animal animalia animals brown california canada canonpowershotg7 chordata cute eat fuzzy golden hamster knittingskwerlgurl macro mammal mammalia mammals mammifère mesocricetusauratus nature nikon pet pets pinesquirrel pocketpet portrait québec rats redsquirrel rodent rodentia rodents rongeur sciuridae sciurus sciuruscarolinensis small squirrel syrian tamiasciurushudsonicus unitedstates wildlife écureuil écureuilroux

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Western Harvest Mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis) (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca mammal rodent v mammalia rodentia santabarbaracounty harvestmouse chordata cricetidae westernharvestmouse megalotis reithrodontomysmegalotis reithrodontomys
hello (pico*) Tags: rodentia pet animal hamster
Wild guinea pig. Cavia aperea. (Linda DV) Tags: travel 2004 southamerica nature animal geotagged mammal guineapig cuy bolivia andes mammals andean rodentia samaipata caviaaperea lindadevolder
nutria in the wild (itayuri) Tags: wild hairy brown cute nature water face animal tooth river fur mammal grey rodent pond weed rat natural outdoor wildlife teeth beaver eat whisker vegetarian environment shaggy wilderness riverbank nutria rodentia coypu herbivorous myocastorcoypus
Squirrel Amid Wildflowers (steven_and_haley_bach) Tags: green grass austin spring oak nikon squirrel dandelion liveoak wildflower animalia mammalia rodentia foxsquirrel sciuridae chordata sciurusniger d5100
DSC08420.jpg (joe.spandrusyszyn) Tags: newyork nature animal mammal rodent squirrel unitedstates unitedstatesofamerica rochester newyorkstate rodentia vertebrate sciuridae sciuruscarolinensis easterngraysquirrel treesquirrel honeoyefalls sciurus mendonpondscountypark byjoespandrusyszyn
2009.10.14 - Peromyscus californicus (JBYoder) Tags: skin mammalia rodentia mammalogy muridae sigmodontinae californiamouse peromyscuscalifornicus mamlab6
Squirrel (Dendroica cerulea) Tags: yard rodent newjersey squirrel gray nj highlandpark eastern rodentia graysquirrel birdcam sciuridae sciuruscarolinensis easterngraysquirrel carolinensis sciurus wingscapesbirdcam
Heather (delphinusorca) Tags: rodentia 7352009baker
16072011110958.jpg (pavat69) Tags: france savoie mammals 73 mammalia rodentia rhonealpes marmotte sciuridae alpinemarmot marmotamarmota rongeurs mammifres sciurids lorgre pavat69 marmottedesalpes patricemestari wwwpavat69com patricemestari wwwpatricemestaricom
I can climb (absolved) Tags: apartment cage martini arsenic rodentia animals rats
Petit suisse -- Little chipmunk (Gilles Gonthier) Tags: canada nature animal mammal rodent chipmunk qubec rodentia mammifre tamia tamiasstriatus sciuridae rongeur easternchipmunk petitsuisse canonpowershotg7 tamiaray gillesgonthier 072011 ggg774622011
A Comedy Double Act! (Kitty*Kins) Tags: pet pets piggy guineapig cavies cavy rodent guineapigs rodents rodentia piggies cavia pettastic rescuepets kittykins chesterhumphrey humphreychester
Smudge (absolved) Tags: animals smudge rats rodents rodentia
Eating Rose Hips (HorsePunchKid) Tags: brooklynbotanicgarden animalia mammalia rodentia sciuridae sciuruscarolinensis chordata sciurus cranfordrosegarden taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:class=mammalia taxonomy:phylum=chordata taxonomy:order=rodentia taxonomy:family=sciuridae taxonomy:genus=sciurus taxonomy:binomial=sciuruscarolinensis taxonomy:common=easterngraysquirrel taxonomy:claderoot=animalia clade:animalia=chordata clade:chordata=mammalia clade:mammalia=rodentia clade:rodentia=sciuridae clade:sciuridae=sciurus clade:sciurus=carolinensis taxonomy:eolid=347685
Santa Alfie (tishay) Tags: christmas xmas pet holiday silly cute hat animal mammal rodent furry dwarf adorable cage ham rob explore hut hamster mistletoe greetings happyholidays merrychristmas roborovski santahat hammy animalia mammalia alfie rodentia robo agouti dwarfhamster hammie roborovskii chordata flickrsexplore phodopus canonsd800is cricetidae agoutis noncy phodopusroborovskii proborovskii cricetinae
Rats (Jon Glittenberg) Tags: pet pets cute nature animal animals fauna rat natur rats st ratte haustier animalia mammalia tier dyr rodentia rotte rattus chordata norvegicus husdyr muridae muroidea murinae myomorpha
Miss Sherbet And A Mechanical Rodent (knittingskwerlgurl) Tags: pet macro cute girl animal mouse golden rodent eyes hand fuzzy small ears whiskers honey microsoft hamster rodentia syrian mesocricetusauratus pocketpet knittingskwerlgurl misssherbet
Pirate Captain Black Hamster (knittingskwerlgurl) Tags: boy portrait pet macro cute face animal closeup nose golden rodent noir fuzzy small whiskers hamster rodentia syrian mesocricetusauratus pocketpet knittingskwerlgurl hamsteradayyear1
Se lchant les babines -- Licking its chops (Gilles Gonthier) Tags: canada nature animal mammal rodent squirrel qubec rodentia redsquirrel mammifre cureuil sciuridae tamiasciurushudsonicus rongeur cureuilroux pinesquirrel canonpowershotg7 ggg714922008
2004_0216-0001sm (Doug's Graphics) Tags: brown rodent squirrel cone gray eat ear rodentia sciuridae aberts dougsgraphics scuriusaberti otoscurius
Adorableness (YawningDog) Tags: cute nature animals rodent furry backyard squirrel funny fuzzy wildlife adorable antics rodentia sciuruscarolinensis easterngreysquirrel allofmyimagesarecopyrighteddonotusewithoutpermission
Cape ground squirrel (Xerus inauris) (Linda DV) Tags: africa travel nature canon river geotagged nationalpark namibia etosha rodentia southernafrica sciuridae 2013 xerusinauris geomapped capegroundsquirrel lindadevolder powershotsx40
Irrsistible (Gilles Gonthier) Tags: canada nature animal mammal rodent squirrel qubec rodentia redsquirrel mammifre cureuil sciuridae tamiasciurushudsonicus rongeur cureuilroux pinesquirrel specanimal canonpowershotg7 ggg729242008
Marmotton (Marmota marmota) (ilustrao infantil) Tags: france animal europe aves fr mammalia rodentia mercantour alpesdehauteprovence marmotte alpinemarmot marmotamarmota lacdallos sciurids sciurids alpinemarmotmarmotamarmotaonhindlegsalertalarmwhistlewhistlingcallcallingstandstandingupwildwildlifealpsfaunahautesalpesfrenchalpsfranceeuropeeuropean
Thimble Mushroom Face (YawningDog) Tags: pet baby cute animal mouse rodent furry fuzzy adorable whiskers thimble precious cuddly darling tame rodentia agouti deerie deermouse peromyscusmaniculatus allofmyimagesarecopyrighteddonotusewithoutpermission
SDIM3109ce (Bruce Bolin) Tags: bruce mammals rodents mammalia rodentia tamiasciurushudsonicus  brucebolin bolin
Capybara (Just chaos) Tags: southamerica rodent aquatic animalia mammalia capybara rodentia hydrochoerushydrochaeris chordata vertebrata hystricomorpha caviidae hydrochoerinae
Black-tailed Prairie Dog (Susan L. Pettitt Photography (Away)) Tags: sanfrancisco california ca nature animal mammal zoo rodent nikon natural wildlife prairiedog wilderness captive animalia mammalia captivity sfzoo sanfranciscozoo rodentia zooanimal d300 blacktailedprairiedog dreamstime allrightsreserved susanlpettitt susanlpettittphotography nikond300
HVAR-2761.jpg (HVargas) Tags: wild dogs nature animal de mammal la flying squirrel squirrels unitedstates wildlife small maryland ground beaver adobe darlington prairiedogs prairie rodents animalia marmots pradera perritos chipmunks rodentia flyingsquirrels woodchucks ardillas sciuridae marmotas groundsquirrels salvaje perritosdelapradera hvargas esciridos salvajecanon animalstropical
Brown rat-6 (Neil Phillips) Tags: street norway mammal rodent norwegian wharf common hanover sewer mammalia rodentia brownrat rattusnorvegicus
Russian Hamsters <3 ( Tralamander ) Tags: pets hamster rodentia jazzer jezzer
Getting ready to make his move (MartinBaldwin) Tags: uk greatbritain red summer vacation holiday nature animals scotland squirrel europe seasons unitedkingdom events year gb mammals locations 2010 rodentia sciurusvulgaris
Rato-do-banhado (nathfrensch) Tags: water argentina gua zoo buenosaires zoolgico rato nutria rodentia coypu lujn myocastorcoypus rato ratodobanhado capromyidae zoodelujn
Bottas Pocket Gopher (Thomomys bottae) (NatureStills) Tags: california wild food game macro slr nature vegetables field grass animal horizontal closeup fauna underground fur mammal rodent us big highresolution nikon unitedstates natural outdoor wildlife teeth stock nopeople sharp professional soil dirt international eat american micro damage northamerica crops prey nikkor dslr enlarged pest disease hunt scavenger rodentia nuisance largerthanlife organism blownup newworld devastating wildlifephotography warmblooded agricultue thomomysbottae bottaspocketgopher fossorial endotherm naturestills d7000 scotttrageser httpwwwnaturestillscom
Tranquille -- Without worry (Gilles Gonthier) Tags: canada nature animal mammal rodent squirrel qubec rodentia redsquirrel mammifre cureuil sciuridae tamiasciurushudsonicus rongeur cureuilroux pinesquirrel canonpowershotg7 ggg720302008
Sciurus carolinensis - Grey Squirrel (Ben Revell) Tags: england lincolnshire bradley rodentia greysquirrel sciuridae sciuruscarolinensis sciurus
Squirrel with flag. Ardilla. (Mayte Moya) Tags: pictures portrait usa naturaleza cute nature animals photography photo orlando squirrel foto unitedstates florida retrato wildlife linda fourthofjuly winterpark animales fl postal 4thofjuly independenceday misfotos mammalia 2012 ardilla  rodentia estadosunidos greysquirrel seminolecounty altamontesprings eeuu tierna roedor ardillas sciuridae sciuruscarolinensis mamifero happy4thofjuly happyfourthofjuly roedores sciurus apopka squirrelnut happybirthdayamerica youmademyday mamiferoroedor happyindependenceday squirreleatingnut squirrelportrait apopkaflorida noalmaltratoanimal canonpowershots5is picturesofsquirrels independencedayjuly4th portraitofsquirrel photosofsquirrels caulfieldst fotosdeardillas misfotosdeardillas ardillasdeestadosunidos ardillasdeorlandoflorida squirrelsfromtheunitedstates ardillagrisdelaflorida squirrelsoforlandoflorida squirrelportraitwithtongueout worldallwildlifewildlifearoundtheworldwildlifepicturesimages wildlifeallkindphotos retratodeardilla happyindependenceday4july
k-rat ready for launch (randomtruth) Tags: california rodentia sanluisobispocounty heteromyidae chimineasranch heermannskangaroorat dipodomysheermanni
Hoary Marmot at First Burroughs (brewbooks) Tags: washington hiking mountrainier mountrainiernationalpark marmot animalia mammalia rodentia marmota sciuridae hoarymarmot chordata marmotacaligata burroughsmountain taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:class=mammalia taxonomy:phylum=chordata taxonomy:order=rodentia taxonomy:family=sciuridae petromarmota taxonomy:genus=marmota taxonomy:binomial=marmotacaligata taxonomy:species=caligata taxonomy:common=hoarymarmot montagueislandhoarymarmot taxonomy:common=montagueislandhoarymarmot inaturalist:observation=112553
1) Hi! I'm Virgil! (knittingskwerlgurl) Tags: boy portrait pet brown macro cute animal golden rodent fuzzy small sable hamster virgil rodentia syrian mesocricetusauratus pocketpet knittingskwerlgurl
Crab Head ~ Miss Sherbet (knittingskwerlgurl) Tags: portrait pet macro cute girl animal toy golden rodent fuzzy small crab patient plastic hamster shellfish figurine crabby rodentia syrian plasticanimal mesocricetusauratus ballance pocketpet knittingskwerlgurl misssherbet hamsteradayyear1
2009.10.09 - Myocastor coypu skull (JBYoder) Tags: mammal skull rodentia myocastor myocastorcoypu mammalogy myocastoridae hystricognathi biol483 mamlab5
cureuil roux -- Red Squirrel (Gilles Gonthier) Tags: canada nature animal mammal rodent squirrel qubec rodentia redsquirrel mammifre cureuil sciuridae tamiasciurushudsonicus rongeur cureuilroux pinesquirrel canonpowershotg7 ggg716202008
cureuil roux -- Red Squirrel (Gilles Gonthier) Tags: canada nature animal mammal rodent maple squirrel qubec trunk rable rodentia tronc redsquirrel mammifre cureuil sciuridae tamiasciurushudsonicus rongeur cureuilroux pinesquirrel canonpowershotg7 042008 gillesgonthier ggg715482008
eat (pico*) Tags: pet animal pasture hamster rodentia
20081221_Holt_Heath_002 (MartinBaldwin) Tags: 2008 animals blandfordforum dorset england europe exports flickr gb greatbritain grey holtheath locations mammals nature rodentia sciuruscarolinensis squirrel uk unitedkingdom year
Squirrel #778 (Morton) (andertho) Tags: dc washington squirrel dcist lafayettepark rodentia
IMG_6119 (Scott Loarie) Tags: animalia mammalia rodentia sciuridae chordata douglassquirrel tamiasciurusdouglasii chickaree tamiasciurus taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:class=mammalia taxonomy:phylum=chordata taxonomy:order=rodentia taxonomy:family=sciuridae douglasssquirrel taxonomy:common=douglassquirrel taxonomy:genus=tamiasciurus taxonomy:binomial=tamiasciurusdouglasii taxonomy:species=douglasii taxonomy:common=douglasssquirrel taxonomy:common=chickaree inaturalist:observation=104443
Trail Mouse (Kordite) Tags: geotagged mouse animalia mammalia rodentia elizafurnacetrail chordata deermouse cricetidae muroidea peromyscus maniculatus neotominae

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