america animalia arthropoda black bmna brown butterflies butterfly cincinnati dorsal duskywing epargyreusclarus erynnis erynnishoratius farfalla france georgia hesperiidae hesperioidea hespérie horacesduskywing insect insecta insects languedoc lepidoptera longtailedskipper mariposa midsize nature papillon peru pyrginae pyrgini pyrgus richhoyer schmetterling silverspottedskipper skipper skippers small spreadwingskippers tx urbanus urbanusproteus

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lHesprie de l'Alce_150627_Castelou (f.chabardes) Tags: france juin aude languedoc insectes faune 2015 hesperiidae mallowskipper 2t pyrginae lpidoptres arthropodes narbonnais invertebres 007albumdenature 005albumdelieux macrolpidoptres papillonsdejour endopterygote lhespriedelalce 013datation lagunesdelanarbonnaise grandcastelou papillondelr carcharodusalceaeesp
Pyrgus andromedae - L'Hesprie des frimas ou L'Hesprie de Wallengren - Alpine Grizzled Skipper - 29/06/15 (Philippe_Boissel) Tags: france europe insects papillon savoie courchevel hesperiidae rhnealpes pyrginae 2054 hesprie rhopalocre alpinegrizzledskipper pyrgusandromedae hespriedesfrimas lhespriedesfrimas lhespriedewallengren hespriedewallengren
Grizzled Skipper - Pyrgus malvae 4a (Dluogs) Tags: nature butterfly insect geotagged chalk skipper hampshire lepidoptera winchester grassland scrub britishwildlife hesperiidae grizzledskipper pyrginae pyrgusmalvae brownfieldsite pyrgini geo:country=england bushfieldcamp taxonomy:binomial=pyrgusmalvae dluogs geo:county=hampshire geo:region=europe taxonomy:common=grizzledskipper geo:lat=51044 geo:lon=13324
Horace's duskywing (cricketsblog) Tags: lepidoptera animalia arthropoda insecta hesperiidae pterygota horacesduskywing erynnishoratius pyrginae erynnis hesperioidea taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:family=hesperiidae taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:subclass=pterygota taxonomy:subfamily=pyrginae taxonomy:binomial=erynnishoratius taxonomy:genus=erynnis taxonomy:superfamily=hesperioidea erynnini taxonomy:tribe=erynnini taxonomy:species=horatius taxonomy:common=horacesduskywing
DSW_4271a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect tx skipper 2010 hesperiidae pyrginae lavianawhiteskipper whiteskipper heliopetes heliopeteslaviana taxonomy:binomial=heliopeteslaviana
Horace's Duskywing 232.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna horacesduskywing erynnishoratius duskywing pyrginae erynnis woodlandmound hamiltoncountyparks
Antigonus erosus, Common Spurwing (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru hesperiidae madrededios pyrginae richhoyer carcharodini
Propertius Duskywing, Erynnis propertius, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: ca brown june female butterfly midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing pyrginae erynnis erynnispropertius propertiusduskywing hesperioidea propertius pyrgini bamona1995 allleps7520
Pyrgus Riograndense (Gustavo Fernando Durn) Tags: brazil naturaleza nature brasil america butterfly insect amrica natureza gimp lepidoptera mariposa riograndedosul insecto hesperiidae lepidptero pyrgus pyrginae rograndedelsur ditrisio panasoniclumixdmcfz150
Pythonides herennius (Birdernaturalist) Tags: hesperiidae pyrginae achlyodidini
Sage Skipper- Muschampia proto (linanjohn) Tags: france macro nature wildlife butterflies insects lepidoptera provence var borboletas skippers papillons hesperiidae pyrginae saintebaume sageskipper muschampiaproto
DSW_4210a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect tx skipper 2010 hesperiidae pyrginae chiomaraasychis chiomara whitepatchedskipper
Chioides catillus, hesprie porte queue, Kourou, Guyane - French Guiana 080509 (alapi973) Tags: butterfly skipper papillon kourou amazonia guyane hesperiidae pyrginae frenchguiana neotropical hesprie chioidescatillus hespries
Pyrgus malvae ? (PITUSA 2) Tags: espaa canon lepidoptera galicia mariposa pitusa lugo animalia arthropoda bolboreta insecta hesperiidae ocourel pyrgus pyrginae hesperioidea ditrysia malvae heteroneura glossata pyrgini elsabusto
Horace's Duskywing_1205 (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly cincinnati butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna horacesduskywing erynnishoratius duskywing pyrginae erynnis woodlandmound hamiltoncountyparks
Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper- Pyrgus armoricanus (linanjohn) Tags: france macro nature wildlife butterflies insects lepidoptera provence var borboletas skippers papillons hesperiidae pyrgus pyrginae saintebaume grizzledskippers
Pyrgus orcus (Gustavo Fernando Durn) Tags: naturaleza santafe nature argentina america amrica natureza gimp ciudad lepidoptera hesperiidae lepidptero pyrgus pyrginae santafedelaveracruz orcus lacapital canonpowershots3is pyrgusorcus
Northern Cloudywing (jforb) Tags: butterfly acton hesperiidae middlesexcounty pyrginae thorybes fortpondbrook
Common Checkered-Skipper 204.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown white butterfly picnic cincinnati small littlemiamiriver hesperiidae bmna pyrguscommunis commoncheckeredskipper pyrgus pyrginae ottoarmlederpark armlederpark ottoarmledermemorialpark hamiltoncountyparkdistrict
Wild Indigo Duskywing (lycaenidae_nm) Tags: lepidoptera hesperiidae wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae hesperioidea occoquannwr
Common Sootywing_1486 (Henryr10) Tags: black butterfly cincinnati small butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling littlemiamiriver hesperiidae bmna pyrginae commonsootywing pholisoracatullus pholisora sootywing ottoarmlederpark armlederpark ottoarmledermemorialpark hamiltoncountyparkdistrict
Long-tailed Skipper (Toxostoma) Tags: brown butterfly october small fl hesperiidae bmna ventral longtailedskipper urbanusproteus pyrginae urbanus
Tropical Checkered-Skipper (Saveena (AKA LHDugger)) Tags: wild brown white plant nature fauna butterfly bug insect spring flora nikon texas tx small gray skipper spot hesperiidae pyrginae pyrgusoileus tropicalcheckeredskipper oldrileyfuzzelroadpreserve canoelaunchspringcreekgreenway springcreekgreenway d300s spreadwingskipperfamily
Long-tailed Skipper (Roy Cohutta) Tags: nature ecology georgia butterflies conservation lepidoptera albany physiography dougherty skippers cohutta ellijay hesperiidae longtailedskipper urbanusproteus spreadwingskippers pyrginae physiographic roybrown roybrownphotography roycohutta
Basking (martytdx) Tags: brown butterfly adult nj skipper insects midsize tomsriver silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna ventral spreadwingskippers pyrginae epargyreus may2011 lakehurstrailroad lakehurstrr
Juvenal's Duskywing (fbc57) Tags: vermont butterflies insects lepidoptera swanton skippers pyrginae juvenalsduskywing erynnisjuvenalis spreadwingedskippers missisquoinwr maquamcreektrail
The Chestnut Angle -  (Angiud on the field now) Tags: thailand butterflies lepidoptera chiangdao hesperiidae pyrginae odontoptilumangulatumangulatum thechestnutangle
NaBo11_d60_4827a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect skipper botswana elfin 2011 hesperiidae pyrginae sarangesa sarangesaphidyle orangeflat smallelfin
Antigonus decens, Manu Spreadwing (Birdernaturalist) Tags: peru skipper hesperiidae madrededios pyrginae pyrgini richhoyer
CAB015996a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect skipper nm cloudywing hesperiidae pyrginae 2013 northerncloudywing thorybes thorybespylades oteroco
Hesprie de l'Epiaire_141007_Tournebelle (f.chabardes) Tags: france bird aude oiseau languedoc insectes octobre 2014 faune charadriiformes 4t hesperiidae greatskua stercorariusskua pyrginae lpidoptres arthropodes narbonnais grandlabbe invertebres marbledskipper 007albumdenature 005albumdelieux macrolpidoptres papillonsdejour endopterygote 013datation stercorariids tournebelle lagunesdelanarbonnaise papillondulanguedocroussillon parcnatuffrelregionaldelanarbonnaise carcharoduslavatheraeesp lhespriedelepiaire
Funereal Duskywing, Erynnis funeralis, female (Bill Bouton) Tags: november brown female butterfly tx small dorsal funereal hesperiidae bmna duskywing pyrginae erynnis hesperioidea funeralis funerealduskywing erynnisfuneralis pyrgini bamona2003 allleps7487
Common Mylon (Mylon maimon)? (macronyx) Tags: peru butterfly insect butterflies insects papillon mariposa sommerfugl schmetterling farfalle fjril hesperiidae mylon pyrginae perhoset mylonmaimon commonmylon blackvainedmylon errynini
Duskywing - Juvenal's (Roy Cohutta) Tags: georgia albany dougherty spreadwing skippers cohutta ellijay hesperiidae duskywing pyrginae erynnis juvenals juvenalis roybrown roybrownphotography roycohutta
Golden Banded-Skipper (Toxostoma) Tags: black yellow butterfly ar dorsal midsize hesperiidae blackandyellow bmna pyrginae goldenbandedskipper autochtoncellus autochton
Shine On Skipper (Steve Kacir) Tags: butterfly insect de skipper lepidoptera arthropoda arthropod insecta kentcounty silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae pyrginae bombayhooknwr finispool eudamini
Pythonides jovianus jovianus (Stoll, 1782) - macho (wolfwalz) Tags: pyrginae Taxonomy:Class=insecta Taxonomy:Order=lepidoptera Taxonomy:kingdom=animalia Taxonomy:Family=hesperiidae Taxonomy:Phylum=arthropoda pythonides jovianus pythonidesjovianus Taxonomy:Superfamily=hesperinoidea
A Different Point-of-View (martytdx) Tags: brown butterfly insect skipper august pa dorsal butterflybush midsize silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae bmna foldedwingskipper pyrginae epargyreus lifelistbutterfly
Astraptes fulgerator, Trsor, Guyane, 300808 (alapi973) Tags: butterfly skipper papillon amazonia guyane hesperiidae pyrginae frenchguiana neotropical astraptesfulgerator astraptes hesprie
Wild Indigo Duskywing 036.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: brown butterfly butterflies papillon mariposa farfalla schmetterling midsize hesperiidae bmna duskywing wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae pyrginae erynnis
Jemadia hewitsoni (Birdernaturalist) Tags: matogrosso cristalino hesperiidae pyrginae pyrrhopygini cristalinojunglelodge richhoyer
Dreamy (martytdx) Tags: brown black butterfly adult small nj skipper insects dorsal skippers pennsville hesperiidae bmna spreadwingskippers duskywing pyrginae erynnis dreamyduskywing lifelistbutterfly erynnisicelus supawnameadowsnwr
Erynnis funeralis, Funereal Duskywing (Birdernaturalist) Tags: butterfly mexico bajacaliforniasur pyrginae richhoyer erynnini
CU12_1406a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect cuba skipper 2012 hesperiidae pyrginae cabarespotrillo potrilloskipper cabares
Silver-spotted Skipper (Epargyreus clarus) (kecheeks803) Tags: butterfly georgia purple skipper silverspottedskipper epargyreusclarus hesperiidae pyrginae burkecounty photocontesttnc12
Juvenal's Duskywing, Erynnis j. juvenalis, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: brown male mi butterfly may dorsal midsize hesperiidae bmna pyrginae juvenalsduskywing erynnisjuvenalis erynnis hesperioidea juvenalis pyrgini bamona1993 allleps7496
Eagris sabadius (MikeReunion) Tags: africa lepidoptera papillon runion afrique pyrginae reunin {vision}:{outdoor}=0879
CU12_1549a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect cuba skipper 2012 hesperiidae longtailedskipper urbanusproteus pyrginae urbanus commonlongtailedskipper
Urbanus proteus on yellow buttons (Sharpj99) Tags: lepidoptera animalia arthropoda insecta hesperiidae longtailedskipper urbanusproteus pyrginae urbanus hesperioidea taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:family=hesperiidae taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:genus=urbanus taxonomy:species=proteus taxonomy:binomial=urbanusproteus taxonomy:subfamily=pyrginae taxonomy:superfamily=hesperioidea taxonomy:common=longtailedskipper
Pyrgus albescens, White Checkered-Skipper (Birdernaturalist) Tags: skipper hesperiidae pyrginae pyrgini

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50 pyrginae 46 hesperiidae 29 butterfly 17 skipper 14 lepidoptera 13 bmna 12 brown insect 10 butterflies 9 erynnis papillon 8 midsize 7 mariposa duskywing nature hesperioidea insects pyrgini 6 skippers small 5 pyrgus france dorsal schmetterling 4 urbanusproteus farfalla richhoyer silverspottedskipper cincinnati epargyreusclarus tx longtailedskipper arthropoda insecta 3 peru urbanus black georgia hespérie erynnishoratius horacesduskywing spreadwingskippers animalia lifelistbutterfly roycohutta lépidoptères female woodlandmound juvenalis lepidóptero faune taxonomy:kingdom=animalia littlemiamiriver insectes neotropical guyane ventral 2010 lagunesdelanarbonnaise wildindigoduskywing erynnisbaptisiae papillonsdejour roybrown arthropodes languedoc america adult armlederpark cohutta amazonia macro epargyreus ottoarmledermemorialpark var roybrownphotography gimp taxonomy:superfamily=hesperioidea cuba wildlife erynnisjuvenalis provence ottoarmlederpark naturaleza hamiltoncountyparkdistrict 2012 borboletas taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda américa nj invertebres erynnini frenchguiana juvenalsduskywing papillons taxonomy:family=hesperiidae aude macrolépidoptères 007albumdenature albany endopterygote hamiltoncountyparks saintebaume 005albumdelieux taxonomy:subfamily=pyrginae white 013datation

Pairs: 19 hesperiidae,pyrginae butterfly,pyrginae 18 butterfly,hesperiidae 12 pyrginae,skipper hesperiidae,skipper 11 butterfly,skipper 9 bmna,brown brown,pyrginae brown,hesperiidae brown,butterfly 8 hesperiidae,insect

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