
HALO Figbarf (n7mereel) Tags: blue red 3 trooper black green canon eos grey sand marine purple lego steel space 4 rifle helmet halo assault special f armor pistol april shock plasma vs reach blade ba grenade visor grunt troop magnum 29th spartan mongoose evolved 2012 noble frag mereel needler 60d brickarms odst combt n7mereel figbarf brickfoge
I want a Killionare... (Grimthehappycow) Tags: orange yellow reeds painting rocks track lego mud space rifle halo dry highlights brush master wash base spartan cheif 117 custome assualt brickarms brickforge grimthehappycow
Mega FigBarf (Joris Blok) Tags: trek john dark dead island star oak marine call gun purple lego space chief duty nazi lord tourist master spock superhero pokemon ash akira plasma cody professor zombies clone ghostbusters sith commander blaster spartan 117 hawkowl arealight legoboy brickarms brickforge shmails eclipsegrafx
Hunter Battle Packs Coming Soon! (BrickTechStudios) Tags: world bridge 2 3 brick tower set speed soldier army star 1 tv marine jackal lego general ultimate spirit 4 bricks ghost tan halo fair banshee pelican scorpion architect elite falcon hornet wars forge collectors phantom build studios combat item prophet challenge grunt brute spartan mongoose evolved warthog wraith tlc drone tlg 2011 revenant odst skirmisher
Master Chief MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor (Benny Brickster) Tags: john tank lego chief ghost halo pelican scorpion master armor spectre spartan warthog 117 wraith covenant mjolnir unsc
Special Report! (tin) Tags: lighting 2 3 clock window computer vent 1 book stand video bed bedroom war energy lego report helmet halo screen special shelf master teen sword record plasma reach trophies grenade gears hang masterchief spartan cheif chucknorris warfare photon gow atin of odst modernwarfare
Deadliest Warrior: Spartan vs. WWII Soldier (Titolian) Tags: soldier lego wwii contest warrior spartan mongoose splosion deadliest brickfair
Armor Lock FX (Test) (Vengeance of Lego) Tags: 2 3 1 team lego lock live halo xbox beta armor reach combat multiplayer spartan evolved nobal odst
SPARTAN Variants (Dunechaser) Tags: eva lego halo armor minifig minifigs custom masterchief spartan variants mjolnir needler brickarms brickforge
ODST Squad (Chase Lewis [Vid]) Tags: trooper soldier lego halo drop orbital shock minifig minifigs custom decals spartan moc brickarms odst brickforge foitsop
300/365 October 27, 2009 (laurenlemon) Tags: movie interestingness cape warrior 365 300 fryingpan spartan myfavoritethings october09 cardboardsword 365days explored canoneos5dmarkii laurenrandolph laurenlemon lotsoframbling aboutartandpeopleandphotos
*splooch!* Gordon Freeman vs. Master Chief (Dunechaser) Tags: game lego halo valve customized videogame accessories minifig halflife minifigs custom bungie masterchief spartan gordonfreeman lulz brickforge n00bwarz
Halo 3 Marine (Chase Lewis [Vid]) Tags: 3 soldier marine lego chief halo master figure decal minifig custom masterchief spartan halo3 unsc brickarms foitsop
BrickForge & BrickArms: Better Together (Dunechaser) Tags: lego review halo prototype accessories minifig minifigs custom prerelease multiplayer masterchief spartan prototypes needler brickarms brickforge brothersbrickcom
300 (leg0fenris) Tags: army lego soldiers series sparta minifig 300 collectible minifigs spartan spartans
Happy birthday Halo 3! (Nick Brick) Tags: 3 jackal lego halo elite pistol hornet grenade magnum spartan warthog brickarms brickforge originalfilter uploaded:by=flickrmobile flickriosapp:filter=original
The Real Ending to Halo 4 (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: war lego infinity chief 4 halo games master requiem ops ending spartan the cortana unsc forerunners didact brickarms brickwarriors prometheans brickaffliction
BrickTechStudios | Covenant Drone View 2 (BrickTechStudios) Tags: new 2 3 brick alexandria star 1 tv marine order jackal with lego 4 ghost halo banshee architect part elite link hunter hornet wars reach studios combat update grunt brute spartan mongoose evolved wraith moc drone odst
Achilles (Grant Me Your Bacon!) Tags: brad lego troy pit custom pitt trojan achilles trojans spartan spartans
Katana Spartan (ORRANGE.) Tags: orange lego halo ama reach orrange spartan pecovam
Mark IV, Grenadier Variant (Geoshift) Tags: marine lego halo jorge spartan grenadier unsc customminifig haloreach legocustomminifig amazingarmory unitedarmory
UNSC Marine (Geoshift) Tags: marine lego halo spartan unsc customminifig haloreach legocustomminifig amazingarmory unitedarmory
Savage Emile (Geoshift) Tags: lego halo spartan customminifig haloreach legocustomminifig amazingarmory unitedarmory
Halo Reach Emile - Version 2 (Brick Mercenaries Custom Minifigures) Tags: amazing lego halo mini creation hazel figure reach custom armory figures emile baps spartan prototypes minifigure moc minifigures brickarms brickforge
Spartan Warrior-4 (pecovam) Tags: brick lego 4 halo warrior custom affliction spartan pecovam
Red vs Blue (retinence) Tags: blue red 3 factory lego halo caboose hero vs reach fusion bionicle spartan sarge rvb
Life's a Beach (I Scream Clone) Tags: beach surf lego pharaoh spartan minifigure series2
Halo 4 - Spartan IV Recruit (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: war lego infinity chief 4 halo games master figure iv ops spartan cortana unsc
Halo 4 - Cortana (MGF Customs/Reviews) Tags: dawn lego infinity chief 4 halo master requiem forward spartan cortana unto promethean
EOD Spartan (KalSkirata.) Tags: lego knife halo security assault eod armor pistol reach minifig custom emile magnum spartan sapper grenadier
Skirmish At The Beam Emitter (Nick Brick) Tags: 2 3 trooper army 1 is jackal lego anniversary chief awesome halo andrew beam master prototype elite swamp hunter marines reach custom combat grunt spartan ce evolved warthog emitter covenant forerunner unsc brickarms odst brickforge lifelites nickbrick
BrickTechStudios | Brute Version 2.0 View 4 (BrickTechStudios) Tags: new 2 3 brick alexandria star 1 tv marine order jackal with lego 4 ghost halo banshee architect part elite link hunter hornet wars reach studios combat update grunt brute spartan mongoose evolved wraith moc odst

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50 spartan 48 lego 42 halo 16 master brickarms 4 15 custom reach 14 chief 3 13 brickforge unsc 12 odst 9 evolved marine minifig 8 cortana combat 2 7 1 infinity warrior the 6 minifigs grunt brick jackal mongoose warthog requiem moc star war armor elite 5 figure games ghost masterchief red hornet wars ops prometheans wraith 4 soldier rifle brute 300 banshee trooper minifigure architect brickwarriors didact tv new hunter army studios 3 legocustomminifig bionicle part john helmet update factory pistol with alexandria link space vs iv haloreach fusion order customminifig needler shock sparta gun magnum hero spartans 343 117 plasma unitedarmory grenade amazingarmory blue technic orange pecovam shotgun dark noble andrew forerunner series foitsop lasky clone forerunners machine lrv purple bungie emile marines industry sarge movie grenadier pelican collectible prototypes covenant prototype cheif drone mjolnir rvb special nickbrick multiplayer assault m12 accessories scorpion fav team 365days light lord visor emitter pokemon energy system of vent figures man brickwarrior modernwarfare flickriosapp:filter=original gordonfreeman oak warriors sith ba nick challenge eva stand brickaffliction chucknorris knight legion fair sword brickfoge zombies legofilm october09 legohistory moviescenesinlego enforcers explored dry promethean tlc lighting lotsoframbling legoboy mereel base video laurenlemon tourist halo4 battle mgf sapper ghostbusters del hazel screen item phantom sand troy brickfair gow minifigures wash up dead myfavoritethings legomoviescenes customized tower lulz pit far machinegunturret rocks frankmillers300inlego 2012 figbarf arealight grimthehappycow security is cardboardsword greeklego trojan assaultrifle build game gears emptysandbox warfare nobal projectazazel iron jack moviesscenesinlego 60d greece duty lifelites brothersbrickcom shelf changes blade haloanniversary contest green campaign awesome yellow legocomic trophies dirtbag trojans battlerifle hog slayer set akira deadliest wake thisissparta bed rocketlauncher originalfilter halo3 revenant decal reeds leonidas flickr window brush ancientgreece newmombasa historicallego wwii teen spock book republic sniper rooster googleimages superhero troop old computer videogame sticky minigun speed series2 pitt surf variants creation turret brad review tank record comic frag teeth tan general eos forge pa cry

Pairs: 26 lego,spartan 21 halo,lego 17 halo,spartan 9 custom,lego 8 lego,minifig 7 4,spartan 4,halo 4,lego 6 brickforge,lego lego,minifigs custom,halo

Users: Nick Brick 7 BrickTechStudios™ 4 Geoshift 3 Dunechaser Chase Lewis [Vid] [N]atsty leg0fenris retinence pecovam n7mereel DViddy laurenlemon Brick Mercenaries Custom Minifigures I Scream Clone ORRANGE. Grimthehappycow Grant Me Your Bacon! Titolian Âtin Project Azazel KalSkirata. Empty Sandbox Vengeance of Lego Benny Brickster Joris Blok

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