14mm 35mm 85mm abr800 alienbee angle b1600 backdrop blog bokeh d3 d800 dof edmcgowan edward f18 f2 f28 fashion hair isayx3 light mcgowan model natural nikkor nikon octabox onelight plainjoe plainjoephotoblogcom plainjoestudios pocket portrait sb800 seamless sigma softlighter strobist studios test tones ultra wide wizard

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Lazy Sunday (isayx3) Tags: house umbrella toy pull nikon shoot dof lego bokeh bbq push shallow studios f28 43 80200mm thru onelight sb800 strobist plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Gray, TN (isayx3) Tags: autumn fall church leaves nikon tn angle tennessee gray wide sigma chapel studios ultra f28 hdr d3 14mm plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Sonalii (isayx3) Tags: fashion grey blog model nikon dof 85mm edward actress overalls backdrop ladder f18 18 tones depth castillo seamless d800 mcgowan onelight pocketwizard strobist b1600 sonalii isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Labels Lie Campaign - Portrait 2 (isayx3) Tags: portrait bw detail texture 35mm nikon box dramatic textures lie labels f2 nikkor studios campaign d3 sb800 pocketwizards strobist plainjoe potsc stripbox peopleofthesecondchance isayx3 jessicadrossin plainjoephotoblogcom stevejewel
Waverly 2 (isayx3) Tags: test fashion model nikon wizard alien august bee pocket nikkor f28 rosalie d800 80200 mcgowan onelight boyda strobist noties b1600 softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios edwardmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom
Lauren (isayx3) Tags: chicago lauren ford fashion studio model nikon models johnson 85mm backdrop f18 tones b4 nous britt eyeliner d800 freepeople onelight plainjoe softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom isayx
Where the Wild Things Smoke (isayx3) Tags: wild portrait nikon cigar things smoking 24mm nikkor studios alienbee wherethewildthingsare f28 d3 onelight afd strobist b1600 plainjoe octabox lindavistahospital laurenrandolph isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Sonalii (isayx3) Tags: portrait hair blog nikon dof bokeh grain 85mm f18 alienbee d800 onelight f18d pocketwizards strobist b1600 octabox isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom sonaliicastillo
The Ollie (isayx3) Tags: wood fence nikon flash aaron ring ollie skate skateboard spitfire trucks extension 24mm nikkor studios alienbee tones f28 d3 ringflash tensor kenko 14x abr800 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Bridget (isayx3) Tags: light portrait 50mm sweater model nikon natural emma bridget teen agency watson nous d800 satterlee nomakeup wideopen f14g plainjoe isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Riding on the Metro (isayx3) Tags: train 35mm subway mouse hongkong nikon hand metro bokeh disneyland empty railway disney mickey outoffocus ear strap f2 nikkor d800 oof isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Brandon Crouch (isayx3) Tags: portrait 35mm nikon f2 dual pocket nikkor studios pastor d3 wizards minstry sb800 strobist plainjoe potsc stripbox peopleofthesecondchance isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom brandoncrouch
Richard & Shirley - engaged (isayx3) Tags: light portrait field bike 35mm vintage golden engagement nikon natural lifestyle f2 nikkor studios d3 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Hot Stuff (isayx3) Tags: hot cafe nikon chili vietnamese dof bokeh sauce 28mm sigma depthoffield af resturant pasadena f18 studios tones d3 sriracha saigonnoodle plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Focus (isayx3) Tags: blue sea beach water nikon dof sandiego bokeh 85mm retro telescope shallow nikkor f18 studios tones d3 seaportvillage viewfinder hbw plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Eden - Flare (isayx3) Tags: portrait sun senior girl 35mm nikon glare flare f2 studios d3 46 onelight sunpak 120j strobist plainjoe softlighter isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
New York 2011 (isayx3) Tags: park city nyc newyork blog nikon state manhattan budget cab taxi 28mm central sigma timesquare empire f18 studios tones d3 aspherical plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Jenna (isayx3) Tags: portrait jenna fashion studio blog nikon background flash clean backdrop tones seamless strobe d800 80200mm onelight saff rembrant pocketwizards strobist octobox ab1600 octabox isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Rachel (isayx3) Tags: portrait fashion blog rachel model nikon dof wizard alien depthoffield bee 55mm pocket ryanne d800 f12 onelight strobist octobox clisby b1600 octabox isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Island Heat (isayx3) Tags: beauty fashion magazine nikon dish wizard alien makeup july august bee solstice mf pocket retouch gel f28 135mm d800 sb800 strobist isayx3 plainjoestudios edwardmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom cocoeco valndobson
Day 7: Xi'an - City Wall (isayx3) Tags: china city trip travel wall project nikon angle bokeh wide culture sigma xian nikkor fortification ming ultra f28 dynasty d800 14mm plainjoephotoblogcom
Aurelia Aurita (moon jelly) (isayx3) Tags: desktop wallpaper moon losangeles nikon jellyfish background sigma center science aurelia expositionpark f28 d3 14mm aurita plainjoephotoblogcom
Boxee Box (isayx3) Tags: wallpaper digital wednesday 50mm nikon media dof bokeh box f14 nikkor studios tones receiver multimedia streaming d3 afs dlink hbw f14g plainjoe boee boxee isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Lauryn (isayx3) Tags: test fashion sisters hair blog model nikon wizard 85mm testing edward willow agency denim pocket f18 lauryn d800 mcgowan onelight managment strobist abr800 softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom ujkic
Sunset Lounge (isayx3) Tags: california christmas sunset red bar 35mm lights hotel chair nikon dof bokeh lounge f2 nikkor studios atrium irvine d3 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Lauryn (isayx3) Tags: test fashion shirt sisters hair blog model nikon wizard 85mm testing edward willow agency pocket f18 lauryn d800 mcgowan onelight managment strobist abr800 softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom ujkic
Buca De Beppo (isayx3) Tags: light table pepper cafe italian nikon dof salt 85mm resturant nikkor f18 studios d3 bucadebeppo ambiant plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Fisherman's wharf - SF (isayx3) Tags: show sanfrancisco carnival nikon puppet sigma tent faux fishermanswharf studios tilt 16mm f28 d3 tiltshift plainjoe laurenlemon isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Family Christmas 2010 (isayx3) Tags: christmas xmas family boy portrait holiday girl cookies mom baking nikon daughter scene 24mm pocket studios f28 60 47 d3 wizards sunpak sb800 120j strobist plainjoe softlighter isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
55mm F1.2 portrait test shot (isayx3) Tags: light portrait girl nikon dof child natural bokeh 55mm shallow nikkor d3 f12 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort (isayx3) Tags: bar hotel nikon hand 5 palmsprings sigma resort lobby starbucks held studios f28 hdr marriot d3 exposures 14mm tonemapping plainjoe palmdessert isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Chronicle (isayx3) Tags: pictures movie blog nikon shift sigma wideangle scene fox concept powers tilt d3 chronicle glasseye tiltshift abilities 14mm isayx3 edmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom
A Day in Hong Kong #2 (Jrme Castilloux) Tags: china sky up buildings asian hongkong blog nikon angle bladerunner extreme wide sigma flare ultra f28 d800 14mm isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Johnny Pag Jr. (isayx3) Tags: portrait 35mm john nikon shoot flag garage motorcycles environmental company american workshop single johnny motor f2 pag strobe d800 thru lathe onelight sb800 plainjoe isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
AirTrain (isayx3) Tags: sanfrancisco people subway airport nikon bart sigma wideangle airtrain studios f28 d3 14mm bayarearapidtransit plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Allison (isayx3) Tags: white texture make up fashion wall studio nikon einstein canvas alena z tones nous f28 d3 eyeliner plm 80200mm onelight plainjoe softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom isayx noelcarlsen allisonholton
Britt (isayx3) Tags: winter white make up fashion studio sweater nikon 85mm canvas cap backdrop f18 beanie tones b4 nous britt eyeliner plm d800 freepeople onelight profoto koth strobist plainjoe softlighter brittkoth isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom isayx
Alison - Outtake (isayx3) Tags: portrait fashion 35mm asian outdoors japanese model nikon wizard chinese vision f2 freckles pocket nikkor pomona alison banks photek d800 mcgowan vagabond onelight strobist b1600 softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Bradbury Building (isayx3) Tags: stairs self losangeles nikon downtown angle bladerunner flash wide broadway sigma architectural historic edward sp castiron bradburybuilding studios elevators f8 ultra f28 d3 steampunk selfie uwa 14mm pocketwizard plainjoe isayx3 edmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom
The Long and Winding Road (isayx3) Tags: santa tree field clouds 35mm nikon rosa f2 nikkor plains studios barrens d3 murrieta santarosaplateau plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Kelly - Washed-out technique (isayx3) Tags: light portrait nikon natural couch kelly nikkor studios alienbee f28 d3 80200 onelight strobist ab1600 plainjoe octabox isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Happy Holidays 2011 (isayx3) Tags: christmas xmas family portrait white kids store nikon 85mm backdrop macys catalog nikkor f18 alienbee department seamless d3 reflector strobe onelight pocketwizard strobist octobox b1600 octabox isayx3 edmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom
Avengers Figure - Iron Man (isayx3) Tags: light 35mm nikon mark ironman armor actionfigures setup f2 nikkor marvel softbox vii d3 avengers hasbro sb800 strobist edmcgowan plainjoephotoblogcom toyisayx3
Sonalii (isayx3) Tags: nikon d800 85mm f18 actress model sonalii castillo lifestyle hair bokeh dof edward mcgowan b1600 strobist onelight octabox octobox pocket wizard fashion blog plainjoephotoblogcom isayx3 plainjoestudios
Lindsey (isayx3) Tags: fashion hair blog model nikon wizard 85mm edward management willow lindsey pocket f18 bautista d800 mcgowan onelight amyclarke dianalopez strobist abr800 mccartin softlighter aaronkim isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Laura (isayx3) Tags: blue portrait test black laura fashion paper anne grey blog model eyes nikon long flash testing f28 60 seamless strobe d800 80200mm onelight rembrant pocketwizards strobist abr800 isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom softligther
Jamie (isayx3) Tags: fashion hair blog model nikon jamie wind wizard models 85mm edward otto pocket f18 d800 mcgowan onelight strobist abr800 softlighter isayx3 plainjoestudios plainjoephotoblogcom
Laura (isayx3) Tags: nikon d800 55mm f18 natural light model lauralong sit portrait cute 60s retro ginger wall wood black white bw grain blog plainjoephotoblogcom isayx3 plainjoestudios
Coke Zero (isayx3) Tags: 50mm bottle nikon soft dof cola drink bokeh top f14 smooth coke pepsi nikkor studios tones zero d3 afs f14g plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom
Los Angeles (isayx3) Tags: california city light cars painting la losangeles nikon long exposure downtown angle wide environmental overpass sigma freeway studios ultra f28 d3 14mm ubran plainjoe isayx3 plainjoephotoblogcom

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50 plainjoephotoblogcom nikon 47 isayx3 29 plainjoe 28 d3 23 studios strobist 21 onelight plainjoestudios d800 19 nikkor 18 f28 17 portrait 15 fashion f18 14 blog 13 model 12 sigma 85mm dof 11 bokeh pocket tones softlighter 10 f2 35mm 9 14mm wizard 8 light mcgowan b1600 7 sb800 edward octabox 6 abr800 hair 5 alienbee backdrop angle wide natural ultra 4 nous test octobox flash studio white seamless 80200mm pocketwizards edmcgowan strobe 3 wall eyeliner 50mm up city girl f14g bee 55mm agency isayx shallow alien losangeles christmas testing 24mm pocketwizard willow subway hbw background ab1600 sisters managment peopleofthesecondchance freepeople xmas family california f12 china wallpaper sonalii models lifestyle retro hand bar britt sweater b4 60 lauryn make august 28mm potsc

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