carnaval costumes dayofthecrazies diadeloslocos door doorway entry fenster fenêtre festival finestra fotosdesanmigueldeallende i iron janela junefestivalsinmexico masks messico mexicanfestival mexico mexiko mexique mura muro méxico orange parade pared photosbydonnacleveland photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosofsanmigueldeallende porta porte puerta stairs stucco ventana wall window wroughtiron © ミニマリズム メキシコ 墨西哥

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mural detail / david alfaro siqueiros (msdonnalee) Tags: muro texture wall mexico pared mural bellasartes mexican mexique mura stucco mexiko exconvent lasmonjas blackandbrown mexicanmural mexicanmuralist photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland muralatbellasartes davidalfarosiqueirosmuralist wellknownmexicanmuralist muralesdedavidalfarosiqueiros muralbydavidalfarosiqueiros
corner law office (msdonnalee) Tags: mxico mexico arquitectura  architektur mexique lawyer mexiko messico  i facciate arqitetura  arquitecturacolonial abogada  colonialmexicanarchitecture artlegacy colorartawards  donnacleveland photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosofsanmigueldeallende legaldefense oficinadeabogada coloniallawoffice lawofficeinsanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland larqitecture
ribbons and shadows (msdonnalee) Tags: shadow holiday muro window wall ventana pared ribbons iron fenster  celebration finestra janela fentre finestre mexicanholiday ironcraft photosfromsanmigueldeallende irondetails photobydonnacleveland fotosdesanmigueldeallende
sculpture detail / vctor hugo nez (msdonnalee) Tags: sculpture orange mexico donna cleveland  mexique mexiko sculpturedetail bellesartes theunforgettablepictures artlegacy colorartawards photosfromsanmigueldeallende mexicansculptor vctorhugonez fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
turquoise door (view 2) (msdonnalee) Tags: door blue azul mxico mexico puerta blu turquoise stonework  masonry bleu porta sanmigueldeallende mexique portal blau tr bluedoor mexiko messico numberten   i  turquoisedoor donnacleveland callevergel photosfromsanmigueldeallende sanmigueldeallendephotos photosofsanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland blaubleuazzurroazul
el tomato bug (1) (msdonnalee) Tags: door mexico restaurant puerta entrance doorway vegetarian sanmigueldeallende mexique porte portal entry mexiko  igress photosfromsanmigueldeallende healthycuisine engress vegetarianfoodinsanmigueldeallende eltomatorestaurant tomatoredvolkswagen restaurantinsanmigueldeallende
dia de los locos (msdonnalee) Tags: costumes festival mexico parade masks carnaval mexique mexiko mexicanfestival diadeloslocos dayofthecrazies photosfromsanmigueldeallende junefestivalsinmexico
surveillance (msdonnalee) Tags: door stairs mexico puerta steps courtyard escalera porta mexique porte bluedoor primarycolors mexiko culturecenter escala vigilencia photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
 (msdonnalee) Tags: building architecture facade arquitectura explore architektur fachada facciate arqitetura   photosfromsanmigueldeallende bestcapturesaoi fotosdesanmigueldeallende larqitecture
laurel in the middle (msdonnalee) Tags: greenleaves house tree window leaves wall mxico mexico arbol ventana pared casa dom bricks adobe brickwall mexique janela laurel plantlife yellowwall mexiko botanicals messico finestre mexicanarchitecture  laureltree adobebrick i  colonialmexicanarchitecture photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland smackinthemiddleoftheframe
 (msdonnalee) Tags: door facade puerta niceshot porta architektur porte fachada  purpledoor facciate arqitetura   photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende larqitecture
ANNA (msdonnalee) Tags: door anna port mexico puerta decay entrance doorway mexique porte portal fresco cloisters entry mexiko nunnery  lasmonjas spanishcolonialarchitecture oldwoodendoor gettheetoanunnery photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
stone fountain fish (msdonnalee) Tags: water fountain mxico mexico agua basin mexique mexiko messico  oldfountain i  photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende carvedstonefish sculptedfish fishspouts mexcanfountain
windoor or doordow (msdonnalee) Tags: door window mexico puerta doorway mexique porte entry mexiko  photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
alborada '09 / watching the parade go by (msdonnalee) Tags: mexico  mexique mexiko observer onlooker afaceinthecrowd photosfromsanmigueldeallende elderlymexicanwoman mexicanseniorcitizen photosbydonnacleveland
imposing entry (msdonnalee) Tags: door building wall pared puerta  edificio entrance doorway porta porte stonewall pillars tr entry tren tore  doubledoors privateresidence trentoredoorsportals photosfromsanmigueldeallende photobydonnacleveland pareddepiedras fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
dia de los locos/ roller head (msdonnalee) Tags: costumes festival mexico parade masks carnaval mexique mexiko mexicanfestival diadeloslocos dayofthecrazies photosfromsanmigueldeallende junefestivalsinmexico
sunny shrine (msdonnalee) Tags: wall tile shrine catholic religion mexique lantern mexcio mexiko messico virgendeguadalupe stuccowall religiousshrine photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende shrinetothevirginofguadalupe
unfinished mural detail / david alfaro siqueiros (2) (msdonnalee) Tags: door mexico puerta mural bellasartes  doorway porta mexique porte walls cloisters tr entry paredes mexiko artschool exconvent  muralist lasmonjas stonefloor mexicanmuralist panasoniclumixdmcfz28 photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland lightfromthedoorway doorwaytothecloisters ilfilodarianna muralesdedavidalfarosiqueiros muralbydavidalfarosiqueiros
dia de los locos/ mother-daughter hula (msdonnalee) Tags: costumes festival mexico parade masks carnaval mexique mexiko mexicanfestival diadeloslocos dayofthecrazies photosfromsanmigueldeallende junefestivalsinmexico
window, meter, grey grunge (msdonnalee) Tags: orange muro window wall mexico ventana pared fenster finestra mexique janela meter mura ironwork mur fentre parede mauer mexiko finestre venster weatheredwall orangewall  utilitymeter irongrill  mexicanwall photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
 (msdonnalee) Tags: door muro wall tile mexico pared puerta terracotta doorway mexique porte entry stucco mexiko messico brokentile vintagetile photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
step to the side (msdonnalee) Tags: plants muro wall mxico stairs mexico pared stairway treppe escalera doorway pottedplants mexique scala escada escalier stucco mexiko treppen messico escala  scalini   i   photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
rooftops and plant life (msdonnalee) Tags: blue roof sky rooftop mexico turquoise branches diagonal mexique minimalismo mexiko minimalisme minimalismus  photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
sma wall detail #96 (msdonnalee) Tags: orange muro wall mexico pared mexique mura minimalism peelingpaint orangeandgreen minimalismo mur parede stucco mauer mexiko brightorange  walldetail minimalisme minimalismus  colorphotoaward mexicanwall  artofimages photosfromsanmigueldeallende bestcapturesaoi fotosdesanmigueldeallende
 (msdonnalee) Tags: stone wall architecture arquitectura graphic architecturaldetail sidewalk mexique windowframe stucco mexcio mexiko messico walldetail photosfromsanmigueldeallende wallsofsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende lowwindowframedetail abstractrealiity murosdesanmigueldeallende
dia de los locos/ aging snow white (msdonnalee) Tags: costumes festival mexico parade masks carnaval mexique mexiko mexicanfestival diadeloslocos dayofthecrazies photosfromsanmigueldeallende junefestivalsinmexico
going up? (1) (msdonnalee) Tags: door stairs mexico terracotta stairway treppe escalera doorway mexique scala escada escalier mexiko treppen escala   tilestairs  photosfromsanmigueldeallende lightonthestairs fotosdesanmigueldeallende dooratthetopofthestairs sunlightonthestairs
sma wall detail #143 (msdonnalee) Tags: abstract yellow wall jaune pared amarillo abstrakt abstrait walldetail walltexture abstacto photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
dia de los locos/ yellow blouse (msdonnalee) Tags: costumes festival mexico parade masks carnaval mexique mexiko mexicanfestival diadeloslocos dayofthecrazies photosfromsanmigueldeallende junefestivalsinmexico
tight squeeze (msdonnalee) Tags: shadow alley ombra sombra ombre alleyway shade mexique 1001nights schatten mexcio mexiko messico callejon   narrowalley  photosfromsanmigueldeallende wallsofsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende murosdesanmigueldeallende schafften
sma wall detail #104 / fertilization (msdonnalee) Tags: orange muro wall mexico pared minimal explore mexique mura minimalism minimalismo mur parede stucco mauer mexiko messico orangewall  minimalisme minimalismus  mexicanwall  photosfromsanmigueldeallende wallsofsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende murosdesanmigueldeallende
mural detail / carmen cereceda (in collaboration with andrea flores) (msdonnalee) Tags: mexico mural mexique mura mexiko andreaflores photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende theatermural carmencereceda chileanmuralist
still water (msdonnalee) Tags: water fountain mexico agua mexique fontana murky soe mexiko  greenwater aguaverde abstractreality murkywater oldfountain donnacleveland photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
dia de los locos / egyptian (msdonnalee) Tags: costumes festival mexico parade masks carnaval mexique mexiko mexicanfestival diadeloslocos dayofthecrazies photosfromsanmigueldeallende junefestivalsinmexico
window on red (msdonnalee) Tags: red rot window mxico mexico rouge ventana rojo fenster  vermelho finestra sanmigueldeallende mexique janela rosso fentre mexiko messico  rd venster punainen      i  ifyouseeredshootit  artlegacy  photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosofsanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
can't get in / can't get out (msdonnalee) Tags: window mexico ventana iron architecturaldetail fenster stonework  wroughtiron finestra sanmigueldeallende mexique janela ironwork fentre fenetre mexiko ferro venster     colonialmexicanarchitecture photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosofsanmigueldeallende mexicancolornialarchitecture detalhesemferro  photosbydonnacleveland
rusty iron peep (msdonnalee) Tags: door shadow brown mexico puerta rust iron wroughtiron porta mexique porte grille peephole minimalismo mexiko minimalisme minimalismus  photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
yellow planter (msdonnalee) Tags: plant muro window yellow wall jaune mexico ventana succulent fenster cobblestones finestra sidewalk amarillo mexique janela 1001nights fentre mexcio yellowwall mexiko messico finetre plantonawindowsill plantinapot photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
texture, texture, texture (msdonnalee) Tags: pink shadow texture mxico stairs mexico  rosa brickwall porta mexique tr messico  woodendoor  stonestairs adobewall i mexicancolors  colourartaward ubej photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosofsanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
battered shutters (msdonnalee) Tags: muro window wall mexico ventana fenster finestra shutters mexique janela mura fentre mexiko venster weatheredwall woodenshutters photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
SMA wall detail #20 (msdonnalee) Tags: orange muro wall pared architecturaldetail  mura mur naranja parede mauer arancia  walldetail walltexture bej  mexicanwall donnacleveland photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosofsanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland murodemxico
one way or another (msdonnalee) Tags: mxico stairs mexico iron terracotta wroughtiron steps stairway treppe escalera mexique scala escada ironwork escalier mexiko treppen messico escala   terracottatiles abstractreality  i   photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende wroughtironbannister terracottastairs
a lacquerish look (or, licorice, if you prefer) (msdonnalee) Tags: red rot texture mexico rouge hardware rojo iron reddoor vermelho mexique minimalism minimalismo rosso mexiko  ferro rd  punainen  minimalisme doordetail doorhardware minimalismus   colorphotoaward redwoodendoor   photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende heavilypainted lacqueredlook
red row (msdonnalee) Tags: bench mexico seat silla mexique seating sedia chaise stuhl stonebench mexiko cadeira  haveaseat redbench photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
swirly (msdonnalee) Tags: stairs mexico iron  wroughtiron steps stairway treppe escalera mexique scala escada escalier bannister mexiko treppen escala     photosfromsanmigueldeallende photosbydonnacleveland
paper flowers (msdonnalee) Tags: flower fleur paper handicraft basket mexique bouquet rosas mexcio mexiko paperflowers messico paperroses mexicancrafts photosfromsanmigueldeallende doublyniceshot magicunicornverybest fotosdesanmigueldeallende
colonial door on yellow (msdonnalee) Tags: door mexico puerta doorway mexique tr entry mexiko  woodendoor vintagedoor colonialdoor mexicandoor photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende spanishcolornialarchitecture
 (msdonnalee) Tags: door puerta iron wroughtiron doorway porte ironwork entry stucco  photosfromsanmigueldeallende fotosdesanmigueldeallende
bench near ten ten pie (msdonnalee) Tags: orange wall bench mexico wooden seat wroughtiron silla mexique ironwork seating sedia chaise stuhl mexiko cadeira  weatheredwall brightorange orangebench colorphotoaward aplacetosit photosfromsanmigueldeallende irondetails fotosdesanmigueldeallende mygearandmepremium orangeironwork

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