12monthsfordogs13 52weeksfordogs 52weeksfornotdogs 52weeksproject ashley beautifulworldchallenges bokeh carlo christmas d700 dcp diffused elberethtaskuvaras finnishlapphund flash flatcoatedretriever flickrduel fx halloween heather ldl lights lightwriterscc mirror newforest nikkor50mmf14gafs nikon nikond60 nikond7000 offcamera parlourfiftyone pickpocket puppy sb900 shallowdof softbox speedlight taivas tasku texture thelittledoglaughed thepinnaclehof tp tppetsandcaptiveanimals weekendassignmentandcontest

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autumn leaves are falling 45/52/2011 (sure2talk) Tags: explore taivas finnishlapphund 4552 nikond60 autumnleavesarefalling beautifulworldchallenges nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs thepinnaclehof thepinnaclepetsandcaptiveanimals we13112011 45522011 tphofweek125
the sorceror's apprentice 43/52 (sure2talk) Tags: halloween witch pumpkins explore spidersweb frontpage taivas 4352 finnishlapphund explorefrontpage nikond60 impressedbeauty thesorcerorsapprentice nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs taivasiswishingshehasawandsoshecansayexpelliarmusanddisarmmeofmycamera we31102010 atsh99justhadtosharethiswithyou nearbytheremustbeaverybigspider 100words92symbolic
close up ~ week 8 (sure2talk) Tags: texture closeup ashley explore frontpage flatcoatedretriever week8 ldl nikond60 flickrduel thelittledoglaughed motifdchallenges 52weeksproject nikkor50mmf14gafs thepinnaclehof tphofweek56 tppetsandcaptiveanimals
vintage mood 20/52/2011 (sure2talk) Tags: texture vintage blackwhite flash sb600 softbox bounce taivas 2052 finnishlapphund nikond60 thelittledoglaughed playingwithbrushes vintagemood nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs kimklassen 111picturesin201164vintage 20522011 we2252011
The Survivor (pRaTuL rAgHaV) Tags: park uk travel white mist snow tree beautiful lens typography prime nikon alone dry surrey guildford snowfall stoke 2013 nikond800 nikkor50mmf14gafs
the grumpy pumpkin   (43/52) (sure2talk) Tags: halloween explore taivas 4352 finnishlapphund nikond60 clickertraining flickrduel impressedbeauty nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs trickortreatnoclickandtreat thegrumpypumpkin we311009 lightwriterscc
doze 11/52 (sure2talk) Tags: puppy sleep explore snooze doze frontpage shallowdof pickpocket 1152 lowpov finnishlapphund tasku nikond60 thelittledoglaughed nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs thepinnaclehof thepinnaclepetsandcaptiveanimals sleepingherwaytothetop elberethtaskuvaras we1832012 tp142012 tphofweek144
ten today! ~ week 2 (sure2talk) Tags: birthday cake candle ashley explore week2 frontpage flatcoatedretriever ldl explorefrontpage nikond60 flickrduel thelittledoglaughed tentoday 52weeksproject nikkor50mmf14gafs peanutbutterbananacake lightwriterscc
key to my heart 1/52 (sure2talk) Tags: flash speedlight softbox diffused 152 offcamera finnishlapphund tasku keytomyheart sb900 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 52in201418canine
12/12/B lights and magic (sure2talk) Tags: lights bokeh flash christmastree speedlight shallowdof bounced taivas offcamera finnishlapphund sb900 212b weekendassignmentandcontest lightsandmagic nikkor50mmf14gafs nikond7000 thepinnaclehof tpbokehandshallowdof 12monthsfordogs13 tphofweek235
trick or treat - week 43 (sure2talk) Tags: halloween pumpkin trickortreat ashley ghost explore cauldron week43 flatcoatedretriever nikond60 witchscauldron 52weeksproject nikkor50mmf14gafs ashleyjustwantstoeatallthetreats
reading matter (28/52) (sure2talk) Tags: explore dcp shaping taivas finnishlapphund ldl 2852 nikond60 clickertraining readingmatter nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we18709 clickandtreat
lookin' out my back door 41/52 (sure2talk) Tags: pokenose stabledoor finnishlapphund tasku 4152 lookinoutmybackdoor nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 songtitlelookinoutmybackdoor~creedenceclearwaterrevival we13102013
Merry Christmas (pRaTuL rAgHaV) Tags: christmas street sunset out lens prime lights high nikon focus guildford dx nikond90 nikkor50mmf14gafs
conversation 41/52 (sure2talk) Tags: ted explore conversation tribute imitation taivas finnishlapphund 4152 nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we17102010 atsh30whimsical
in sepia mood (18/52) (sure2talk) Tags: dog texture sepia 1852 taivas finnishlapphund ldl nikond60 thelittledoglaughed platinumphoto nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs parlourfiftyone pfohunt we9509 thepinnaclehof insepiamood tphofpetsandcaptiveanimals tphofweek27
brimful bubbling beautiful bokeh 8/52 (sure2talk) Tags: bokeh jug 852 nikkor50mmf14gafs nikond7000 52weeksfornotdogs brimfulbubblingbeautifulbokeh 114picturesin201422alliteration
sometimes I sits and thinks (sure2talk) Tags: texture puppy supermodel flash speedlight softbox diffused pickpocket finnishlapphund tasku nikond60 sb900 nikkor50mmf14gafs sometimesisitsandthinks elberethtaskuvaras herfirstofficialphotoshoot
love cookies 7/52 (sure2talk) Tags: flash speedlight softbox diffused valentinesday 752 offcamera finnishlapphund tasku sb900 lovecookies nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 52in201436heart antlerbiscuits we1622014
happy chinese new year (sure2talk) Tags: horse texture ginger bokeh fortunecookie flash sb600 chinesenewyear speedlight softbox diffused happychinesenewyear shallowdof carouselhorse gingerjar offcamera nikkor50mmf14gafs nikond7000 theyearofthehorse 114picturesin201431chinesenewyear whenyoucombinereflectionwithactionyouwillgetgoodresults
head tilt 4/52 (sure2talk) Tags: puppy 452 onwhite headtilt pickpocket finnishlapphund tasku nikond60 beautifulworldchallenges nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs elberethtaskuvaras we2912012
little helper  (49/52) (sure2talk) Tags: christmas xmas explore taivas finnishlapphund littlehelper ldl 4952 nikond60 thelittledoglaughed impressedbeauty vosplusbellesphotos alittlebeauty nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we121209 thelittledoglaughedcontestwinner tp5122012 apcentry
tasku-in-the-glass 45/52 (sure2talk) Tags: sky reflection mirror explore lookingglass finnishlapphund tasku 4552 nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs taskuintheglass we11112012
cupcake, anyone? (sure2talk) Tags: ginger cupcakes yummy delicious tp tutorial indulgent testkitchen nikond60 calorific flickrduel cupcakeanyone nikkor50mmf14gafs thepinnaclehof kimklasssen stickystemgingercupcakes gingerfrosting notslimming tphofweek100 thepinnacleshallowdofbokeh
chillaxin 32/52 (sure2talk) Tags: explore tp chillaxin taivas finnishlapphund ldl 3252 nikond60 impressedbeauty nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we1582010
deck the dog 51/52 (sure2talk) Tags: christmas lights pickpocket finnishlapphund tasku 5152 nikond60 thelittledoglaughed weekendassignmentandcontest nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs elberethtaskuvaras deckthedog we23122012
dizzy delight 15/52 (sure2talk) Tags: wet joy run muddy challenge newforest 1552 finnishlapphund tasku nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs thepinnaclehof photoshopelements8 thepinnacleartphotographyandphotomanipulation tphofweek147 lightwriterscc dizzydelight we1542012 tp2242012
moonglow (39/52) (sure2talk) Tags: explore backlit backlighting moonglow taivas finnishlapphund ldl 3952 thelittledoglaughed beautifulworldchallenges vosplusbellesphotos nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs thepinnaclehof we31009 tphofweek16 thepinnacleexploringlight
inquisitive (23/52) (sure2talk) Tags: explore inquisitive taivas finnishlapphund ldl 2352 nikond60 thelittledoglaughed nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs parlourfiftyone we13609
purple haze 32/52/2011 (sure2talk) Tags: purple heather newforest heathland purplehaze taivas finnishlapphund 3252 nikond60 beautifulworldchallenges nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we1482011 32522011 lightwriterscc thelittledoglaughed3rdplacecontestwinnerincontest51
christmas lights 51/52 (sure2talk) Tags: bokeh flash christmaslights speedlight softbox diffused shallowdof offcamera finnishlapphund tasku 5152 sb900 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 we22122013
sign of spring 6/52 (sure2talk) Tags: spring crocus explore 652 nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfornotdogs wtfnd 111picturesin201110favouriteseason 100words8awakened atsh37spring 1622013
masquerade 16/52 (sure2talk) Tags: pink masquerade 1652 taivas finnishlapphund nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we25410
busy being blue 40/52 (sure2talk) Tags: flash speedlight softbox diffused offcamera 4052 finnishlapphund tasku busybeingblue sb900 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 songtitlebusybeingblue~kdlangwe6102013
where love lies 23/52 (sure2talk) Tags: daydream finnishlapphund tasku 2352 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 thepinnaclehof tppetsandcaptiveanimals wherelovelies we962013 tphofweek206
1/12/D turn your lights down low (sure2talk) Tags: flash speedlight softbox diffused taivas finnishlapphund turnyourlightsdownlow sb900 112d nikkor50mmf14gafs nikond7000 ldlportraits 12monthsfordogs13 113picturesin201364lowkey songtitleturnyourlightsdownlow~bobmarley tp2912013 atsh64serene ldlcontest57winner3rdplacecongratulations
bokeh lights (19 : 14th Dec) 50/52 (sure2talk) Tags: lights bokeh shallowdof 5052 itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas nikond60 bokehlights weekendassignmentandcontest nikkor50mmf14gafs thepinnaclehof 52weeksfornotdogs wtfnd dpsbokeh allthedaysofdecember 112picturesin2012111christmas tp16122012 tphofweek181 thepinnacleartificiallight
she's been  framed  2/52 (sure2talk) Tags: framed naturalframing 252 finnishlapphund tasku nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 shesbeenframed
3/12/B 'eight' days a week (sure2talk) Tags: cake candle flash birthdaycake happybirthday birthdaygirl speedlight softbox diffused taivas offcamera finnishlapphund eightdaysaweek eightyearsold 312b sb900 nikkor50mmf14gafs nikond7000 12monthsfordogs13 113picturesin201351anniversaryorbirthday
peanut butter bliss 46/52 (sure2talk) Tags: tongue yummy explore peanutbutter licking pickpocket finnishlapphund tasku 4652 nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs elberethtaskuvaras we18112012 peanutbutterbliss tp20112012
twinkle time 47/52 (sure2talk) Tags: blue stars explore finnishlapphund tasku 4752 nikond60 twinkletime nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we25112012
purple summer  (31/52) (sure2talk) Tags: heather tp newforest dcp taivas 3152 nikond60 shatterford goldstaraward beautifulworldchallenges purplesummer vosplusbellesphotos nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs finnishlapphind we8809
Coffee (ocarlo) Tags: light italy hot coffee nikon italia espresso carlo fullframe fx viterbo lazio aroma ronciglione caldo caff caffeina d700 nikkor50mmf14gafs 1sunpakpz40x 2xnikonsb900
Graffiti (ocarlo) Tags: barcelona art 50mm graffiti spain nikon shot catalonia 200iso catalunya carlo fullframe fx modernismo barcellona catalua spagna catalogna d700 nikkor50mmf14gafs mygearandme riccarlo
through the looking glass 33/52 (sure2talk) Tags: reflection mirror explore puzzled throughthelookingglass taivas finnishlapphund isthatme ldl 3352 nikond60 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we2282010 lightwriterscc tp292012
taivas (sure2talk) Tags: dog explore 49 dcp taivas 49er finnishlapphund ldl nikond60 rubyphotographer vosplusbellesphotos weekendassignmentandcontestgroup nikkor50mmf14gafs parlourfiftyone thepinnaclehof tp382012 tphofweek182 tphof49erchallenge
time of the season 35/52 (sure2talk) Tags: purple heather finnishlapphund timeoftheseason tasku 3552 nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs nikond7000 we192013
taivas 'pudsey' bear 46/52 (sure2talk) Tags: bear charity explore spots teddybear pudsey childreninneed taivas finnishlapphund pudseybear ldl 4652 nikond60 bbcchildreninneed impressedbeauty pudseyears nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs taivaspudseybear we21112010
on black (26/52) (sure2talk) Tags: explore onblack taivas finnishlapphund ldl nikond60 2652 beautifulworldchallenges vosplusbellesphotos nikkor50mmf14gafs 52weeksfordogs we4709
Awe. (*NanKuruNaiSa*) Tags: street nyc newyorkcity nightphotography portrait urban usa newyork night lowlight nikon dof bokeh candid depthoffield timessquare handheld fx mainland eastcoast selectivefocus conus thebigapple newyorkcitynewyork d700 nikond700 nikkor50mmf14gafs

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50 nikkor50mmf14gafs 36 finnishlapphund 32 52weeksfordogs 31 nikond60 21 taivas explore 16 tasku 13 nikond7000 12 ldl 11 thepinnaclehof 10 flash 9 thelittledoglaughed speedlight softbox 8 diffused sb900 7 offcamera 6 bokeh beautifulworldchallenges 5 elberethtaskuvaras texture impressedbeauty nikon pickpocket vosplusbellesphotos shallowdof lightwriterscc 4 flickrduel lights frontpage 3 halloween fx 12monthsfordogs13 d700 52weeksfornotdogs weekendassignmentandcontest dcp newforest 52weeksproject heather christmas flatcoatedretriever ashley puppy tp parlourfiftyone carlo tppetsandcaptiveanimals mirror guildford candle fullframe clickertraining thepinnaclepetsandcaptiveanimals street ginger lens prime 4552 purple 4652 dog sb600 2352 5152 4152 reflection 3252 wtfnd 4352 yummy explorefrontpage cake keytomyheart brimfulbubblingbeautifulbokeh tphofweek181 muddy peanutbutterbananacake cauldron motifdchallenges coffee throughthelookingglass night herfirstofficialphotoshoot tribute light 1sunpakpz40x we13112011 naturalframing bokehlights cupcakeanyone purplesummer witch we1542012 114picturesin201431chinesenewyear 212b thesorcerorsapprentice thepinnacleartificiallight tphofweek147 newyork 100words92symbolic atsh99justhadtosharethiswithyou riccarlo pudseyears we25112012 wet tphofweek235 dx tphofweek206 challenge tutorial urban antlerbiscuits trickortreatnoclickandtreat autumnleavesarefalling thepinnacleshallowdofbokeh cupcakes headtilt platinumphoto 3952 allthedaysofdecember lovecookies 1152 49 tphofweek100 52in201436heart 2052 ldlcontest57winner3rdplacecongratulations playingwithbrushes sleepingherwaytothetop readingmatter thelittledoglaughedcontestwinner pokenose sky nyc 4752 modernismo dry vintagemood tree snowfall park lazio viterbo lowlight imitation thepinnacleexploringlight newyorkcitynewyork out handheld stars happychinesenewyear kimklassen puzzled xmas 752 gingerfrosting lightsandmagic graffiti week8 we13609 ashleyjustwantstoeatallthetreats we11112012 152 heathland 452 catalogna songtitlelookinoutmybackdoor~creedenceclearwaterrevival chinesenewyear isthatme licking sunset birthday twinkletime 1552 vintage whenyoucombinereflectionwithactionyouwillgetgoodresults supermodel goldstaraward alone caffé italia depthoffield cataluña hot we25410 we22122013 happybirthday 111picturesin201110favouriteseason timeoftheseason littlehelper bear caldo 3152 50mm we31102010 tphofweek56 witchscauldron testkitchen crocus we18112012 shesbeenframed tp16122012 ldlportraits theyearofthehorse tp382012 busybeingblue masquerade we17102010 we2282010 we1482011 gingerjar rubyphotographer 5052 we1622014 onwhite 49er mygearandme week2 pumpkin 652 2852 songtitleturnyourlightsdownlow~bobmarley shaping closeup 4052 lookinoutmybackdoor apcentry 3552 aroma 32522011 3352 nikond700 thepinnacleartphotographyandphotomanipulation barcelona purplehaze trickortreat tphof–week182 stabledoor valentinesday newyorkcity blackwhite we31009 we121209 moonglow we18709 tphofweek16 taskuintheglass dpsbokeh ronciglione pudseybear tphofweek144 art ghost 45522011 tphof49erchallenge 312b 113picturesin201351anniversaryorbirthday 100words8awakened mainland dizzydelight clickandtreat charity turnyourlightsdownlow tp292012 tp5122012 tongue horse 1652 tphofweek27 shot spots 52in201418canine atsh64serene bbcchildreninneed insepiamood 4952 notslimming eightdaysaweek barcellona typography we2912012 framed lookingglass selectivefocus espresso pink we192013 tp2912013 indulgent catalunya stoke 1852 catalonia conversation run we8809 2652 peanutbutter peanutbutterbliss 20522011 852 112picturesin2012111christmas kimklasssen 2xnikonsb900 fortunecookie daydream spain

Pairs: 16 52weeksfordogs,finnishlapphund finnishlapphund,nikkor50mmf14gafs 15 explore,nikkor50mmf14gafs 14 explore,nikond60 13 explore,finnishlapphund 12 finnishlapphund,nikond60 52weeksfordogs,explore 10 explore,taivas 8 52weeksfordogs,taivas 52weeksfordogs,tasku finnishlapphund,tasku nikkor50mmf14gafs,tasku finnishlapphund,taivas nikond60,taivas nikkor50mmf14gafs,taivas 7 nikkor50mmf14gafs,nikond60

Users: sure2talk 45 oןɹɐɔcarlo pRaTuL rAgHaV *NanKuruNaiSa*

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