05m 120 1m 28 500c 500cm 6x6 80mm 80mmf28 analog blackwhite bokeh bw c camera carlzeiss closeup day dof ektacolorpro160 f28 film fuji girl hasselblad hasselblad500cm hk hongkong iso100 japan kodak light macro mediumformat misu nature planar proxar rolleiflex spring square t tlr trees zeiss

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Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind. If you log into Flickr you will see your private photos and larger thumbnails. Hivemind: http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/proxar Hits: 614 Pages: 13 Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr photography database. Where do these thumbnails come from? How are the photos licensed?
Hasselblad CFV-50c (Camera of Bob) Tags: zeiss c hasselblad f28 planar 80mm proxar cfv50c
Korean corn tea (TAT_hase!) Tags: cafe kyoto tea hasselblad  cf planar 80mm carlzeiss  proxar  503cxi
 (domenickv) Tags: 100mm d76 hasselblad v700 proxar 400tmy
Kortedala (ordfabriken) Tags: 6x6 closeup mediumformat hasselblad kortedala calbe proxar kodaktrix320 ilfostop autaut ilfordfixer rodinalclone expiredfilm proxarf1m lighttrapleak lightleak hasselblad500cm planar2 880
duo (enrico cinti) Tags: zeiss jena m 02 carl 12 58mm biotar eica proxar typ240
what am i? (nighstar) Tags: trees bw 120 film nature closeup mediumformat iso100 blackwhite hasselblad bark 500c sap proxar planar80mm
these two were meant to meet: postapalooza #6 (manyfires) Tags: pink macro film closeup analog mediumformat square spring tulips blossom bokeh hasselblad tulip bloom woodburn woodenshoetulipfestival hasselblad500cm proxar
 (Lefty Jor) Tags: street hk love 120 6x6 film cat t hongkong kiss day dof kodak ground hasselblad planar 500cm carlzeiss proxar 80mmf28 ektacolorpro160
the fragrance of lupine: postapalooza #26 (manyfires) Tags: sun film closeup oregon analog mediumformat square spring hasselblad pacificnorthwest pnw lupine balsamroot hasselblad500cm rowenacrest proxar
My Queen (Lefty Jordan) Tags: hk 120 6x6 film girl t hongkong day dof kodak earring queen hasselblad crown misu planar lightroom 500cm carlzeiss proxar 80mmf28 ektacolorpro160
*45 lovers (diamond_manjyu) Tags: rolleiflex portra160nc proxar naniwacolor
 (kureyuzu) Tags: film kodak hasselblad portra160 proxar cf120mm
Procrastinating (Seriously People) Tags: 120 6x6 film mediumformat kodak analogue expired plusx px125 lc29 proxar ilfotec hasselblad503cx 60mmcf
Contaflex prima (Rodrigobt) Tags: camera zeiss camara contaflex proxar pantar rodrigobravo
Washing Up I (oceanheadted) Tags: blackandwhite 120 mediumformat t dirty hasselblad hp5 knives washingup planar 80mm 500cm push1 proxar 88minutes emofin autaut
Soup (Richard Micco) Tags: tomato soup fuji hasselblad rap campbells astia 100f proxar 500elm
Misuflex (Lefty Jor) Tags: camera light shadow hk 120 6x6 tlr film girl rolleiflex lens t hongkong day photographer dof dress kodak hasselblad misu planar 500cm carlzeiss proxar 80mmf28 28d ektacolorpro160
A Pair of Pears (Xenotar28) Tags: window table book morninglight venetianblinds 28 f4 planar 80mm carlzeiss proxar twopears
Lock - N&W (photo_secessionist) Tags: bw macro 120 6x6 tlr film rollei analog rolleiflex mediumformat blackwhite nw lock tripod railway naturallight trains bn german standard ilford fp4 braunschweig greyscale selfdeveloped proxar newstandard frankeheidecke standardk2model622 rollinar2
Hardworking (Lefty Jordan) Tags: 120 6x6 film girl pen writing t xpro crossprocessed day fuji dof bokeh taiwan slide hasselblad note taichung expired provia100f misu planar  500cm rdp carlzeiss proxar 80mmf28
 (ricky nyhoff) Tags: closeup corn ryan 28 hassleblad portrat 80mm 500cm proxar proxar05
water*earth*air (nighstar) Tags: bw plant 120 6x6 film nature mediumformat iso100 blackwhite feather shell hasselblad 500c seashell acros100 proxar planar80mm
108_500CM_012 (cslin_hugh) Tags: 120 film cat diy kodak hugh oct hasselblad tmax100 500cm closeuplens 2011 05x proxar sify hughlin 201110
Frhling (Drte Krell) Tags: bw 6x6 tlr coffee analog mediumformat minolta sw mf neopan acros autocord caffenol rokkor proxar finegrain vision:mountain=0756 vision:sky=0699 vision:outdoor=0705
 (yokko..) Tags: flower 120 6x6 film japan cherry t tokyo spring blossom hasselblad  sakura planar hassel carlzeiss proxar 503cx  pro160ns planarcff2880mm
 (nogofu) Tags: autumn bw 120 6x6 monochrome japan mediumformat kodak tmax c hasselblad 400 500c f28 1m planar tmy 80mm carlzeiss proxar selfdev
Afternoon Tea () Tags: 120 6x6 film t kodak hasselblad ektachrome e6 e200 closeupfilter proxar 05m b60
 (nogofu) Tags: bw 120 6x6 monochrome mediumformat kodak tmax c hasselblad 400 500c f28 1m planar tmy 80mm carlzeiss proxar selfdev
 (kureyuzu) Tags: film flickr kodak hasselblad ektar proxar c150mm
I went looking for a turtle and found a tree instead (Zeb Andrews) Tags: tree film leaves oregon square graffiti ruins hasselblad pacificnorthwest closefocus vernonia proxar bluemooncamera kudostoanyonewhoactuallygetsthereferenceinthetitle andbasedongraffitithatonceexistedherebutdoesntanymore
//// /////// /// / //// (David Adam Salinas) Tags: camping trees 120 film nature analog crossprocessed filters garnerstatepark hasselblad500cm proxar homeprocessed davidsalinas 80mm28distagonzeiss
Proxar. (yoco_) Tags: hasselblad500cm proxar canoneoskissx5
 (ichigonotsukikage) Tags: bw japan zeiss tokyo hasselblad 500c f28 planar   80mm tmx  2011 proxar
Inside old factory (bolas) Tags: 6x6 mediumformat poland rolleicord fomapan pabianice proxar triotar
CF006609 (dodaifoto) Tags: hasselblad 500c f28 2m 1m planar 80mm carlzeiss nont phaseone proxar p30
 (platto) Tags: light plants hasselblad greenhouse dew botanicalgarden nepenthes planar 80mm proxar
greek coffee cup (triebensee) Tags: zeiss hasselblad sonar f4 kodaktmax400 500cm sonnar 150mm proxar
I obtained an old, but wonderful lenses (^o^)/ (potopoto53age) Tags: japan digital zeiss 28mm hasselblad carl ricoh f28 yamanashi planar kofu 80mm 500cm hassel f24 hasselblad500cm nont proxar b57 f2m carlzeissplanar80mmf28 grdigital2 ricohgrdigitalii28mmf24 f1m f05m iobtainedanold wonderfullenseso
Kitchen Still Life (oceanheadted) Tags: blackandwhite stilllife bread t fuji stock hasselblad epson breadboard planar acros xtol 80mm 500cm v500 proxar 21c 05m
Little Moss, Big Fingers (clhxine) Tags: seattle macro moss finger proxar yeppartofmyfingerisactuallyoverthemoss idothinkpartofmyfingermightbeclosertothecamerathanthemossthough nonethelessthisisverysmallmoss
Hassy Oda (kjetilrostad) Tags: dog hasselblad 28 chinesecrested 80mm 500cm oda 400h proxar fuji400h
Scannen 2 (doc-harvey) Tags: bw tree spring kodak hasselblad leafs tmax100 planar 80mm proxar bwfp hwschlaefer
Color Experiment (Xenotar28) Tags: book cellphone bouncedflash proxar carzeiss80mm28
 (g~) Tags: wood closeup 50mm pentax box domino hoya proxar k100d
Untitled-5 (_do0d_) Tags: sun 120 6x6 film haze kodak hasselblad 160vc portra 80mm 500cm proxar plannarc
 (macro, micro, marco) Tags: kodakportra400vc hasselblad500cm proxar epsonv600 10035ct
Marinich (_do0d_) Tags: portrait bw men 120 6x6 film kodak hasselblad 1m 80mm 500cm proxar plannarc
J (Lefty Jor) Tags: camera light shadow red hk 120 6x6 film girl hat hair t hongkong day photographer dof kodak bokeh hasselblad misu planar 500cm carlzeiss proxar 80mmf28 ektacolorpro160
Lunch (oceanheadted) Tags: red green rollei bread t lunch iso100 tomatoes hasselblad epson planar 80mm 500cm ektar c41 homedeveloped v500 proxar 38degrees 05m digibase
Close up (Michael Caster) Tags: film hasselblad 80mm proxar

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50 proxar 35 hasselblad 21 film 19 planar 18 120 80mm 17 6x6 15 500cm 14 kodak 12 mediumformat 11 carlzeiss 10 t 9 bw 6 f28 hasselblad500cm 500c zeiss closeup 5 analog day dof 80mmf28 4 misu ektacolorpro160 hk hongkong girl 1m japan spring 3 light nature bokeh square c fuji camera tlr 05m 28 rolleiflex macro blackwhite iso100 trees blossom tmax100 rollei tmy epson autaut crossprocessed selfdev monochrome carl 400 sun photographer hassel cat v500 expired book acros red blackandwhite oregon planar80mm tree bread 2011 plannarc ektar pacificnorthwest f4 nont shadow tmax tokyo idothinkpartofmyfingermightbeclosertothecamerathanthemossthough 38degrees hat autumn davidsalinas coffee sonar 台中 赤城神社 closeupfilter soup corn typ240 plusx portra lc29 ground f05m selfdeveloped pantar ”expiredfilm” homedeveloped v700 campbells f1m 400tmy analogue astia 京都 vision:outdoor=0705 px125 german phaseone ilfostop note woodburn seattle pro160ns chinesecrested ruins wonderfullenseso 80mm28distagonzeiss crown garnerstatepark dress hugh standardk2model622 ”lighttrapleak” leafs k100d 12 autocord xpro 160vc haze portra160nc epsonv600 lightleak” sw caffenol 50mm acros100 ilfotec bluemooncamera ilfordfixer cf ilford cellphone yeppartofmyfingerisactuallyoverthemoss vision:mountain=0756 pnw finegrain kodaktrix320 iobtainedanold bouncedflash p30 camping dirty 神楽坂 pen tea digibase 河津桜 vision:sky=0699 fp4 men 60mmcf ricohgrdigitalii28mmf24 andbasedongraffitithatonceexistedherebutdoesntanymore rodrigobravo rokkor canoneoskissx5 grdigital2 morninglight pink 500elm 201110 c41 rodinalclone pentax plant carzeiss80mm28 shell railway rolleicord tulip 10035ct m sify kudostoanyonewhoactuallygetsthereferenceinthetitle breadboard taichung table slide green greyscale earring portrat portra160 28mm digital knives 150mm mf tripod sap neopan 2m hp5 provia100f bark hassleblad kodakportra400vc hughlin nw camara flickr hwschlaefer window lunch jena ”proxarf1m” kofu vernonia woodenshoetulipfestival cafe xtol 02 b57 balsamroot feather trains push1 braunschweig cherry 100mm twopears ”planar2 sonnar tulips 880” plants closeuplens eica lupine 400h leaves poland d76 tomato hoya 100f triotar ryan oda venetianblinds kortedala filters botanicalgarden biotar プロクサー newstandard diy graffiti love wood carlzeissplanar80mmf28 washingup 水琴窟の音が涼しげ。 e6 lock street proxar05 ”hasselblad500cm” nonethelessthisisverysmallmoss flower stilllife 28d 503cxi bloom cf120mm 503cx lens コーン茶 writing 58mm bn カフェ minolta closefocus fomapan planarcff2880mm queen finger kodaktmax400 box rap seashell dog calbe taiwan f2m nepenthes

Pairs: 14 hasselblad,proxar 12 film,proxar 10 film,hasselblad 9 120,proxar 8 120,film 80mm,hasselblad 7 120,hasselblad bw,proxar film,kodak kodak,proxar 6 hasselblad,kodak

Users: Lefty Jor 3 oceanheadted nogofu Xenotar28 nighstar _do0d_ manyfires kureyuzu Lefty Jordan cslin_hugh platto Michael Caster yoco_ domenickv clhxine Dörte Krell ichigonotsukikage macro, micro, marco Camera of Bob bolas doc-harvey Seriously People potopoto53age David Adam Salinas g~ ordfabriken yokko.. enrico cinti ricky nyhoff kjetilrostad 命は美しい Richard Micco diamond_manjyu photo_secessionist Zeb Andrews triebensee TAT_hase! dodaifoto Rodrigobt

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