2007 30d antbird bird birding birds brilliant canon choco cloudforest conopiasparvaalbovittata ecuador fbwadded fbwnewbird flycatcher foothill foothills heliodoxa hummer hummingbird lowland lowlands male masked milpe milpebirdsanctuary nonomindo nw nwecuador oldnonomindord orangebilled pichincha platebilledmountaintoucan pvm riosilanche sa southamerica subtropics tanager tandayapa tandayapavalley tangara woodcreeper wvenezuela xiphorhynchus

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Slaty Spinetail (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding lowlands slaty synallaxis nwecuador riosilanche slatyspinetail spinetail synallaxisbrachyura
Brown Inca (Michael Woodruff) Tags: brown bird birds inca ecuador hummingbird birding cloudforest hummer subtropics tandayapa coeligena nwecuador browninca coeligenawilsoni
Plate-billed Mountain-Toucan (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds toucan ecuador birding sa cloudforest tandayapa tandayapavalley platebilledmountaintoucan andigenalaminirostris nwecuador platebilled mountaintoucan andigena
Band-tailed Barbthroat (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding choco pvm bandtailed nwecuador riosilanche bandtailedbarbthroat barbthroat threnetes threnetesruckeri
Red-billed Scythebill (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds bill ecuador birding lowlands woodcreeper redbilled nwecuador riosilanche redbilledscythebill scythebill campylorhamphus campylorhamphustrochilirostris
White-rumped Hawk (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds canon ecuador hawk birding sa whiterumped 30d subtropics buteo tandayapa tandayapavalley nwecuador whiterumpedhawk buteoleucorrhous
White-flanked Antwren (Michael Woodruff) Tags: male bird birds ecuador birding choco pvm nwecuador riosilanche whiteflankedantwren whiteflanked antwren myrmotherulaaxillaris myrmotherula
Rufous-headed Pygmy-Tyrant (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding flycatcher yanacocha pygmytyrant nwecuador rufousheaded rufousheadedpygmytyrant pseudotriccus pseudotriccusruficeps
Yellow-margined Flatbill (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding 2007 flycatcher lowland pvm yellowmarginedflycatcher tolmomyiasassimilis flatbill nwecuador riosilanche yellowmarginedflatbill yellowmargined tolmomyias tolomyiasflavotectus
Violet-tailed Sylph (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador hummingbird birding cloudforest hummer subtropics sylph tandayapa tandayapavalley aglaiocercus violettailed nwecuador aglaiocercuscoelestis violettailedsylph
Torrent Duck 2 (mlretter) Tags: nwecuador wvenezuela
Lineated Woodpecker (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador woodpecker birding choco pvm dryocopus lineatedwoodpecker dryocopuslineatus lineated nwecuador riosilanche
Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager 2 (mlretter) Tags: nwecuador wvenezuela
Buff-tailed Coronet (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador hummingbird birding cloudforest hummer coronet subtropics naturesfinest tandayapa bufftailed bufftailedcoronet boissonneauaflavescens nwecuador boissonneaua
Choc Trogon (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding choco foothill lowland trogon choc pvm nwecuador riosilanche chocotrogon trogoncomptus whiteeyedtrogon choctrogon
Fawn-breasted Brilliant (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador hummingbird birding cloudforest hummer brilliant subtropics tandayapa tandayapavalley fawnbreastedbrilliant heliodoxarubinoides fawnbreasted nwecuador heliodoxa
Cloudforest (Michael Woodruff) Tags: green southamerica forest canon moss ecuador tropical sa bromeliad cloudforest 30d subtropics tandayapa tandayapavalley nwecuador
Sickle-winged Guan (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds ecuador birding sa guan tandayapa tandayapavalley sicklewinged nwecuador sicklewingedguan chamaepetes chamaepetesgoudotii
Lyre-tailed Nightjar (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills male bird birds ecuador tail birding 2007 lowland nightjar tandayapa tandayapavalley nwecuador lyretailednightjar lyretailed uropsalislyra uropsalis
Pacific Hornero (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador pacific birding lowlands furnarius hornero paleleggedhornero furnariusleucopus nwecuador riosilanche pacifichornero palelegged furnariuscinnamomeus
Tawny-crested Tanager (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding tanager foothill lowland pvm tachyphonus nwecuador riosilanche tawnycrestedtanager tawnycrested tachyphonusdelatrii
Andean Cock-of-the-Rock (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador nw birding andean cockoftherock andeancockoftherock rupicolaperuviana pichincha rupicola nwecuador oldnonomindord
Masked Tityra (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding masked choco pvm maskedtityra tityra tityrasemifasciata nwecuador riosilanche
Orange-billed Sparrow (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding sparrow 2007 orangebilledsparrow arremonaurantiirostris nwecuador milpe orangebilled arremon milpebirdsanctuary
Spotted Woodcreeper (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding spotted woodcreeper 2007 xiphorhynchus nwecuador milpe spottedwoodcreeper xiphorhynchuserythropygius milpebirdsanctuary
Esmeraldas Antbird (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding antbird esmeraldas myrmeciza nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary esmeraldasantbird myrmecizanigricauda
Blue-capped Tanager (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds ecuador birding sa tanager bluecapped thraupis tandayapa tandayapavalley fbwnewbird fbwadded nwecuador bluecappedtanager thraupiscyanocephala
Slaty-backed Chat-Tyrant (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador nw birding pichincha slatybackedchattyrant slatybacked nwecuador oldnonomindord chattyrant ochthoeca ochthoecacinnamomeiventris
Torrent Ducks 3 (mlretter) Tags: nwecuador wvenezuela
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds ecuador hummingbird birding sa rufoustailedhummingbird amaziliatzacatl amazilia tandayapa tandayapavalley rufoustailed nwecuador tandayapabirdlodge
White-whiskered Puffbird (mlretter) Tags: yucatan yuc nwecuador
Bay-headed Tanager (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding 2007 tanager lowland tangara pvm tangaragyrola bayheadedtanager nwecuador riosilanche bayheaded
Ochre-breasted Tanager (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding 2007 tanager nwecuador milpe ochrebreastedtanager ochrebreasted chlorothraupisstolzmanni chlorothraupis milpebirdsanctuary
Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager 4 (mlretter) Tags: nwecuador wvenezuela
Slaty-capped Flycatcher (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding 2007 flycatcher nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary slatycappedflycatcher slatycapped leptopogon leptopogonsuperciliaris
Dusky Antbird - female (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds female ecuador birding dusky foothill lowland antbird pvm duskyantbird cercomacratyrannina nwecuador riosilanche cercomacra
Purple Honeycreeper (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador purple birding vivid 2007 honeycreeper purplehoneycreeper cyanerpescaeruleus cyanerpes impressedbeauty qemdfinchadminfave nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary
Plain-brown Woodcreeper (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding choco woodcreeper pvm plainbrownwoodcreeper dendrocinclafuliginosa nwecuador riosilanche plainbrown dendrocincla
Capped Conebill (Michael Woodruff) Tags: male bird birds ecuador birding cloudforest capped choco nwecuador oldnonomindord nonomindo nonomindord cappedconebill conebill conirostrum conirostrumalbifrons
Russet Antshrike (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding russet antshrike nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary russetantshrike thamnistes thamnistesanabatinus
Red-tailed Squirrel (Michael Woodruff) Tags: southamerica canon ecuador squirrel sa redtailed 30d subtropics sciurus tandayapa tandayapavalley redtailedsquirrel sciurusgranatensis nwecuador
Smoke-colored Pewee (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds canon ecuador birding sa 30d subtropics pewee contopus tandayapa tandayapavalley nwecuador smokecolored smokecoloredpewee contopusfumigatus
Green-crowned Brilliant (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding brilliant greencrownedbrilliant heliodoxajacula greencrowned nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary heliodoxa
Rufous-throated Tanager (Michael Woodruff) Tags: foothills bird birds ecuador birding tanager tangara fbwnewbird fbwadded nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary rufousthroatedtanager rufousthroated tanagarrufigula tangararufigula
Weissnacken-Maskentyrann_Conopias parva albovittata-1 (fotolulu2012) Tags: birds photography tiere natur birding aves pajaros fotos vgel bilder vogel birdwatcher birdwatch naturfotos naturbilder tierbilder tierfoto tierfotos animalphotography geflgel animalpictures tierfotografie federn naturfotografie ornithologie fotografen wildlifephotography vogelflug wildtiere vogelzug bildarchiv wildlifephotos tierwelt animalphotos ornithologe nwecuador whiteringedflycatcher vogelfotografie conopiasalbovittata wildlifepictures avesexoticas tierfotograf fotosdeanimales epanama conopias birdphotogallery bilddatenbank vogelfotos birswatching fotolulu fotoluluagentur tierfotoagentur tierfotosweltweit passeriformessperlingsvgel vogelphotographie tierfotodeluxefotosdeaves wcolombia tyrannidaetyrannen tyranninaeeigentlichetyrannen conopiasparvaalbovittata weisnackenmaskentyrann tyrannischreivgel tyrannoideabronchienschreier
Blue-winged Mountain-Tanager (mlretter) Tags: nwecuador wvenezuela
Western Emerald (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador hummingbird birding western cloudforest hummer emerald subtropics bluetailed bluetailedemerald chlorostilbonmellisugus tandayapa tandayapavalley avianexcellence nwecuador westernemerald chlorostilbonmelanorhynchus chlorostillbon
Golden-rumped Euphonia (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds birding ecuador nw nwecuador oldnonomindord pichincha goldenrumpedeuphonia goldenrumped euphonia euphoniacyanocephala male
Crimson-rumped Toucanet (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird birds ecuador birding 2007 toucanet crimsonrumpedtoucanet aulacorhynchushaematopygus aulacorhynchus nwecuador milpe milpebirdsanctuary crimsonrumped
Barred Becard (Michael Woodruff) Tags: bird southamerica birds ecuador birding barred fbwnewbird fbwadded becard pachyramphus nwecuador oldnonomindord nonomindo barredbecard pachyramphusversicolor

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50 nwecuador 43 ecuador 42 birding birds 41 bird 14 tandayapa foothills 13 riosilanche 12 tandayapavalley 10 pvm milpe milpebirdsanctuary 9 2007 southamerica subtropics 8 sa cloudforest 7 choco 6 lowland hummingbird 5 wvenezuela oldnonomindord tanager hummer 4 male 30d canon 3 flycatcher fbwadded fbwnewbird foothill lowlands pichincha nw woodcreeper brilliant heliodoxa tangara antbird nonomindo masked orangebilled platebilledmountaintoucan conopiasparvaalbovittata conopias xiphorhynchus toucanet dendrocincla coeligenawilsoni bluecapped tiere palelegged squirrel synallaxisbrachyura platebilled smokecolored female sylph animalpictures aulacorhynchus aves cappedconebill bayheaded goldenrumped andean heliodoxarubinoides redtailed redbilled aulacorhynchushaematopygus cyanerpes tachyphonusdelatrii bandtailed whiterumped sciurus birdwatcher ornithologe plainbrown photography goldenrumpedeuphonia barbthroat slatycapped campylorhamphus bandtailedbarbthroat vivid conirostrum dusky furnarius spotted leptopogonsuperciliaris chlorostilbonmelanorhynchus federn myrmotherulaaxillaris geflügel nonomindord bromeliad vogelfotografie orangebilledsparrow sicklewinged inca slatyspinetail wcolombia andeancockoftherock arremon dendrocinclafuliginosa tierwelt vogelphotographie dryocopus thamnistes wildlifephotos greencrowned western tanagarrufigula tangaragyrola yellowmarginedflycatcher rupicolaperuviana toucan andigena bufftailedcoronet coeligena fawnbreasted bluetailed impressedbeauty rufousheadedpygmytyrant bluetailedemerald cercomacratyrannina pajaros contopusfumigatus smokecoloredpewee bilddatenbank threnetes tierfotodeluxefotosdeaves violettailedsylph animalphotography furnariuscinnamomeus trogon pseudotriccusruficeps ochthoecacinnamomeiventris uropsalis tityrasemifasciata tolmomyias redbilledscythebill animalphotos pseudotriccus buteoleucorrhous westernemerald epanama tierfotograf trogoncomptus furnariusleucopus passeriformessperlingsvögel birdphotogallery cyanerpescaeruleus antwren weisnackenmaskentyrann tierfotografie esmeraldas rufousthroated browninca vogelzug aglaiocercuscoelestis paleleggedhornero xiphorhynchuserythropygius barredbecard cockoftherock euphoniacyanocephala birdwatch greencrownedbrilliant ornithologie thraupis naturfotografie bayheadedtanager violettailed duskyantbird ochrebreastedtanager lineated contopus chocó russet fotolulu qemdfinchadminfave rufousthroatedtanager honeycreeper lyretailed spinetail pygmytyrant pachyramphusversicolor yuc naturfotos plainbrownwoodcreeper heliodoxajacula ochrebreasted tyrannidaetyrannen boissonneaua tierfotosweltweit woodpecker antshrike pewee avesexoticas conirostrumalbifrons tawnycrested redtailedsquirrel yucatan andigenalaminirostris fotosdeanimales purple slatycappedflycatcher forest slatybackedchattyrant tolmomyiasassimilis arremonaurantiirostris thamnistesanabatinus tityra fotografen chamaepetesgoudotii capped whiteflankedantwren buteo bufftailed synallaxis purplehoneycreeper tangararufigula nightjar bill avianexcellence pacifichornero dryocopuslineatus flatbill mountaintoucan tropical bildarchiv vögel vogelfotos hawk amazilia euphonia tail fawnbreastedbrilliant chlorostilbonmellisugus sciurusgranatensis becard tyrannoideabronchienschreier wildtiere chamaepetes lyretailednightjar chocotrogon coronet yellowmarginedflatbill pachyramphus tyrannischreivögel tierfotos tierfoto spottedwoodcreeper sparrow crimsonrumpedtoucanet rufoustailed moss whiteringedflycatcher emerald fotos slatybacked crimsonrumped fotoluluagentur natur campylorhamphustrochilirostris chocótrogon esmeraldasantbird tolomyiasflavotectus yellowmargined lineatedwoodpecker tachyphonus yanacocha barred chlorothraupisstolzmanni cercomacra hornero green brown thraupiscyanocephala tandayapabirdlodge whiteflanked bluecappedtanager chlorothraupis chlorostillbon ochthoeca naturesfinest myrmecizanigricauda wildlifephotography conopiasalbovittata scythebill chattyrant russetantshrike myrmeciza tawnycrestedtanager vogel wildlifepictures birswatching slaty boissonneauaflavescens guan rupicola tierfotoagentur tyranninaeeigentlichetyrannen pacific

Pairs: 40 bird,birding bird,ecuador bird,birds bird,nwecuador 38 birds,ecuador birding,birds birds,nwecuador 35 ecuador,nwecuador 34 birding,ecuador 24 birding,nwecuador 14 birds,foothills

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