abandoned abandonedhouse abandonedplaces abbandono architecture cc2015 colors crumbling decadenza decay derelict discarded filth forgotten forgottenplaces forladte fullframe hdr indoor infiltration italia licht light lost lostplaces lumière luoghiabbandonati luz marode neglected nikon nikond750 olvivado post ruins shadows singleraw urbandecay urbanexploration urbanexplorers urbex verfallen verlasseneorte verval wideangle

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Mila e Shiro (alessanyika) Tags: shadows luci lumire luz licht iso100 alessandrosanyika net volley fullframe nikond750 nikon pp post discarded memories dust forgotten lostplaces old marode ruins derelict intruders insider infiltration urbanexploration urbanexplorers germany tour winter light wideangle hdr singleraw luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza krankenhaus sanatorium abandonedplaces neglected crumbling verlasseneorte verfallen de abandoned decay urbex
Sometimes... (alessanyika) Tags: licht light colors panorama raw singleraw trip tour travel tramonto nature landscapes iso100 wideangle fullframe nikond750 germany de winter cold ice sunset highdynamicrange photomatix hdr landscape sachsen devilbridge kromlau
Penitence (alessanyika) Tags: natural shadows luci lumire abandonedplaces cc1015 raw singleraw postprocess east tour olvivado abbandono decadenza old lostplaces forgotten lost forgottenchurch church kirke iglesia architecture luz licht light iso125 fullframe wideangle nikond750 nikkor nikon luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte verfallen ruins neglected crumbling derelict abandonedchurch abandoned decay urbex
After (alessanyika) Tags: inexplore insider abbandono decadenza luoghiabbandonati sanatorio urbexjunkies alessandrosanyika disturbing nikond750 iso400 crude sadness neglected discarded abandonedhospital abandonedplaces abandoned darkness shadows singleraw forladte verval verlasseneorte verfallen krankenhaus urbanexplorers intruder infiltration reality dark death morgue slab sanatorium decrepit derelict urbanexploration urbex sad creepy urban exploration decay
Steady, as she rolls... (Colorado Scenics) Tags: pb150016ps2 coloradosprings gardenofthegods singleraw olympusomdem5 olympus1442mmlensadapter olympuscolors sonysensor elpasocountycolorado colorado
Sulphurea (alessanyika) Tags: post marode alte memories dust urbanexploration urbandecay urban insider intruder infiltration nikkorlens emptyspaces forgotten forladte verval cc2015 vintage old darkness light licht shadows lostplaces neglected crumbling derelict discarded nikond750 denoise singleraw abandonedplaces iso100 nikon verfallen verlasseneorte italia architecture architettura abandoned decay urbex
Collezionisti (alessanyika) Tags: neglected crumbling alte lost forgottenplaces simmetry wideangle fullframe alessandrosanyika insider postprocess moods italia hdr intruder urbanexploration urbanexplorers iso100 raw singleraw niksoftware nikond750 nikon colors vintage old abandonedhouse decadenza abbandono lui lostplaces forgottenplanes forgotten forladte verval verlasseneorte light ruins decrepit derelict infiltration indoor emptyspaces decay urbex
Timeless (alessanyika) Tags: iso100 olvivado insider intruder infiltration urbanexploration cc2015 marode oldstuffs old forgottenplaces lostplaces lost forgotten trip abandonedhouse nikond750 nikon mood post filth painting derelict luoghiabbandonati abandonedplaces abbandono colors licht light ruins neglected crumbling verval verlasseneorte decay italia singleraw hdr urbex
Nodi (alessanyika) Tags: iso100 vita alberi nodo abandonedplaces abandoned pov mood postprocess post lost forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces cc2015 bizzarre travel trip tour infiltration wideangle decadenza abbandono urbexitalia italia shadows licht lumire luz singleraw light abandonedhouse fullframe nikond750 nikon crumbling verlasseneorte verfallen neglected discarded urbanexploration green filth decay rurex urbex derelict ruins naturereclaims nature
Burning Sunrise Over Kuala Lumpur (Mohamad Zaidi Photography) Tags: architecture building photo hotel growth nopeople malaysianphotographer canon6d landscape sunrise malaysia red morningcloud city clouds kualalumpur cityscape urban yellow twintower samyang14mm sequence burningsky singleraw highangle asiacity burningsunrise gmplaza mohamadzaididotcom mohamadzaidiphotography
Skoi na posteljo (alessanyika) Tags: flickrdiamond colors forladte verval abandonedjunkies luci luz raw hdr singleraw luoghiabbandonati lostplaces lost forgottenplaces forgotten oldplaces abandonedhouse filth grime slovenia neglected crumbling infiltration urbanexplorers urbanexploration licht shadows light nik glow mood postprocess post verfallen verlasseneorte decadenza decaying ruins disused discarded nikond750 nikkor nikon abandoned decay urbex
De Zwaan... (Lefers.) Tags: erasmusbrug de zwaan zuidholland nederland stormpolder nieuwe maas s106 noordereiland koningshaven longexposure fuji xt1 fujinon 1024mm singleraw nohdr rotterdam
Rush hour (alessanyika) Tags: olvivado forladte verval past disused nikond750 rural ruralexploration urbanexploration urbanexplorers shadows colors light green outdoor lumire luz licht postprocess post grime filth abbandono decadenza luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte verfallen wideangle fullframe nikon cc2015 singleraw naturereclaims derelict discarded decay abandoned forgottenplaces oldplaces cargraveyard forgotten lostcar oldcar rust automobile rustycars rurex car
Wurung Crater An Aerial Perspective (Mohamad Zaidi Photography) Tags: kawahwurung wurungcrater bromo ijen phototrip2016 malaysianphotographer mohamadzaidiphotography mohamadzaididotcom banyuwangi aerialphoto aerialgraphy dji djiphantom djiphantom4 dng singleraw indonesia mustdo travel visitindonesia above crater inactivecrater
No title (alessanyika) Tags: abandonedhouse iso160 wideangle fullframe luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza lumire luz licht urbanexploration urbandecay darkness shadows light forladte verfallen verlasseneorte verval intruders infiltration abandonedplaces abandonedjunkies nikond750 nikon travel trip tour france neglected crumbling lostplaces lost forgotten hdr rotten r singleraw creepy derelict abandoned decay urbex
Chel che gh (alessanyika) Tags: lumire luz shadows light licht forladte urbanexplorers cc2015 luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza oldplaces old neglected crumbling intruder infiltration postprocessing postproduction post fullframe singleraw plugin nik nikond750 nikon forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces lost abandonedplaces castle verfallen verlasseneorte discarded architecture urbandecay urbanexploration derelict filth theatre abandoned decay urbex
Wasteland road (alessanyika) Tags: chteau france raw singleraw wideangle fullframe nikond750 nikon fog luci lumire luz cc2015 postprocessing dust rust neglected crumbling ruins decadenza abbandono forladte verval shadows darkness licht light forgottenplaces abandonedplaces sincity lostplaces abandoned wasteland apocalittic castle burn fire hell rurex desolation decay verlasseneorte waste lost forgotten
Dust storm (alessanyika) Tags: malora ostia sticazzi amazing stunning awesome cool moods mood post schloss ruined ruins rust neglected crumbling marode alte olvivado wideangle fullframe nikond750 nikon luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza luci lumire luz light licht darkness shadows lostplaces lost forgottenplaces forgotten verval verfallen verlasseneorte abandonedplaces decay abandoned architecture urbanexplorers urbanexploration derelict discarded hdr photomatix singleraw dusty dust staircase stairporn castle chteau urbex
Beatific Sunset: Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Mohamad Zaidi Photography) Tags: kualalumpur kualalumpurcitycenter sunset beatific twintower thetwintower mohamadzaidiphotography mohamadzaididotcom malaysianphotographer klcc klccpark suriaklcc tradershotel kltower maxis klccconventioncentre nisifilters nisind1000 100mmseries raymastersfilter raymasterssoftgnd8 raymasters nisimalaysia raymastersmalaysia longexposure singleraw landscape nopeople cityscape sonymalaysia sonyjapan sonya7r sony1635f4
La croix des oranges (alessanyika) Tags: postprocessing post naturereclaim nature architettura decadenza abbandono luoghiabbandonati olvivado lumire sunlight sun abandonedplaces abandoned ruins wideangle fullframe nikond750 nikon forgottenplaces lostplaces lost forgotten forladte verval verlasseneorte licht luz architecture neglected crumbling discarded singleraw green garden urbanexploration travel trip tour france summer rurex urbex
House of suffering (alessanyika) Tags: olvivado nik glow wideangle nikond750 nikon postprocessing moods lumire luz light licht luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza derelict creepy ghost lostplaces lostsoul lost forgottenplaces forladte verval verfallen verlasseneorte neglected crumbling ruins discarded urbanexploration indoor abandonedhouse urbanexplorers highdynamicrange infiltration pain filth pov raw singleraw hdr abandoned decay urbex
La saggezza arriva quando non serve pi (alessanyika) Tags: decadenza indoor infiltration detailsofdecay urbexitalia fullframe moods shadows licht lostplaces lost forgottenplaces forgotten verval france post light abandonedjunkies hdr verlasseneorte nikon nikond750 singleraw photomatix abandoned urbex decay
Almonds (alessanyika) Tags: forladte verval verfallen verlasseneorte abandonedcastle travel trip love summer hdr intruder paintings decorations neglected oldplaces crumbling forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces lost wideangle fullframe nikond750 shadows light licht lumire luz olvivado abandonee infiltration urbanexplorers urbanexploration discarded abandonedplaces france chteau abandoned nikkor1424 nikon raw singleraw architecture urbex
Tardi (alessanyika) Tags: sunlight shadows luci lumire luz licht light raw release cc2015 ruins forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces nikond750 nikkor1424 nikon abandonedhouse abandonedplaces inside infiltration indoor paintings decorations room olvivado neglected marode crumbling filth love summer du wideangle fullframe hdr singleraw forladte verval verlasseneorte architecture urbanart urbanexploration italia abandoned decay urbex
Tired (alessanyika) Tags: shadows light luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza travel tour trip intruder infiltration cc2015 urbanexploration denoise sharpening postprocessing hdr singleraw licht lumire luz fullframe wideangle nikond750 nikkor1424 nikon abandonedhouse stuffs neglected marode crumbling discarded abandonedjunkies indoor urbandecay verlasseneorte forladte verval forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces abandoned decay urbex
Fariseo (alessanyika) Tags: iso200 photomatix lumire luz urbanexplorer summer neglected verlaten verval forladte verlasseneorte luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces lost shadows licht light glow mood post postprocessing urbandecay wideangle fullframe nikond750 nikkor1424 nikon singleraw hdr abandonedplaces italia architecture infiltration indoor sunlight marode crumbling urbanexploration ruins art crypt mausoleum abandoned decay urbex
Tra rose e fior... (alessanyika) Tags: post luoghidelcuore abbandono decadenza urbexitalia olvivado urbandecay urbanexploration urbanart urban iso160 nikond750 nikkor1424 nikon wideangle fullframe filth infiltration indoor architecture pigeons ghost lost lostplaces forladte verlasseneorte neglected crumbling ruined discarded highdynamicrange kirke glise iglesia church abandonedchurch italia urbex decay abandoned holy places forgotten singleraw hdr verval
Just for your dreams (alessanyika) Tags: topaz denoise iso160 travel trip luoghiabbandonati decadenza abbandono colors licht lights luz lumere abandonedplaces forgottenplaces forgotten lostplaces lost intruder infiltration neglected verfallen nikond750 hdr singleraw postproduction cc2015 elegance detailsofdecay crumbling ruined derelict forladte olvivado verval verlasseneorte fullframe wideangle nikkor1424 nikon urbanexploration urban chteau france abandoned decay urbex
Une grande anne (alessanyika) Tags: decay postproduction post stunning singleraw iso400 fullframe nikond750 nikkor1424 nikon coche auto cargraveyard car forgotten forladte verval verlassen verfallen licht lights lumere luz colors stuffs france green rust oldcar automobile abandoned rurex lostcars rustedcars urbex
Rural legends (alessanyika) Tags: post moods licht lights shadows darkness sick sad ghost forgottenplaces forgotten forladte opuszteny singleraw luoghiabbandonati ruined oldplaces old abandonedplaces filth nikond750 hdr decadenza abbandono chiesa kirke olvivado verval fullframe wideangle nikkor1424 nikon urbanexploration rurex rural italia verlasseneorte neglected crumbling iglesia abandonedchurch derelict abandoned decay urbex
Today relax (alessanyika) Tags: urbanexplorer nature singleraw relax writers sun warm alte verlasseneorte marode crumbling lostplaces fullframe wideangle nikkor1424 nikond750 nikon olvivado opustili verval forladte forgottenplaces discarded sunlight abbandono luoghiabbandonati urbanexploration urbex summer outdoor blue green ruins abandonedbuildings abandonedplaces abandoned
Zoo (alessanyika) Tags: school abandoned colors animal lost lights licht italia shadows sad decay freaky creepy forgotten urbanexploration laboratory l grime nikkor filth sick derelict hdr highdynamicrange stuffs urbex bearbeitung verval abbandono forgottenplaces decadenza photomatix urbanexplorer singleraw verlasseneorte opusteny nikond750
A volte mi chiedo il perch di tutto questo... (alessanyika) Tags: abandoned luz church lost lights licht pain nikon italia shadows darkness lumire decay urbandecay neglected wideangle fullframe filth derelict crumbling ruined nofilter urbex abandonedchurch abandonedplaces verval forgottenplaces dekay lostplaces abandonee urbanexplorer singleraw verlasseneorte opuszczony nikkor1424f28 oputn forladte opustili urbexitalia nikond750 olvivado
Il male blu (alessanyika) Tags: blue urban luz colors lost lights licht italia alone shadows post lumire iso400 decay neglected indoor help forgotten infiltration abandonedhouse depression inside fullframe discarded postproduction hdr highdynamicrange luce crumbling ruined abandonedplaces bearbeitung verval abbandono italianstyle forgottenplaces decadenza lostplaces singleraw luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte opuszczony lastforever hdrpic nikkor1424f28 oputn forladte opustili nikond750 cc2015 olvivado
A story written already (alessanyika) Tags: decorations italy art abandoned colors architecture lost lights design nikon italia raw shadows view arte pov iso400 interior urbandecay details wideangle indoor stairway staircase forgotten nik fullframe discarded moods architettura hdr treppenhaus abandonedplaces verval italianstyle forgottenplaces lostplaces singleraw verlasseneorte opuszczony nikkor1424f28 stairporn detailsofdecay forladte opustili nikond750
E' la vita,pi che la morte, a non avere limiti (alessanyika) Tags: sunlight abandoned luz colors italia shadows post decay urbandecay indoor forgotten abandonedhouse plugin nik fullframe discarded fx derelict moods postproduction hdr highdynamicrange relics crumbling urbex abandonedplaces bearbeitung verval abbandono forgottenplaces decadenza lostplaces photomatix postworkout urbanexplorer singleraw luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte opuszczony nikkor1424f28 ghostplace detailsofdecay forladte opustili nikond750 olvivado
Hang on (alessanyika) Tags: urban abandoned luz architecture rust italia arte post lumire decay neglected style wideangle indoor urbanart staircase abandonedhouse nik fullframe dust postproduction decaying bellezza crumbling elegance urbex alte treppenhaus storia marode abbandono verfallen decadenza lostplaces oldplaces singleraw luoghiabbandonati stunningshot verlasseneorte esplorazioneurbana nikkor1424f28 stairporn nikond750 eleganceinabandonment
Decree of Costantino (alessanyika) Tags: old ruins decay iglesia wideangle chiesa forgotten disused nik fullframe discarded derelict moods postproduction decaying crumbling abandonedbuildings kirke urbex alte abandonedchurch abandonedplaces marode verval abbandono forgottenplaces verfallen decadenza oldplaces abandonee singleraw luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte opuszczony nikkor1424f28 glise forladte opustili nikond750 cc2015 olvivado
Bienvenida (alessanyika) Tags: wood urban abandoned luz architecture lost lights iso200 noir shadows furniture decay urbandecay ghost wideangle indoor abandonedhouse villa nik fullframe filth derelict architettura abandonment hdr hacienda crumbling topaz urbex arredamento abandonedplaces marode verval abbandono forgottenplaces verfallen dekay lostplaces photomatix singleraw verlasseneorte opuszczony elhagyatott nikkor1424f28 negleted forladte pregiate opustili nikond750 cc2015 olvivado
Death created time to grow the things that it would kill (AlexM00dy) Tags: old light building abandoned hospital dark lost moody decay interior urbandecay debris wideangle indoor creepy forgotten urbanexploration exploration asylum decline derelict uninhabited urbex uncovered 14mm lostplace singleraw inhabitated zerstrte
Green room (alessanyika) Tags: decorations light art colors architecture rooms shadows lumire urbandecay poland polska indoor urbanexploration ballroom abandonedhouse inside architettura abandonment hdr luce palac interni crumbling elegance verloren urbex verval abbandono forgottenplaces decadenza lostplaces abandonee singleraw forladte cc2015
Sometimes back (alessanyika) Tags: urbandecay insider intruders infiltration olvivado abandonedplaces grime filth trash urbanexploration urbanexplorers shadows luz licht light natural mood decadenza italia lostplaces luoghiabbandonati neglected crumbling relics memories dust forladte verval verlasseneorte abandonedhouse nikkor1424 nikond750 wideangle fullframe discarded singleraw urbex abandoned decay nikon derelict decrepit ruins forgotten places lost
Don Camillo (alessanyika) Tags: olvivado urbex building simmetry luoghiabbandonati abbandono decadenza urbexitalia insider ue pigeons darkness oldplaces lostplaces intruder infiltration urbanexplorer urbanexploration urbandecay postprocess mood neglected crumbling ruins decrepit derelict filth grime cinema theatre forgottenplaces forgotten verlasseneorte shadows ombre luci lumire luz licht wideangle iso160 nikkor nikond750 nikon fullframe hdr singleraw decay
Keresztek (alessanyika) Tags: simmetry darkness shadows addio relics insider intruder infiltration luoghiabbandonati decadenza abbandono neglected crumbling lostplaces ghost lost verval forgottenplaces forladte verfallen verlasseneorte licht light singleraw hdr dark sad urbandecay decay abandonedplaces abandoned desolation derelict ruins discarded fullframe wideangle nikond750 italia italy nikon crypt iglesia kirke mausoleum coffin urbex creepy
I Saw Double: Kuala Lumpur City Centre (Mohamad Zaidi Photography) Tags: kualalumpur kualalumpurcitycenter sunset beatific twintower thetwintower mohamadzaidiphotography mohamadzaididotcom malaysianphotographer klcc nisifilters nisind1000 100mmseries raymastersfilter raymasters nisimalaysia raymastersmalaysia singleraw landscape nopeople cityscape sonymalaysia sonyjapan sonya7r laowa15mmf4 skyline architecture city outdoor building skyscraper dusk rainbow doublerainbow
Starburst Sunset: Kuala Lumpur Sentral Railway Station (Mohamad Zaidi Photography) Tags: kualalumpur kualalumpurcitycenter sunset beatific mohamadzaidiphotography mohamadzaididotcom malaysianphotographer nisifilters nisind1000 100mmseries raymastersfilter raymasterssoftgnd8 raymasters nisimalaysia raymastersmalaysia singleexposure singleraw landscape nopeople cityscape sonymalaysia sonyjapan sonya7r laowa15mmf4 skyline architecture city outdoor building skyscraper dusk trainstation klsentral nusentral lemeridien hiltonklsentral theloaf theprescotthotel lebuhrayamahameru rushhour trafficjam cars bumpertobumper starburstsunset orange
Madeira (alessanyika) Tags: luz lost lights licht italia shadows wine drink decay neglected forgotten abandonedhouse disused nik fullframe discarded postproduction abandonment crumbling stuffs urbex alchool abandonedplaces verval abbandono italianstyle forgottenplaces decadenza dekay singleraw luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte nikkor1424f28 detailsofdecay forladte nikond750
Ink (alessanyika) Tags: old light luz vintage iso200 nikon warm italia shadows lumire wideangle ombre clean abandonedhouse luci fullframe dust discarded grime filth derelict verlassen nofilter stuffs urbex alte polvere verval abbandono verfallen decadenza lostplaces abandonee luminosidad singleraw luoghiabbandonati verlasseneorte nikkor1424f28 forladte urbexitalia abandonedjunkies nikond750 cc2015 olvivado
Series (alessanyika) Tags: urban building luz architecture lights licht shadows lumire decay edificio polska wideangle indoor structure urbanart urbanexploration luci fullframe dust discarded architettura palac elegance urbex abandonedplaces forgottenplaces oldplaces luminosidad singleraw stunningplace opuszczony elhagyatott nikkor1424f28 oputn opustili nikond750 cc2015
Tv-Camera,Groningen stad,the Netherlands,Europe. (Aheroy) Tags: architecture photomanipulation hallucination singleraw beautifull city colours different dutch europe surreal stad netherlands arts art nederland holland fun town groningen aheroyal aheroy camera tv tvcamera broadcasting trosmuziek thomsongrassvalley

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50 singleraw 40 nikond750 37 urbex verlasseneorte 35 decay 34 fullframe 33 verval 32 lostplaces abandoned crumbling 31 forgotten 30 forgottenplaces nikon decadenza licht shadows abbandono forladte wideangle 28 neglected 27 luz urbanexploration abandonedplaces 25 luoghiabbandonati lost 24 light derelict hdr 23 discarded 21 lumière infiltration 20 olvivado 19 verfallen 18 italia architecture 17 ruins post 16 abandonedhouse 15 urbandecay filth indoor cc2015 12 colors 11 marode 10 lights old intruder urbanexplorers nikkor1424 nikkor1424f28 9 urban raw oldplaces darkness nik luci 8 dust opustili insider postproduction trip travel moods 7 france photomatix mood alte opuszczony tour 6 grime creepy building architettura ruined postprocess rurex urbanexplorer iso100 urbexitalia postprocessing highdynamicrange 5 rust kirke iglesia abandonedchurch ghost summer green mohamadzaididotcom abandonedjunkies mohamadzaidiphotography landscape stuffs abandonee malaysianphotographer sunlight detailsofdecay 4 nature outdoor disused urbanart

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