arthropoda black bmna brown butterflies butterfly cincinnati commoncheckeredskipper cristalinojunglelodge dorsal duskywing epargyreus epargyreusclarus erynnini erynnis farfalla hamiltoncountyparkdistrict hesperiidae hesperioidea insect insecta lepidoptera mariposa midsize nature october papillon peru pyrginae pyrgini pyrgus pyrguscommunis richhoyer riocaura schmetterling silverspottedskipper skipper small telegonini tx venezuela ventral white wildindigoduskywing wings

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The Yellow Flat -  (Angiud thanks for 2.5 millions views) Tags: thailand doiinthanon hesperiidae pyrginae mooreanatrichoneurapralaya theyellowflat
Dingy Skipper - Erynnis tages 1d (Dluogs) Tags: brown nature butterfly insect geotagged skipper lepidoptera dingyskipper britishwildlife hesperiidae pyrginae erynnistages taxonomy:binomial=erynnistages erynnini dluogs geo:country=wales geo:region=europe geo:county=carmarthenshire taxonomy:common=dingyskipper geo:lat=517705 geo:lon=43860
Butterfly, Butterfly (harefoot1066) Tags: lepidoptera hesperiidae pyrginae skipperbutterfly sweetbush mournfulduskywing bebbiajuncea mournfulduskywingbutterfly
Hermit Skipper (Grais stigmaticus) (Rodrigo Conte) Tags: brazil brasil butterfly insect skipper inseto borboleta hermit brasilia insecta hesperiidae pyrginae fantasticnature grais stigmaticus erynnini graisstigmaticus
Common Sootywing (Anita363) Tags: black fauna butterfly insect pennsylvania small skipper august pa dorsal bainbridge hesperiinae bmna pyrginae commonsootywing pholisoracatullus
Tropical Checkered Skipper (Jesse Lacasse) Tags: brown white butterfly florida small dorsal rainbowsprings hesperiidae bmna pyrgus pyrginae pyrgusoileus tropicalcheckeredskipper august2007
Bolla boliviensis, Bolivian Bolla (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru butterfly wings skipper manu hesperiidae pyrginae richhoyer kosnipata
Silver-spotted Skipper (Epargyreus clarus) (kecheeks803) Tags: butterfly georgia insect skipper lepidoptera keysville insecta silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae pyrginae epargyreus burkecounty eudamini
White Checkered-Skipper on a flower (Saveena (AKA LHDugger)) Tags: wild flower nature spring flora texas tx skipper mallow malvaceae wildflower hesperiidae pyrgus pyrginae indianmallow whitecheckeredskipper pyrgusalbescens oldrileyfuzzelroadpreserve canoelaunchspringcreekgreenway springcreekgreenway texasindianmallow abutilontexense abutilonfruticosum
Two-barred Flasher (Astraptes fulgerator) (Odephoto) Tags: november blue brown white black butterfly tx skipper lepidoptera medium iridescent flasher midsize hesperiidae bmna ventral santaananwr pyrginae astraptesfulgerator twobarredflasher astraptes
Hoary Edge (Achalarus lyciades) (kecheeks803) Tags: butterfly insect southcarolina lepidoptera insecta hesperiidae pyrginae hoaryedge achalaruslyciades aikencounty silverbluff silverbluffauduboncenter
Wild Indigo Duskywing_0792 (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae erynnis woodlandmound hamiltoncountyparkdistrict fieldmarks
Urbanus cf. esmeraldus (yakovlev.alexey) Tags: venezuela riocaura pyrginae
Alana White-skipper (d_taron) Tags: mexico butterflies jalisco hesperiidae pyrginae heliopetes heliopetesalana
Brown Longtail (Toxostoma) Tags: brown butterfly march tx dorsal midsize hesperiidae bmna pyrginae urbanus brownlongtail urbanusprocne
Ebrietas evanidus, Blurred Bent-Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru hesperiidae madrededios pyrginae richhoyer carcharodini
Common Checkered-Skipper 036.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown white butterfly picnic small hesperiidae bmna pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper pyrgus pyrginae
Brown Longtail, Urbanus procne (Bill Bouton) Tags: brown butterfly october tx dorsal longtail midsize hesperiidae bmna pyrginae urbanus hesperioidea brownlongtail urbanusprocne procne telegonini bamona1930 allleps7805
Northern Cloudywing, Thorybes pylades (Donna Brunet) Tags: animal insect unitedstates feeding lepidoptera missouri behavior animalia arthropoda invertebrate insecta hesperiidae hexapoda pyrginae puddling northerncloudywing thorybespylades spreadwingedskipper flatwingedskipper
Wild Indigo Duskywing, Erynnis baptisiae, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: wild brown mi butterfly indigo july dorsal midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae erynnis hesperioidea baptisiae pyrgini bamona2005 allleps7481
Hoary Edge (Roy Cohutta) Tags: nature ecology butterfly georgia butterflies conservation lepidoptera albany physiography dougherty skippers cohutta ellijay hesperiidae spreadwingskippers pyrginae hoaryedge achalaruslyciades physiographic roybrown roybrownphotography roycohutta
CAB014275a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect tx skipper 2012 hesperiidae duskywing pyrginae chiomaraasychis chiomara whitepatchedduskywing
CAB06117a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect skipper nm 2012 cloudywing hesperiidae pyrginae thorybes santafeco thorybesdrusius drusiuscloudywing
Astraptes anaphus (yakovlev.alexey) Tags: venezuela riocaura pyrginae
Duskywing (jforb) Tags: butterfly insect us skipper lepidoptera co rockymountainnationalpark hesperiidae duskywing pyrginae erynnis larimercounty spreadwingedskipper co11
Guava skipper (Phocides polybius) dorsal (Anne Toal) Tags: butterfly grey tx april dorsal edinburg midsize hesperiidae bmna pyrginae phocides guavaskipper phocidespalemon
Jemadia hospita, Hospita Skipper (center), J. hospita far left, J. gnetus upper left (Birdernaturalist) Tags: brazil butterfly wings skipper matogrosso hesperiidae pyrginae altafloresta pyrrhopygini cristalinojunglelodge
Silver-spotted Skipper (bigd0011768) Tags: flowers summer brown nature wisconsin butterfly wings butterflies july lepidoptera wildflowers wi midsize silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna ventral flyingflowers pyrginae epargyreus
Pose (martytdx) Tags: brown butterfly insect pond nj august dorsal skippers midsize hesperiidae bmna wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae erynnis lifelistbutterfly
Common Bentwing, Ebrietas anacreon (Birdernaturalist) Tags: matogrosso cristalino hesperiidae pyrginae cristalinojunglelodge richhoyer erynnini
Mojave Sootywing, Hesperopsis libya, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: ca brown male june butterfly small libya mohave hesperiidae bmna ventral pyrginae hesperioidea sootywing mojavesootywing hesperopsislibya pyrgini bamona2025 mohavesootywing allleps7572 hesperopsis
Silver-spotted Skipper_N3070 (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon borboleta mariposa cnc farfalla schmetterling vlinder naturecenter midsize silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna pyrginae cincinnatinaturecenter epargyreus rowewoods kapelleke perintownoh powelcrosleylake flunnerk
_DSC3597 (Gael VW) Tags: insect rwanda insecte insecta hesperiidae pyrginae montaneforest nyungwe albertinerift afrotropical nyungwenationalpark eretisherewardi
Antigonus nearchus, Large Spurwing (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru skipper hesperiidae madrededios pyrginae richhoyer carcharodini
Common Sootywing 226.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: black butterfly cincinnati small butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling littlemiamiriver hesperiidae bmna pyrginae commonsootywing pholisoracatullus pholisora sootywing ottoarmlederpark armlederpark ottoarmledermemorialpark hamiltoncountyparkdistrict
Helias phalaenoides (yakovlev.alexey) Tags: venezuela riocaura pyrginae
Persius Duskywing (Keith Carlson) Tags: brown butterfly small may wa dorsal mayjune hesperiidae bmna pyrginae erynnis erynnispersius persiusduskywing
Skipper Butterfly - Pyrgus communis (Matthew Bearup) Tags: flower macro nature butterfly bug insect skipper science lepidoptera pollen pollenation entomology pollinator pyrguscommunis checkeredskipper pyrginae hesperioidea
Common Checkered-Skipper 081.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown white butterfly cincinnati small littlemiamiriver hesperiidae bmna pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper pyrgus pyrginae ottoarmlederpark armlederpark ottoarmledermemorialpark hamiltoncountyparkdistrict
Tailed Aguna, Aguna metophis, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: brown green butterfly october tx tailed midsize hesperiidae bmna ventral pyrginae hesperioidea aguna tailedaguna agunametophis telegonini bamona1913 allleps7654 metophis
Common checkered skipper (gcchang) Tags: lepidoptera animalia arthropoda insecta hesperiidae pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper pyrgus pyrginae hesperioidea taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:family=hesperiidae taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda pyrgini taxonomy:subfamily=pyrginae taxonomy:genus=pyrgus taxonomy:species=communis taxonomy:binomial=pyrguscommunis taxonomy:superfamily=hesperioidea taxonomy:common=commoncheckeredskipper taxonomy:tribe=pyrgini saltarinadetablero taxonomy:common=saltarinadetablero inaturalist:observation=895589
The Spotted Angle (Angiud thanks for 2.5 millions views) Tags: butterfly thailand kohphangan pyrginae hesperidae capronaagamaagama thespottedangle
Fabricius's Bent-Skipper, Helias phalaenoides (Birdernaturalist) Tags: matogrosso cristalino hesperiidae pyrginae cristalinojunglelodge richhoyer erynnini
Bolla boliviensis, Bolivian Bolla (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru butterfly wings skipper manu hesperiidae pyrginae richhoyer kosnipata
Two-barred Flasher, Astraptes fulgerator azul, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: november blue black butterfly october tx iridescent dorsal flasher midsize hesperiidae bmna pyrginae hesperioidea astraptesfulgerator twobarredflasher astraptes fulgerator twobarred allleps7669 telegonini bamona1933
Silver-spotted Skipper (Steve Kacir) Tags: butterfly insect de skipper lepidoptera arthropoda arthropod insecta kentcounty silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae pyrginae bombayhooknwr finispool eudamini
Sunny Disposition (Paul:Ritchie) Tags: macro nature animals yellow insect nikon wildlife butterflies hampshire dandelion arthropoda fluttering invertebrates d60 taraxacumofficinale insecta hesperiidae grizzledskipper pyrginae lagomorpha pyrgusmalvae tamronaf70300mmf456dildmacro april2010 paulritchie wwwhampshirebutterfliescouk
Urbanus dorantes (Nightgoose) Tags: butterfly borboleta hesperiidae pyrginae urbanusdorantes fujinonxf55200mmf3548rlmois fujifilmxe2
Funereal Duskywing on Black Sage (lacey underall) Tags: california butterfly insect skipper sage lepidoptera salvia bayarea arthropod pollination lamiaceae blacksage salviamellifera lastrampas hesperiidae pollinator pyrginae erynnis eastbayregionalpark lamiales funerealduskywing erynnisfuneralis
White-patched Skipper (Anne Toal) Tags: tx september dorsal georgina naba hesperiidae bmna pyrginae hesperioidea chiomara whitepatchedskipper chiomarageorgina pyrgini bamona1987 allleps7460 taxonomy:binomial=chiomarageorgina

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