172 182 1946 1952 1976 1977 1978 1981 1985 2007 2013 210 33 69 90 aircraft airplane arizona astar beechcraft beechf90 birdacquisition cactus centurion cessnap210n cherokee desert dvt helicopter hiking kdvt kingair lear n69cy nanchangchina nanchangcj6 nx69cy p210 phoenix phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport transpacaviationacademy westwind

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Nanchang CJ-6 N69CY '69' (ChrisK48) Tags: n69cy nx69cy 69 1976 aircraft airplane phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport nanchangchina nanchangcj6 dvt kdvt
Yakovlev Yak-50 N550YK (ChrisK48) Tags: 1981 airplane n550yk phoenixdeervalleyairport kdvt dvt phoenixaz aircraft skorost yakovlevyak50
Beech F90 King Air N16WG (ChrisK48) Tags: 1985 90 aircraft airplane beechf90 beechcraft dvt kdvt kingair n16wg phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport westernwingscorp lkhfarming
Cessna T182T Skylane TC N1187T (ChrisK48) Tags: 182 2007 aircraft airplane cessnat182t dvt kdvt n1187t phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport skylanetc t182
Cessna 510 Citation Mustang N997T (ChrisK48) Tags: 2013 aircraft airplane cessna510 citationmustang dvt kdvt n997t phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Nanchang CJ-6 N69CY '69' (ChrisK48) Tags: n69cy nx69cy 69 1976 aircraft airplane phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport nanchangchina nanchangcj6 dvt kdvt
Colors of the Desert (kla4067) Tags: cactus desert phoenixaz
Beech 95-B55 Baron N1806W (ChrisK48) Tags: 1972 55 aircraft airplane b55 baron beech95b55 beechcraft dvt kdvt n1806w phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport t42a cntc1506
Cessna 425 Conquest I N979SL (ChrisK48) Tags: 1981 aircraft airplane cessna425 conquesti dvt kdvt n979sl phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport wasn6885p
Pineapple Cactus (kla4067) Tags: cactus pineapplecactus phoenixaz
Lancair Evolution N846PM (ChrisK48) Tags: 2016 aircraft airplane dvt evolutionairllc kdvt lancairevolution n846pm phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport cnevo0065
Gates Learjet 35A N553V (ChrisK48) Tags: 1977 35 aircraft airplane dvt gateslearjet35a kdvt lear n553v phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Beech 200 King Air N307DM (ChrisK48) Tags: 1978 aircraft airplane beech200 beechcraft dvt kdvt kingair n307dm phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport restricted
Westwind Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow N944DB (ChrisK48) Tags: aircraft airplane arrow cherokee dvt kdvt n944db pa28r phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport piperpa28r201 westwind
Piaggio P180 Avanti N609MH (ChrisK48) Tags: 2008 aircraft airplane avanti dvt kdvt n609mh phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport piaggiop180 cn1175 wasphdln
Cessna 210G Centurion N5913F (ChrisK48) Tags: 1967 210 aircraft airplane centurion cessna210g dvt kdvt n5913f phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Van's RV-7A N747RV (ChrisK48) Tags: 2015 aircraft airplane dvt kdvt n747rv phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport vansrv7a
Beech F90 King Air N686JH (ChrisK48) Tags: 1981 90 aircraft airplane beechf90 beechcraft dvt kdvt kingair n686jh phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
UHI Robinson R22 Beta N7536B (ChrisK48) Tags: 2004 aircraft dvt helicopter kdvt n7536b phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport robinsonr22beta uhi universalhelicopters
Piper PA-34-200T Seneca N315EB (ChrisK48) Tags: 1978 aircraft airplane dvt kdvt n315eb phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport piperpa34200t seneca pa34
Good Morning Phoenix (Brian Just Got Back From...) Tags: phoenixaz phoenix arizona hiking
Good Morning Phoenix from North Mountain (Brian Just Got Back From...) Tags: phoenixaz phoenix arizona hiking
Van's RV-9A N931RK (ChrisK48) Tags: 2007 kdvt n931rk vansrv9a phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft airplane dvt
Cessna 170B N2774D (ChrisK48) Tags: 170 1952 aircraft airplane cessna170b dvt kdvt n2774d phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport cn25316
Cessna P210N Centurion N839HF (ChrisK48) Tags: 1980 210 aircraft airplane centurion cessnap210n dvt kdvt n839hf p210 phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
SOCATA TBM 700 N721MB (ChrisK48) Tags: 1993 aircraft airplane dvt kdvt n721mb phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport socatatbm700 wasn700wt
Bellanca 14-19 Cruisemaster N6579N (ChrisK48) Tags: aircraft airplane phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport n6579n dvt kdvt 1950 bellanca1419 cruisemaster
Gates Learjet 55 N1VG (ChrisK48) Tags: 160thsecond 1985 gateslearjet55 grancoraviation vincegranatelli kdvt n1vg phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft airplane dvt lear
Cessna 172N N734DV (ChrisK48) Tags: 172 1977 aircraft airplane cessna172n dvt kdvt n734dv phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Phoenix PD Eurocopter AS350 B3 N357FB 'Firebird 7' (ChrisK48) Tags: firebird7 2010 cityofphoenix eurocopteras350b3 kdvt n357fb phoenixpd phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft helicopter dvt astar police
Cessna 414A N278JS (ChrisK48) Tags: 1978 414 aircraft airplane cessna414a dvt kdvt n678js phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Cessna 210 N9517T (ChrisK48) Tags: 1960 aircraft airplane cessna210 dvt kdvt n9517t phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport centurion
Bell 47D-1 N78900 (ChrisK48) Tags: 47 47d bell47d1 n78900 cn480 aircraft helicopter dvt kdvt phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport 1952
Lit Facade Sign at Twilight: The Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ (classic_film) Tags: phoenix arizona restaurant sign chinese asian skylt comhartha uithangbord desert segno signe letrero canon town street schild maricopacounty urban city signage southwestern southwest clsico aejo poca road unitedstates american usa teken skilt signo dining food comida ephemeral classic nostalgia nostalgic phoenixaz sea
TransPac Piper PA-28-181 Archer N445PA (ChrisK48) Tags: 2001 archer birdacquisition cherokee kdvt n445pa piperpa28 piperpa28181 transpacaviationacademy phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft airplane dvt pa28
Cessna 180 N9147C (ChrisK48) Tags: 1954 aircraft airplane cessna180 dvt kdvt n9147c phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport cn31246
Beech E33A Bonanza N15RJ (ChrisK48) Tags: 1968 33 aircraft airplane beeche33a bonanza dvt kdvt n15rj phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport debonair
NetJets  Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 N332QS (ChrisK48) Tags: 2013 aircraft airplane dvt embraeremb505 kdvt n332qs netjets phenom300 phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Flexjet Bombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 300 N528FX (ChrisK48) Tags: 2006 aircraft airplane bombardierbd1001a10 canadair challenger300 dvt flexjet kdvt n528fx phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Cirrus SR22T N754PS (ChrisK48) Tags: aircraft airplane dvt kdvt n754ps phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport 2013 cirrussr22t sr22
Cessna 120 N76282 (ChrisK48) Tags: 1946 aircraft airplane cessna120 dvt kdvt n76282 phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Cessna 182R Skylane II N9784H (ChrisK48) Tags: 182 1981 aircraft airplane cessna182r dvt kdvt n9784h phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport skylaneii
Cessna TR182 N4754S (ChrisK48) Tags: n4754s phoenixaz dvt kdvt airplane phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft 1979 cessnatr182 182
Westwind Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP N678WW (ChrisK48) Tags: 2000 cessna172s kdvt n678ww westwind phoenixaz 172 cessna172 phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft airplane dvt skyhawksp
TransPac Piper PA-44-180 Seminole N287PA (ChrisK48) Tags: 2002 birdacquisition kdvt n287pa pa44 piperpa44180 seminole transpacaviationacademy phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport aircraft airplane dvt
Air Evac Eurocopter AS350 B3 AStar N394P (ChrisK48) Tags: 2013 astar airevac aircraft americaneurocopteras350b3 dvt helicopter kdvt n394p phiinc phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport
Cessna P210N Centurion N3862P (ChrisK48) Tags: 1978 210 centurion cessnap210n n3862p p210 aircraft airplane dvt kdvt phoenixdeervalleyairport phoenixaz
Airline Training Center Arizona Beech F33A Bonanza N8046G (ChrisK48) Tags: atca 1992 airlinetrainingcenterarizona beechf33a cnce1646 kdvt lufthansa n8046g phoenixdeervalleyairport phoenixaz beechcraft aircraft airplane dvt 33
Taylorcraft BC12-D N43122 (ChrisK48) Tags: 1946 aircraft airplane dvt kdvt n43122 phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport taylorcraftbc12d
US Army Boeing AH-64D Longbow Apache 07-05503 (ChrisK48) Tags: aircav 1stcavalry 75503 ah64 aircraft boeingah64d dvt h64 helicopter kdvt longbowapache phoenixaz phoenixdeervalleyairport usarmy0705503 unitedstatesarmy

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50 phoenixaz 45 dvt phoenixdeervalleyairport kdvt aircraft 40 airplane 5 beechcraft helicopter 4 centurion 1981 2013 1978 3 kingair arizona 182 210 phoenix 90 nanchangcj6 astar 2007 lear beechf90 1976 westwind n69cy p210 1977 1952 nanchangchina cherokee cactus hiking transpacaviationacademy 69 172 33 nx69cy 1946 birdacquisition desert cessnap210n 1985

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