animalia arthropoda august az black bmna brown butterflies butterfly cincinnati dorsal duskywing epargyreus epargyreusclarus erynnini erynnis erynnishoratius farfalla hesperiidae hesperioidea horacesduskywing insect insecta insects invertebrate kapelleke lepidoptera mariposa midsize nature papillon pyrginae pyrgini pyrgus richhoyer schmetterling silverspottedskipper skipper small telegonini thorybes tx unitedstates ventral vlinder

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Zilpa Longtail, Chioides zilpa (Bill Bouton) Tags: november brown butterfly tx longtail midsize hesperiidae bmna ventral pyrginae hesperioidea zilpa chioides chioideszilpa zilpalongtail telegonini bamona1910 allleps7695
Brincadora azul /Two barred flasher (Astrapetes fulgerator) (* Hi Tech Bio *) Tags: estanzuela monterrey nuevolen mxico mariposas insectos nature naturaleza butteflies insect education brincadoraazul twobarredflasher astrapetesfulgerator astrapetes fulgerator bmna hesperidaemx october small brown blue adult astraptesfulgerator astraptes pyrginae hesperiidae butterfly midsize black bamona1933 allleps7669 hesperioidea telegonini
Northern cloudywing, Thorybes pylades (mgsbird) Tags: park brown canada black butterfly rockies bc britishcolumbia small skipper august canadian rockymountains mountrobson dorsal provincial midsize mtrobson hesperiidae bmna pyrginae pylades hesperioidea northerncloudywing thorybes thorybespylades telegonini robsonmeadow
Drusius Cloudywing, Thorybes drusius (Bill Bouton) Tags: brown butterfly july august az dorsal midsize cloudywing hesperiidae bmna pyrginae hesperioidea thorybes drusius thorybesdrusius drusiuscloudywing telegonini bamona1952 allleps7764
Funereal Duskywing, Erynnis funeralis, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: ca brown female butterfly small september funereal hesperiidae bmna duskywing pyrginae erynnis hesperioidea funeralis funerealduskywing erynnisfuneralis pyrgini bamona2003 allleps7487
Southern Cloudywing, Thorybes bathyllus, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: brown june butterfly ar southern dorsal midsize cloudywing hesperiidae bmna pyrginae hesperioidea thorybes thorybesbathyllus southerncloudywing bathyllus telegonini bamona1947 allleps7759
Spialia sertorius (Alvaro Oporto) Tags: naturaleza macro nature animal butterfly insect photo nikon foto mariposa insecto macrofotografa d90 hesperiidae lepidptero pyrginae spialia sertorio sertorius
Potrillo Skipper, Cabares p. potrillo (Bill Bouton) Tags: november brown butterfly tx skipper dorsal midsize potrillo hesperiidae bmna pyrginae hesperioidea cabarespotrillo potrilloskipper telegonini cabares bamona1953 allleps7687
Horace's Duskywing_0687 (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon mariposa cnc farfalla schmetterling naturecenter midsize hesperiidae bmna horacesduskywing erynnishoratius duskywing pyrginae cincinnatinaturecenter erynnis rowewoods perintownoh powelcrosleylake
Stopping for a rest (Nicki817) Tags: brown nature butterfly ilovenature spring may dorsal wi midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing pyrginae juvenalsduskywing erynnisjuvenalis erynnis
Arizona Powdered Skipper (d_taron) Tags: arizona unitedstates butterflies hesperiidae pyrginae systaseazampa systasea
_DSC3592 (Gael VW) Tags: insect rwanda insecte insecta hesperiidae pyrginae montaneforest nyungwe albertinerift afrotropical nyungwenationalpark sarangesahaplopa
CAB01765a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect skipper ok 2011 hesperiidae horacesduskywing erynnishoratius duskywing pyrginae erynnis
Ebrietas anacron, Common Bentwing (Birdernaturalist) Tags: brazil butterfly skipper matogrosso hesperiidae pyrginae privatetour cristalinojunglelodge richhoyer erynnini
CAB015008a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect skipper nm cloudywing hesperiidae pyrginae 2013 northerncloudywing thorybes thorybespylades emorypass sierraco blackrangeridgetrail
Common sootywing (Pholisora catullus) (Anne Toal) Tags: black june butterfly outdoors tx small mission dorsal common naba catullus hesperiidae bmna pyrginae commonsootywing pholisoracatullus pholisora sootywing taxonomy:binomial=pholisoracatullus
Horace's Duskywing 231.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna horacesduskywing erynnishoratius duskywing pyrginae erynnis woodlandmound hamiltoncountyparks
Gold-costa Skipper, Cogia caicus moschus, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: brown butterfly small skipper august az hesperiidae bmna ventral pyrginae hesperioidea cogia goldcostaskipper caicus cogiacaicus pyrgini bamona1961 allleps7462 goldcosta
Juvenal's Duskywing (Daisy Mai-ling) Tags: brown butterfly missouri midsize hesperiidae bmna lincolncounty pyrginae juvenalsduskywing erynnisjuvenalis erynnis hesperioidea juvenalis pyrgini bamona1993 allleps7496
Common Bentwing, Ebrietas anacreon (Birdernaturalist) Tags: ecuador hesperiidae podocarpusnationalpark pyrginae bombuscaro zamorachinchipe erynnini
Funereal for a Friend (martytdx) Tags: brown black butterfly march texas adult tx small skipper insects dorsal texastrip hesperiidae bmna santaananwr spreadwingskippers duskywing pyrginae erynnis lowerriograndevalley lifelistbutterfly funerealduskywing erynnisfuneralis
Erichson's White Skipper and Desert Checkered Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: santacruzcounty hesperiidae pyrginae pyrgini tucsonaudubonsociety rockcorralcanyon
Horace's duskywing at zinnia (mimbrava) Tags: brown male ga butterfly georgia insect ilovenature interesting small roswell skipper august mimbrava zinnia dorsal c23 hesperiidae bmna horacesduskywing erynnishoratius pyrginae erynnis setinmacromode setlepidoptera set64intop5004
White Checkered-Skipper on the path (Saveena (AKA LHDugger)) Tags: wild nature butterfly bug insect spring flora texas tx skipper hesperiidae pyrgus pyrginae whitecheckeredskipper pyrgusalbescens oldrileyfuzzelroadpreserve canoelaunchspringcreekgreenway springcreekgreenway
Wild Indigo Duskywing_9889 (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae erynnis woodlandmound hamiltoncountyparkdistrict
The Hairy Angle -  (Angiud) Tags: thailand butterflies lepidoptera fang hesperiidae pyrginae doiphahompok darpahanria  thehairyangle
Silver-spotted Skipper 045 (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly skipper butterflies papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder skippers midsize silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna pyrginae epargyreus kapelleke flunnerk
Silver-spotted Skipper (18) (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly skipper butterflies papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder skippers midsize silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna pyrginae epargyreus kapelleke flunnerk
Common Sootywing (Pholisora catullus) (aliceinwl1) Tags: arizona butterfly insect skipper az lepidoptera arthropoda arthropod santacruzcounty catullus insecta hesperiidae pyrginae spreadwingskipper hesperioidea commonsootywing pholisoracatullus pholisora sootywing santacruzriver amadomontosaroad arizona2013bugguide
Silver-spotted Skipper, Epargyreus clarus (Donna Brunet) Tags: plants animal submitted insect unitedstates woody columbia lepidoptera missouri shrub plantae crassulaceae sedum animalia arthropoda invertebrate dicotyledon insecta dicot forb silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae hexapoda pyrginae spreadwingedskipper flatwingedskipper
Xenophanes tryxus (Hesperiidae: Pyrginae) (yakovlev.alexey) Tags: venezuela riocaura pyrginae
Common Checkered-Skipper, Pyrgus communis (Donna Brunet) Tags: animal insect unitedstates columbia lepidoptera missouri animalia arthropoda invertebrate insecta hesperiidae hexapoda pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper pyrginae spreadwingedskipper flatwingedskipper
Common Checkered-Skipper 081.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown white butterfly picnic small hesperiidae bmna pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper pyrgus pyrginae
Long-tailed skipper (Jesse Lacasse) Tags: blue brown butterfly october fl dorsal midsize butterflygarden hesperiidae bmna longtailedskipper urbanusproteus pyrginae urbanus uppertampabaypark october232006 oldsmarflorida
Whitey (martytdx) Tags: california ca brown white female butterfly julian desert small skipper insects lakecuyamaca hesperiidae bmna ventral pyrgus checkeredskipper pyrginae whitecheckeredskipper pyrgusalbescens lifelistbutterfly openwingedskipper
Ebrietas anacreon, Common Bent-Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: butterfly chiapas hesperiidae pyrginae gbna erynnini
Wild Indigo Duskywing 037.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae erynnis
Large Spurwing (Antigonus nearchus) (macronyx) Tags: peru nature butterfly insect wildlife insects papillon mariposa schmetterling farfalle fjril hesperiidae pyrginae sommerfugle perhoset spurwing antigonus pyrgini largespurwing antigonusnearchus marbledspurwing
Frosted Tufted-Skipper, Pellicia costimaculata (Birdernaturalist) Tags: matogrosso cristalino hesperiidae pyrginae cristalinojunglelodge richhoyer carcharodini
Skipper (mgrimm82) Tags: butterfly tanzania nationalpark skipper lepidoptera animalia arthropoda eastafrica ruaha insecta iringa hesperiidae pterygota grizzledskipper pyrginae hesperioidea spialia dickkopffalter ruahariverlodge taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:family=hesperiidae taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:subclass=pterygota taxonomy:subfamily=pyrginae taxonomy:genus=spialia taxonomy:superfamily=hesperioidea taxonomy:common=grizzledskipper carcharodini spialiadiomus taxonomy:species=diomus taxonomy:binomial=spialiadiomus commonsandman taxonomy:common=commonsandman taxonomy:tribe=carcharodini inaturalist:observation=759386
Horace's Duskywing (Jesse Lacasse) Tags: brown butterfly dorsal midsize hesperiidae bmna horacesduskywing erynnishoratius pyrginae erynnis august302007 starkeyparkfl
Duskywing sp. (lycaenidae_nm) Tags: lepidoptera hesperiidae duskywing pyrginae bandoliernationalmonument erynnis hesperioidea burntmesa
Silver-Spotted Skipper  (1) (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly picnic skipper butterflies papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder skippers midsize silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna pyrginae epargyreus kapelleke flunnerk
Spialia Sertorius - LHesprie des sanguisorbes - The Red-underwing Skipper - 25/06/14 (Philippe_Boissel) Tags: france europe insects lepidoptera papillon savoie 118 hesperiidae rhnealpes pyrginae montagny spialiasertorius redunderwingskipper rhopalocre hespriedessanguisorbes lhespriedessanguisorbes
CAB015106a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect skipper nm hesperiidae pyrginae 2013 zestusa zestusadorus shorttailedskipper grantco mcmilancampground
Gorgythion beggina, Beggina Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru butterfly wings skipper manu hesperiidae pyrginae richhoyer kosnipata
Pyrgus ruralis, Two-banded Checkered-Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: oregon hesperiidae pyrginae pyrgini
Ouleus fridericus, Fridericus Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: brazil butterfly skipper lepidoptera roraima hesperiidae pyrginae achlyodini
Long-tailed Skipper (Urbanus proteus) (kecheeks803) Tags: butterfly insect southcarolina skipper lepidoptera insecta hesperiidae longtailedskipper urbanusproteus pyrginae urbanus aikencounty silverbluffauduboncenter
Horace's Duskywing (Dendroica cerulea) Tags: summer butterfly insect newjersey nj skipper bedminster lepidoptera arthropoda invertebrate arthropod somersetcounty insecta hesperiidae horacesduskywing erynnishoratius pyrginae fairviewfarmwildlifepreserve erynnini

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50 pyrginae 49 hesperiidae 38 butterfly 24 bmna 23 brown 20 skipper 17 midsize 14 insect 12 erynnis hesperioidea 10 lepidoptera dorsal 9 mariposa duskywing small papillon butterflies 8 schmetterling 7 farfalla insecta 6 telegonini erynnishoratius horacesduskywing pyrgini 5 nature tx arthropoda 4 black silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus insects erynnini august thorybes 3 invertebrate pyrgus ventral flunnerk borboleta skippers kapelleke epargyreus richhoyer vlinder cincinnati cloudywing animal missouri az unitedstates animalia peru lifelistbutterfly funerealduskywing commonsootywing female woodlandmound sootywing catullus wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae urbanus matogrosso urbanusproteus adult santacruzcounty november october brazil ca carcharodini erynnisjuvenalis spreadwingedskipper erynnisfuneralis naturaleza thorybespylades columbia whitecheckeredskipper pholisora flatwingedskipper pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper picnic nm hexapoda pyrgusalbescens texas arthropod juvenalsduskywing arizona 2013 cristalinojunglelodge pholisoracatullus longtailedskipper ilovenature northerncloudywing spialia white spring blue june

Pairs: 18 hesperiidae,pyrginae 16 butterfly,hesperiidae butterfly,pyrginae 13 brown,butterfly bmna,brown brown,pyrginae brown,hesperiidae 11 brown,midsize 8 bmna,butterfly 7 butterfly,skipper butterfly,erynnis

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