2008 anartia animalia animals arthropoda australia black bmna brown bug butterfly ca california commonbuckeye dorsal euphydryas euphydryaschalcedona france insect insecta insecte insects junonia junoniacoenia lepidoptera macro mariposa melitaea melitaeini midsize nature nymphalidae nymphalinae nymphalini orange papilionoidea papillon phyciodes rhopalocera russia small tx vanessa whitepeacock wildlife

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Erdei szemeslepke (Pararge aegeria) (llathatroz) Tags: nymphalidae nymphalinae
Melitaea didyma (Le pot-ager "Je suis Charlie") Tags: papillon animaux insecte nymphalinae lepidoptre melitaeadidyma mliteorange
Male Crow eggfly wings closed (John Tann) Tags: brown white butterfly australia lepidoptera april nymph christmasisland nymphalidae 2011 papilionoidea nymphalinae hypolimnas ditrysia anomala rhopalocera taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae geo:country=australia kallimini hypolimnasanomala taxonomy:genus=hypolimnas poonsaan australianindianoceanterritories croweggfly taxonomy:species=anomala taxonomy:binomial=hypolimnasanomala taxonomy:common=croweggfly
Crow eggfly wings closed (John Tann) Tags: brown white butterfly australia lepidoptera april nymph christmasisland nymphalidae 2011 papilionoidea nymphalinae hypolimnas ditrysia anomala rhopalocera taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae geo:country=australia kallimini hypolimnasanomala taxonomy:genus=hypolimnas poonsaan australianindianoceanterritories croweggfly taxonomy:species=anomala taxonomy:binomial=hypolimnasanomala taxonomy:common=croweggfly
Euphydryas aurinia (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro nature butterfly spring wildlife lepidoptera papillon mating prairie printemps insectes corrze limousin beynat insecta nymphalidae lpidoptre nymphalinae accouplement marshfritillary melitaeinae euphydryasaurinia damierdelasuccise milieuhumide rhopalocre melitaeini skabiosenscheckenfalter annesorbes
Mangrove Buckeye (Junonia evarete) (Rodrigo Conte) Tags: brazil brasil butterfly insect inseto mangrove borboleta brasilia buckeye insecta nymphalidae nymphalinae junonia junoniaevarete fantasticnature buzznbugz evarete junoniini brasilemimagens
Aglais urticae - La Petite Tortue ou Vanesse de l'ortie - Small tortoiseshell -  26/06/15 (Philippe_Boissel) Tags: france europe insects lepidoptera papillon savoie aglaisurticae smalltortoiseshell nymphalidae rhnealpes nymphalinae lepidoptre 0839 petitetortue vanessedelortie lapetitetortue rhopalocre mribelmottaret lavanessedelortie
Salamis anacardii - Clouded mother-of-pearl (terraincognita96) Tags: kenya salamis nymphalidae nymphalinae anacardii cloudedmotherofpearl sultanhamud selenkaycamp
Banded Peacock, Anartia f. fatima (Bill Bouton) Tags: november black butterfly tx fatima midsize nymphalidae bmna ventral papilionoidea nymphalinae anartia bandedpeacock anartiafatima kallimini bamona1781 allleps16778
Vanessa kershawi (dhobern) Tags: vanessa australia lepidoptera april act 2010 aranda nymphalidae nymphalinae vanessakershawi taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:genus=vanessa geo:country=australia taxonomy:binomial=vanessakershawi kershawi geocode:accuracy=14 geo:lat=352634 geo:lon=1490832
Red Admiral Butterfly (sdstratt) Tags: vanessa redadmiral lepidoptera admiral animalia arthropoda atalanta insecta nymphalidae vanessaatalanta papilionoidea nymphalinae taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:genus=vanessa nymphalini taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:superfamily=papilionoidea taxonomy:subfamily=nymphalinae almiranterojo taxonomy:binomial=vanessaatalanta taxonomy:common=redadmiral taxonomy:species=atalanta taxonomy:tribe=nymphalini taxonomy:common=atalanta taxonomy:common=almiranterojo taxonomy:common=admiral
Th13_04959a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect thailand archduke nymphalidae nymphalinae 2013 euthalia commonarchduke euthaliapardalis euthaliapardalisdirteana
Carte gographique (Araschnia levana) Map (Sinkha63) Tags: france macro nature animal butterfly map wildlife papillon insecte corrze limousin faune beynat nymphalidae araschnialevana papilionoidea themap nymphalinae mapbutterfly araschnia cartegographique annesorbes
Common Sergeant - Athyma perius (puffinbytes) Tags: greatbritain england london animals unitedkingdom butterflies insects lepidoptera arthropods animalia arthropoda insecta nymphalidae nymphalinae londonbutterflyhouse athyma rhopalocera athymaperius taxonomy:class=insecta taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:kingdom=animalia taxonomy:phylum=arthropoda taxonomy:subfamily=nymphalinae commonsergeant taxonomy:suborder=rhopalocera taxonomy:binomial=athymaperius taxonomy:genus=athyma vanessids spb:country=uk spb:pty=c spb:lid=003d spb:id=019l taxonomy:species=perius spb:species=athymaperius taxonomy:common=commonsergeant spb:pid=043u
Suddenly Common Buckeye (martytdx) Tags: brown butterfly nj insects september dorsal buckeyes palmyra commonbuckeye midsize nymphalidae palmyracovenaturepark bmna junoniacoenia nymphalinae junonia
Texas Crescent (martytdx) Tags: orange black butterfly march texas lifelist tx small insects crescent dorsal phyciodes texastrip nymphalidae bmna nymphalinae texancrescent phyciodestexana lowerriograndevalley crescentspot march2007 theinnatchachalacabend subfamilymelataeinae lifelistchachalacainn
Aglais urticae (Ombrosoparacloucycle) Tags: vanessa lepidoptera nymphalidae nymphalinae nizon vanessaurticae 29finistre
NW11-9 Euphydryas anicia (nymsysgro) Tags: canada euphydryas nymphalidae anicia nymphalinae melitaeini euphydryina
NW113-4 Melitaea arcesia minor (nymsysgro) Tags: minor kazakhstan nymphalidae nymphalinae melitaea melitaeini melitaeina arcesia
Caterpillar 06-10-06 (wanderingnome) Tags: ca june small caterpillar santamonicamountains venturacounty larva euphydryas nymphalidae bmna nymphalinae variablecheckerspot euphydryaschalcedona yerbabuenaroad theworldthroughmyeyes thebiggestgroup wanderingnomez 061006
(Nymphalinae) Vanessa cardui (Pietro Niolu) Tags: sardegna vanessa lepidoptera nymphalinae ninphalidae
Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia) - Caterpillar feeding on Plantago erecta (aliceinwl1) Tags: california ca plant butterfly insect lepidoptera caterpillar v plantae arthropoda larva buckeye plantain arthropod santabarbaracounty commonbuckeye insecta plantago erecta plantaginaceae nymphalidae junoniacoenia papilionoidea nymphalinae junonia coenia brushfootedbutterfly plantagoerecta californiaplantain junoniini annualplantain
Castilia perilla  - Heliconoid Crescent, 29 Oct 2013, Pimpilala Lodge, Napo Province, Ecuador (600 m), Glenn Mahler (glenn_mahler) Tags: butterfly nymphalidae nymphalinae index13a
Tagpfauenauge auf Goldruten (Jonny__B_Kirchhain) Tags: summer color colour berlin butterfly germany deutschland colore estate sommer lepidoptera papillon verano alemania  t mariposa farbe allemagne asteraceae couleur treptow germania farfalla insekten schmetterlinge kpenick colorido  astereae peacockbutterfly inachis  insecta  nymphalidae solidago tagpfauenauge inachisio asterales nymphalisio schneweide nymphalinae   asteroideae korbbltler colorito berlintreptow vanessaio  edelfalter treptowkpenick fleckenfalter  berlinschneweide vanesse esto asternartige goldruten  occhiodipavone   euasteridenii    veranotardo berlintreptowkpenick
Historis odius -  Orion Cecropian, 23 Oct 2013, Rio Chalyacu near Archidona, Napo Province, Ecuador (1010 m), Glenn Mahler (glenn_mahler) Tags: butterfly nymphalidae nymphalinae index13
Red Admiral Butterfly (Vanessa atalanta rubria) (PhotoBeeB) Tags: admiral nymphalinae redadmiralbutterfly vanessaatalantarubria
NW26-11 Melitaea cinxia (nymsysgro) Tags: russia nymphalidae nymphalinae cinxia melitaea melitaeini melitaeina
Common Buckeye (MickiP65) Tags: california orange usa brown animal animals butterfly bug insect colombia unitedstates florida web south universityofflorida gainesville tan butterflies insects august columbia exhibit bugs lepidoptera northamerica fl 2009 museumofnaturalhistory uf animalia arthropoda allrightsreserved centralamerica californiacoast copyrighted commonbuckeye midsize insecta nymphalidae bmna junoniacoenia papilionoidea nymphalinae junonia floridamuseumofnaturalhistory butterflyrainforest michellepearson rhopalocera img0639 jcoenia august2009 canonpowershota580 080509 08052009 aug052009
Painted Lady (milesizz) Tags: vanessa wisconsin lepidoptera milwaukee wi paintedlady vanessacardui nymphalidae bmna papilionoidea nymphalinae pyraloidea nymphalini
White Peacock on Buddleia (Canicuss too) Tags: macro closeup butterfly wings purple zoom buddleia 2008 powellgardens whitepeacock nymphalidae anartiajatrophae brushfootedbutterflies nymphalinae canicuss pgbutterflycontest09
Autumn leaf (Doleschallia bisaltide) (bhaladika_ps) Tags: nature butterfly lepidoptera nymphalidae nymphalinae kupu
Vanessa cardui (esta_ahi) Tags: barcelona vanessa espaa insectos fauna butterfly spain lepidoptera mariposa peneds vanessacardui papallona cardui nymphalidae nymphalinae  vilafrancadelpeneds nymphalini camdesantpau
Morio / Mourning cloak Butterfly (alain.maire) Tags: canada nature butterfly insect quebec lepidoptera papillon qubec insecte morio nymphalidae mourningcloakbutterfly lpidoptre nymphalinae nymphalisantiopa
Kalima paralekta (Landahlauts) Tags: park parque insectos museum butterfly andaluca europa europe science lepidoptera granada museo consorcio andalusia mariposa andalusien sciencemuseum animalia arthropoda ciencia andalousie parquedelasciencias buttefly entomology insecto ciencias andalusie andaluz insecta mariposario nymphalidae andaluzia parqueciencias   nymphalinae entomologia  lepidoptero andaluzja kallimaparalekta lepidopteras insectas lepidopteros andaluzio    landahlauts  arbonaida        consorcioparquedelasciencias     parquedelascienciasdeandalucia   kparalekta  andalouzia andalusiya
740 - White Peacock Butterfly III (Hoofbeats and Pawprints Photography) Tags: color nature beautiful beauty butterfly bug insect olivia pentax lepidoptera kansascity missouri 2008 arthropoda powellgardens archambault insecta whitepeacock kingsvillemissouri nymphalidae anartiajatrophae kansascitymissouri wingedinsect papilionoidea nymphalinae paperhearts anartia femalephotographer youngphotographer rhopalocera wingedbug pentaxk100dsuper festivalofbutterflies k100dsuper victorinini oliviaarchambault natureandanimalphotographer paperheartsonflickr kingsvillemo
NW84-3 Polygonia c-album (nymsysgro) Tags: russia nymphalidae polygonia nymphalinae calbum nymphalini
Variable Checkerspot2 (wanderingnome) Tags: ca red white black june butterfly lepidoptera explore dorsal santamonicamountains venturacounty midsize euphydryas nymphalidae bmna brushfoot nymphalinae variablecheckerspot euphydryaschalcedona yerbabuenaroad theworldthroughmyeyes thebiggestgroup wanderingnomez 061006 368explorepage081606
NW96-3 Melitaea cinxia (nymsysgro) Tags: china nymphalidae nymphalinae cinxia melitaea melitaeini melitaeina
Nymphalidae, Precis almana (Jeff Higgott (Sequella.co.uk) - 1 million views!) Tags: november nepal butterfly 2008 koshi nymphalidae nymphalinae precis almana img9789 peacockpansy
A Texas Specialty (martytdx) Tags: orange brown butterfly march texas adult tx small insects patch dorsal patches texastrip nymphalidae bmna santaananwr nymphalinae borderedpatch chlosynelacinia chlosyne texasrace lowerriograndevalley lifelistbutterfly melitaeinae brushfootedbutterfly
NW26-6 Euphydryas aurinia davidi (nymsysgro) Tags: russia euphydryas aurinia nymphalidae nymphalinae davidi melitaeini euphydryina
Phaon Crescent, Phyciodes p. phaon, male (Bill Bouton) Tags: orange black butterfly october tx small crescent dorsal phyciodes nymphalidae bmna papilionoidea phyciodesphaon nymphalinae phaoncrescent phaon melitaeini bamona1740 allleps17107
Doleschallia bisaltide (alain.maire) Tags: lepidoptera qubec autumnleaf nymphalidae nymphalinae leafwing tropicalbutterflies papillonsenfte papillonfeuille doleschalliabisaltide papillonsexotiques
NW10-14 Euphydryas aurinia asiatica (nymsysgro) Tags: asiatica euphydryas aurinia nymphalidae nymphalinae melitaeini euphydryina taxonomy:trinomial=euphydryasauriniaasiatica
MAD13_00260a (jerryoldenettel) Tags: butterfly insect madagascar nymphalidae nymphalinae junonia 2013 junoniagoudoti antananarivozoo madagascartrip
Hard to Reach (zxgirl) Tags: park butterfly bug insect md greatfalls butterflies maryland insects bugs crescent lepidoptera pearlcrescent phyciodes s5 crescents nymphalidae phyciodestharos papilionoidea brushfootedbutterflies nymphalinae brushfootedbutterfly img1843r
Polygonia c-areum, Asian Comma,  (aeschylus18917) Tags: macro nature japan butterfly insect nikon lepidoptera  saitama hanno comma saitamaken insecta  nymphalidae polygonia  papilionoidea nymphalinae 200400mm 200400mmf4gvr saitamaprefecture asiancomma d700 nymphalini   danielruyle aeschylus18917 danruyle druyle    hann hannshi 200400mmf40gvr polygoniacareum
Variable Checkerspot (Euphydryas chalcedona) (larry&flo) Tags: california butterfly colfax americanriver midsize stevenstrail euphydryas nymphalidae bmna nymphalinae variablecheckerspot euphydryaschalcedona naturewatcher canyondudleya taxonomy:binomial=euphydryaschalcedona
7-11-12i (~Easily Overlooked~) Tags: butterfly lepidoptera nymphalidae papilionoidea nymphalinae chlosyne chlosynejanais crimsonpatch janais melitaeini cjanais
Anartia jatrophae jatrophae (lotlhmoq) Tags: wild brazil naturaleza southamerica nature animal animals brasil fauna butterfly bug insect wildlife natureza natur natura brasilien lepidoptera papillon borboleta miranda amerika mariposas insekt animale pantanal animalia arthropoda farfalla tier insekten insetto insecte matogrossodosul schmetterlinge schmetterling insecto insecta whitepeacock nymphalidae hexapoda pterygota papilionoidea sdamerika neoptera nymphalinae anartia rhopalocera dagvlinder neuflgler  fluginsekten taxonomy:order=lepidoptera taxonomy:family=nymphalidae tracheentiere tracheata victorinini gliederfser sechsfser fazendasanfrancisco taxonomy:genus=anartia pantanaldosul anartiajatrophaejatrophae taxonomy:binomial=anartiajatrophae lotlhmoq southernpantanal taxonomy:trinomial=anartiajatrophaejatrophae cngtrng

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50 nymphalinae 47 nymphalidae 30 butterfly 24 lepidoptera 14 papilionoidea 11 insecta 10 insect bmna 9 melitaeini 7 nature insects papillon arthropoda 6 vanessa rhopalocera euphydryas taxonomy:family=nymphalidae taxonomy:order=lepidoptera 5 junonia midsize dorsal nymphalini brown animalia 4 orange small tx bug black macro insecte 3 commonbuckeye mariposa kallimini crescent brushfootedbutterfly euphydryaschalcedona california ca wildlife animal animals junoniacoenia anartia melitaeina melitaea white butterflies france whitepeacock phyciodes april 2008 variablecheckerspot russia australia euphydryina geo:country=australia cinxia fauna victorinini christmasisland australianindianoceanterritories park aurinia november brazil powellgardens beynat venturacounty annesorbes corrèze taxonomy:genus=hypolimnas limousin canada color nymph melitaeinae québec texastrip schmetterlinge taxonomy:genus=vanessa europe 2013 theworldthroughmyeyes brushfootedbutterflies hypolimnasanomala croweggfly insecto june caterpillar insekten yerbabuenaroad ditrysia junoniini taxonomy:kingdom=animalia poonsaan borboleta chlosyne taxonomy:species=anomala buckeye thebiggestgroup taxonomy:subfamily=nymphalinae taxonomy:common=croweggfly farfalla santamonicamountains ©wanderingnomez 2011 anartiajatrophae larva

Pairs: 18 nymphalidae,nymphalinae 12 butterfly,nymphalidae butterfly,nymphalinae 7 melitaeini,nymphalidae melitaeini,nymphalinae 6 lepidoptera,nymphalinae 5 lepidoptera,nymphalidae 4 lepidoptera,vanessa nymphalinae,vanessa 3 melitaeina,melitaeini melitaea,melitaeini

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