100 atlastattoostudio blackandgraytattoo blackandgreytattoo blowfish blowfishtattoo blurry canoneosdigitalrebelxti canonrebelxti canonsooc electricladyland facestattoo freshtattoo girl handheld ink jellyfish jellyfishtattoo legtattoo me metalmulishaheadline mirror newtattoo nikoncoolpixs50 nikonsooc octopus octopustattoo pufferfish pufferfishtattoo red reflection rootstattoo selfportrait selfshot sleevetattoo sooc soulrider soulrider222 tattoo tattoobydangilsdorf tattoobylewishess tetraodontidae threetattoos treeoflife treeoflifetattoo

octopustattoo Flickr Hive Mind Users: SoulRider.222 MissMalaprop Sammy Mae M GemDarracott_V2.0 Stephanie Kallens abcdefghijkatie. madaise Jake Diamond lizzee.dailey sethhenry1 Casey David (more)  Preferences 
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being brought into the woods. (Casey David) Tags: she wood blue trees red portrait woman green girl tattoo forest ruffles leaf vines woods map path vine octopus leafs flyinghair octopustattoo bluejeandress
Meet Steve. (C. Zajicek Photography) Tags: tattoo octopus legtattoo newtattoo tattooedgirl octopustattoo legtat
 (stray-kat) Tags: tattoo octopus octopustattoo microdermalanchors anchoreyes anchorintattoo
Drawing in progress (lerouxroule) Tags: ink drawing octopustattoo afrikaburn rouleleroux
Octopus Tattoo Part 2 (MissMalaprop) Tags: tattoo neworleans octopus nola electricladyland octopustattoo
swallows (Sherriade) Tags: tattoo georgia canon20d tattoos sparrow swallow ankle headphone shouldertattoo eyeliner denimskirt foottattoo gingerhair swallowtattoo tattooback sparrowtattoo gcseart octopustattoo boomboxtattoo radiotattoo eyelinertattoo headphonetattooradio tattoospiderweb tattooelbow heartwithbannertatttoo
Octopus Tattoo (madaise) Tags: tattoo steve cas octopustattoo tattootech
 (Georgia Lilith) Tags: girl tattoo self anchor octopus rockabilly redlips blackhair pinup octopustattoo vicotryrolls
 (lizzee.dailey) Tags: blue portrait water girl tattoo tile nikon bath dress bathtub d60 octopustattoo
Octopus Tattoo (madaise) Tags: tattoo steve cas octopustattoo tattootech
Octo inner sleeve ink. (SoulRider.222) Tags: me mirror afternoon octopus handheld pufferfish mytattoo soulrider selfshot tetraodontidae sooc blackandgreytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo soulrider222 threetattoos nikonsooc atlastattoostudio blackgraytattoo tattoobydangilsdorf pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo blowerfish
When you ride a bicycle from Lake Oswego to McMinnville, without sunscreen, in July. The burn is worse than the tats. Trust me. (SoulRider.222) Tags: me soulrider soulrider222 lovehandles mirror sunburn treeoflifetattoo tattoobydangilsdorf blackandgraytattoo tattoo octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo blackandgraytattoos topdown topoff badsunburn redhat red burn burns nikoncoolpixs8000 nikonsooc sooc handheld rootstattoo
tattoojane011 (Jane Wynn) Tags: tattoo octopus baltimoretattoomuseum octopustattoo
my octopus tattoo (SoulRider.222) Tags: red selfportrait reflection me glasses mirror blurry fuzzy grain outoffocus redhat handheld grainy portlandoregon redshirt soulrider lhd zooyork 21110 sleevetattoo sooc octopusink blackandgraytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo burberryglasses soulrider222 nikonsooc tattoobydangilsdorf zooyorkpolazoo tattoodoneatatlastatttoostudio idontcarewhatyouthinkanymore alienmodeisanidiot alienmodeisignorant
Yeah, it's me. And my tree of life octopus tetraodontidae scowl. (SoulRider.222) Tags: selfportrait tree me tattoo skulls roots octopus 70300mm timer pufferfish blowfish treeoflife soulrider selfshot quantaray timershot treetattoo sleevetattoo tripodused tetraodontidae 10secondtimer sooc quantaray70300mmf4056 quantaray70300mm canonrebelxti canoneosdigitalrebelxti blackandgraytattoo tensecondtimer octopustattoo timerphoto skullstattoo timerused soulrider222 treeoflifetattoo timeron facestattoo canonsooc rootstattoo pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo metalmulishahat metalmulishaheadline quantaray70300mmaftelemacro 70300mmtelemacro quantarayaf70300mm1456ldtelemacro12
My tattoos in the Ford Focus side mirror. (SoulRider.222) Tags: reflection ford tattoo oregon mirror elbow octopus handheld sidemirror puffer pufferfish blowfish sauviesisland sauvieisland fordfocus tetraodontidae sooc blackandgraytattoo octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo nikonsooc tattoobydangilsdorf nikoncoolpixs8100
Life seems simple. Yet as complex as it really is, it's a short trip. Make it worthwhile. (SoulRider.222) Tags: life morning selfportrait art me tattoo ink die live breathe timer chameleon treeoflife selfshot skulltattoo sleevetattoo tripodused tetraodontidae 10secondtimer sooc canonrebelxti canoneosdigitalrebelxti blackandgraytattoo tensecondtimer octopustattoo 32010 jellyfishtattoo figmentofyourimagination timerused soulrider222 treeoflifetattoo roottattoo timeron facestattoo canonsooc atlastattoostudio rootsandskulls tattoobydangilsdorf tattoobylewishess pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo skullsinroots treeroottattoo northcoastnativeamericanchameleon northcoastnativeamericanchameleontattoo livebreathedie
RIP Joe. (SoulRider.222) Tags: mushroom jellyfish rip octopus pufferfish coverup tetraodontidae 12710 sooc mushroomtattoo coveruptattoo blackandgraytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo ripjoe threetattoos facestattoo nikonsooc atlastattoostudio tattoobydangilsdorf tattoobylewishess pufferfishtattoo coveruptattoobylewishess
Ford Focus side window. My cover up tattoo. RIP Joe. Reflecting on everything. (SoulRider.222) Tags: sunlight selfportrait reflection me tattoo oregon skull jellyfish rip bluesky octopus handheld sunlit pufferfish blowfish sidewindow sauviesisland sauvieisland soulrider restinpeace fordfocus skulltattoo tetraodontidae sooc canonefs1585mm canonrebelxti coveruptattoo canoneosdigitalrebelxti blackandgraytattoo octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo 82811 soulrider222 facestattoo canonsooc pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo canonefs1585mmisusm canon1585mmisusm 8282011 birthanddeathtattoo fordfocussidewindow restinpeacejosh
Si's leg tattoo (GemDarracott_V2.0) Tags: liverpool legtattoo larklane shiptattoo handtattoo octopustattoo fallenangeltattoo
each snowflake that falls reminds me of you. (abcdefghijkatie.) Tags: snow feet octopus 365 balletflats 365project feettattoo octopustattoo
first ink (MissMalaprop) Tags: tattoo octopus electricladyland octopustattoo electricladylandneworleans
Black & Grey Octopus & Anchor (Jake Diamond) Tags: ocean animal oakland tattoos anchor octopus tattooing anchortattoo blackandgrey tattooer animaltattoo blackandgraytattoo octopustattoo professionaltattoo oceantattoo jakediamond jakediamondtattoos
Atlas Tattoo Studio. Dan Gilsdorf is my go-to artist. He's behind the counter. This is fresh ink. Less than 60 seconds fresh. (SoulRider.222) Tags: selfportrait reflection me mirror handheld pulsar soulrider tetraodontidae sooc blackandgreytattoo blackandgraytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo pulsarwatch soulrider222 nikonsooc atlastattoostudio tattoobydangilsdorf pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo metalmulishahat metalmulishaheadline insideatlastattoostudio
2004 Soul Cycles Titan, my octopus tattoo (riding through Riverview Cemetery) (SoulRider.222) Tags: cemetery tattoo afternoon octopus handheld portlandoregon riverview v9 whileriding riverviewcemetery sooc 42311 hayeshfx9 octopustattoo hopem4 hayesv9 marzocchi66rc 9inchrotor azonicloveseat nikonsooc roachtoptubepad 2004soulcyclestitan 2005marzocchi66rc arrowracingdhx kendakrad nikoncoolpixs8100 4232011
Atlas Tattoo Studio. Bathroom mirror. My "few seconds old" fresh ink. 12/22/2009. (SoulRider.222) Tags: tattoo mirror blurry jellyfish fuzzy circles outoffocus kelp octopus handheld 100 selfshot bathroommirror freshtattoo freshink sooc circletattoo blackandgraytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo threetattoos nikonsooc atlastattoostudio atlastattoostudiobathroom artbylewishess artbydangilsdorf tattooedcircles kelptattoo 100viewsasof112010
Atlas Tattoo Studio bathroom mirror. My Octopus/Jellyfish tattoo. This ink you see is a few seconds old. (SoulRider.222) Tags: red selfportrait me tattoo bathroom mirror nikon octopus redrule portlandoregon soulrider newtattoo redpaint newink freshtattoo freshink redbathroom sooc blackandgraytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo soulrider222 nikonsooc atlastattoostudio tattoobydangilsdorf metalmulishahat metalmulishaheadline metalmulishaheadlinehat 700viewsasof112410
Atlas Tattoo Studio, my octopus tattoo (session 2 of 2 fresh ink) (SoulRider.222) Tags: tattoo circles kelp octopus handheld 100 selfshot freshtattoo sooc circletattoo blackandgraytattoo nikoncoolpixs50 octopustattoo threetattoos nikonsooc atlastattoostudio artbydangilsdorf tattooedcircles kelptattoo
Octopus Tattoo - finally finished! (MissMalaprop) Tags: tattoo electricladyland octopustattoo electricladylandneworleans
Atlas Tattoo Studio mirror. My Octopus/Jellyfish tattoo. This ink you see is a few seconds old. (SoulRider.222) Tags: tattoo blurry jellyfish fuzzy outoffocus octopus 100 pufferfish 250 blowfish blackandgray tetraodontidae blackandgraytattoo octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo threetattoos atlastattoostudio tattoobydangilsdorf pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo
My Atlas Tattoo Studio work. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. Bogen Manfrotto. (SoulRider.222) Tags: selfportrait me tattoo canon glasses mirror 70300mm treeoflife burberry manfrotto soulrider bogen metalmulisha quantaray tripodused tetraodontidae quantaray70300mmf4056 quantaray70300mm canonrebelxti blackandgraytattoo octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo burberryglasses soulrider222 treeoflifetattoo facestattoo rootstattoo remoteswitchused tattoobydangilsdorf pufferfishtattoo blowfishtattoo metalmulishaheadline quantaray70300mmaftelemacro artbydangilsdorfofatlastattoostudio
Si's leg tattoo (GemDarracott_V2.0) Tags: liverpool legtattoo larklane shiptattoo handtattoo octopustattoo fallenangeltattoo
Ginny's Octopus (Lou O' Bedlam) Tags: tattoo polaroid losangeles octopus bookclub swimsuit guzman ginny 6108 summerhot polaroid680 fuckcity backtattoo louobedlam lounoble octopustattoo ginnyguzman summerwatchingmembersofthebookclubputsuntanlotiononeachother louobedlamcom ernsthaeckeltattoo
dyed my hair (Von Dauth) Tags: girl tattoo redlips redlipstick sleeve pinup halfsleeve octopustattoo octopusneckalce
Congo Drummer (poocher7) Tags: party musician music rock hilarious jazz funk hiphop congos latinmusic fivealarmfunk octopustattoo uptownwaterloojazzfestival
Octopus (Louise Claydon) Tags: black flower tattoo ink grey lily pinky half octopus darling sleeve cosmic tentacles blackandgreytattoo armtatoo octopustattoo
recent tat (outsidemanila) Tags: tattoo octopustattoo underwatertattoo alexrodolfotattoo oceanscenetattoo aquariumtattoo fishsharktattoo leghalfsleeve
closeup (sethhenry1) Tags: may moustache mustache photocontest moustachemay moustche moustachetattoo octopustattoo octopusmoustache octostache octopusmoustachetattoo
monsoons (Sammy Mae M) Tags: portrait selfportrait girl tattoo female bucket cloudy country chick figure octopus shorts monsoons octopustattoo
jonah. (abcdefghijkatie.) Tags: tattoo octopus mytattoo foottattoo octopustattoo
My octopus tattoo (Stephanie Kallens) Tags: ocean sea orange tattoo purple stomach octopus hip octo newtattoo firsttattoo octopustattoo
Octopus (oph3lia_89) Tags: tattoo ink octopus foottattoo octopustattoo
Back to painting (Sammy Mae M) Tags: selfportrait standing painting beige legs large owl shorts sidebyside octopustattoo sizeperspective withpainting
octopus sleeve (incognito tattoo) Tags: japanesestyle fullsleevetattoo octopustattoo jasonschroder
My octopus tattoo (Stephanie Kallens) Tags: ocean sea orange tattoo purple stomach octopus hip marinelife octo newtattoo firsttattoo marineanimal octopustattoo
Octopus tattoo. Jellyfish tattoo. Bad sunburn. Mirror. (SoulRider.222) Tags: selfportrait reflection mirror jellyfish sunburn octopus handheld lhd sooc 71910 blackandgraytattoo octopustattoo jellyfishtattoo badsunburn nikonsooc atlastattoostudio tattoobydangilsdorf tattoobylewishess nikoncoolpixs8000 coveruptattoobylewishess
Angie at Club Hell / April 2008 (gothcomic) Tags: clubhell octopustattoo snakebitepiercings larryholdaway angelinacardone
Make believe (Sammy Mae M) Tags: fall girl bike rockabilly redlipstick octopustattoo
Polyamorous Trio on #SF Muni (davitydave) Tags: sanfrancisco california blue gay hairy man male men boyfriend square shoes publictransportation leg guys sneakers muni lgbt squareformat bayarea walden shorts passenger threesome streetcar dudes sfist fline polyamory trainstalking octopustattoo iphoneography instagramapp uploaded:by=instagram foursquare:venue=4bc8b906ab62d13a34e117d4
July 4th Weekend (bubblessoc) Tags: beach us florida destin wayfarers fortwaltonbeach gulfcoast okaloosaisland octopustattoo

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50 octopustattoo 32 tattoo 27 octopus 15 blackandgraytattoo 14 sooc 11 tattoobydangilsdorf nikonsooc 10 selfportrait handheld jellyfishtattoo 9 mirror me tetraodontidae soulrider222 atlastattoostudio 8 soulrider pufferfishtattoo 7 blowfishtattoo nikoncoolpixs50 6 pufferfish girl 5 threetattoos reflection selfshot jellyfish facestattoo 4 canonrebelxti treeoflifetattoo ink red blowfish metalmulishaheadline newtattoo 3 canoneosdigitalrebelxti blackandgreytattoo rootstattoo electricladyland blurry canonsooc 100 treeoflife legtattoo foottattoo shorts metalmulishahat portlandoregon ocean freshtattoo sleevetattoo tattoobylewishess tripodused outoffocus fuzzy portrait blue cas orange artbydangilsdorf redhat redlips afternoon sauvieisland electricladylandneworleans coveruptattoobylewishess tattoos circles larklane purple nikon hip timerused handtattoo liverpool rockabilly 10secondtimer octo circletattoo timeron nikoncoolpixs8000 fordfocus coveruptattoo steve quantaray70300mmf4056 lhd kelp 70300mm tattooedcircles sunburn tensecondtimer kelptattoo badsunburn mytattoo quantaray70300mm nikoncoolpixs8100 firsttattoo oregon redlipstick skulltattoo anchor sauviesisland timer burberryglasses quantaray70300mmaftelemacro pinup tattootech sleeve glasses rip freshink stomach fallenangeltattoo sea quantaray shiptattoo blackandgray 2005marzocchi66rc tentacles life trees moustche publictransportation treetattoo 12710 ernsthaeckeltattoo birthanddeathtattoo figure hayeshfx9 headphone underwatertattoo eyeliner flyinghair jakediamond professionaltattoo she azonicloveseat 100viewsasof112010 ripjoe hilarious man pulsar photocontest heartwithbannertatttoo idontcarewhatyouthinkanymore blackgraytattoo leaf streetcar may backtattoo sfist lovehandles 700viewsasof112410 21110 leghalfsleeve tattooelbow swimsuit oceantattoo louobedlamcom bogen jakediamondtattoos summerwatchingmembersofthebookclubputsuntanlotiononeachother polaroid marinelife alienmodeisignorant map 82811 bayarea uptownwaterloojazzfestival dress california topoff georgia leafs latinmusic octopusink bucket tattooer ginny hiphop 8282011 monsoons livebreathedie legtat mushroomtattoo sunlit bike sneakers elbow artbydangilsdorfofatlastattoostudio darling sidewindow squareformat kendakrad animal trainstalking bathtub 32010 chick canonefs1585mmisusm bathroommirror 42311 boomboxtattoo men skull art grainy moustachetattoo canon20d square redpaint riverview vicotryrolls iphoneography sparrow blackandgraytattoos swallow destin muni quantarayaf70300mm1456ldtelemacro12 headphonetattooradio standing polaroid680 octopusmoustachetattoo jazz anchorintattoo snakebitepiercings armtatoo cemetery green fortwaltonbeach vine mushroom skulls fline insideatlastattoostudio fuckcity octostache foursquare:venue=4bc8b906ab62d13a34e117d4 lgbt country atlastattoostudiobathroom sparrowtattoo large timershot 70300mmtelemacro florida oceanscenetattoo lounoble topdown swallowtattoo redbathroom rock music musician 250 blackandgrey metalmulishaheadlinehat boyfriend woods larryholdaway beige d60 tattooedgirl uploaded:by=instagram baltimoretattoomuseum artbylewishess tattooing zooyorkpolazoo blowerfish 6108 alexrodolfotattoo metalmulisha gingerhair figmentofyourimagination grain anchortattoo male angelinacardone female shouldertattoo woman withpainting coverup skullsinroots ankle skullstattoo bluesky fullsleevetattoo blackhair threesome breathe owl funk guzman japanesestyle northcoastnativeamericanchameleon gay ruffles legs rootsandskulls water hopem4 clubhell tree

Pairs: 19 octopustattoo,tattoo 13 octopus,tattoo 10 octopus,octopustattoo 5 girl,octopustattoo 4 girl,tattoo 3 legtattoo,octopustattoo ink,octopustattoo ocean,octopustattoo ocean,octopus newtattoo,tattoo electricladyland,tattoo

Users: SoulRider.222 16 MissMalaprop 3 Sammy Mae M GemDarracott_V2.0 Stephanie Kallens abcdefghijkatie. madaise Jake Diamond lizzee.dailey sethhenry1 Casey David poocher7 Von Dauth outsidemanila Georgia Lilith C. Zajicek Photography Louise Claydon stray-kat Jane Wynn Lou O' Bedlam bubblessoc Sherriade incognito tattoo gothcomic oph3lia_89 davitydave lerouxroule

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