anthanassa arthropoda black bmna borboleta brown butterflies butterfly ca cardui dorsal druyle farfalla insect insecta insects junonia kapelleke lepidoptera lumix macro mariposa melitaeini midsize nature nikon nymphalidae nymphalinae nymphalini orange paintedlady panasonic papilionoidea papillon phyciodes phyciodina polygonia robertlediable schmetterling unitedstatesofamerica vanessa vanessacardui vlinder wildlife チョウ

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Asian Comma On Flower, Polygonia c-areum,  (aeschylus18917) Tags: macro nature japan butterfly insect nikon g lepidoptera micro  saitama nikkor f28 vr comma saitamaken koma 105mm insecta  105mmf28 nymphalidae iruma polygonia  motokaji papilionoidea nymphalinae 105mmf28gvrmicro 200400mmf4gvr saitamaprefecture irumashi  asiancomma  d700 nymphalini nikkor105mmf28gvrmicro   danielruyle aeschylus18917 danruyle druyle    hann hannshi 200400mmf40gvr polygoniacareum
Fly And Butterfly On Autumn Flowers (aeschylus18917) Tags: macro nature japan butterfly insect fly nikon g lepidoptera micro  saitama nikkor f28 vr comma saitamaken diptera koma 105mm insecta  105mmf28 nymphalidae iruma polygonia flowerfly  motokaji papilionoidea nymphalinae  105mmf28gvrmicro saitamaprefecture irumashi  asiancomma  d700 nymphalini nikkor105mmf28gvrmicro   danielruyle aeschylus18917 danruyle druyle    hann hannshi polygoniacareum
Trauermantel or Mourning Cloak or Camberwell Beauty (Nymphalis antiope) (bayucca) Tags: butterfly papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling nymphalidae mourningcloak camberwellbeauty nymphalis nymphalinae trauermantel edelfalter nymphalini nymphalisantiope
Blue Admiral In Autumn (aeschylus18917) Tags: park flowers macro nature japan butterfly insect nikon lepidoptera   koen  butterfy nerimaku insecta lapislazuli nymphalidae kaniska   shakuji shakujikoen nymphalinae kaniskacanace   200400mm 200400mmf4gvr d700 tokyo nymphalini  shakujipark  nikond700  ruritateha danielruyle blueadmiralbutterfly aeschylus18917 danruyle druyle   shakujiiken 200400mmf40gvr
Araschnia levana (Juri.Kowski) Tags: wallpaper lumix panasonic lepidoptera creativecommons insekt 2012 schmetterling insecta landkrtchen nymphalidae araschnialevana nymphalinae ccbysa tagfalter edelfalter fleckenfalter nymphalini dmctz8 araschnia landkrtchenfalter  frhjahrsgeneration
Aglais urticae - La Petite Tortue ou Vanesse de l'ortie - Small tortoiseshell - 27/06/15 (Philippe_Boissel) Tags: france europe insects lepidoptera savoie aglaisurticae chenille smalltortoiseshell 282 nymphalidae rhnealpes montagny nymphalinae lepidoptre vanessedelortie lapetitetortue rhopalocre lavanessedelortie
One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter (Quote: Henry David Thoreau) (Nadine V.) Tags: butterfly lumix lavender panasonic papillon nophotoshop gehakkeldeaurelia vlinder lavendel polygonia nymphalinae robertlediable fz38 panasonicdmcfz38
Euphydryas aurinia (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro nature butterfly spring wildlife lepidoptera papillon mating prairie printemps insectes corrze limousin beynat insecta nymphalidae lpidoptre nymphalinae accouplement marshfritillary melitaeinae euphydryasaurinia damierdelasuccise milieuhumide rhopalocre melitaeini skabiosenscheckenfalter annesorbes
Baeotus aeilus (Almir Cndido de Almeida) Tags: rain rio forest butterfly river amazon butterflies papillon inseto borboleta alta floresta buterfly mato matogrosso grosso borboletas amazonia amazonie insecta cristalino nymphalidae amazonica nymphalinae lepdoptera amazonico baeotus aeilus baeotusaeilus
Perfect Fan (Nadine V.) Tags: butterfly lumix lavender panasonic papillon nophotoshop gehakkeldeaurelia vlinder lavendel polygonia nymphalinae robertlediable specanimal fz38 panasonicdmcfz38
Junonia rhadama (dhobern) Tags: africa october lepidoptera madagascar antananarivo 2015 nymphalidae nymphalinae junonia rhadama
Polygonia c-aureum (dhobern) Tags: china beijing lepidoptera april nymphalidae polygonia fragranthill nymphalinae 2013 polygoniacaureum taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:genus=polygonia caureum geocode:accuracy=16 taxonomy:binomial=polygoniacaureum geo:lat=399904 geo:lon=1161958
Nymphalis Polychloros (Sinkha63) Tags: france nature animal butterfly wildlife lepidoptera papillon corrze limousin insecta nymphalidae nymphalis nymphalinae grandetortue largetortoiseshell nymphalispolychloros blacklegtortoiseshell
Gathering at the seep (mgsbird2) Tags: park blue usa mountains washington unitedstates unitedstatesofamerica skipper crescent national wa olympic seep lycaenidae clallamcounty nymphalidae nymphalinae puddling switchbacktrail fieldcrescent peninsla
OAX14_01969a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect mexico peacock chiapas 2014 nymphalidae nymphalinae anartia bandedpeacock anartiafatima elocote
Eastern Comma 174.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: butterfly butterflies papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder midsize nymphalidae easterncomma polygoniacomma polygonia bmna nymphalinae kapelleke flunnerk
NW82-14 Junonia terea (nymsysgro) Tags: tanzania nymphalidae nymphalinae junonia terea junoniini
NW131-8 Junonia almana (nymsysgro) Tags: vietnam nymphalidae nymphalinae junonia almana junoniini
NW27-7 Dymasia dymas (nymsysgro) Tags: unitedstatesofamerica nymphalidae nymphalinae dymasia dymas melitaeini chlosynina
NW44-1 Phyciodes tharos tharos (nymsysgro) Tags: unitedstatesofamerica phyciodes tharos nymphalidae nymphalinae melitaeini phyciodina
Painted Lady 028.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: vanessa butterfly butterflies papillon borboleta mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder paintedlady fieldnotes vanessacardui midsize nymphalidae bmna nymphalinae kapelleke flunnerk
Vanessa cardui (Recorte) (esta_ahi) Tags: barcelona vanessa espaa insectos fauna butterfly spain lepidoptera mariposa peneds vanessacardui papallona cardui nymphalidae nymphalinae olrdola  nymphalini
NW70-4 Euphydryas desfontainii (nymsysgro) Tags: spain euphydryas nymphalidae nymphalinae desfontainii melitaeini euphydryina
Pearl Crescent on a Cosmo (Eddie Nyul Jr.) Tags: flower nature butterfly garden insect newjersey gardening wildlife cosmo pearlcrescent nymphalidae phyciodestharos danainae nymphalinae libytheinae milkweedbutterflies papilionidea newjerseytnc10 butterfliesandmothsofnewjersey snoutbutterflies
JL13-02 Melitaea yuenty (nymsysgro) Tags: china nymphalidae nymphalinae melitaea melitaeini melitaeina yuenty
NW19-10 Melitaea sutschana (nymsysgro) Tags: russia nymphalidae nymphalinae melitaea melitaeini melitaeina sutschana
Painted Lady, Vanessa cardui (Bill Bouton) Tags: ca vanessa brown lady butterfly painted august dorsal paintedlady vanessacardui midsize cardui nymphalidae bmna papilionoidea nymphalinae nymphalini bamona1770 allleps17233
Sacr Robert... (Rgis B 31) Tags: papillons arige nymphalidae polygoniacalbum nymphalinae robertlediable mazres mars2012 domainedesoiseaux
Tropical Buckeye (d_taron) Tags: costarica butterflies guanacaste nymphalidae nymphalinae junonia junoniaevarete
Butterfly? (Patrick Foto ;)) Tags: wallpaper orange color macro green nature beautiful beauty forest butterfly insect colorful natural bokeh background wildlife wing bugs oakleaf biological nymphalidae nymphalinae kallima inachus
Phaon Crescent 23 (E_Journeys) Tags: brown white black butterfly insect small august fl dorsal phyciodes citruscounty nymphalidae bmna phyciodesphaon brushfootedbutterflies nymphalinae phaoncrescent
Orange-patched Crescent (Anthanassa drusilla) (Sky and Yak) Tags: nature america butterfly wildlife crescent lepidoptera panama naturalworld watercress centralamerica drusilla elvalle nymphalinae anthanassa orangepatched
West Coast Lady (Vanessa annabella) - 3rd Instar Caterpillar (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca vanessa butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar arthropoda larva arthropod annabella santabarbaracounty insecta vanessaannabella westcoastlady nymphalidae papilionoidea nymphalinae brushfootedbutterfly nymphalini
Th13_02305a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect thailand soldier pansy doipui nymphalidae junoniaiphita chocolatepansy nymphalinae junonia 2013 chocolatesoldier precis precisiphita precisiphitaiphita
Painted Lady (Kim Dever Thibodeaux / Kim_in_CajunCountry) Tags: flowers wild vanessa orange white black nature yellow butterfly bug insect outdoors louisiana lepidoptera wildflowers paintedlady nymphalidae nymphalinae jeffersonisland nymphalini kimthibodeaux kimdeverthibodeaux kimincajuncountry
From The Other Side (Paul:Ritchie) Tags: macro nature animals insect nikon wildlife butterflies hampshire arthropoda fluttering invertebrates d60 insecta sigma105mmmacro lagomorpha nymphalinae marshfritillary euphydryasaurinia may2010 paulritchie melitaeini euphydryina wwwhampshirebutterfliescouk
Ecu12_60d_02831a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect ecuador peacock 2012 baeza nymphalidae nymphalinae anartia anartiaamathea scarletpeacock
NW58-8 Phyciodes cocyta selenis (nymsysgro) Tags: canada phyciodes selenis nymphalidae nymphalinae cocyta melitaeini phyciodina
Phaon Crescent 14 (E_Journeys) Tags: brown white black butterfly insect small august fl phyciodes citruscounty nymphalidae bmna ventral phyciodesphaon brushfootedbutterflies nymphalinae phaoncrescent
Question Mark 200.NEF (Henryr10) Tags: butterfly butterflies papillon borboleta questionmark mariposa farfalla schmetterling vlinder midsize nymphalidae polygonia bmna polygoniainterrogationis nymphalinae kapelleke flunnerk
Nymphalis polychloros (Pip Sunmas) Tags: nymphalidae nymphalinae 7258 largetortoiseshell nymphalispolychloros vdett nagyrkalepke p3267387
Malayan Eggfly (Lil Snoop) Tags: macro nature closeup butterfly fly butt jewel nymphalinae hypolimnas anomala t180 malayaneggfly
NW148-2 Telenassa fontus (nymsysgro) Tags: surinam nymphalidae nymphalinae melitaeini phyciodina telenassa fontus
Question Mark (pchgorman) Tags: wisconsin butterflies insects september questionmark polygonia danecounty polygoniainterrogationis nymphalinae taxonomy:binomial=polygoniainterrogationis stewartcountypark
Resting With the Wings Folded (SAM601601) Tags: butterfly lepidoptera animalia arthropoda crescents insecta brushfooted nymphalidae hexapoda pterygota bilateria ecdysozoa checkerspots nymphalinae eukaryota anglewings protostomia anthanassa mandibulata amphiesmenoptera panarthropoda dicondylia heteroneura tulcis atelocerata panhexapoda sam601601 myoglossata anthanassatulcishwbates1864 hwbates1864
NaBo11_d60_1764a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect pansy namibia nymphalidae 2011 yellowpansy nymphalinae junonia junoniahiertacebrene junoniahierta
NW31-3 Anthanassa otanes (nymsysgro) Tags: costarica nymphalidae nymphalinae anthanassa otanes melitaeini phyciodina
Painted Lady, Vanessa cardui (Bill Bouton) Tags: ca vanessa brown lady butterfly painted may paintedlady vanessacardui midsize cardui nymphalidae bmna ventral papilionoidea nymphalinae nymphalini bamona1770 allleps17233
Red Admiral (Sean McCann ( Tags: vanessa orange brown black animals butterfly january butterflies insects bugs redadmiral lepidoptera fl dorsal midsize nymphalidae vanessaatalanta bmna nymphalinae
NW14-4 Euphydryas chalcedona (nymsysgro) Tags: unitedstatesofamerica euphydryas nymphalidae nymphalinae chalcedona melitaeini euphydryina

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50 nymphalinae 44 nymphalidae 29 butterfly 15 lepidoptera 14 insect 11 nature melitaeini 10 nymphalini insecta 9 papillon 8 bmna butterflies polygonia 7 vanessa macro 6 midsize wildlife junonia 5 papilionoidea mariposa borboleta vlinder schmetterling brown 4 paintedlady phyciodina black phyciodes farfalla unitedstatesofamerica nikon vanessacardui 3 orange チョウ panasonic france aeschylus18917 flunnerk d700 fl kapelleke dorsal ca ルール lumix insects japan 日本 ダニエル august robertlediable anthanassa druyle cardui arthropoda white euphydryina danruyle ダニエルルール danielruyle citruscounty gehakkeldeaurelia polygoniainterrogationis nymphalis junoniini nophotoshop edelfalter 200400mmf4gvr costarica asiancomma iruma largetortoiseshell ventral phaoncrescent fz38 saitama crescent polygoniacareum euphydryasaurinia vr nikkor105mmf28gvrmicro park lavendel peacock flowers f28 allleps17233 saitamaprefecture 105mmf28 china wallpaper phyciodesphaon bamona1770 questionmark キタテハ euphydryas nymphalispolychloros pansy lady painted hannō

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